Sunday, April 27, 2008

Chapter Twenty Seven

Jon stood up and walked towards her. He could see she was trembling, his heart soared that she was here, she was actually here. He walked towards her and took her hands in his.

“Hi Baby” he said with a smile.

“Hey yourself” she said as she let him envelope her into an embrace as his lips found hers for a soft gentle kiss.

She pulled away “Sorry I didn’t call” she said as she placed her hand on his chest just resting on the v neckline where his fur was creeping out.

“Don’t sweat it, you’re here now and that’s all that matters” he said running his hands down her side to rest on her hips. He turned around to face the guys.

“Well no need for introduce you, you’ve met the brothers I assume” he chuckled.

“We have” she confirmed watching as the three men watched them curiously.

“Get a room” Richie joked as he watched Jon lean and nipped her ear. Damn he was smitten alright.

“We may just, come on Jess I will take you to the hotel drop your bags off, and you guys can do without me for awhile” Jon said.

“Drop off bags my ass” Tico commented but loud enough for everyone to hear. David just smirked in agreement. She blushed slightly but knew that they were just teasing.

Jon and Jesse left the guys; she would see them at dinner that night. Jon grabbed a taxi and had them on their way to the hotel; he just held her hand as they made the short trip to the hotel. Once they reached his suite Jesse looked at him and cocked a grin.

“I thought while recording you weren’t allowed to have woman in your suite” she mimicked Richie’s comment from awhile back. Jon laughed, putting her bags down next to the dresser and came back and drew his arms around her.

“I make the rules around here baby” he said as he breathed in her scent as he kissed her neck, slowly running his tongue in little circles on her flesh. She shivered as his warm touch made her skin goose. She pulled away before he got too carried away.

“Jon, I need to say something” she said as she pushed his head away to meet her gaze. Soft blue eyes met hers melting her heart.

“You don’t have to Jess” he said softly as he swept her hair away from her face, god she was beautiful.

Jesse took his hand and held it in her own “Yes I do Jon, I just wanted to tell you that” she paused.

Jon watched her, he knew this was hard but he watched as she looked at him with confident eyes.

“I am ready for this Jon; I want this more than anything. I want you, if you’ll have me” she breathed. Jon smiled relief settling into his mind.

“I want nothing more Jesse than that, I really do” he said as he met her in a kiss, she reached up and ran her hands through his silky short hair pulling him closer feeling his tongue slip into her mouth she omitted a small moan. His hands slid up her top onto her bare back, the touch of her skin felt like fire under his fingertips.

Her hands soon left his hair and down his back outlining the contours of his muscles. He started walking her back slowly to the bed, her slight scent of berries mixed in with woman overwhelming him and setting his desire alight.

Pushing her down on the bed he slowly removed her shoes and discarded them on the floor. Opening her legs he shimmied up the bed to lie over her devouring her mouth, slipping his tongue into hers and together than danced, a dance of unrequited love that had finally been set free.

His jeans were starting to tighten in places that only she made tighten as he continued to kiss down her neck and pulled her top up exposing her satin skin as his hands began to roam across her belly and up her abdomen settling on her rounded breasts cupping them lightly through the silky material. She sucked in her breath as his thumbs began to massage her precious pink tips as they hardened instantly at his touch.

“Oh god Jon, I need you, I need you so bad” she breathed as the sensations were starting to drive her to the brink. She reached down and pulled his Soul jersey up over his head and rested her hands into his chest feeling the soft comfort of his fur beneath his fingers. He groaned as her touch on his bare flesh was heaven.

“I need you too baby, I have always needed you” he whispered as he nipped her ear and reached her jeans and unbuttoned them letting his fingers seep easily into her wetness.

“Fuck Jesse” he murmured as he began to drive her with his fingers, she was so warm and ready for him.

“God damn Jon” she said breathing through the sensations that were ripping through her body he gripped his neck and pulled him in for an urgent kiss. His fingers withdrew and his hands slipped her jeans and thong right off her. He unbuttoned his jeans and shimmied out of those letting them fall on the end of the bed. Sitting up with his legs wide he pulled her onto his lap as she wrapped her legs around his waist, her mouth burning against his as they kissed their passion into oblivion.

She could feel the tip of his heat at her entrance but still they teased each other taunting and mimicking their impending love making with their tongues. She reached down and took him in her hand and stroked him gently feeling him grow hard at her touch. His neck became exposed as he threw back his head in ecstasy. She ran her tongue flicking across his Adam’s apple as she continued to stroke him.

He growled as he tried to keep the feeling as long as he could, but soon he pulled away and moved her by the hips so she slid right onto him. His blue eyes burning with a cool fire, and the smirk danced on his lips as he lifted her up and down off his shaft wrapping his own legs around her. His mouth caught one of her bouncing breasts in his warm mouth as he sucked on the tip hungrily.

“Oh fuck Jon, fuck” she muttered as she braced herself gripping on to her shoulders.

He increased the rhythm of their fiery dance gripping into her back, feeling her nails dig into his shoulders he let out a small hiss knowing that he couldn’t hold on much longer.

“Jesse, baby ohh sweeeet Jesus” he cried as she felt his release shatter inside her. She kept moving on him feeling her walls milking him for everything he was worth.

Jon rested his head on her shoulder as he came down from his wave, moving his thumb into her clit to softly tease her, he sent her over the edge.

“Jonnnnnnnnnnn” she cried as she shuddered on him her hair clinging to the side of her face dusted with the sweat that was running down her cheeks.

He looked up at her all flush and her brown eyes diluted and glassy.

He rolled them both down on their side onto the bed, still entangled with each other.
“I love you baby” he murmured in her ear.

Jesse gained some focus and met his crystal blue eyes shining with love and admiration, all for her. A warm calmness swept through her heart, one that she hadn’t felt in a long time.

“I love you too Jon” she replied as she felt her heart flutter. The flutter of giving up one love for another washed into her heart.

His smile met his eyes to hear her words. He had wanted her to come to this conclusion on her own and she had, she finally had.


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