Thursday, May 1, 2008

Chapter Twenty Eight

Jon held her for a few moments just enjoying the simplicity of their togetherness after their love making.

“I’m so glad you came baby” he whispered. She just mumbled into his chest and furry confines.

“I hate to say it though but I need to get back to the studio, god knows what Sambora would do if I give him free reign” he chuckled placing a kiss on her head.

“You do that, I am going to look around town this afternoon” she said as she sat up watching him leave the bed and pulling back his jeans on, admiring the firm contours of his ass before the denim slipped over them.

He turned around to face her after he pulled the Soul jersey back over his head and grinned down at her.

“Damn, I so don’t want to leave you here baby like that” he said as admired the sheet that was loosely covering her curves, just falling lightly around her breast to expose the top of it, smiling into her flush face.

“Well you have to honey, you know you can’t leave it, you couldn’t if you tried” she chuckled.

Jon swatted her ass lightly “Hey! You saying I like control?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

She smiled and nodded “You know you do” she teased. Jon let his eyes roam down her body taking in all that she had to offer him. His passion was building again, he knew if he didn’t leave the room now.

Jesse grinned at him as she felt his blue eyes travel across her body; she smirked as she let the sheet fall a little lower exposing the tip of her breast trying to look as nonchalant as possible.

“Oh baby you just did not do that” Jon paused as he went to slip his boots back on but paused. He looked at his watch and then back at her. He knew that he had to be in the studio, they had a tight schedule but the tight feeling in his jeans was beginning to win the internal fight he had going on.

Jesse stretched back and let the sheet fall further past her breasts resting on her abdomen. “Gosh I am tired” she yawned sleepily with a grin.

Jon growled as he took in her creamy soft skin that minutes ago he was caressing with his lips.
“I need to go – I will see you tonight” he said quickly picking up his cell phone and wallet and headed towards the door and slammed it shut after him. Jesse chuckled watching him leave; she wouldn’t lie to know she was pleased that she was secretly tormenting him inside.

Jon made it outside to the lift of the hotel and leant back against the wall as he pushed the button. He shook his head ands scoffed lightly.
“You are unbelievable Bongiovi” as the calling of sweet ivory skin had him walking back to the suite. He opened the door with his key card and slammed the door; she looked up from the bed her eyes welcoming him in.

“Back so soon?” she asked teasingly as she sat up, Jon kicked off his shoes and ripped off his jeans letting them fall to the ground before climbing onto the bed as he crawled up in-between her legs. Leaning over her his blue eyes filled with passion and heat he kissed her hard on the lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck and let him envelope her in his blatant desire as her legs instinctively widened for him, he was just about to position himself when a piercing loud noise filled the room.

“What the fuck is that?” Jon asked looking around, Jesse laughed.

“I do believe it’s the fire alarm baby” she chuckled as she went to move but Jon held her firmly and held her gaze.

“It will be a false alarm” he said whining as he’d come so close. Jesse shook his head.

“Uh uh, not taking that risk” she said as he slowly took her bottom lip in his mouth and sucked lightly.

A loud knock heralded the door “Sir Time to evacuate the hotel please” a voice came.

“Fuckkk” Jon whined as he quickly got up and threw his jeans back on, Jesse quickly dressed and soon they were been ushered down the hotel’s stairs outside with the rest of the guests.

Jesse took his hand and chuckled “Patience is a virtue didn’t you know that Mr Bongiovi” she smirked. Jon shook his head and smiled taking in her brown eyes which he’d noticed were sparkling brighter than usual.

“Patience and seeing you naked do not go together dear” he whispered as they stood out in the hotel’s courtyard while the hotel was checked over. She laughed as she felt his arm snake around her waist.

Jon flipped open his cell phone and texted Richie about the fire drill and that he’d be a few more minutes back than expected. Promptly his cell phone beeped with a return reply that simply read.

“Fire drill my ass”

Jon chuckled as he shut it and slipped it into his back pocket.
Jesse stood and watched the hotel personnel clear the hotel and go about their procedures, she couldn’t help notice that a lot of eyes were on her and for a minute she had to wonder if she hadn’t put her clothes on right or something but soon realized it wasn’t what she was wearing it was who she was with.

Jon didn’t seem phased by it, but she couldn’t help notice the gaggle of young girls talking and eyeing her up and down probably evaluating her every feature. She shifted uncomfortably. She knew Jon was popular and had no issue with his fame, but this was slightly unsettling.
As a couple of the girls approached them she noticed Jon’s face fill with a megawatt smile she knew that was reserved for the stage.

“Hi ladies” he said politely.

“Hi Jon, do you mind if we get a picture and autograph?” they asked giggling. Jon smiled graciously.

“Sure thing, Jess will you excuse me a little minute babe" he whispered as he broke away from his embrace.
Jesse smiled and nodded watching the scene in front of her. She watched how he intently listened and laughed at the girl’s comments to him and how he spoke to each one of them like he was really interested and that they meant something, she smiled. This was one of the reasons she loved Jon, he always had time for people and always made sure that they got their time with him and it showed in the way he conducted himself.

“Is that your new girlfriend Jon?” one of them asked as they finished the picture taking session, Jon smiled and looked at Jesse, they never had discussed this, and how much she wanted to be known as his girlfriend as unfortunately in the business that he was in, meant she would get a lot of attention and gossip after her. Jesse just smiled lightly.

He smiled at the woman that had asked “She’s just a close friend” he simply said hoping that she hadn’t overstepped the boundary. He hated his personal life in the media but since his divorce there had already been speculation over whether he was with someone else, and he hadn’t told his children that he was seeing someone else yet officially so he owed it to them first to tell them.

They seemed happy with his answer as they left and the hotel was cleared of all fire threat, as Jesse and Jon walked back into the lift up to their suite. He needed to talk to her about this and fast.

Jesse had heard what he said, she had to the reasons for why he said it, and she wasn’t mad, if anything she knew he was just trying to protect her. When they were alone he turned to her.

“Jess, I had to do that” but she cut him off.

“I know baby, its ok, really Jon” she said softly. He took her hands.

“I just wanted to make sure you are ok with all of this before I go shouting from the rooftops that I love you, and also I want to tell the kids first before they read it or hear it elsewhere” he explained the sincerity ringing true in his eyes.

Jesse smiled and touched his cheek “And I am totally fine with that, and totally fine with you telling anyone, but you make sure your family is ok with it first ok?” she asked knowing that his kids were the most important thing in the world.

He relaxed and pulled her in for a strong embrace breathing in her scent.
“I know you would understand I am so lucky to have you” he said as he placed a kiss on her forehead.

They both walked back into the suite, Jon looked at his watch and cringed.

“I do really have to go as much as I don’t want to” he said, she looked at him and smiled at his woebegone look in his eyes.

“You do baby, you’re working, and I’ll be here later” she winked.

“Damn right you will be. This is not over, not by a long shot” he whispered as he ran his hands down her side and drew her into a long lingering kiss. She slipped her hands down and lightly grabbed his ass in response elicting a frustrated moan from his lips, before he finally pulled away unwillingly.

“Have fun baby – see you later” he winked as he headed out the door while he still could, thoughts of her touch and her scent lingering with him as he went.


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Ohhh getting really good, now they are onto another phase. What will Nashville bring huh? Keep the chapters coming, put the rest of your life on hold girl! We need our TLFR fix!!!

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