Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Chapter Fifty

The next morning Jesse woke to sounds of water running, registering that Jon was already in the shower she stretched lazily and looked at the bedside clock, which read that it was little after ten.

Curiosity on how Kia’s night went got the better of her as she slipped out of the bed and grabbed another one of Jon’s t-shirts that was neatly folded on the chair. She took her cell phone and walked downstairs and soon found his coffee machine, she laughed, as it that looked like it needed a tutorial week long course to operate.

She worked through it and soon it was brewing as she opened the sliding door that led onto the generous balcony with a gorgeous view of the city, the sun’s morning rays filtered down onto her as she flipped open her cell phone and dialled Kia’s number.
It rang a little while before finally a quiet voice answered it.

“Hello?” she answered sleepily.

Jesse chuckled “Still asleep are we?” she teased as she reclined in patio chair.

“Ha ha, hang on a minute” there was a rustle and then a thud before Kia came back.

“Back, I just had to move somewhere more private, Holy hell… his view...” she exclaimed as a whooshing of a door came across the line.

Jesse laughed “Well that answers my question oh how your night went”.

“Uh huh, good lord... He’s just… I don’t know... A lot of fun for a start” Kia gushed.

“AND…” Jesse prompted.

“Jesse, he’s so charming and funny, so much youth in him, god damn if last night was anything to go on...” she giggled.

Jesse looked up as she saw Jon come out to the balcony dressed in jeans, boots and woollen jersey. He smiled and kissed her on the forehead as his eyes fell to the t-shirt she was wearing, he shook his head with a grin.

“Ok woman, I have to go, he’s waking up and I well wanna go” she whispered before disconnecting the call. Jess laughed and closed her own phone.

“Kia I presume?” Jon asked his eyebrow raising.

“Uh huh, and she’s at Sambora’s Sex Palace” she teased.

“Well Richie doesn’t waste time, I know that for a fact” he said perching on the end of the chair, his smile teased across his lips as he leaned forward to her.

“You and I need to have a conversation about stealing clothing” his lips met hers in a light kiss as his fingertips brushed down her sides.

“Aw, but I like them, they’re nice and big, and well smell like you” she admitted with a small hint of red coming onto her cheeks. She had never really felt attached to Jason’s clothes before but something about this kept her feeling close to Jon.

Jon chuckled “Well I need to probably take you shopping with me in the future, if my clothes are going to have a dual purpose”.

“Sounds good, you have so many dark clothes, you suit brighter colors too you know, they make your eyes stand out” she disclosed.

“Well hell now I do need to take you shopping, I just pick stuff I like, I never worry about that, Dot always liked the darker colors I think, so I just went with it” he admitted.

She noticed he was wearing the shirt that she had made him.
“Well I’m not Dot, so feel free to wear brighter clothes babe, you suit it, seriously” she smiled.

“You’re the expert Darlin so I can trust ya” he said pulling her to her feet “I hate to rush you but we need to get going, stop by your place and get to Dot’s” his voice soft.
“Oh and good call on the coffee, you can stay here more often, I never know how to work that thing” he admitted sheepishly.

Jesse laughed “Why do you have it if you can’t work it?”

“Cause it’s the best” he replied with a grin as he wiggled his eyebrows.

Jesse rolled her eyes “Men” she scoffed as she headed towards the shower.

After she showered and dressed they made their way to her apartment where she changed into some jeans, black heeled boots, strapless black top topped off with a black leather dress jacket. Throwing her hair into a loose ponytail with some white gold hoop earrings she was set.

She grabbed her bag and whipped back down the stairs to meet Jon who was sitting cross legged on the chair waiting for her. His eyes widened when she came into the room, she was stunning, and looked every bit the fashion guru she was.

“You look amazing” he slipped his sunglasses back on and picked up his keys and phone. He smiled, how could his family not adore this woman? he wondered.

Soon enough they were pulling through the large iron wrought gates to the New Jersey estate, Jon had wrapped Steph’s present as well as her new ipod accessories he’d sought out for her, as they got out of the car he popped the trunk to grab the presents along with the food and drink he’d told Dot that he would bring.

“Want a hand?’ she asked watching him struggle with all the bags, so she took a few off him but he didn’t have a chance to reply.

“Daddddy” they were interrupted by the shrill screech of boys running from the front door down the steps and across the cobblestones. Jon dropped to his knees and took Romeo and Jake in a huge bear hug as each boy wanted a piece of him, Jesse smiled as he watched Jon endear his sons and playfully ruffle their hair, god they looked so much like him.

He looked up at Jesse “Now boys, this is my friend I was telling you about Jess” he said, they had decided that she would be called Jess around the kids not to get confused with names being he had a son of the same name.

She knelt down to their level and watched them wide eyed watching her.
“Hey boys, nice to meet ya” she said holding out her hand. Romeo launched himself into her arms giggling, she was taken aback.

“Why hello to you too, little man” she laughed hugging the little boy, not really believing that it was Jon’s own flesh and blood.

Jon laughed at her as Jake not to be outdone by his younger brother also launched himself at Jess.
“Whoa” she recomposed herself as the hugged and then both grabbed each one of her hands.

“I think I’m set, I’ve got my dates” she winked at Jon.

Jon smiled “You won’t be left alone now I hope you realize” he chuckled lifting the bags as the four of them made there way inside laughing as he watched his son’s latch onto her.

Dot looked up from the food she was preparing as her ex husband and who she could only assume was his Jesse came into the house, her eyes fell to her youngest sons firmly attached to her hands. She raised an eyebrow, not sure totally how she felt seeing her sons on the end of another woman this soon, but it would be something that she would have to deal with. She forced that emotion away and forced a smile.

“Hey you two, got yourself some escorts there” Dot smiled at her, she took in the woman that had now clearly won her ex husband’s heart. She was sophisticated, confident and no doubt about it, gorgeous. The smallest pang of jealously ripped through her, Jon and her were well over, and on good level ground now, but it was a little harder to actually see the way he looked at her when it used to be her.

“Dot this is Jesse, Jesse, Dot” Jon formerly introduced them.

Jesse smiled finally being released from the grips of two young boys and shook her hand.
“Please to me you Dot, your sons are delightful” she grinned.

Dot laughed “They are today, but just wait till they get tired and cranky; you might change your mind then” watching on. Steph and Jesse soon came in from outside.

“Hey princess, Happy Birthday” Jon said giving her a kiss and a hug lifting her off the ground a little.

“Thanks Dad” she smiled her gaze wondering over to Jesse taking her all in, her clothes were funky and she was really pretty.

“Stephy, Jesse, this is Jess, Jess meet my eldest daughter Stephanie, and my eldest son with your namesake Jesse” he smiled at them both.

Stephanie smiled “Jesse, I’m so pleased to meet you, I love your stuff, and I want to get into fashion, I have so many questions to ask you” she gushed.

Jess just laughed “Well Steph, I would be pleased to answer anything you want to know, I mean, if your parents allow it, you’re most welcome to come to the office sometime and see it all work, your dad tells me you’re interested in pursuing fashion in your life” she suggested looking at Jon and Dot.

“Oh my god! Can I?” she turned to ask her mother with a gleam in her eye that a mother could never say no to.

“Sure honey, if it doesn’t disturb Jesse in her work, of course you can” she smiled at Jon nodding.

“You’re the best!” she said hugging Jess, for the second time in a matter of minutes Jess was overwhelmed at how the kids were so easy going with her.

She turned to Jon’s eldest son.
“Pleased to meet you too Jesse”. He just stood silently beside his mother and managed a small smile not sure what to think of the new woman his father was firmly attached to.

The front door opened again an older couple walked in.
“Grandma, Grandpa!” a sea of voices chanted. Jesse swallowed a little hard as she realized Jon’s parents had just arrived.


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You are a wonderful writer, I am enjoying this story very much, I keep checking for a new chapter everyday, well done.