Monday, May 12, 2008

Chapter Forty

Jesse arrived home a good six hours later as she dumped her bags down in the house, the fall sun setting its wings across the horizon, she flicked the lights on and turned on her coffee machine, it was good to be home, but somehow felt empty right now. She flicked her answer machine as she saw the light flashing, three new messages.

“Hey baby, just wanted to make sure that you got there ok, give me a call, and by the way, the guys have NOT relented all day, so I know that will make you happy” a familiar rich Jersey accent filled the room “so make yourself at home and give me a call, miss you already” Jesse smiled as the next message beeped in.

“Hey Hussy, give me a call when you get home if you can still talk, or walk that is” Kia’s bubbly voice came over the phone, Jesse shook her head laughing as the last message beeped in.

“Hi Jesse, it’s Jane and Peter, listen we hope you are doing well, we are down your way this week and thought it was be nice to catch up and see how you are doing, give us a call” Jason’s parents. Jesse felt weird all of a sudden; did she tell them she was seeing someone else? She would have to think on that one. Jason’s parents were very pleasant people from a strict military background but they were very strict and proper,so her dating a rock star, she wasn’t really sure how that would go down.

Jesse sat down with her coffee and went to dial Jon’s number but a grin broke out as she hit the number that the picture message had been sent from. It rang a couple of times before a cheery voice answered it.

“Super Girl?!” David exclaimed she could hear the guys in the background laughing.

“Yeah it’s me, thanks for the picture, I hear you’ve been hassling him non stop” Jesse laughed lightly.

“Oh yes, would you ever really expect anything else?’ he laughed.

“No, not at all, anyway thanks for the picture, it was lovely meeting you all, is Jon there?” she asked figuring he must be.

“Aye, he is, but he’s a little tied up” David snorted “Ok he’s not, you’re not here so that cant be right” he chuckled as he heard roars of laughter before the phone switched hands.

“You rang him before me?” a voice came on the end; he sounded a little drunk and offended.

She laughed “Awe baby, I just wanted to thank him for the picture he sent me” she said coyly.

“Oh god he didn’t how did he get your number I wonder” Jon said knowing her would have looked through his own cell phone to find it.

“It’s a little keepsake, going to come in handy I think” she chuckled.

“You little, how was your flight home?” he asked as he found a quieter spot in the bar.

“Long and boring but I am here now, and it feels kind of empty” she admitted looking around her apartment.

“Baby, I know what you mean, it won’t be too long and I will be home, we’ll both be busy so the time will go” he assured her.

“I know, ok babe, I have some calls I need to make and you need to go get drunk, maybe find someone to tie yourself up tonight” she teased.

“No one can do that the way you do baby” he said “No one, Jon Bongiovi has never been tied up ever” he said “So you should be proud, but know it wont ever happen again in a hurry, even if I have to sleep with one eye open” he said with a grin.

She laughed “Do I get a certificate for the honour?”

“Ask Joker I am sure he would make you one if you wanted, either that or throw you a ticker tape parade” Jon said sarcastically with a grin.

Jesse giggled “I miss you guys already so much” she sighed as she leaned back.

“They do too, you made quite an impression, but more importantly I do” he said softly.

“Right back at ya” she sighed gazing out the window to the night sky that was starting to settle in.

“So what are you wearing?” he asked playfully.

“Jon! Same thing I was when I left you” she said shaking her head, he was truly insatiable.

They soon hung up promising to call again tomorrow. Jesse knew she should catch up some work emails and things before bedtime so she was ahead for the next morning.

Her mind raced back to Jon asking her about kids and marriage. It was way too soon to be thinking along those lines but would she? And if he ever asked?

She has no idea how that felt as it never occurred to her that he would ever after his own divorce and already having four of his own kids, then her thoughts went there, he’d shown her tons of pictures of them and emailed the odd one to her but she would soon actually meet them? And his ex wife, how would she feel about all this? This was new territory for Jesse Adams and she knew it, all the unanswered questions were opening like a can of worms.

She settled back into her work that evening trying to focus on the now seemingly lonely week ahead and every so often her memory shifted back to Nashville, David’s laugh echoing in her brain, or Richie’s wiggling mischievous eyebrows, Tico’s sweet smile and Jon, well Jon just encompassed everything that she was feeling and more.