Thursday, May 8, 2008

Chapter Thirty Five

Richie watched Jon pour a coffee “What’s happened Kidd?” he asked concern as he read the worry etched in his brow.

Jon sat down and closed his eyes “Do you remember anything from last night? Like how I was with Jess?” he asked his blue eyes filled with uncertainty.

Richie shook his head “Nah we were just at the bar man, and then we went home, I think” he snorted “What’s going on?” he asked sitting down.

Jon shrugged “I woke up this morning and her dress is ripped and she has what looks like nail marks on her shoulder blade, like a struggle” he said worried.

“What? Kidd, you probably just got frisky with her and being drunk it just got out of control” Richie said with a grin.

"It’s not funny Rich, what if I hurt her, I will never forgive myself” Jon said looking plainly at the ground feeling his stomach tie into a nervous knot. If he’d tried to force her in any way, drunk or not he knew he would hate himself for it.

“Jon, she was still there this morning right? I would doubt if you had forced or hurt her she would be still there, she’s a tough little one you know” Richie’s mind flicking back to the bar.

“I know, or she doesn’t remember I did it, she may have been drunk as well at the time. How do I have that conversation?” he asked his friend.

Richie just smiled sympathetically at him “You just need to talk to her bro, don’t let it brew or you will just let it eat you, I know you will. There is probably a reasonable explanation for it” Richie said as room service knocked.

“Ahh hangover cure 101” he said as he let the room attendant wheel the cart in and leave again. Richie pulled the lavish silver covers off to reveal layers of eggs and bacon.

“Jesus King, how much food you want?” Jon chuckled; the aroma of the hot food hitting his nostrils and making his stomach growl.

“Well good thing you’re here, come on lets eat and then you can go and sort this out” Richie said handing him a plate. Jon nodded. Still feeling slightly sick at the thought of facing up to what he may have done.

Jesse stretched and yawned reaching out for her now familiar warmness but found there was nobody there. She opened her eyes and saw that the bed was empty. Sitting up she realized that she was still in her clothes from last night, looking down at her ripped dress she remembered the night before and winced as she stood up off the bed and winced as a sharp pain shot through her ankle. It was just slightly tender due to the fall she took last night. She quickly decided to have a shower and dispel any memories for the night before. Once she had stood under the hot spray that calmed her senses, she wrapped herself in a towel and padded back through to the room where Jon had just come into the room.

“Hey you how’s the head?” she asked with a wink, noticing he was still wearing what he had on the night before.

He looked up at her and his blood ran cold as he watched her walk with a slight limp over to her suitcase to pull some jeans and a top out.

“You ok babe?” he asked quietly watching her for any signs of distaste.

She smiled at him “I am fine, think I just twisted my ankle last night, too much fun and games” she winked as she laid her clothes out on the bed.

He came up to her and placed his hands on her shoulders “Jesse baby, you can tell me if anything happened last night” he said softly, he looked at the ground ashamed “I honestly cant remember a thing, it was those damn shots, so if I acted irrationally, I profusely apologize my love” he said meeting her confused brown eyes.

She placed her hands on his waist “Jon you have nothing to worry about, I am fine really and you acted fine baby, a little wild but fine, but there is something we need to talk about seriously” she said as she brought her hands to his cheeks.

He just nodded swallowing, here it comes, he thought.

“If you ever get me up on a bar to dance and sing again, you will be in big trouble mister” she said lightly patting his cheek with her palm managing a small laugh.

He felt a wave of relief sweep him, but then confusion as to why she hadn’t mentioned her dress or anything. He knew he should ask but he was too afraid of the revelation.

"Now that I can’t promise baby, you never told me you could sing” he said hazy memories flooding back to him of her fine figure next to him and Richie on the bar.

“God last night was so outta control, I hope the guys looked after you” he said.

“Oh they were great Jon, David is great, and I am taking Tico home, adopting him” she said with a wink. Jon laughed.

“What about me?” he asked with a small pout. Jon watched as she pulled on a black lacy thong and matching bra. Admiring her appreciatively until he saw her bruise on her shoulder and sucked in his breath a little.

“Like what you see Bongiovi?” she teased, knowing full well she still owed him.

He nodded, as much as the aching inside his pants wanted him to take her right now but he just couldn’t bring himself too, the image in his head kept running through at slow motion of what caused her to get that bruise.

Jesse noticed the internal thoughts running through his eyes; he was no where near the amorous Jon she had been fending off for the last day. Must be the hangover, she thought. She smiled and just pulled on her jeans and t-shirt; a little disappointed she hadn’t enticed him this time.

He saw her disappoint flicker through her eyes and came to her. He walked up behind her and pulled her into his warm embrace, wrapping his arms around her slender figure coming to rest his hands on her stomach.

“I’m just tired baby” he said nuzzling her neck. She reached up and rubbed his hair lightly.

“It’s ok Jon, always later right?” she asked with a grin.

“Absolutely” he said as her kissed the side of her head and let her go again.

They both finished getting ready, Jesse could tell there was something odd about Jon, and suspected he knew she was hiding something. She was surprised that he hadn’t asked more about the mark on her shoulder. Hopefully it would just dissolve and they could get on with things. This morning they had a studio session till lunchtime, she was going to check out a local fashion designer she had been given the name of. As they walked into the lobby of the hotel together the guys were all waiting.

“Morning Jesse” they said in unison. She smiled.

“Morning boys” Tico winked at her.

“Well babe, I need to go, the car is here but I’ll see you at lunch ok?” Jon said softly as he hugged her. “Have fun exploring”

“I will baby, remind me that I have something for you later too” Jesse said as she pulled away. Jon raised his eyebrows and a small smirk played on his lips.

“Not that” she teased as she pulled away. “See ya guys, have a good morning” she said as she was about to hit the pavement.

“Don’t we get a hug?” David asked sadly “I thought we had a connection last night” he asked with a wide smile.

“Of course” she replied as she turned and hugged him. She turned to Richie.

“Want one too?” she asked cheekily.

“Hell yeah” Richie said enveloping her and almost lifting her off the ground.

“Hey Sambora, get your paws off my woman” Jon joked. Jesse laughed and turned to Tico, he smiled endearingly as he hugged her.

“Have a good day Bella” he said. She just nodded. “You ok this morning?” he asked quietly so that the others couldn’t hear.

“I am fine Tico” she said softly. “Good Bella, you just keep out of any trouble now ok” he chuckled as he let her go. She soon left watching Jon’s questioned gaze on her at her and Tico’s exchange.

He turned to David. “What’s going on with Jesse and Tico?” he asked David suspiciously.

David just shrugged “I think Tico just helped her out last night that’s all” David said loosely not being specific.

"What do you mean?" Jon asked.

David shrugged "I just heard he saved her from a situation that's all man, it's over" he said as he patted Jon on the shoulder and climbed into the car.

Jon’s eyes widened. Tico had saved her from his drunken ways? Oh shit. He knew that as soon as Tico got him alone, he’d be in for a world of pain. His heart raced. How could he be so stupid?


Anonymous said...

Poor Johnny. Why in hell is he thiking he could do something like this to a woman? Even if he's drunk, I'm sure he couldn't