Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Chapter Thrity Four

Jesse struggled with the man on top of her “Get off me asshole” she said trying to free her legs of his weight so she could kick him where it mattered.

“I knew Bon Jovi always liked his woman feisty” he growled as he pinned her to the floor. Jesse felt herself failing and losing a battle as she tried to wiggle her legs but he pinned them with his own securely keeping her to the ground. What the hell had she done? She wondered starting to panic.

Tico found the hotel and soon was running down the well lit hallway to the room that David instructed. He stopped outside the room and listened carefully, it was obvious there was a struggle as he heard Jesse curse and what sounded like grunting. His blood turned cold as he tried the door and it to his relief it opened showing him the scene on the floor where Jesse had been pinned by this brut.

“Get the hell off her!” he yelled as in one swift movement he picked the man off her and threw him to the side, pulling her up and pulling her behind him.

“You ok Bella?” he said checking over her for any visible damages, seeing that her dress was torn he looked concerned “He tried to hurt you?” she nodded catching her breath and composure back.

“I’m ok Tico” she said shakily.

“Let’s get you out of here” he said leading her out the door and slamming the door behind him he pulled off his soft leather jacket and slung it around her shoulders.

“Thanks” she quietly said as they exited the hotel and walked back to the bar slowly. Tico lit a cigarette, looking at her he offered her it.

She smiled and shook her head “It’s ok Tico, thanks” she said shivering pulling the coat around her further.

“What you were thinking Bella? Doing that?, it was incredibly brave but incredibly stupid, David should have never let you go” he said softly his tone stern but caring.

“I just didn’t want the pictures to end up in the papers, I don’t know, I just wanted” she trailed off.

Tico smiled “I know you wanted to protect Jon and his kids, and you did well, please tell me after all that you got the memory card” Tico chuckled.

Jesse pulled out her hand from the jacket pocket holding the small black chip.

“Well done” he said as he slung an arm around her as they went in.

“You know Jon will freak out if he knew what you did right?” Tico said as he opened the door to the bar for her.

“Yeah I know, so he won’t find out right?” Jesse asked searching his kind dark eyes.

“I won’t be telling him, but he’s not stupid Jesse, you look a little dishevelled” he said.

Jesse felt the slight blush hit her cheeks. “You think he’ll be sober enough to notice it though?” she asked.

Tico snorted “Probably not” as they both walked into the bar. The bar had emptied out a little and Richie, David and Jon were sitting still in the corner booth, Jon looked half asleep leaning on Richie’s shoulder, but Richie shook him when his gaze met Tico and Jesse. David looked up a wave of relief swept over him.

“Babeee” Jon said standing out stumbling pulling her into a hug. The overwhelming stench of liquor overwhelmed her.

“Hey you” she said as she hugged him back, he turned and gave her a sloppy wet kiss on the lips. His blue eyes glassy and heavy.

“Where’d you go? You shoulda told me” he slurred a little.

David interrupted her before she would say anything “Told ya Kidd they just went out to get some air and food” he said staring at Jesse. She nodded at Jon.

“That’s right baby, I am back now, and looks like you’re ready for bed” she said as she brushed his hair back as he laid his head on her shoulder.

“Mmmm bed, that sounds like a great idea” he said a smirk breaking out on his face.

“You owe me” he tried to whisper but it came out louder than intended. Richie laughed along with David.

“Oh man, owe him? I am not even gonna ask” Richie said.

She chuckled and pulled him realizing he was going to lean on her.

“Hey, I’m not that strong” she laughed as he slumped into her.

“Allow me Bella” Tico said as he hooked Jon’s around his neck. David waited till Richie and Tico and Jon had started trailing out to approach Jesse.

“I am so glad you are ok? What happened?” he asked concerned as he hooked his own arm around her shoulders walking her out.

“I was a stupid ass” she chuckled. “Thank you for getting Tico there, I don’t know what would have happened if he hadn’t shown up” she admitted.

“Well let’s not think about that, did you manage to get the photos?’ he asked.

She handed him the chip “Super girl at your service” she chuckled as they walked out.

“Well in future you leave those missions to us, but thanks sweetheart, you probably saved Jon a lot of grief” he said. She nodded as they made their way back to the hotel room.

Once there Tico deposited Jon on the bed. “You can handle him?” Tico asked her as he watched Jon just about pass out as his head hit the pillow.

She chuckled “Yeah I can, thanks again Tico, you saved my ass” she said as she met the man in a large hug.

“Your welcome, I am glad that I got there in time as Jon would have never forgiven us if anything bad had happened to you” Tico sat patting her back. “Now get some rest Bella, don’t think your boy will be up to much tonight” Tico said as he winked leaving her alone in the room.

“Come here baby” he purred patting the spot on the bed next to him. Her body was so tired she slipped off Tico’s coat and lay down beside him on the bed kicking off her shoes. He wrapped his arms around her and buried himself in her neck, the scent of alcohol and cologne hitting her. His lips started a soft nibble on her neck, she chuckled.

“Jon, you’re too drunk” she said as she closed her eyes. He mumbled something and then she felt the slump; he’d fallen asleep buried in her neck, his breathing became heavy and regular. She reached over and pulled the blanket over them both as she felt her mind give into slumber exhausted from the night’s events.

Jon woke with a heavy head, his eyes felt like they were glued shut and his brain was screaming at him. Opening his eyes slowly the light hit him, along with soft brown hair. He looked up as Jesse was lying deep in slumber. He shut his eyes again hard hoping that the drilling in his head would subside.

He moved to sit up and rub his head “Jesus Christ” he said as he rubbed his head. What the hell happened last night? It was a haze of memories in his mind. He stared down at his sleeping beauty, and his eyes filled with horror as he saw that her dress was ripped.

“Oh my god, what have I done?” he asked in horror as she had scratches on her shoulder blade as well from what looked like nails. He pulled his hand tightly in a fist. He didn’t do this did he? Hell he couldn’t remember anything.

A sudden wave of nausea swept over him as his stomach tightened more from the drinking than anything; he padded towards the bathroom and soon relieved his stomach of its contents which wasn’t much. He looked at his blood shot eyes and then back at the bed where she lay.

He couldn’t have could he? Shaking his head he knew if he had, he would never forgive himself for hurting her. He walked back into the room and decided to go and see Richie, closing the door softly behind him.

He knocked on Richie’s door knowing he was about to get a blasting as god knows what time it was in the morning.

The door opened and Richie bleary eyed and hair on end answered.

“What the hell do you want Frank?” he asked. Jon smelt coffee immediately as he opened the door.

“Coffee would be a start and man I need to talk to you, as I think I may have done something awful” he said as Richie closed the door behind him.


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