Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chapter Forty Nine

Jesse got a surprise as the cab pulled into Jon's apartment complex, he grinned as she raised a questionable eyebrow at him.

"Just thought we could do with a change of scenery baby, and tomorrow we can swing by your place before we head to Dot's" he explained as he paid the cab driver and offered her his hand out of the cab, smiling at her warmly.

Dot's, that's right, tomorrow the whole Bongiovi world would meet her, usually she wasn't phased by meeting new people as she did it so often in her job, but this was different a small pit in her stomach told her otherwise.

Jon noticed her apprehension as they made their way inside to his apartment through his private entrance. Placing his keys and phone down on the mahogany table, his hand still on the small of her back he gestured towards the living room.

"Make yourself at home, Mi Casa, Su Casa" he announced as he went to fix them both a nightcap.

Jesse could never get used to the grandeur of his apartment; it was so extraordinarily lavish but still had the gentleness that a home required. She put down her purse and kicked off her shoes as she seated herself on the leather couch.

Jon soon returned with two glasses of whiskey, neat. Handing one to her he sat and shucked off his own shoes and took a sip.

"I'm seriously thinking of going into business as a matchmaker" his lips smacking from the whiskey.

Jesse laughed "They did seem suited didn't they, were they really doing to go dancing?" she couldn't imagine Richie would be the dancing type.

Jon flashed a grin "Oh they will probably go to a club or two, but somehow I don't think that dancing's on the cards with Dean" he curled his legs up and pulled Jesse in closer to him so she was leaning in on his chest and he had free reign to stroke her soft hair, the quietness of her concerned him.

"You ok babe?" he asked watching her deep in thought. A small part of him just hoped that she wasn't thinking about Jason and his parents again; along with the small pang of guilt that he still hadn't told her about the box of photo's he'd hid. But simply he just didn't want to upset her, and especially before tomorrow.

Jesse reached up and brushed her lips over his "I'm ok, just a little tired, and I guess I cant lie and say I am looking forward to tomorrow, I mean, I want meet everyone but this is a huge deal for them all isn't it?" she asked as he turned her to cradle her in his arms, his hand slipping behind her head.

"Yeah it is, but they all know, well except Mom and Dad, but they will be fine, they have to be, we've all moved on, Dot and I both, so it will be fine, Jess, and if it isn't, for some strange reason, just know I will stand by you" he promised, his eyes searching hers for acceptance of his reassurance.

She looked up into deep blue eyes knowing he was just worried, she smiled reassuringly "It's ok Jon, I know, it will be fine baby, just nerves that's all" he hands rested on his chest and fingers found his buttons effortlessly flicking them open.

"Well now missy...” Jon's eyebrow cocked as he watched her slide up and cross his lap, his need becoming evident against her as she straddled him, he drew his arms around her coming to rest on the small of her back.

Her lips drew in his; her tongue probed his mouth sending shivers race down her spine at the intimate contact with each other. Her hands slid inside his shirt and across the plains of his chest scraping his nipples with her thumbs as her kiss deepened, signalling her own need for him.

Jon slid his hands up the back of her top, his fingertips dancing over her spine and finding her bra clasp that easily came undone, lifting all the now irrelevant clothing over her head he threw it aside, his head dipping into taste her sweet scent of vanilla as his lips connected with her rosy tip flicking his tongue teasingly across the pebbled flesh.

Jesse groaned as her own hand slid into his short sandy hair as his meal on her body continued. The sensations had her wanting and begging for more, as the demands rolled off her off her lips easily.

Jon shifted her closer to his body his hardness against her heat, with only barriers of denim and lace in-between stopping their final dance. He shifted her back his mouth still closely attached to her breast, as he stood up lifting them both up from the couch and pulled his own jeans off and then hers, trailing white hot kisses down her silky legs as he went.

As he stood back up to meet her, her brown eyes warm and burning with desire, he scooped her up and walked up to the bedroom, laying her down on the king sized bed.
His hands eager to be back on her skin, caressing her lovingly and showing her once again how much she meant to him, and that what anyone else thought didn’t matter at all as long as he had her.

He crawled over her, sweeping his hands across her body as he positioned himself over her, her hands winding around his neck pulling him closer to her body.

“Please...” her voice barely a whisper in the dimly lit room calling his want to her body.

He pressed his lips against her, the mercy of finally feeling his touch upon her skin as he slid into her, seating himself deep within her.
She moaned appreciatively as she kissed down his neck and licked over his Adam’s apple, a favoured place of hers to lay love on.

Rising and falling into her, his desire and his need for her became evident in his rock hard cock as he drove her to the edge of pleasure. God she was exceptional, how did he get so lucky so quickly.

“Jon, Jesus” her walls tightened welcoming his penetration into her soul. Her brow sweaty and he rained kisses down on her. Blinding white light started to flicker across her mind, teasing her orgasm that lay ahead.

Her lips desperate for his as they kissed, their tongues wildly fighting for dominance in their mouths, soft groans and guttural moans littered the room as the both came close to release. Gripping tightly to each other’s body they begged to be let free from the anticipation rising within them both.

“Jess, baby, yes, oh my god, yes!” he cried as his hot seed spilled into her sending both of their bodies trembling in ecstasy.
She shook violently as Jon caressed her back to earth.

Her hand swept his beads of sweat on his own forehead, and brushed his hair back, she smiled as a contented grin slid onto her lips.

“You always make things better, always” she managed a hoarse whisper as she was pulled into his firm grip, she nestled herself into his chest that promised warmth and security once again. If only she could stay here tomorrow she thought silently.


Anonymous said...

This is such a fun story! Hope the meeting with the family goes well.....

Anonymous said...

Love this, can't wait to see what happens with the party and will Jesse find the box of photos in the closet! More!