Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Chapter Forty Five

Jesse raised her eyebrow “Dessert? What makes you think there is dessert?” she grinned as she recomposed herself.

Jon shook his head he pulled her in close “Because Ms Adams I know you have a fetish for all things sweet, even me?” he asked with a lopsided grin.

She giggled “You are too much, plus I can’t eat you” she said as she reached into the fridge to pull out the lemon meringue pie.

“I beg to differ on that one baby” Jon’s eyebrows waggled. Jesse snorted and rolled her eyes.

“You are terrible, god, you just don’t stop do you?” she laughed pulling two forks out of the draw and two plates from the cupboard.
Her mind still reeling from Jon’s little kitchen rendezvous, she couldn’t help but flicker her mind back to Jason’s parents. It was going to dog her; she knew that she had to try and just move on but Jesse always prided herself on being well received and it bugged her that in this instance she knew she was right.

Jon grinned broadly “Not when you’re around, no I don’t, and I can’t help myself” he admitted as he watched her serve them some pie. She handed him the plate and they took it back into the living area and opted to eat it on the couch curled up together.

He watched her as he forked her piece of the rich pie, seeing her mind still cogging away behind those rich brown eyes that he loved.
“You’re still thinking about them aren’t you?” he asked as slipped it into her mouth. She nodded and ate the piece in her mouth.

“Its silly I know, as I shouldn’t worry what they think of me, but I will be damned having them think that I have just forgotten the last six months of hell just like that” she spat, her eyes blazing.

Jon reached out his hand and stroked her cheek gently.
“The important thing Jess, is you know that is not true and I know it isn’t” he softly spoke. She nodded, and he was right as usual, they were just going to have to deal with that she had moved on with Jon now, and they would have to learn that this was her new life now.

They both ate in companionable silence before deciding to head to bed earlier than anticipated both admitting they were tired from their own day’s activities.

As she slipped into bed Jon brushed his teeth and soon joined her drawing her into his arms, she snuggled down tightly into his chest closing her eyes. At times like this everything could crumble outside in the world and she’d still feel safe as long as she was in his arms.

Jon knew that tomorrow would bring new challenges for them; well firstly he had to tell his family that he was seeing someone new, he wondered how they would react to that, and how his ex wife would, it had been bound to happen sooner or later so they would just have to deal with it and hopefully it wouldn’t be as nearly as bad as what Jason’s parents reaction was. They both soon fell into a steady sleep as the night caught up with them both, contented and Jon finally feeling like he was home, oddly enough not at his own house.

Jon woke the next morning as he watched Jesse sleep for a little longer, marvelling at the small twitches her face made in her sleep, before he pulled himself out of bed and walked downstairs to put on the coffee pot. He went to fetch the morning paper and on her doorstep was a box. He looked confused as he lifted it inside, the lid came off easily and without thinking he looked inside, it was a box of photo frames filled with her and Jason and one from their wedding. He shook his head as he knew who would have put it there, he didn’t want Jesse to see it so he quickly hid it in the bottom of her linen cupboard till he could work out what to do with it. They were awful for doing this he thought as he buried the box under a pile of old sheets at the back.

He resumed the coffee making as finally Jesse emerged in her satin robe.
“I have you well trained” she joked as she watched him muse around her kitchen.

He smiled “It seems so, how ya feeling baby””

“Great slept like a baby” she replied as she sat down at the table with the paper, Jon soon brought over two steaming cups of coffee and joined her.

“So today is the day you tell the kids right?” she asked as she flicked open a page of the newspaper.

He nodded “Yep, sure is, it should go ok, and even if it doesn’t they will come around, it might just be hard at first” he admitted thinking on all the possibilities.

“If it’s not the right time, I don’t have to come tomorrow to Steph’s party, I understand” she offered. She was already as nervous as hell about that and from the experience with Jason’s parents she wasn’t ready for another disappointment barrage so soon.

“Should be ok babe, I do want you there, Mom and dad will be there as well, and my brothers” he explained having not told her that before. His parents may be a different story as they loved Dot like a daughter, but he didn’t have the heart to tell her that right now.

Her eyes widened “Wow, all of them? Nothing like jumping into the fire while it’s hot huh?” she asked sipping her coffee.

Jon chuckled “Well least it’s done then, and besides how can they not love you, I do” his eyes warm with intent. He knew she’d do just fine no matter what they were to about to face.

“So what are your plans for tonight?” she asked him.

‘Well Richie wanted me to go out to dinner, but I told him I’d probably be a little busy” Jon hinted hopefully.

Jesse smiled and then a little thought flickered through her mind.
“You know, you could go with him, and I could go out with Kia…” she trailed off.

Jon looked at her confused until he clicked.
“Ohhh and maybe it just happens to be the same restaurant?” he grinned mischievously.

She nodded “Uh huh, otherwise if it was arranged Kia would smell the set up from a mile away” knowing her best friend all too well.

“Well so be it, ok how about Delanio’s at eight, I will book the table” he offered.

“Great sounds perfect baby” she stood up and hoped that Kia and Richie would click, Kia deserved to be happy as Jesse now was.

Jon drew her close into his arms and his hands soothed her back as he met her in a long kiss, his thoughts focused on the next two days, he looked down into her beckoning brown eyes.
“Shower time?” he asked with a grin

She nodded “Shower time” as she giggled as Jon scooped her up in his arms and carried her into the bathroom. This was it, reality, time to face what starting a new phase of her life with Jon meant, facing the world. And damn if she was ready for that but she was determined to give it everything she had.


NadineRipken said...

He shouldn't just hide the box with the photos. She could be angry bout that...

Nice story...

Work on!

Anonymous said...

Just caught up. Agree the box is a ticking time bomb that might just go up in his face. But on the other hand I see his point why dig up memories. The past is the past and people need to move on.

Alice Faye