Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chapter Forty Six

Jon pulled into his New Jersey home which was now Dot’s and the kids. He ran a hand through his hair and got out of the car and walked up the drive seeing his eldest daughter sitting out on the grass playing her ipod reading a magazine.

“Hey baby girl” he said as he walked up to her and ruffled her hair.

“Daddd” she moaned as she continued to flick through the pages of the fashion magazine.

“How are ya?” he said plopping himself on the ground beside her.

Steph looked up; usually her Dad would ruffle her over, kid around and then move inside, but not this time.

“Ok what’s going on?” she asked pausing her ipod looking into his Dad’s eyes, seeing that I need to tell you something look.

Jon smiled, she was still young as she was always knew when things were bothering him, and it had been that way through the divorce as well. She just knew.

“Still got that knack I see” Jon jested.

Steph just shook her head “I can just tell Dad, what’s going on?”

Jon looked at his daughter who had been blessed with the good looks from himself and Dot “Well baby, I need to tell you, and I didn’t want until now, until I knew it was kind of serious, but I have started seeing someone” he announced watching her expression.

Steph raised an eyebrow “Really? who is she?” she asked curiously interested to know who her father would actually date besides their mother.

“She’s a fashion designer, Jesse Adams, I met her a few weeks ago now, and we kind of have been seeing each other, she came to Nashville for a couple of days last week” he explained.

Steph’s eyes widened “The Jesse Adams?” she asked. Jon was surprised.

“You know her?” he asked.

Steph flicked the magazine forward to a fashion collection.
“This is Jesse Adams, she makes the most amazing clothes, she’s got a really unique style, its not over the top, but she always just adds a touch here and there to make the piece unique” Steph rambled. Jon took the magazine and looked at all the designs, Steph was right.

“Well that’s her” Jon nodded. Steph sat up straight.

“I would love to meet her, do you think that she would be able to give me advice on my career or just tips or something?” she asked growing excited.

Jon chuckled “Of course honey, I am sure she would love to, I actually wanted to ask you, if she could come to your party” Jon now couldn’t wait to tell her she’d designed clothes for Stephanie, but that would have to wait till tomorrow.

Steph nodded “Sure thing Dad that would be awesome”.

“It will be a big day for her Steph meeting you guys, and your mom and my parents” he admitted, but knowing her she would just breeze through it with that confidence and sass he’d come to admire.

“I know Dad, so what’s she’s like? Has she been married before?" Stephy looked up at her Dad curiously. Jesse Adams, wow, she couldn’t wait to meet her, and dad was seeing her? How cool he was dating someone in the fashion field

He nodded “"He was a marine, died overseas about six months ago. And no Stephy they didn't have any children."

“Wow, that’s really sad Dad, she must of have been through a lot” Steph said gently.

A smile broke out on his lips “Yeah Steph she has, but she’s a wonderful lady, so easy to talk to and funny, smart, witty…” he trailed off. He looked at her “I know is going to be weird but I want to try and make it work as best as I can” he admitted.

Steph nodded “I know Dad, and its ok, the boys will get used to it. Mom went on a date last week”.

"Really, Well I didn’t know that." Jon felt slightly relieved; this meant Dot would be more understanding of the situation.

“Yeah she did, he’s ok, nothing special” Steph said with a grin. Jon shook his head knowing she was just saying it for his benefit.

“You are growing up so fast girl” his voice filled with pride.

“Relax Dad, I am sure even when I am eighteen you will pull me onto your lap like you still do” she teased.

Jon’s eyes widened not comprehending his little girl would ever be eighteen, he gulped as to what that would entail.
“No no, tomorrow you are staying thirteen, and that’s the end of that story” he said nodding.

Steph shook her head, “Come on Dad, let’s go inside” she hooked her arm into his as they went inside.

Jon’s eyes fell on his two younger sons with his ex wife as he walked into the room, they both squealed and ran to grab onto his legs.

“Hey boys” he dropped to their level and hugged them tightly into his chest, looking up at Dot.

“Hey Dot” he smiled.

“Hello Jon” she replied as she watched him hoist Romeo into his arms and walked into the kitchen holding Jake’s small hand firmly in his own.

They sat and chatted about things a Father and little boys did for awhile while Dot fixed them all a drink. He explained to them that he was bringing a special friend to Stephanie’s birthday party but knew they probably wouldn’t understand till they met her and saw him with Jess.

“Where’s Jesse?” Jon asked Dot as to the whereabouts of his eldest son.

“He’s out with a friend” she explained. Jon took a deep breath and looked at Dot as he stood up.

“Dot there is something I need to tell you” he said as he walked over to her.

She raised her eyebrow beckoning him to continue.

“I’m seeing someone Dot, her name is Jesse, and I want to bring her to Steph’s party tomorrow, I asked her and she was fine with it, so I just wanted to make sure you were” he added.

A small smile broke out on her lips. “It’s about time” she chuckled.

Jon was taken back from her reaction “You’re ok with this?” he asked. She just nodded with a grin.

“Jon, we’re over, I know that, honestly I expected you to see someone sooner than this” she admitted knowing of his need to not be alone. “I do appreciate you telling the kids though, how did Steph take it?” she asked.

“Well Jesse, is a fashion designer so she took it very well” he laughed.

Dot shook her head with a soft laugh, pleased Stephy was ok with things. They soon settled into a genial chat about the plans for the party, wanting to ensure it went off without a hitch.