Friday, May 9, 2008

Chapter Thirty Six

The boys made their way to the studio and started work for the morning, Jon was clearly distracted as he kept making mistakes and when they were composing the bridge in the new song 'Any other day', he fucked it up.

Richie laughed “You’re too hung-over bro” he joked. Jon laughed and shook his head.

“Yeah I guess so” he closed his eyes, the worry still freshly heavy on his mind and he knew till he got it sorted he wouldn’t be able to do anything.

“You want to go for a smoke?” he asked Tico as he stood up. Tico nodded and watched Jon, there was something clearly bothering him, had Jesse told him anything from last night he wondered?

Tico and Jon stood outside as Jon flicked the flame into life lighting the end of his cigarette and offering it to Tico.

“Okay man, let me have it” Jon said taking a long drag from his cig and turning to Tico. Tico raised his eyebrows.

“You know huh?” he asked as he too took a drag watching Jon.

Jon cringed. “Give it to me Teek, I can’t remember anything, I know, I am a jackass” Jon said as he watched Tico.

Tico looked at him confused “Well you know about Jesse then I take it?” Jon had to have seen the ripped dress at least Tico thought.

“Yeah, I know she has shoulder marks and a ripped dress, what the hell did I do?” Jon asked as he put his hands in his head.

Tico looked confused ”What you did? Nothing except get rip roaringly drunk” Tico chuckled.

Jon looked up “I didn’t hurt her?” he asked hopeful.

Tico’s eyes widened “Oh Jon, this is what you thought you had done, god no, you really don’t know what happened last night do you?” he asked couldn’t believe that Jon had thought he was to blame. He chuckled "So that's what you've been worried about" Tico said as it now made sense, his absent state of mind this morning.

Jon looked confused “Well, what’s going on then?” he asked flicking his ash to the side as he stood up.

Tico breathed in “Oh boy, well Jesse got herself into a little trouble, with the best intentions, I might add” Tico said watching Jon’s brow arch.

“She spotted a photographer taking pictures of you on the bar and you all over her, so she took matters into her own hands to try and get the memory card off him. She went back to his hotel room and it kind of turned ugly, but I arrived on the scene in time after David told me where she was” Tico said.

Jon's eyes widened “David knew? And didn’t tell me? What the hell?” he asked confused.

“Jesse swore him Jon, he was just doing what he thought was right, because if you went barging in there drunk as you were, it would have been worse” Tico said. Jon shook his head.

“I always get pictures taken of me, why did she worry so much?” Jon asked. Maybe she just wasn’t used to the fame.

“She was concerned that you all over her, as you were, would be seen by your kids, and maybe not a good look Jon when they don’t really know about her yet” he said.

At that moment Jon felt more endeared to her than he had before.
“She really went that far for me?” he asked amazed, and smiled, she was truly one in a million.

Tico nodded “So before you go blowing a fuse and telling her how stupid she was, which I did tell her that by the way” he chuckled “Just remember why she did it, she cares Jon, she gets ya” he winked.

Jon smiled, he was right she did get him, and he hadn’t “been gotten” in a very long time.

“Thanks Teek, I will talk to her later but thank fuck that I didn’t hurt her, I was so convinced you were gonna kick my ass” he said with a grin.

Tico nodded “If you had I would of too, she’s too precious that woman, you just look after her of you will find both David and I will be on your back” he laughed as they both finished up and went back inside.

Richie looked up as Jon came back in; David had just finished telling him the story from last night and as Richie read Jon’s relived face he realized that Tico must if told him.

“SO Kidd, you’re not a woman basher after all?” he teased.

“Fuck you man, I was so worried” he said as he sat back down at the stool where they had left off, so relived things were ok, well he still need to have a talk to Jesse about things and why she didn’t tell him this morning was beyond him.

Lunchtime soon rolled around and Jesse finished her meeting with Jean Lacharme, the designer so she headed to the studio where Jon said to meet them before they were going to go to a restaurant for lunch.

She walked in and quietly sat down as she took in the picture in front of her, Jon and Richie sat side by side with their guitars strumming and singing, while David watched and worked in with them and Tico kept the beat straight. She smiled as she realized how fortunate she was to see this in action. They finished the bridge and nodded so she clapped. All four men looked up surprised that they hadn’t seen her come in.

“Very very nice” she said with a grin. Jon put down his guitar and walked over to her, pulling into an embrace and holding her tightly against his body.

‘You stupid stupid woman” he whispered in her ear. She felt her heart quicken as she had to assume that Jon had found out, as she looked around the room she thought ‘figures’ how did she ever expect a band of brothers not to talk.

“Sorry Jon, I just thought it was best you didn’t know” she said softly, he pulled away and pressed his forehead against hers.

“It was a very brave thing to do Jesse, and I do really appreciate why you did it, and can’t believe you risked your own safety to do it, I am so angry, but so grateful to you” he said chuckling.

She smiled realizing he wasn’t going to blast her into the next century like she thought he would.

“I know it was stupid, but you know Jon, I would do it all over again for you” she whispered. He smiled and leaned in and brushed his lips softly over hers.

“Hey none of this now, save that for later” Richie said as he pried them apart.

“I am hungry” he announced.

“And you still owe me” he whispered to Jesse. She chuckled.

“Well I tried to give it to you this morning but you didn’t want it” she said her eyes shimmering into his.

“Well that was when I thought I had ripped your dress off you and marked you” he said as she slid her t-shirt down to reveal her bruising and scratches. He placed a gentle kiss on the mark and ran his tongue lightly over it; she shivered as she felt his warm tongue glide on her skin.

“Oh Jon, I am so sorry, I wondered why you didn’t want to touch me this morning, I thought that was odd” she said sympathetically knowing that now keeping this from him had been a bad idea, she remembered his winces and his wounded looks from this morning as it all began to make sense.

“You thought you had been rough with me?” she asked, he nodded.

“Oh sweetie, I know you would never hurt me” she said as she patted his cheek.

“I know, but I just couldn’t remember anything from last night and just thought I had done something a little stupid” he said embarrassed. Jesse smiled.

“Its ok baby, it’s all sorted now, I promise I won’t go on any Super girl missions again” she teased. Jon’s eyebrow arched again.

“What?” she asked as the guys all filed out the door. Jon’s mouth grew into a smirk. Jesse laughed.

“I am not wearing a costume for you” she said. Jon roared.

“How did you know?” he asked as he hooked an arm around her and led her out the door.

“I know you too well” she said as she smacked him lightly on the ass as they left the studio.