Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Chapter Forty One

Jesse spent the next day flustered at work catching up signing her designs off and sending her portfolios away to potential buyers. By the time she was home she crashed, she hadn’t had a chance to call Jon all day, her cell phone had beeped a couple of times during the day with text messages but she hadn’t had the chance to check it till now, she pulled a bottle of wine out from the fridge and sat down and poured herself a glass as she read her text messages.
Typically Jon they were teasing, sweet and concerned he hadn’t heard from her all day so she connected the call to his number.

“Heyyyy” he said as answered the phone seeing it was Jesse’s number he had been worried not hearing from her all day.

“Hi honey, sorry it’s taken me all day, it’s been such a busy day” she sighed reclining back into the armchair.

“Sounds like you need a bath and a massage” he teased.

“Yeah I do, know anyone?” she asked coyly closing her eyes imagining his soft hands on her body and shivered at the thought.

“Well yes I do, but he’s all booked up till at least Friday” he teased back.

Jesse opened her eyes “Friday? You’re back then?” she asked hopefully without wanting to sound needy as originally he was meant to be longer by a week.

“Yes baby Friday I am home, its Steph’s birthday on Sunday so I am home in time for that, and we would have finished what we needed to start and can finish the rest at home” he said as he lay back on his empty hotel bed.

“I can’t wait, let me cook dinner for you Friday night, if you want” she added not wanting to sound she was pressing all his time.

“Now that sounds like an offer I cannot refuse, you bring the food and I will bring the massages” he chuckled.

“Deal” she said suddenly feeling brighter than she had all day.

“Jess, I will see the kids on Saturday so I will ask them if they are ok with you coming to Steph’s birthday on Sunday if you wanted to come?” he asked hoping she did, he couldn’t wait for his children to meet her, knowing instantly they would love her, well after they got used to the idea their Daddy was dating again.

She swallowed, she didn’t know what she was more nervous about, the kids or his ex wife but she took a deep breath, as it had to happen eventually might as well be in one hit. “Sure Jon, if they are ok with it, and Dorothea, then I would love to” she smiled.

Jon smiled “Perfect, now I was wondering, how my Soul shirt is?” he chuckled remembering he went to look for it that morning and couldn’t find it and soon remembered who had it.

She felt herself blush at the thought “You want to know something sad?” she asked not believing she was about to admit this to him.

Jon laughed “What?” he asked curiously.

“I slept in it, and I haven’t washed it since I came home” she admitted.

Jon shook his head, endeared by the fact she had done that, it told him she was missing him as much as he was missing her.

“I’m never getting it back am I?’ he asked as he pictured her in her bed wearing it, a slight shiver ran down his body as he grinned at the memory of her.

“Na uh” she said sipping her wine.

“God I miss you Jess, I am so pathetic” he cringed.

“You’re not the one wearing your shirt to bed” she rebutted.

“Well you didn’t leave me one” he pointed out.

Jesse choked on her wine “Oh yeah I can so see that Mr Bongiovi” she laughed out loud.

“Well I would, you don’t know that I wouldn’t, actually no I wouldn’t, you’d probably tie me up and take photographs” he smirked.

“Ah touché, you’re not letting that go are you?” she asked knowing full well he never would.

“Um, no, you have just done me years worth of damage ahead with my band, every time I get cranky or need something done, you know what they will throw back in my face don’t ya” he asked.

“Well you should have never got into that position, you need to be more careful in future” she whispered. He snorted softly.

“You’re so getting payback for that baby” Jon warned.

“Oh I am waiting boy, ready and waiting for ya” Jesse looked up as there was a knock at the door.

“I got to go babe, I think Kia is here she said she was coming around tonight for a girly gossip” she said getting up and opening the door and sure enough Kia was there. She pointed at her phone and Kia rolled her eyes with a knowing smile as she came in.

“Oh a girly Goss!, so will you talk about me?” he asked teasingly. Jesse laughed.

“Of course we will, I have lots to tell her, lots and lots” she drawled.

“Well it better be complimentary” Jon said slightly worried.

Jesse snorted; Kia grabbed the phone off her being able to hear him on the other end.

“Look Jon, yes you’re sooo big and you’re the best lover ever so lemme go and talk to my girl now, ring her later, love ya babe” she said as she closed the phone on him.

Jesse laughed hysterically,”You so did not just do that!” she exclaimed imagining Jon’s face on the other end.

“He’s had his time, Jesus it’s my turn now” she said pulling Jesse into a hug.

“And yes you look disgustingly radiant” Kia added as they sat down and Kia poured herself a wine.

Jesse smiled “I feel so good Kia, like better than I have in a long time” Jesse admitted.

Kia picked up a chocolate out of the bowl she had brought in and popped it into her mouth.

“It’s called regular sex honey and I hate you for that” she teased, watching her friend, god she really was radiant and she hadn’t seen her this happy in a long time.

“Hey it’s not just about that, he’s just so” she sighed. Kia rolled her eyes and giggled.

“Oh dear god someone call a doctor this woman has Bon Jovitis” Kia quirked.

Jesse nodded “Maybe I do, I don’t know, I just miss him so much already, we had such a good time, his band mates are just the best guys, you have to meet them” she said excitedly as she launched into stories about how Tico was so gentle and caring and saved her from the photographer, dancing on the bar and how she tied Jon to the bed. Kia was crying with laughter at the end, especially when she got shown the evidence on Jesse’s cell phone.

“Ok, who are you and what did you do with my friend?” she asked amazed at how free Jesse had became all of a sudden, Kia knew this trip and Jon was good for her, she just didn’t realize how much.

Jesse nodded knowing it was a compliment. They both continued in their usual talk about their jobs and Hollywood gossip.

“So then, what’s next for the loved up couple?” Kia asked

Jesse breathed out “Meeting the kids and his ex wife” she said meekly.

Kia smiled “You will be fine Hun, the kids will love you and from what you have told me Jon’s ex and him are on good terms so she will be fine with you I am sure, you’re no rock star’s bitch” Kia said.

“Gee thanks” Jesse laughed as she started again to think in her mind what that would all be like.

“Come on girlfriend, lets go out and get some food, I am starving for one” Kia said as she pulled Jesse up.

Kia always had so much life and zest in her; she started to think how similar Jon’s and her own best friends really were. A small idea started to form in her head as they left for their local Japanese Restaurant. Oh yes, it was.


Anonymous said...

I just found you link. I am loving the story so far. But from Apr to May it jumps from Chptr 27 to Chptr 39??? Was wondering where the missing chapters were. Thx for the great story! I will continue to read on. It's fantastic!

SoulGirl said...

Aww thanks for reading. I'm really glad you are enjoying it. :) Hmmm I can see the chapters, but instead of using the blog archive to the side you can just click on newer post at the bottom of each chapter and I tested that it does go through the ones you are missing. ;) I hope this helps let me know if you hae any issues but I am playing around with the blog to see if I can fix that.