Monday, May 5, 2008

Chapter Thirty One

After a dinner of fine wine and exquisite company Jesse had never felt at home with three guys more than she did with these guys, they were funny, kind, and sweet just like what having three older brothers would be like.

She had been sandwiched securely between David and Tico most of the night and when David got up to get them another round of drinks Jon squeezed in beside her at the booth sliding in beside her.

“Finally I get to be beside you” he whispered. Jesse chuckled.

“Oh poor baby, you weren’t getting jealous were you?” she teased as she took his hand.

His eyes narrowed and the small fire ignited “Maybe I was, I want to be selfish and have you all to myself” he said as he leaned in and kissed her on the lips.

“Heeeyy” David’s voice soon came as he saw Jon had stolen his seat.

“I was soo close to converting her that blond curly men are much better than what she’s got” he said throwing a wink her way. Jon shook his head.

“You aint stealing her from me man, wild horses couldn’t drag me away” he said as he leaned forward and whispered into her lips capturing her sweet taste.

“Ditto” she whispered back pressing her lips against his.

“Okay enough of that, or I may just have to maim your other ankle” Richie announced as he returned to the table with a tray of shots of some fiery golden looking liquid.

“What the hell is that looking shit?” David asked peering at the shots.

“Tequila baby, so one each” he said placing them one by one in front of the guys and then one in front of Jesse.

“And one for the lady” he winked.

“Oh no no, Jesse and tequila doesn’t bode well” she chuckled pushing it away back towards Richie.

Richie raised an eyebrow at her “You know in Jovi we have this rule, that if you refuse a drink, you gotta drink five more the same, so either you drink one, or I pour five down that pretty throat of yours” he chuckled. Jesse's eyes widened as she turned to Jon, he just shrugged.

“Rules are rules babe” he said. She closed her eyes.

“Fine” she took the shot and threw it back in her throat dispelling it quickly.

The four guys just stared at her wide eyed.

“What? You know I used to be married to a marine, what ya expect? This girl can drink you know” she teased, feeling the hot liquid burning down her throat and into her stomach.

“I think I love you” Richie laughed as he downed his own shot, and the other guys followed suit.

Jon spat “God Sambora, what the hell is that stuff, tastes like donkey piss” he laughed, but Richie had already left and was back at the bar.

“Why do I have a feeling, we’re all going to be heavily acquainted with Mr and Mrs Aspirin tomorrow?” David sighed as when Richie got on a roll it was hard to stop him.

Jesse chuckled looking over at Tico “I bet you would be the last man standing out of these guys” she said.

Tico laughed “Ah you know me so well already Bella” he grinned. “Tico knows where to put his liquor” he said patting his stomach.

Soon enough Richie had returned with something else that looked just as vulgar.

“Bottoms up gents, and lady” he said winking at Jesse. Not one to back down she skulled the liquid down her throat, flinching a second as the hot liquid burned her throat and made her nostrils flame.

Jon followed on “Fuck what the hell was that?” he spat.

“Chartreuse, or as the French call it, truth serum” Richie laughed “As it makes you talk” his eyes wondered off to another place “Back in old times they used to use to to get the truth out of the girls that slept around with the Kings” he said trying to sound convincing.

Jon snorted “You are so full of shit Sambora” he laughed, feeling livelier than he had in a long time as the alcohol buzzed in his head. A local band was playing a tune and a few people had got up to dance.

“Ohh dancing, come on Jesse” David said as he pulled her to her feet and dragged her onto the dance floor as he expertly pulled her into a dance position. She giggled.

“David you’re insatiable, you know that right?’ Jesse teased as he whirled her around the dance floor. He just laughed.

“What do you expect with a pretty lady like yourself around” he jested.

As Jon watched on, Richie returned with some whiskey.

“Rich, what you trying to do kill me?” Jon joked as he picked up the whiskey and placed it to his lips watching Jesse laughing with David as he attempted some form of waltz.

“Nah man, you need to let loose, it’s been awhile, and now that you are happy, its cause to celebrate” Richie snorted.

“Rich, you’d celebrate the Pope’s birthday if it meant you could drink” Jon teased.

Richie laughed nodding “You know me too well boy, now how about this pretty young thing, things all good?” Rich slurred pointing out to the dance floor.

Jon smiled as the drunken feeling started to take over, he placed his hand on Richie’s shoulder. “She’s fuckin incredible man, God, I love her” he said feeling the room starting to move a little as he sipped more on his whiskey.

“And she’s good in bed?” Richie asked raising his eyebrows. Jon laughed.

“Fuck, Trust you to want to know that, but yeah she’s amazing, in every way” he said as he stared back out to her watching her slender legs swinging to the beat that David had her dancing. Feeling his amorous mood swirling inside him he got up and stumbled out to the floor.

“Can I cut in?” he breathed into ear. She turned and gazed into glazy relaxed blue eyes that sparkled with mischief.

“Of course you can” she said as she broke away from David.

“Well I know where I am not wanted” he did his best impression to look offended before winking at Jesse and walking off.

Jesse giggled as Jon tried to twirl her around and dip her. “You are so drunk boy” she teased as he struggled to stand upright straight.

“Drunk on your loveee baby” he said as he kissed her neck and let his tongue flex over her skin. She tried to pull away.

“Jon” she exclaimed as his hands roamed down her dress and settled on her ass squeezing it tightly. She tried to pull away as she didn’t want to become a public sex show in a matter of minutes.

“Hey Kidd, get your ass over here!” Richie called as he was standing by the bar.

Jesse pulled away, “Go and see him babe” she said laughing as she walked back to Tico and David. David slid her wine.

“Something much tastier than that shit Sambora was making us try and drink” he laughed.

“Ah yes thank you my fine man” she said raising her glass and clinking it with his as her attention towards back towards the bar where Jon and Richie were laughing and arguing over something.

“Oh God” Tico said as he watched Jon start to climb up the bar stool and onto the bar, and pulled Richie up with him.

Jesse just about choked on her wine “Oh good lord what are they doing?” she asked laughing hysterically.

Jon had somehow managed to swindle a mic from the bar owners who were only too pleased to assist the two Bon Jovi members now perched on his oak topped bar. He was talking to the bar owner who was nodding and looked like he was queuing something up on the cd player.

David leaned into Jesse “You are about to experience something we like to term as Jovi drunken stupidity” he laughed as Jon announced to the bar that they had a song to sing.

“And I would like to dedicate it to my one and only lovely, sexxy gorgeous lady” he slurred as he pointed to where they sat. Jesse sank into her seat.

“Hide me now” she begged Tico and David, they burst out laughing as she covered her face.

“Ready King letss goooo” he said as they both ripped into it, side by side arms slung around each other the music played and they started to sing, well tried to. Jon kept pointing into their direction with the most drunken smile Jesse had ever seen.

Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do
Do, do, do, do, do, do, do
Tonight I wanna give it all to you
In the darkness
There’s so much I wanna do
And tonight I wanna lay it at your feet
cause girl, I was made for you
And girl, you were made for me

I was made for lovin you baby
You were made for lovin me
And I cant get enough of you baby
Can you get enough of me

David had tears in his eyes “Damn where is my camera when you need it” he laughed as Jesse just shook her head with a smile on her face. They were both toast.

What they didn’t realize is that some one in a dark corner did infact have a camera that was snapping away.


Dawn said...

I'm loving the story, thanks for sharing. I'm dying to know where that picture is from??

SoulGirl said...

Your welcome :)

LOL they are from when him and Richie went out one night in NY quite a few years ago and those pics ended up in the paper, Dot called Richie the Devil after that as he always leads Jon astray.

Dawn said...

Oh, that's classic. Thanks for the explanation. Keep up the good work!!

SoulGirl said...

No problems, if you want a copy of the pics, email me (up in right side) there are two pics.

Thanks again for the comments :)

Daydreamer- said...

Hi SoulGirl! Can you send me copies of the pics? My email is . Thanks!

BubbleSheep said...

Loving the fic!

Any chance you could send me a copy of those pics if you have them