Saturday, May 3, 2008

Chapter Twenty Nine

As Jon walked back into the studio the contented grin from his face didn’t elude his band mates one bit.

Richie just eyes Jon and snorted “How was the fire?” he asked Jon with a gleam in his eye, noticing now a very relaxed Jon had emerged.

Jon shook his head, “It was a false alarm, but I am back now, that’s all that matters” he said not biting to Richie’s quip.

David eyed him suspiciously “Well, so what happened?” he asked as he watched Jon sit down on the stool and sling the acoustic across his lap.

Jon kept tuning the guitar “She loves me” he simply said.

“Well thank fuck for that” Richie laughed as he watched Jon carry on with a small smile on his face.

Tico raised an eyebrow at Richie and Richie just nodded, Oh yes their boy was in love, he was so smitten. They all soon carried on into the afternoon finding that their session has twice as productive as the morning one had been.


Jesse had spent the afternoon in town walking the streets, looking through the boutiques and shops that it had to offer, making a couple of purchases on pieces she found that she thought were unusual or interesting, she returned to the hotel finding that it was still an hour away from when Jon had text her and said she would be back from the studio.

She decided to unwind and draw herself a bath using the selected oils and fragrances that the hotel complimentary stash had to offer.

Flicking the internal sound system on to the local Jazz station she stepped into the hot soapy bubbles she relaxed and closed her eyes dreaming of the next time she would lay her eyes on her deliciously handsome man. Her hands delicately ran down her stomach and she quivered remembering his touch on them, slowly she drifted away into a sedated mindless dream accompained by the soft overtones of the sultry saxophone.

Jon had told the guys he’d meet them in an hour down at the hotel restaurant with Jesse much to the snickering and jest of his band mates that it would take him an hour to get ready. He strode into the suite immediately his ears were graced with soft tones of a saxophone crroning as he looked around for her.

“Jess?” he asked seeing a pile of shopping bags on the bed but her no where to be seen, his nostrils took in the distinct smell of lavender as he drew him to the bathroom that was now omitting a small cloud of steam. He peeked in and sure enough there she lay blanketed in a sea of bubbles, her head resting on the head of the tub, on a towel, eyes closed and looking every bit spellbound to the tub.

Jon stood and took in the sight for a few minutes; her pink skin that was visible glistened with the suds. He crept over to the edge of the tub and sat on the edge as he stroked her damp forehead. Her brown glazed eyes slowly opened and a small smile crept on her lips.

“Hey you” he said with a grin.

“God I must of fell asleep” she said sedately as she stretched sliding down the tub.

Jon chuckled “I am glad you did, this is about you relaxing too you know babe” he said stroking her cheek. Unable to ignore her nakedness much longer he let a small growl out as his eyes wondered over her glistening form.

“Is there a problem?” she asked giggling relishing having a man appreciate her again.

Jon shook his head “No there is no problem here” he said as he stood up and pulled his top off and then dispersed of his jeans.

Jesse snorted “There’s not enough room, and do you really want to smell like Lavender” she laughed as she watched him prepare to descend into the bath admiring his now naked body.

His blue eyes blazing with lust “There’s enough room and if I end up smelling like you then it will be worth it” he grinned as he stepped into the bath, Jesse tried to move her body to give him room, but what ended up happening is she slid and knocked Jon’s foot so he lost his balance, in one big splash he hit her body hard sending water flying.

“Fuck!” he exclaimed as he was twisted over her pressing his weight down on her, he felt his ankle twist. Jesse burst out laughing as a tidal wave of bubbles and water went flying onto the ceramic tiles below.

“I told you” she chuckled as she tried to move.

“Oww my ankle” he whimpered softly like a five year old boy.

“Ohhh baby” she cooed as she wiped his forehead and kissed him gently. He twisted slowly and in one swift movement he had managed to spoon around behind her wrapping his legs around her from behind.

He lifted his ankle in view of her face “It hurts baby” he pouted.

She took it in her hands and rubbed it softly and placed a warm kiss on it.

“That better?” she asked, he groaned appreciatively as she did so.

“Much” he murmured his sweet kiss on her neck. She closed her eyes and noticed she felt a cool breeze and soon realized what the problem was.

“Jon, there’s hardly any water in here” she laughed as she reached with her foot and pulled down the hot water lever so it started filling the tub again.

Jon looked over the side. “I don’t think housekeeping is going to be too pleased with me” he said laughing looking at the floor filled with water and suds alike.

“Well you’ll just have to leave them a big tip, wasn’t my fault” she said innocently.

Jon whispered in her ear “It was you know, you being too damn sexy in those bubbles” he said as he snaked his hands around to her breasts and cupped them gently. Jesse moaned and leaned back into him as his fingers worked their magic on her rosy buds.

“God Jon…” she breathed as she remembered to flick the hot water off again with his foot before they reinvented Noah's flood.

“Pay back is a bitch you know baby” he whispered huskily in her ear letting one hand creep down her silky slick stomach and delve into the warm water below to find her wanting apex in need of his touch, slipping his thumb lightly into clit he began a painstakingly slowly massage of the nub.
Jesse arched her body upwards and slid her arm behind her head to grip onto his neck.

“Jon, please baby…” she whimpered feeling her desire start to grow and threaten to burst.

“That’s it baby, just settle in for the ride” he breathed, his own hardness was now growing strong against her thigh.

His thumb teased and taunted her bringing her slowly but surely to the edge of her passion.

“Jon, god, please….. I beg” she stuttered in a gasp as the crescendo of a sinful saxophone melody grew in the air.

“That’s it baby let is all go for me, cum for me” he whispered chewing lightly on her ear.

“Goddd yesssss!” she cried as it hit her sending shockwaves of sweet pleasure to her fingers and toes as she was braced by him, opening her eyes she came back to life and rolled around and lay on top of him kissing him hard.

“You’re going to kill me one day Bongiovi” she laughed between her light kisses on his precious lips.

“That’s the plan, kill you off any other man ever again Jess, as this is it, you’re staying with me” he said with a smirk. She laughed.

“Well I guess, it’s time to return to the favour” she whispered as her hands glided down his damp fur over the dip in his belly to the nest of hair that guarded his manhood, reaching and taking his length slowly in her hand she stroked a long the base letting her nail just shimmy across it.

He closed his eyes and letting his lips part a guttural moan escaped them. God he was beautiful, she thought as she watched him lose himself into ecstasy.

Just as she was about to continue a loud knock at the door interrupted the interlude they had set in motion.

“What the fuck, just ignore it, keep going” he panted. She chuckled lightly her brown eyes dancing with allurement. But the door rapping grew louder.

“Kidd you in there?!! Come on. you can fuck later, we want to spend some time with the lil lady” Richie’s hoarse voice drifted through the suite.

Jon groaned “Fuck me” he said as he got out of the tub helping Jesse into a towel. She couldn’t help but laugh and she watched him limp to the bathroom door.

“This is NOT funny hussy” he said lightly spanking her as he slung his own towel over his hips and strode towards the suite door flinging it open.

“I said an hour didn’t I?” Jon asked looking every bit flustered as Richie had expected him too.

Richie laughed “I know but David dared me to, and you know me Kidd never back out of a dare” he winked.

“Fuck you Sambora” he chuckled “We’ll be there in ten” he said slamming the door.

“I don’t know why I don’t fire the sons of bitches” Jon muttered as he pulled on some dress pants.

Jon looked over at Jesse who was slipping on a red lacy bra. “And don’t think this is over missy, you know owe me TWICE” he said with a devious smirk.


Anonymous said...

Very good very good. I can see that he danceing moves will be a little limited on stage for the show but.. I really do not think he will care..too much.

Alice Faye

Joviswoman said...

God I'd owe him all the time if he was like that!

Loving it honey!