Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chapter Forty Two

The week flew by as much as it stalled, Jesse was so busy through her work she hadn’t much time to think about Jon, until the nights that was, most nights she’d come home, eat and opt to crawl into bed wait for Jon to ring and go to sleep.

Friday came around finally as Jesse sat at her desk watching the clock, he was due to arrive around 7pm it had just gone five so she decided to pack up and leave for home.

She’d already made the dinner plans and acquired lobster ravioli in a light cream and dill sauce with lemon meringue pie for dessert. As she packed her bag up the shrill sound of the desk phone rang, she rolled her eyes and reached for it.

“Hello Jesse speaking” she said.

“Ground Control to Major Tom, Countdown commencing, Engines Onnn, we’ve got a Bon Jovi landing any second” a female voice teased.

“Kia!” Jesse exclaimed laughing.

“What? I am surprised you’re still at work, don’t you have a maintenance shower to do?” she teased loving every minute of this.

“Stop it! And I have already done that as a matter of fact” Jesse said also thinking about the new red racy lingerie she had bought for the occasion.

“You’re thinking about the underwear you’re going to wear aren’t you?” as if she’d just stepped into her own brain and read her thoughts.

Jesse blushed “Maybe” she admitted.

“God, I am going, listen I just wanted to say have fun and call me sometime on the weekend if you can talk, or walk for that matter” Kia teased.

Jesse laughed “I will hun, thank you for calling, love ya” she said as they both hung up.

Jesse was home, showered and dressed with dinner simmering at 7pm, she sat down and poured a wine while she waited, she was shaking like she was almost nervous, it reminded her of her prom night, and the anticipation was just as strong. Minutes went past until the clock read 7.30. She knew things in Jon’s world didn’t always run into schedule when travel was concerned. Flicking the stove off she sat down and flicked the TV on.

She closed her eyes and didn’t realize it but she slipped into sleep, all the tension and stress of the week and anticipation finally catching up with her. It wasn’t till she heard a loud knock on the door that she sprung into life. She jumped up and opened the door and Jon was standing there looking a little dishevelled but it was Jon.

“Hey baby!” he said as he scooped her into a large hug and pressed his lips against hers, she smelled so sweet.

“Hey you” she said as her sleepy eyes adjusted, she wasn’t dreaming he was really here. She placed her hands on his chest and leaned in breathing in his spicy musky smell as a small smile trickled on her lips.

“I am so sorry I am late, we had a security lock down at the airport and all hell broke loose, I didn’t think it would take so damn long, did you get my text?” he asked as he pulled her back admiring her form in a slender black slip dress and sandals, she looked every bit as beautiful as he remembered, her hair was loose and wild around her face, her brown eyes shining.

“I fell asleep so I probably didn’t hear it” she said embarrassed.

He laughed walking in and closing the door behind him “Well I am here now, and I am starving” he admitted looking over at the intimate table for two she had set.

“Good, well I will just warm it up and we will be in business baby” she said winking.

Jon dropped his bag, he hadn’t even gone home and he hoped he wouldn’t be tonight.
“Jess, can I have a quick shower, I reek of airports and travel” he chuckled watching her attend to the kitchen.

“Go for it Jon, you know where everything is, put your bag in the bedroom, I mean if you want” she said.

Jon grinned at her “Oh I want” he said as he headed upstairs and stripped off using her shower. Five minutes later he wrapped himself in one of her towels and shaved, slapped on some cologne and headed downstairs still in his towel opting to stay in that for now, he grinned as he came into the living area where she’d lit two candles and dimmed the lights and was sitting at the table ready for him.

“Forgetting something?” she asked admiring his lean half naked form, god damn if it didn’t do this to her every time he saw him. He walked over to the table and kissed her on the forehead.

“I prefer the towel if you don’t mind” he said as his lips brushed on her forehead, taking in the sultry smell of freshly wet man with his cologne that drove her wild.

He sat down at the opposite end of the table and picked up his fork and scooped up some pasta and bit into it, this should start to get her back for Nashville, he thought cheekily to himself.

“God this is divine woman” he said as he picked up the wine that he’d been poured and watched her watching him, a small smirk on her face.

Raising an eyebrow at her he grinned “Is there a problem?” he asked teasingly as he chewed thoughtfully on his ravioli.

Jesse shook her head an idea forming, hell if he could do this and expect to torture her, so could she. She stood up and peeled her slip dress off her body to reveal her lacy not so subtle lingerie. The sound of a fork hitting china resounded through the room; she looked down as she sat back down and crossed one shapely leg over the other and picked up her fork, an innocent smile coasting on her lips.

“Problem?” she asked mimicking his last words.

Jon took in the sight, Venus the goddess of love had arisen and sitting right in front of his view. Her body was a temple and one he was begging to worship at.

Jon shook his head speechless, he could do this, why did she always turn him into a puddle of mush. ‘Pull yourself together Jon, or you’ll be tied to another bedpost’, he looked down and recomposed himself as he felt himself grow hard just at the thought of her.
Pulling his eyes up her met hers which were glowing with that Jesse mischief he had come to know and love.

“So how was your week?” he asked nonchalantly as possible as he continued his meal.

“Really busy, what about you guys, did you get everything done that you wanted?” she asked noticing his inner struggle at self composure.

“Yeah I think so, we have some time to reflect and listen to the demos that come out of them, and then decide where to go from there, but all in all it was a good session, always is in Nashville” he explained.

“That’s great, I hope it all comes together for you babe, now there is something I wanted to ask you, and only if you think it’s a good idea” she trailed off.

Jon nodded watching her as she dropped some pasta off her fork my accident and it landed on her chest. A small groan escaped his lips as he watched her pick it up and lick her finger, still grinning mischievously.

“Now, that idea” he spoke with gritted teeth.

“Richie, he’s not seeing anyone at the moment is he?” she asked, secretly pleased that he was squirming.

Jon shook his head “Nobody serious, no, why are you trading me in?” he snorted.

“Never baby, but I was thinking about Kia, she’d be perfect for him” Jesse suggested.

Jon looked thoughtfully and sipped his wine “You know babe, you might just be onto something there” Richie hadn’t really had luck in that department for a long time.

“Soo is there dessert?” Jon appreciatively asking her drawing his eyes away from her bare flesh he swore he could almost taste, he licked his lips in anticipation.

“There is actually of the pie kind, allow me to get it for you” she said as she moved away from the table her whole body coming into view again, the soft glow of the candlelight illuminated her luscious skin.

Watching her saunter into the kitchen away from him, the soft knock at the door brought him back to reality.

“I’ll get it babe, you are not answering the door like that” he called as he walked to the door not waiting for her to agree. Opening the door revealed a middle aged man and woman, astutely dressed, the woman’s eyes grew wide with horror as she trailed them down Jon’s body.

Jon suddenly feeling self conscious, Jesse’s parents? He had to wonder.

“Ah, you’re looking for Jesse?” he asked them. The older man nodded.

“Yes is she home?”

Just as they said that she came into view not realizing that someone was at the door, she just saw Jon standing with the door open.

“Jon what on earth are you doing?” she asked as she suddenly froze to the spot seeing Peter and Jane there, she felt her face drain from all color.

“I think your parents are here?” Jon asked her softly his own eyes widening at the situation and what it must look like to the older couple.

“No they are Jason’s parents” she cringed as she watched the disapproving looks fly from Jon to herself, this was not happening. She had completely forgotten that they were due in town.


Anonymous said...

Nice twist to the story! How could you explain a half naked gorgeous man in your house to two conservative ex marines (I guess) who happen to be the parents of your late husband? I really wanna see where this leads! Keep them coming! Great story!


Anonymous said...

OMG. I was not expecting that. Awkward!!!