Friday, May 16, 2008

Chapter Forty Four

Jane rose and stared at Jesse disparagement dogged her face.

“You’re going to let this petty rock star talk to us like this Jesse?” her face plain in horror.

Jesse looked at Jon, his eyes blazing with fury. She bit her lip and just nodded.

The disappointment on Peter’s face was evident as he rose and took his wife’s arm.
“Jason would be so disappointed in you, so if you ever come to your senses you know where we are, we had a duty to look after you so I am honouring that for my son only, what you have done to us today, has deeply wounded any parental affection I had outside of that duty for you” his words spoke like venom through his green eyes.

She just nodded, feeling the sting of his words hit her heart, Jon took her hand and pulled her in close to his body.

“Please leave, you’ve done enough damage today” he instructed motioning for the door.

Jane eyes him carefully “We could say the same for you Mr Bongiovi” her words icy cold as they both headed towards the door, Jon closed it behind them and turned around expecting to see Jesse there but she wasn’t.

“Jess?” he asked, he heard plates clattering from the kitchen ring his ears so he followed the noise there. She was loading her dishwasher; the blank expression on her face told him that she was stewing inside.

“Jess” his lips softly called to her.

She didn’t look up “I just need to clean up Jon” she replied. She was rattled and Jon didn’t doubt why. He pulled her away from the dishwasher and stood in front of her, tilting her chin to meet his worried eyes.

“Jesse, don’t let them get to you, they are just in shock, I can understand that, I really can, but they were so out of line to speak to you like that, as now I can see you’re doubting yourself, and I don’t like that one bit” he gently tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and placed his palm flat on her cheek.

She shook her head her eyes darting from his gaze. “I know they are just in shock, but it kills me that they think I am cheating on him or something when I just came to that conclusion and assertion that I wasn’t myself” she looked at the ground.

His heart tangled as he saw her obvious pain, Jesse as he knew her already had a high opinion of what others thought of her, so he knew this was important to her.

“Listen to me, and look at me” he softly demanded. Her brown eyes wavered to his.

“Jesse, you are not in the wrong here, as you so said yourself you still love Jason, he told her himself that he wanted you to move in if this ever happened, you can’t deny yourself happiness, I wont let you” his lips brushed against hers gently.

Her emotions were screaming inside her, she knew she was right, she knew Jon as right, but this just bothered her, Jason’s parents always had her approval and respect before this, and it wasn’t something that had come easy when she first ever met them. She loved Jon, she knew she did, and she didn’t want to feel guilty loving him the way she did as each day they grew so closer and she was beginning to not bear to imagine what life would be like without him, he’d become her anchor in her sea of turmoil and loss.

“I’m sorry” she whispered her lips just on his, He shook his head.

“Uh huh, you’re not apologizing missy” his lips reached her further, his sweet tongue delving into her mouth as she felt her body begin to crumble underneath her at the heat radiating from his own.

“Ya know” he murmured into her soft skin as he trailed kisses down her neck “I haven’t forgotten what you are wearing under all that” his mouth skittling across her shoulder he bore by moving the fabric.

She cracked a small smile “I just bet you haven’t” her nerves relaxing as Jon continued to weave his spell on her.

He lifted his soul shirt off her body and discarded it on the kitchen floor, leaving a red lacy delight of viewing ready for him. His mouth trimmed over her breasts, she sharply inhaled feeling his warmth of her sensitive skin. Biting through the lace gently he teased her rosy tip with grazing his teeth and flicking his tongue across it.

“God Jon, please” her body caving into every urge he was igniting. He hands tousled through his short cropped hair still fresh with moisture from the shower, his scent of soapy spicy Jon driving her senses wild. Her mouth played her skin as he began to move her and lifted her onto the counter top and pulled her trousers down her legs till the too joined the shirt on the floor.

More red lacy delights awaited him as he stood back as she reclined and gently took her long slender leg placing kissed down the inner leg, tasting the sweet exterior of the skin as he went. Her moans became more urgent as she was devoured by his lust.

Reaching her apex, his gateway to heaven exposed he moved his head to centre into her moving her thong easily to the side for his tongue to taste her seeping juices. God she tasted amazing, one he’d missed for a week now.

Reaching back Jesse braced herself on the counter as she leaned back giving Jon more access to her, her sharp breaths and whimpers the only sounds next to a light sucking noise filtered the room.

“Jesus Jon… please… I beg you” her mind lost into the racing abyss of passion where all that her mind centred on was the release her body was begging for. His hands softly slid up her body and cupped her breasts, this calloused thumbs sweeping across the lace where it was most sensitive.

“So sweet, you taste so sweet” he murmured as he finally pulled himself begrudgingly away from her sweetness, licking his lips his eyes rolled up her body to her brown eyes now brightly burning with passion and need.

He unbuckled his jeans letting them fall the floor and placed his hands on her hips sliding her forward into his hot stiff shaft that was waiting for her, her gasp met his ears as he slipped into her, her ass just resting on the edge of the counter top, and her body still reclined back as she took him in.

“Jess” his hiss left his lips as he rolled his lips into her feeling her warmth suck him in.

Steadying a rhythm he began to thrust as the friction of their bodies battled it out for the release of each other. She gasped as he sank deeper into her penetrating her pleasure zone into a whirlwind of ecstasy.

“Jon, Jon, god, please” she cried her slender fingers sinking into his shoulders holding on for dear life.

His lips cried her name as he let himself go inside of her all things in time standing still except this moment, as tears slipped down her cheeks.
Jon’s release spurred her own as her body trembled and quaked over his sending her to into orbit.

Through soft cries and murmurs, raining kisses onto each other’s faces they came down to earth. Jon thumbed a tear away and kissed her cheek gently.

“Let’s see what Peter and Jane think of that” a wry smirk spreading on his lips.

Jesse’s eyes widened and then a laugh rumbled from her throat as she hit him playfully.
“You are so bad Bongiovi” she teased, a desired smile finally showing on her face.

“Ah but you know it’s you that makes me that way” he chuckled as he lifted her down and placed her feet on the ground. He looked around.

“Now was there dessert?” he asked mischievously.


Lori said...

I just loved this chapter! Way to go Jon. I love how he stood up to Peter and Jane.