Monday, May 12, 2008

Chapter Thrity Nine

Jon closed his eyes and hoped to hell that Tico and David weren't going to come in, but when he looked up they sauntered into the room.

David's eyes nearly popped out of his head.

"Jeeze man what got you all in a knot?" he asked breaking out in a grin. Richie snorted.

Tico just shook his head "A little tied up Jon?" Tico asked.

Jon cringed "Very funny guys now fuck off" he said as they all stood there in a row watching him.

"Where is your mistress?" David asked looking around the room.

"She called me and told me Jon needed help" Richie told them, Tico and David both roared with laughter.

"Oh man, I love this woman" David said.

"Guys" he moaned. They all went to leave as David was half out the door he stopped.

"Oh almost forgot" he pulled out his cell phone.

"Smile Jon" he said grinning as he snapped the picture of him.

"DAVID!" he shouted, oh shit! He would never live this down, not forever. But the three men had dissolved into giggles as they left the hotel room and closed the door, just as the bathroom door opened ironically.

"Well well, nice of you to show your face here Ms Adams" he smirked as he watched her laugh.

"You so don't know who you are dealing with here, you start this, and you better be able to finish it" Jon warned with a light crooked smile.

"Oh I don't know if you can top that can you?" she asked with a grin, she'd been behind the door and heard every word that the guys had said.

"Oh don't challenge me baby, you know you wont win ya know" Jon teased.

"I think I already did, I can't believe David took a photo, I mean that is just priceless" she laughed watching Jon’s horrified face.

“Jesse Adams, you are a terrible influence to those guys, you are now banned from them” he said.

She snorted “This from the man tied to the bedpost” she teased as she sat down next to him and ruffled his hair.

“Jesseeeee! Let me go” he begged.

“Aw you beg so pretty” she said as she untied him, in a flash he had grabbed her and pinned her to the bed under him she squealed and laughed as he had her right under him.

“First rule of capture baby, don’t let your hostage go” he smirked as he kissed her and tickled her sides.

“Jon” she squealed as he inflicted his fingers on her ticklish sides, he soon stopped and smiled down at her.

“God these past few days have been great, I don’t want to let you go, please stay” he pleaded his blue eyes growing big and puppy like.

She laughed “I know Jon, I have had so much fun with you and the guys, but you know my work calls, I have a big launch soon” she said as she stroked his cheek, she thought for a moment before continuing.

“The launch party is in two weeks, we have a big black tie thing, loads of free food and champers, and usually we take a date, would you want to come as mine?” she asked not sure if he wanted to go public with her so soon, as there would be loads of paps there.

He smiled down at her, “Absolutely, I would be honoured, and I would love to see you in action, I am sure there’s a few work colleagues of yours I can win over” he said wiggling his eyebrows.

“Oh no you don’t” she said chuckling, relieved he'd said yes.

“Maybe I could tie you up naked in the men’s room and leave you for dust” he threatened pushing her hair back and kissing her forehead.

“You wouldn’t get me there in the first place honey” she teased.

Jon shook his head “We need to get some breakfast, or we could stay here” he said as he trailed his hand down her arm causing a small shiver across her body.

“I want to get breakfast” she said kissing him lightly.

Jon laughed “You just want to be the hero at breakfast don’t you. I know you too well” he laughed as he shifted off her.

They both shared a sensual shower washing each other and just enjoying the closeness that was them, realizing their intimacy was soon about to come to an end.

They both dressed, Jon wore the shirt she had made him with some jeans and tipped cowboy boots, while she dressed in her jeans and picked up one of his soul shirts.

“May I?” she asked as she slipped it over her body easily.

“Sure babe, I can get one your size though” he said watching it hang off her body. She smiled.

“This one is fine, smells like you” she said as she packed her things into her case and zipped it up after applying her makeup and doing her hair.

Soon they retreated down to the restaurant for breakfast, the guys were already there, and as Jesse walked in they gave her a standing ovation and clapped. Jon rolled his eyes.

“She tied me up guys, didn’t invent the wheel” he said as he sat down and watched them all high five her. He watched as her chemistry with them was already where Dot's maybe was after years with them, and here Jesse had known them for five minutes.

They all ate a leisurely breakfast and soon it was time to part their separate ways, the guys to the studio and Jesse to the airport. She hugged all the guys’ goodbye and vowed to see them soon; they had a benefit concert in NY in a few weeks time so she said she’d see them all there.

Jon carried her suitcase out to the front of the hotel as the cab pulled in. She turned to him, couldn’t believe that tears were threatening to escape her eyes; she would see him again next week. His small smile matched her sentiment.

“Have a safe trip home, and call me when you get there” Jon said as he stroked her cheek.

“I will promise, and you take care and have a good week down here” she said as they leaned forward and met in a kiss her arms snaked up and pulled him in close by his neck. His eyes closing and savouring the kiss, preparing his body to being ripped away from hers. They finally pulled apart.

“I’ll miss you baby” he said holding her hands and stepping away till they left his, he knew he had to let her go or he never would.

“Ditto” she smiled as she turned and got into the awaiting cab.

He closed her door and as she pulled away waved; digging his hands into his jeans he turned as the cab fell out of sight and walked to where the car was waiting to take him to the studio.
He let out a sigh; it was going to be a long week.

Jesse smiled and wiped away her lone tear as she heard her cellphone beep in her pocket, reaching out she opened it and it revealed a message from an unknown number, she opened the attached picture and laughed outloud in the cab, the picture of Jon tied to the bed was staring back at her with a caption that simply said:

"Nice work Supergirl".


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