Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Chapter Thirty Three

Jon and Richie had been arguing for around twenty minutes of how they came up for the lyrics for Wanted Dead or Alive, David checked his watch nervously, wondering exactly how Jesse was getting on, he knew alcohol had clouded Jon’s brain from registering time as he hadn’t asked where she was just yet, but David knew the question would inevitable.

Tico noticed David’s nervousness seeing him check his watch. He also noticed that Jesse wasn’t back from the bathroom.

“What’s going on Joker?” Tico asked David out of earshot from Richie and Jon.

“Our heroine is on a secret mission, and I just am wondering how much longer I wait before going to find her” David said looking at the entrance of the bar hoping she would glide through the doors, but to no avail.

Tico rose his eyebrow “What sort of mission?” he asked noting the sarcasm in David’s voice.

“A photog was snapping away when she was on the bar with Jon and Richie, and you know Jon was all over her, she’s gone to steal the memory card if she can, as she gets how those pics could cause a lot of problems for Jon” David explained.

“So where exactly has she gone?” Tico asked concerned.

“To his hotel room, I think he probably thinks he’s about to get lucky or something, she had a plan so I let her go but now I think that she shouldn’t have” he said nervously.

Tico rolled his eyes “Mamma Mia, Jon would have a coronary if he knew she was there”

“I know and that’s why I promised not to tell him, she’s trying to do the right thing” David said.

“You know where they are?” Tico asked, David nodded and disclosed the hotel details to him.

“Okay I will be right back, keep these two jokers busy” he snorted as he walked off.

“Heyyy where’s Teek going?” Jon asked as he slumped back into the booth leaning against Richie and looking around “And where’s my specialll lady” he said looking around without too much effort or concern.

“He’s just gone back to the hotel he’s a bit tired and he wants to ring the Mrs” David explained.

“Totally whipped man” Jon said grinning.

“Lucky bastard” Richie sighed.

Jon slumped a pat on Richie’s shoulder “You’ll find someone bro, I hear they’re making a new range of inflatable dolls at Adam & Eve” Jon snorted.

Richie flipped him the bird and sipped his drink. David just shook his head.

“I miss her” Jon pouted looking around.

“Look who’s whipped now” Richie mimicked Jon with a laugh.

“Go buy me a drink Dean, better get Jess a wine too” Jon said

“What your last slave die of Frank?” Richie asked gingerly getting and stumbling.

“Oh Good lord you two, I will get the drinks” David laughed as he walked to the bar.

“Thanks Bert, or is it Sammy? Ernie?” Jon snorted as both he and Richie dissolved in a fit of laughter.

Jesse followed the photographer who she had found out since, his name was Vince to the instructed hotel room at the Thornton, she knocked on the door and soon he answered smiling that snaky grin she had seen back at the bar.

“Why come in, I have been expecting you” he said. Jesse walked in and placed her purse on the table immediately recognising that they camera bag was sitting there as well. She tried to think fast on her feet how she would get a chance to snag hopefully just the memory card before leaving.

She sat down and Vince offered her a drink, she declined.

“Let’s get down to business” he said as his grey eyes roamed up her legs. Jesse had to wonder if she was doing the right thing being here. She ran her hands through her hair and breathed in.

“So Vince I guess you want to know the dirt?” she asked as he watched him light a cigarette.

“Yeah I do, and I am prepared to give you a lot of money for it too, but first you need to comply with a few of my things” he said raising his eyebrow at her expectantly.

She swallowed hard “Sure” she said as she watched him move to where she was sitting. He trailed a finger lightly up her leg. She couldn’t help but shiver, her mind flashing warning bells as he came closer to her. She pulled away from instinct, her eyes reverting to the camera on the table quickly trying to calculate some form of plan.

She could take him. She was sure she could, looking at her spikes on her heels thinking what damage they might do.

“Ah Vince, I have changed my mind” she said as she stood up. He laughed a hollow laugh.

“Well too bad love as I haven’t changed mine” he said as he came closer and threw off balance pinning her to the wall.

“Lovely girls like you really shouldn’t be coming to hotel rooms all alone you know” he whispered his smoky stale breath on her neck. Jesse closed her eyes and prayed a silent thank you to Jason who has taught her self defence as she kneed him right in the family jewels.

He bellowed out in pain as he withdrew from her, she delivered another swift kick into the stomach as he tumbled over; she lunged for the camera and ripped out the memory card.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Vince asked from his crumpled position on the ground.

“Taking back what’s mine asshole” she spluttered.

“Don’t you fuckin dare that’s my livelihood, I have to feed my children” he said scrambling to get up as she grabbed her purse and headed towards the door.

“Well get a respectable job rather than feeding off other’s lives to make a living, that’s as sad as you can get” she shot back. She was just about at the door when she felt him grab her ankle as she stumbled falling to the ground.

“You Bon Jovi sluts are all the same” he growled as he ripped her dress at her shoulder, she screamed as his weight came crashing down on her.

Jon turned around and looked at Richie.

“Ok man, we’ve had two drinks and where the hell are Tico and Jesse?” he asked as he looked at his keyboardist who has fallen silent in the last twenty minutes occasionally checking his phone.

Richie snorted “You know chicks and bathrooms, she’s probably gossiping in there with some woman about you know, stuff they gossip about” Richie chuckled.

Even through his current drunk state of mind he knew something wasn’t right.
“What’s going on?” he asked. David knew he couldn’t tell Jon in his state as there would be no guess what he would want to do. So calculating a quick lie he spun it off his lips.

“They will be back in a minute they have just gone out to get some food, she wasn’t feeling to well but didn’t want you to worry Kidd, so Tico accompanied her” David said hoping he’d buy it until he knew they were at least both safe.

Jon eyed him suspiciously and nodded “She shoulda told me” Jon said shaking his head.

David breathed a sigh of relief hoping that this would soon be over.