Saturday, May 10, 2008

Chapter Thrity Seven

The rest of the day in Nashville Jon and Jesse spent wondering around the shops and enjoying each other’s company. She didn’t want to think about the fact she was flying home again tomorrow and leaving Jon there for another week, she had began to grow so close to him that leaving him tugged at her heart just a little when she thought about it.

After dinner with the guys they headed back up to the hotel suite opting to order in dessert from room service. Jesse lay back on the bed and kicked off her boots as she watched Jon clear his cell phone from messages. She could help but admire his lean form, the tight dark jeans was wearing sculpted his bottom half, accentuating his ass, and the grey shirt that he had on top was unbuttoned half way down his chest just revealing a small flurry of that soft fur she had come to love and enjoy so much.

“Just got to ring the kids baby” he said as he sat down on the couch in their suite. She smiled as she watched him endear his children over the phone, and pay each one special time and questions and laughing with them. She smiled and then remembered what she had to give him. After he hung up the call he sat back on the couch and raised an eyebrow questioningly.
“Whaa?” he asked

“Just you’re cute, you know that?” she asked as she sat up cross legged on the bed. He reclined back.

“How cute?” he asked tipping his head in a cocky grin. Jesse laughed.

“Hey while you’re over there see that black bag, there’s something in it for you” she said. Jon looked down and picked up the black bag that revealed a tissue paper wrapped parcel. She nodded as he began to unwrap it revealing some clothing.

“Its Steph’s birthday present” she said. Jon smiled and nodded as he unfolded firstly the jeans that were beautiful etched with a embroider pattern swirling just down one leg, and then the soft leather red jacket that had angel winds embedded in the back in a black setting just like she had described and a couple of baby tees, pink and black sat there.

“These are wonderful, you made all this?” Jon asked amazed as the work was so intricate.

“Well actually I did this time; I usually get the dressmakers to actually make it. I just design them, but in this instance, you have some Jesse Adam’s personal sweat in there” she chuckled.

“How much do I owe you baby?” Jon asked looking over at her.

She shook her head “Nothing, you’re not paying me for this” she said with a smile.

Jon chuckled “Jess, this stuff must sell for hundreds, I can’t just accept it when I know how much work you put into it”

‘If you wrote me a song and recorded it and gave it to me, you wouldn’t let me pay for it now would you?” Jesse asked teasingly.

Jon conceded “No you’re right I wouldn’t, not even let you entertain the thought. Thank you Jesse, Steph is going to love all this” he said still staring at the fabrics.

“There’s something in there for you too” she said.

Jon looked questioningly as he reached further into the bag to find one more tissue paper parcel. He unwrapped it gently to reveal a silky cotton black shirt with a wide neck, he pulled it up to see the whole form of it, along the top of the shoulders was white embroider swirling pattern similar to the one on Steph’s jeans. He gasped.

“You made this for me?” he asked standing up and undoing his shirt he was wearing, Jesse stood up as well as he slipped in on and started doing up the buttons, the cool soft fabric meshing against his skin nicely. Jesse stood behind him as he faced the mirror and dusted down his shoulders to sit the shirt nicely, she smiled as she guessing right and had even pulled in the seams at the side to accentuate his body.

“That looks great? So you like?” she asked Jon smiled and turned to her and pulled her in close.

“I love, and you are very naughty for doing this but I love it” he said as he draw her into his arms and pushed back a lock of her hair, leaning forward his lips tickled hers as he pressed more gently letting his tongue glide into her mouth. She wrapped her hands around neck and kissed him back just as lovingly.

Pulling away the rapping of the door soon interrupted them. Jesse strode over and let the room attendant push in the cart, she laughed as she admired the table; two flutes in a bucket of champagne adorned it along with a bowl of chocolate dipped strawberries and some rather looking rich chocolate cake.

She picked up a strawberry and popped it in his mouth; he took a slow bite not taking his eyes off her and slowly licked his lips.

“Bubbles?” he asked picking up the ridiculously expensive bottle of champagne.

She nodded accepting the flute. He toasted her and intertwined his hand that held his glass around hers.

“To beautiful woman that enrich a man’s heart” he gazed deep into her brown pools. She blushed.

“And to men that know how to get a woman into bed with those sorts of words” she chuckled.

Jon shook his head “Way to break the sentiment” he said as his blue eyes sparkled. He loved her wit; it kept him fresh and on his toes.

“Aww sorry baby, ok to a man that has shown me love and tenderness I had never had before” she said honestly. He smiled warmly and leaned forward to kiss her.

“To us” he said as he clinked her glass and they both drank from their own.

“To us” she confirmed as she felt the sweet taste of champagne flow down her throat. She leaned forward and kissed him on the lips, tasting the champagne mixed with the strawberry he had eaten before.

“I love you Mr Bongiovi, and I don’t want to go to home” she said sadly with a smile as she brushed his cheek lightly.

“I love you too Ms Adams, and don’t you worry soon enough I will be back in your bed” he teased. He looked out to the balcony a quick plan formulating.

“Come my baby, I have a plan” he said as he led her out to the warm night, pulling the lounger over and sitting her down.

He soon brought out all the wine and treats that he’d ordered and sat behind her on wrapping his long legs around her and they indulged in the champagne, food and the view, and more importantly each other’s company.

“Jesse do you see yourself ever having kids?” Jon asked her from behind as he caressed her thighs lightly with his hand.

She closed her eyes.
“Yeah I do, but I kind of had given up with everything, Jason and I were meant to do all that, I even was pregnant once, but I miscarried” she said quietly looking out into the city lights.

“Oh honey, I am so sorry, that must have been hard” he said rubbing her arms softly.

“Yeah it was but that was before he was drafted, so in a way it kind of worked out for the best, I mean its hard enough for me not to have him anymore, I would hate a child not to know its father” she tried to explain hoping she wasn’t sounding too harsh.

“I know what you mean, so would you have them in the future?” he asked as he sipped on his glass, he was saddened to think she had gone through that awful experience.

Jesse laughed “Well depends on the man I guess, and he may already have four adorable kids” she said.

Jon leaned forward “Just so you know, that would never come into it, I always have an open mind about children” he said as he kissed the side of her head.

Jesse smiled, she had never really even given a thought to that she would be with Jon that long, but hearing him actually saying it to her, warmed her very soul.

“Good to know” she said.

"And Jess I want you to meet my children if you think you are ready, I want them to get to know the woman I love" he said softly whispering against her earlobe.

Jesse was taken back by surprise. "Of course Jon, if you think they would be ready, I would love to see your children" she said.

"They need to get used to it, and I can't see how they won't love you" he chuckled.

Jon had really wanted to ask something else that was on his mind, they were still along way off it, but he needed to know how she felt about it.

“Jesse, would you ever remarry? I mean not now, but in the future?” he asked. Jesse sighed.
She had sworn for the last six months she never would. She would never give up Jason’s last name either, and move on like that with another man. But lately that didn’t feel so scary and wrong, but it was still too soon. But she knew her feelings had changed on the subject since Jon.

She smiled into the distance.
“Again, depends on the right man” she said as he laced her fingers with his and leaned back into the crook of his body. Jon smiled as he watched the lights twinkle in the distance and his gaze flicked back to watch the beauty that lay in his arms, just perfect he thought.


Mishna said...

I love your story, your character development, and your hook. It drew me right in. I can't wait for each chapter to post. I really love the interaction between the characters. You are a great writer and your story is believable and relatable.

SoulGirl said...

Thanks Mishna :)
Glad you like it and are enjoying it, I do love hearing from the readers it makes a huge difference to the writing process.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest :)