Sunday, May 4, 2008

Chapter Thirty

Finally as they were dressed after their short lived rendezvous in the bath they went downstairs. Jon appreciatively glancing at the black knee high chiffon dress she was wearing complemented with some killer black pumps. He held the elevator door open for her to step in.

“Did I tell you, you look amazing tonight?” he asked kissing the side of her face.

She smiled “You did now, and you don’t look so bad either” she teased admiring his black pinstripe pants and crisp wide collared shirt. He smiled graciously as they hit the lobby of the hotel.

“This way” he said as he hooked his arm in his. Jesse couldn’t help but see the slight limp he was still fashioning and laughed.

“Is it still sore?” she asked with a small pout on her face. Jon looked into her eyes and smirked.

“Yes it is”

“Well I told you that there wasn’t enough room” she said teasingly as she slipped her hand down to his ass.

“There is ALWAYS enough room, and I proved that didn’t I? If you recall?” he whispered into her ear nibbling on the lobe.

“You big man you” she conceded graciously.

Jon puffed out his chest “ME Big man, you small woman, me take care of you” he said in his best caveman voice.

Jesse dissolved into laughter as they walked into the restaurant. Jon looked up and saw his band mates at a large table waiting for him.

“Well hello there, glad you could acquaint us with your company tonight” David said standing up and kissing Jesse on the cheek.

“Come and sit next to me you pretty thing, I need to know all your secrets” David said wiggling his eyebrows. Jesse laughed as she watched his blue eyes dance mischievously and was led over to the table away from Jon.

Richie placed his hand on her shoulder “Nice to see you again Jesse” he winked.

“Hey guys, how was the rest of the afternoon?” she asked “Was he bearable?” she joked winking at Jon.

Tico soon came back to the table with a beer “Well Jesse, Bella we took a vote and you now how to accompany Jon on every recording mission we ever embark on” Tico said winking as he sat down.

Jesse snorted softly “Well, I have my demands, but I could be convinced” she grinned looking back up at the blue eyes that were watching on in interest.

Jon shook his head “What do you want to drink babe? I need a drink” he chuckled watching his band mates fuss over her. But he smiled at how easily she settled into that groove.

She looked up “Just a savvy will be fine” she replied.

Jon nodded and limped gently to the bar. Richie watched on and burst out laughing, and soon David and Tico’s gaze were on Jon. Richie turned and faced Jesse.

“Why is he limping?” Richie asked raising his eyebrow and cocking a smirk “As he wasn’t this afternoon” he laughed.

Jesse felt the heat rise into her cheeks. Richie shook his head waiting for Jon to get back to the table.

“Ok, I am not sure I want to know” David jested.

“Oh I think it might be something to do with the ‘Fire Drill’” Richie said mimicking the inverted commas.

Jesse laughed “No it wasn’t actually” she stopped herself as she felt herself taking his bait.

“Oh do tell pretty lady, this is just too priceless” Richie said as he watched Jon pay for the drinks and attempt to come back to the table slowly.

Jesse shook her head knowing Jon was going to kill her for this but she had to admit that she was dying to see what would happen.

“He fell in the bath when he tried to get in” she simply said. Richie’s eyes widened and then narrowed again.

“And were you in the bath at the time?” Richie asked. Jesse nodded watching the three men hanging onto every word she was saying.

David snorted “Oh good god, that is priceless” he said as he waited for Jon to return.

“I told him there wasn’t enough room but he had to try anyway” she said coyly.

“That’s Kidd, never tell her cant do something” Richie chuckled softly.

They all watched as Jon came back to the table and placed the wine in front of Jesse and his own wine he sat down opposite her with. He noticed the mischievous gleam in her eyes and raised an eyebrow in question; he didn’t get the time to reply as Richie spoke up.

Clearing his throat he started to talk. “So Kidd, hows the ankle? Jess here tells us you were so brave to catch the old lady at the hotel as she fainted even though it threw you off balance” he threw a wink at Jesse, she stifled a giggle as she tried to hide in her wine.

Jon looked confused but realized she’d probably covered for him seeing him walk funny.

“Ah yeah, well you got to do what you got to do right?” Jon asked taking a long sip of his wine.

David spoke up “I mean Jon, that was very noble, and it had to be quite stressful, I hope that you were able to unwind and relax after it” David said seriously.

Jon just shrugged “Wasn’t that stressful bro” he said as shrugged it off.

“I don’t know Kidd, if it were me I would of gone back to my suite and had a long hot bubble bath” Richie said nonchalantly.

Jon’s eyes grew wide and stared in horror at Jesse who was busy covering her mouth her with glass of wine. But he could bet his bottom dollar there was a cheeky grin hiding behind it. His cheeks flushed a little red.

Richie burst out laughing his contagious smile breaking out on his face along with David and Tico’s laughs echoed the room.

“Just because you’re all jealous” he chuckled. “And remind me never to leave you alone with these three guys ever again” Jon said shaking his head.

“They pressed me” she said innocently. “I had no choice” her wide eyes trying to win him over.

Jon chuckled “Yes I am sure they did” he said shaking his head. He watched her as she won over their hearts and knew in an instant this was the start of a new phase for her.

"I need food" Jon said picking up the menu.

"Caveman's gotta eat huh?" Jesse winked as she opened her own menu smiling.


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