Monday, May 26, 2008

Chapter Forty Eight

The waiter took their orders and then disappeared back to the kitchen.

Richie studied the medium blond and the mischief and passion that gleamed from her blue eyes.

“So tell me Kia darlin, why is a gorgeous girl like you still single?” his drink pressed to his lips as he grinned.

She raised an eyebrow “Well I could say the same for you handsome, but I don’t want you to get a big ego so soon in the night” she smirked, she knew a little about Richie, only from things she’d read, he was a charmer she’d give him that, and those rich chocolate eyes that promised something sweeter than sin.

Richie laughed “There’s going to be a night?” it was his turn to raise his eyebrow.

She smiled ruefully and shook her head “You are something Sambora, lemme tell you that” she picked her wine up and noticed Jesse and Jon were off in their own world, only inches apart from each other. Turning her attention back to the dark one; her flirtatious side starting to slip through.

“There might be a night, if a play your cards right” she teased before continuing “How is the album is coming along, Jesse tells me that you guys are recording a new one” she asked as she twisted a strand of her long wavy hair in her finger unconsciously.

Jesse watched on as the interplay between Kia and Richie continued, when Kia started twirling her hair she had to stop the smile on her lips. She’d known Kia a long time but she knew that was her signature flirt move.

Richie leaned back and stretched his long legs “It’s good, it’s a different sound this time, we’ve done some different experimenting and it’s come out great, I’m really excited. The writing process has been a little bit harder this time around, as well…” he paused but sighed and carried on “when you write about very personal experiences its always hard” he admitted.

Kia’s face soften “I can imagine that’s always hard Richie, but I bet that it makes the music so much more real and believable, not that it wasn’t before, but things from the heart are more true ya know” she finished her wine and before she had placed it back on the table Richie was pouring a new one.

“You Kia are absolutely right, and that’s what Kidd and I always have said. As long as the music is true, screw what anyone else thinks” he replied. So often Richie met fiery girls just like Kia but they never the depth that he’d just seen a flicker of then.

The waiter soon delivered their food and the conversation turned to other things, the charity concert that the guys were performing in New York next week to raise funds Habitat for Humanity, one of Jon’s passions. Jesse listened as he talked about how much they had done for the foundation so far, the excitement and commitment was clear in his voice.

“We’d love for you ladies to come along, I’m sure we could swindle you some tickets from somewhere” Jon winked at Richie.

Kia looked up “Well, a free concert, who can complain about that?” she said her eyes on Richie’s.
A loose grin broke out on his face “What about the talent?” he pouted pretending to be offended.
“Jury’s out on that one, for now” she winked at him.

Jesse laughed and turned back to Jon, “I’d love to come and see you do what you do, on one condition” she contemplated.

“What’s that baby?” he asked taking her hand and kissing it.

“I have my fall fashion launch next week as well, it’s a pretty big night for me, I just wondered, if you are free if you’d come with me as my date?” she asked searching his blue eyes.

“Of course I will, I’d be honoured to be in your circle, if you are sure you want me, I mean…” he trailed off. Jon wasn’t one to be arrogant but he wasn’t stupid that people knew who he was, and didn’t want to compromise her big night by the attention falling on him.

Jesse shook her head “I want you there, although I have to warn you, I work with a lot of males, that well might think you’re hot” she teased.

Jon arched his eyebrow “Oh really? Well this could be an entirely new meat market that I’m used to” he laughed. He took her hand in his own “But seriously Jess, would love to be there for you”. Her heart swelled with a warm feeling of emotion.

Kia watched Richie as he spoke more about his music and his life; for such a big man he really was a kindred soul that was sweet at heart, not to mention god damned sexy as hell as her eyes ran down his open buttoned shirt wondering what treasures lay beneath there.

As the night soon drew to a close the party enjoyed each other’s company, topped off by rich coffee and sweet desserts before finally deciding to leave. Jon had a big day tomorrow with Steph’s birthday party and by the look of Richie, he had that look he knew all too well after 25 years of knowing the guy.

Jesse stood up and announced she was just going to the ladies room which Kia followed promptly.

Richie watched them both, “What is it about girls and bathrooms in pairs?” he chuckled admiring Kia’s form from another angle.

“Beat’s me Dean, so, you like her right?” Jon asked feeling like they were back at high school all of a sudden.

Richie grinned “She’s a sweet girl, a fireball to boot, I think I found my match” his eyebrows wiggled.

“Damn well knew it bro, knew it” Jon snorted.

Jesse and Kia finished up in the ladies room, Jesse watching her fluff her blond tangle of curls.
“Well? And what’s your verdict?” Jesse asked hiding her grin.

Kia sighed “He’s ok” she said biting back her smile.

“Liar! I saw you do your hair thing, woman you can’t fool me” Jesse laughed as she closed her purse.

Kia’s eyes lit up “Ok, you got me, he’s hot, and so sweet, I am curious” she admitted freely. And she wanted more.

“Well it was about time I returned the favour” Jesse said as it was true, she was part of the reason that Jon persisted with her at the beginning of their relationship.

“Ah true, well lets go then, can’t keep the men waiting” she teased as they both went back to where they were waiting by the door.

“Ready?” Jon asked her with a grin as he slipped on her coat.

“Absolutely baby, I’m ready” Jesse smiled as Richie and Kia were deep in conversation.

“Coming Dean?” Jon asked with a smirk, pretty sure of the answer.

Richie and Kia looked up sheepishly “Ah, we’re going to hit a couple of clubs, wanna come?” he asked.

Jon looked at Jesse “Wanna go babe? I’m pretty tired but I can last a few more if need be” his eyes sparkled. She looked at Richie and Kia and back at Jon.

“Actually I wouldn’t mind calling it a night, gives these two a chance to get to know each other and well, I was hoping to have a company tonight” she hinted with a small slip of a smile.

Jon smirked and felt that familiar bubbling of desire and unbent lust building inside of his being at her suggestive words.

“Sounds like a plan to me babe, you’re flying solo tonight Dean” he said hooking an arm around Jesse as they prepared to leave the fine establishment.

“Suits me Frank, and not quite solo” his arm slipped around Kia’s waist and his gaze fell down to crystal blue eyes filled with promise.

“Ok kids; don’t stay out too late now ya hear?” Jon laughed as they walked out to the crisp night air and he hailed a cab for them to leave.