Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chapter Forty Nine

Jesse got a surprise as the cab pulled into Jon's apartment complex, he grinned as she raised a questionable eyebrow at him.

"Just thought we could do with a change of scenery baby, and tomorrow we can swing by your place before we head to Dot's" he explained as he paid the cab driver and offered her his hand out of the cab, smiling at her warmly.

Dot's, that's right, tomorrow the whole Bongiovi world would meet her, usually she wasn't phased by meeting new people as she did it so often in her job, but this was different a small pit in her stomach told her otherwise.

Jon noticed her apprehension as they made their way inside to his apartment through his private entrance. Placing his keys and phone down on the mahogany table, his hand still on the small of her back he gestured towards the living room.

"Make yourself at home, Mi Casa, Su Casa" he announced as he went to fix them both a nightcap.

Jesse could never get used to the grandeur of his apartment; it was so extraordinarily lavish but still had the gentleness that a home required. She put down her purse and kicked off her shoes as she seated herself on the leather couch.

Jon soon returned with two glasses of whiskey, neat. Handing one to her he sat and shucked off his own shoes and took a sip.

"I'm seriously thinking of going into business as a matchmaker" his lips smacking from the whiskey.

Jesse laughed "They did seem suited didn't they, were they really doing to go dancing?" she couldn't imagine Richie would be the dancing type.

Jon flashed a grin "Oh they will probably go to a club or two, but somehow I don't think that dancing's on the cards with Dean" he curled his legs up and pulled Jesse in closer to him so she was leaning in on his chest and he had free reign to stroke her soft hair, the quietness of her concerned him.

"You ok babe?" he asked watching her deep in thought. A small part of him just hoped that she wasn't thinking about Jason and his parents again; along with the small pang of guilt that he still hadn't told her about the box of photo's he'd hid. But simply he just didn't want to upset her, and especially before tomorrow.

Jesse reached up and brushed her lips over his "I'm ok, just a little tired, and I guess I cant lie and say I am looking forward to tomorrow, I mean, I want meet everyone but this is a huge deal for them all isn't it?" she asked as he turned her to cradle her in his arms, his hand slipping behind her head.

"Yeah it is, but they all know, well except Mom and Dad, but they will be fine, they have to be, we've all moved on, Dot and I both, so it will be fine, Jess, and if it isn't, for some strange reason, just know I will stand by you" he promised, his eyes searching hers for acceptance of his reassurance.

She looked up into deep blue eyes knowing he was just worried, she smiled reassuringly "It's ok Jon, I know, it will be fine baby, just nerves that's all" he hands rested on his chest and fingers found his buttons effortlessly flicking them open.

"Well now missy...” Jon's eyebrow cocked as he watched her slide up and cross his lap, his need becoming evident against her as she straddled him, he drew his arms around her coming to rest on the small of her back.

Her lips drew in his; her tongue probed his mouth sending shivers race down her spine at the intimate contact with each other. Her hands slid inside his shirt and across the plains of his chest scraping his nipples with her thumbs as her kiss deepened, signalling her own need for him.

Jon slid his hands up the back of her top, his fingertips dancing over her spine and finding her bra clasp that easily came undone, lifting all the now irrelevant clothing over her head he threw it aside, his head dipping into taste her sweet scent of vanilla as his lips connected with her rosy tip flicking his tongue teasingly across the pebbled flesh.

Jesse groaned as her own hand slid into his short sandy hair as his meal on her body continued. The sensations had her wanting and begging for more, as the demands rolled off her off her lips easily.

Jon shifted her closer to his body his hardness against her heat, with only barriers of denim and lace in-between stopping their final dance. He shifted her back his mouth still closely attached to her breast, as he stood up lifting them both up from the couch and pulled his own jeans off and then hers, trailing white hot kisses down her silky legs as he went.

As he stood back up to meet her, her brown eyes warm and burning with desire, he scooped her up and walked up to the bedroom, laying her down on the king sized bed.
His hands eager to be back on her skin, caressing her lovingly and showing her once again how much she meant to him, and that what anyone else thought didn’t matter at all as long as he had her.

He crawled over her, sweeping his hands across her body as he positioned himself over her, her hands winding around his neck pulling him closer to her body.

“Please...” her voice barely a whisper in the dimly lit room calling his want to her body.

He pressed his lips against her, the mercy of finally feeling his touch upon her skin as he slid into her, seating himself deep within her.
She moaned appreciatively as she kissed down his neck and licked over his Adam’s apple, a favoured place of hers to lay love on.

Rising and falling into her, his desire and his need for her became evident in his rock hard cock as he drove her to the edge of pleasure. God she was exceptional, how did he get so lucky so quickly.

“Jon, Jesus” her walls tightened welcoming his penetration into her soul. Her brow sweaty and he rained kisses down on her. Blinding white light started to flicker across her mind, teasing her orgasm that lay ahead.

Her lips desperate for his as they kissed, their tongues wildly fighting for dominance in their mouths, soft groans and guttural moans littered the room as the both came close to release. Gripping tightly to each other’s body they begged to be let free from the anticipation rising within them both.

“Jess, baby, yes, oh my god, yes!” he cried as his hot seed spilled into her sending both of their bodies trembling in ecstasy.
She shook violently as Jon caressed her back to earth.

Her hand swept his beads of sweat on his own forehead, and brushed his hair back, she smiled as a contented grin slid onto her lips.

“You always make things better, always” she managed a hoarse whisper as she was pulled into his firm grip, she nestled herself into his chest that promised warmth and security once again. If only she could stay here tomorrow she thought silently.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Chapter Forty Eight

The waiter took their orders and then disappeared back to the kitchen.

Richie studied the medium blond and the mischief and passion that gleamed from her blue eyes.

“So tell me Kia darlin, why is a gorgeous girl like you still single?” his drink pressed to his lips as he grinned.

She raised an eyebrow “Well I could say the same for you handsome, but I don’t want you to get a big ego so soon in the night” she smirked, she knew a little about Richie, only from things she’d read, he was a charmer she’d give him that, and those rich chocolate eyes that promised something sweeter than sin.

Richie laughed “There’s going to be a night?” it was his turn to raise his eyebrow.

She smiled ruefully and shook her head “You are something Sambora, lemme tell you that” she picked her wine up and noticed Jesse and Jon were off in their own world, only inches apart from each other. Turning her attention back to the dark one; her flirtatious side starting to slip through.

“There might be a night, if a play your cards right” she teased before continuing “How is the album is coming along, Jesse tells me that you guys are recording a new one” she asked as she twisted a strand of her long wavy hair in her finger unconsciously.

Jesse watched on as the interplay between Kia and Richie continued, when Kia started twirling her hair she had to stop the smile on her lips. She’d known Kia a long time but she knew that was her signature flirt move.

Richie leaned back and stretched his long legs “It’s good, it’s a different sound this time, we’ve done some different experimenting and it’s come out great, I’m really excited. The writing process has been a little bit harder this time around, as well…” he paused but sighed and carried on “when you write about very personal experiences its always hard” he admitted.

Kia’s face soften “I can imagine that’s always hard Richie, but I bet that it makes the music so much more real and believable, not that it wasn’t before, but things from the heart are more true ya know” she finished her wine and before she had placed it back on the table Richie was pouring a new one.

“You Kia are absolutely right, and that’s what Kidd and I always have said. As long as the music is true, screw what anyone else thinks” he replied. So often Richie met fiery girls just like Kia but they never the depth that he’d just seen a flicker of then.

The waiter soon delivered their food and the conversation turned to other things, the charity concert that the guys were performing in New York next week to raise funds Habitat for Humanity, one of Jon’s passions. Jesse listened as he talked about how much they had done for the foundation so far, the excitement and commitment was clear in his voice.

“We’d love for you ladies to come along, I’m sure we could swindle you some tickets from somewhere” Jon winked at Richie.

Kia looked up “Well, a free concert, who can complain about that?” she said her eyes on Richie’s.
A loose grin broke out on his face “What about the talent?” he pouted pretending to be offended.
“Jury’s out on that one, for now” she winked at him.

Jesse laughed and turned back to Jon, “I’d love to come and see you do what you do, on one condition” she contemplated.

“What’s that baby?” he asked taking her hand and kissing it.

“I have my fall fashion launch next week as well, it’s a pretty big night for me, I just wondered, if you are free if you’d come with me as my date?” she asked searching his blue eyes.

“Of course I will, I’d be honoured to be in your circle, if you are sure you want me, I mean…” he trailed off. Jon wasn’t one to be arrogant but he wasn’t stupid that people knew who he was, and didn’t want to compromise her big night by the attention falling on him.

Jesse shook her head “I want you there, although I have to warn you, I work with a lot of males, that well might think you’re hot” she teased.

Jon arched his eyebrow “Oh really? Well this could be an entirely new meat market that I’m used to” he laughed. He took her hand in his own “But seriously Jess, would love to be there for you”. Her heart swelled with a warm feeling of emotion.

Kia watched Richie as he spoke more about his music and his life; for such a big man he really was a kindred soul that was sweet at heart, not to mention god damned sexy as hell as her eyes ran down his open buttoned shirt wondering what treasures lay beneath there.

As the night soon drew to a close the party enjoyed each other’s company, topped off by rich coffee and sweet desserts before finally deciding to leave. Jon had a big day tomorrow with Steph’s birthday party and by the look of Richie, he had that look he knew all too well after 25 years of knowing the guy.

Jesse stood up and announced she was just going to the ladies room which Kia followed promptly.

Richie watched them both, “What is it about girls and bathrooms in pairs?” he chuckled admiring Kia’s form from another angle.

“Beat’s me Dean, so, you like her right?” Jon asked feeling like they were back at high school all of a sudden.

Richie grinned “She’s a sweet girl, a fireball to boot, I think I found my match” his eyebrows wiggled.

“Damn well knew it bro, knew it” Jon snorted.

Jesse and Kia finished up in the ladies room, Jesse watching her fluff her blond tangle of curls.
“Well? And what’s your verdict?” Jesse asked hiding her grin.

Kia sighed “He’s ok” she said biting back her smile.

“Liar! I saw you do your hair thing, woman you can’t fool me” Jesse laughed as she closed her purse.

Kia’s eyes lit up “Ok, you got me, he’s hot, and so sweet, I am curious” she admitted freely. And she wanted more.

“Well it was about time I returned the favour” Jesse said as it was true, she was part of the reason that Jon persisted with her at the beginning of their relationship.

“Ah true, well lets go then, can’t keep the men waiting” she teased as they both went back to where they were waiting by the door.

“Ready?” Jon asked her with a grin as he slipped on her coat.

“Absolutely baby, I’m ready” Jesse smiled as Richie and Kia were deep in conversation.

“Coming Dean?” Jon asked with a smirk, pretty sure of the answer.

Richie and Kia looked up sheepishly “Ah, we’re going to hit a couple of clubs, wanna come?” he asked.

Jon looked at Jesse “Wanna go babe? I’m pretty tired but I can last a few more if need be” his eyes sparkled. She looked at Richie and Kia and back at Jon.

“Actually I wouldn’t mind calling it a night, gives these two a chance to get to know each other and well, I was hoping to have a company tonight” she hinted with a small slip of a smile.

Jon smirked and felt that familiar bubbling of desire and unbent lust building inside of his being at her suggestive words.

“Sounds like a plan to me babe, you’re flying solo tonight Dean” he said hooking an arm around Jesse as they prepared to leave the fine establishment.

“Suits me Frank, and not quite solo” his arm slipped around Kia’s waist and his gaze fell down to crystal blue eyes filled with promise.

“Ok kids; don’t stay out too late now ya hear?” Jon laughed as they walked out to the crisp night air and he hailed a cab for them to leave.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lil Note from me


I love writing this story and have enjoyed Jon and Jesse a lot, some personal circumstances are playing havoc with me at the moment, and I guess I just want to know if people are still enjoying the story, I love writing and as a reader also understand it's nice to get lost in this little world we create. I love any feedback whether its a comment or an email, and I appreciate anyone that has, as it drives me to just do better for you guys :)

So I guess as the author this could be your chance for some input, things you've liked, like to see in the future or simply that you read it!

Feel free to drop a line, more to come.


Friday, May 23, 2008

Chapter Forty Seven

Jon left his kids after spending a few hours with them and drove around to Richie’s, he knocked on the door before entering as it was wide open, music flowed through the house leading Jon into the studio where he was sitting editing some of the guitar tracks that Jon recognized he’d laid down since Nashville.

“Knock Knock” he knocked lightly on the door as he walked in, Richie looked up and grinned.

“Hey Frank” he looked up. Jon shook his head and laughed.

“You’re turning into me doing all this perfectionist stuff, were you not always the one that said the first time you do it was the best?” he teased Richie.

“It’s your guitar work I am tweaking” Richie jested.

“Asshole” Jon slid into a chair and watched him.

“What’s happening Frank, I thought ya’d be with your little lady” Richie commented as all he had talked about for the last week in Nashville was Jesse and how he couldn’t wait to get back home to her.

“I had to see the kid’s bro, time to tell them all about her” he leaned back and closed his eyes remembering it went seemingly well.

“Wow, that would have been intense, how did they take it?’ Richie asked knowing that Jon would have been nervous.

“Yeah, the boys, Romeo and Jake probably don’t understand yet, and Stephy was great, she’s more excited to meet a real live fashion designer though truth be known, and Jesse wasn’t there” he explained.

Richie raised his eyebrow “And Dot?”

Jon nodded “Yeah she was fine”

He watched as he continued to tweak the controls on the soundboard.

“Soo what are you doing tonight? Fancy, going out to dinner bro?” Jon asked casually, trying to put the plan into action.

“Do I get to go for dessert afterwards?” Richie snorted. Jon rolled his eyes.

“Fine! Don’t come, thought we could spend some time together Dean” he said.

Richie laughed “What? I just spent the damn week with you, spit it out, what’s going on, you haven’t had a fight with Jess have ya?” he asked worried.

Jon shook his head, Richie wasn’t stupid “Nah man, I am meeting her for dinner, she’s bringing a friend of hers, and we thought that you two would get on, she’s a lil sassy fireball” Jon grinned admitting the plan.

Richie chuckled “Oh, I see, think the King can’t get his own dates now huh?”

Jon laughed “You know that’s not true, but hey, she’s nice enough, she’s raked me over a few coals since I have known her” chuckling remembering the memories.

“Ok you convinced me, who am I to turn down a pretty lady?” he asked with a smirk.

“Nope, didn’t think so, okay we’re meeting “accidentally” at Delanio’s tonight, she will be there with Kia” Jon explained.

“Gotcha Kidd, will be an interesting night for sure, plus I get to hang with my favourite rock star hustler” Richie’s tease came through.

“Dude that was so last week, get a new joke man” Jon punched him in the arm.

Richie dissolved into laughter as the men made plans for that evening.


“Wow this place is awfully swanky” Kia commented as the waiter showed them to a table and placed a napkin on their lap. She glanced around; the restaurant definitely had an Italian flavour to it.

“It’s nice” Jesse agreed, having never been there herself but just went along with the plan.

Kia read the menu as a bottle of wine was placed on their table, Jesse looked at the waiter.

“I didn’t order that” she shook her head. The waiter smiled.

“Mr Bon Jovi always has this wine when he attends” he replied politely. Jesse’s eyes widened and looked at Kia who had a questionable eyebrow raised.

“Mr Bon Jovi? I didn’t know Jon was joining us” she teased.

Jesse laughed “I am hopeless aren’t I. Jon is coming and he’s bringing Richie, to meet you” she admitted, she could never keep anything from Kia for more than five minutes.

Kia laughed “Ohh a set up? With Richie Sambora?” She asked, leaning back into her chair and a devilish grin sneaking across her lips.
“And was this your ideas or his?” Kia asked curiously.

Jesse laughed “A little of both but after meeting Richie last week I am sure that you will like him, he’s a honey”.

Before Kia could actually reply two men were being shown to the table. She watched as they walked over, Jon who she recognized walked along Richie, he was taller than she expected from what she had seen, and his rich brown eyes were warm, complemented by his smile. The silk blue shirt he was wearing was unbuttoned almost to his navel, revealing his bare chest which was centred by the leather pendant he wore around his neck.

“Jesse? Kia? Well this is a surprise?” Jon said as they arrived at their table smiling at Jesse who looked as radiant as ever to him.

“Games up Bon Jovi, I know ya plan” Kia stood up and put her hand out to Richie.

“I’m Kia Richie, and it seems these two want us to become better acquainted and go bump ugly” she winked.

Jesse bit back a laugh, that was Kia, but she watched as Richie snorted and took he hand and pressed it to his lips.

“It seems so, please to meet ya lil Darlin, I’m Richie and the bumping ugly thing, and well we can work on that” he teased. Kia just laughed, he was adorable, no doubt about it.

Jon shot a knowing glance at Jesse as they all took their seats; he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.
“How’s your day been baby?”

She smiled “Good, missed ya though, how did the kids go?” she asked as she had wondered all day what had happened still a little on edge from what happened with Jason’s parents.

He smiled “They were fine, Stephy is most excited to meet you tomorrow, now that she knows you’re a fashion designer, she knows your work” he nodded as he watched the waiter all pour them a glass of wine.

“Really? Well I hope I exceed her expectations, what about the others?” specifically she meant Dorothea but didn’t want to ask.

Jon flicked through the menu as he replied “Romeo and Jakey were fine, they are probably too young to understand until they actually see you with me, and well Dot was good, she was pleased I was moving on, it seems she has been on a few dates as well”.

Jesse breathed a little sigh of relief as she sipped her wine. “And Jesse?” she asked.

“He wasn’t home so I guess Dot will tell him and we will see him tomorrow, along with my parents”

Jesse’s eyes widened “Your parents? I mean, of course they would be there but I just didn’t think of it, wow big day tomorrow” her mind racing off into all the scenarios possible.

Jon took her hand “Jess, don’t worry, you know that they are ex marines themselves, it's not going to be like his parents, they would never do that to me, or treat you like that” his clam blue eyes tried to reassure her.

She nodded “I know it will be fine” putting her wine back down she tried to conceal the bundle of nerves in the pit of her stomach as she watched Kia and Richie. God damn if they weren’t all ready clicking, Richie had his arm around the back of her chair and was excitedly tell her something, his hands waving about before Kia dissolved into a fit of giggles.

Jon cocked his eyebrow and Jesse just nodded as Richie pulled out his cell phone and flipped it open to show Kia something. She looked up at Jon and peeled with laughter once again.

“Oh Shit King, why have you got a copy of that?” Jon asked feeling his cheeks slightly flush knowing exactly what it was.

Richie wiggled his eyebrows “Back up”. Jon groaned and shook his head and leaned into Jesse as his lips tickled her ear lobe, his voice low and husky.

“You know, every time this is mentioned, I’m keeping count you know, and that’s gonna be how many…” he trailed off his mind concocting. Jesse placed her hand on his knee.

“That I get spanked?” she asked hopefully licking her lips.

Jon chuckled “You’d like that hussy wouldn’t ya?” his eyes darkened with a lust that made her shiver.

Jesse didn’t have a chance to reply as the waiter came to take their orders.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chapter Forty Six

Jon pulled into his New Jersey home which was now Dot’s and the kids. He ran a hand through his hair and got out of the car and walked up the drive seeing his eldest daughter sitting out on the grass playing her ipod reading a magazine.

“Hey baby girl” he said as he walked up to her and ruffled her hair.

“Daddd” she moaned as she continued to flick through the pages of the fashion magazine.

“How are ya?” he said plopping himself on the ground beside her.

Steph looked up; usually her Dad would ruffle her over, kid around and then move inside, but not this time.

“Ok what’s going on?” she asked pausing her ipod looking into his Dad’s eyes, seeing that I need to tell you something look.

Jon smiled, she was still young as she was always knew when things were bothering him, and it had been that way through the divorce as well. She just knew.

“Still got that knack I see” Jon jested.

Steph just shook her head “I can just tell Dad, what’s going on?”

Jon looked at his daughter who had been blessed with the good looks from himself and Dot “Well baby, I need to tell you, and I didn’t want until now, until I knew it was kind of serious, but I have started seeing someone” he announced watching her expression.

Steph raised an eyebrow “Really? who is she?” she asked curiously interested to know who her father would actually date besides their mother.

“She’s a fashion designer, Jesse Adams, I met her a few weeks ago now, and we kind of have been seeing each other, she came to Nashville for a couple of days last week” he explained.

Steph’s eyes widened “The Jesse Adams?” she asked. Jon was surprised.

“You know her?” he asked.

Steph flicked the magazine forward to a fashion collection.
“This is Jesse Adams, she makes the most amazing clothes, she’s got a really unique style, its not over the top, but she always just adds a touch here and there to make the piece unique” Steph rambled. Jon took the magazine and looked at all the designs, Steph was right.

“Well that’s her” Jon nodded. Steph sat up straight.

“I would love to meet her, do you think that she would be able to give me advice on my career or just tips or something?” she asked growing excited.

Jon chuckled “Of course honey, I am sure she would love to, I actually wanted to ask you, if she could come to your party” Jon now couldn’t wait to tell her she’d designed clothes for Stephanie, but that would have to wait till tomorrow.

Steph nodded “Sure thing Dad that would be awesome”.

“It will be a big day for her Steph meeting you guys, and your mom and my parents” he admitted, but knowing her she would just breeze through it with that confidence and sass he’d come to admire.

“I know Dad, so what’s she’s like? Has she been married before?" Stephy looked up at her Dad curiously. Jesse Adams, wow, she couldn’t wait to meet her, and dad was seeing her? How cool he was dating someone in the fashion field

He nodded “"He was a marine, died overseas about six months ago. And no Stephy they didn't have any children."

“Wow, that’s really sad Dad, she must of have been through a lot” Steph said gently.

A smile broke out on his lips “Yeah Steph she has, but she’s a wonderful lady, so easy to talk to and funny, smart, witty…” he trailed off. He looked at her “I know is going to be weird but I want to try and make it work as best as I can” he admitted.

Steph nodded “I know Dad, and its ok, the boys will get used to it. Mom went on a date last week”.

"Really, Well I didn’t know that." Jon felt slightly relieved; this meant Dot would be more understanding of the situation.

“Yeah she did, he’s ok, nothing special” Steph said with a grin. Jon shook his head knowing she was just saying it for his benefit.

“You are growing up so fast girl” his voice filled with pride.

“Relax Dad, I am sure even when I am eighteen you will pull me onto your lap like you still do” she teased.

Jon’s eyes widened not comprehending his little girl would ever be eighteen, he gulped as to what that would entail.
“No no, tomorrow you are staying thirteen, and that’s the end of that story” he said nodding.

Steph shook her head, “Come on Dad, let’s go inside” she hooked her arm into his as they went inside.

Jon’s eyes fell on his two younger sons with his ex wife as he walked into the room, they both squealed and ran to grab onto his legs.

“Hey boys” he dropped to their level and hugged them tightly into his chest, looking up at Dot.

“Hey Dot” he smiled.

“Hello Jon” she replied as she watched him hoist Romeo into his arms and walked into the kitchen holding Jake’s small hand firmly in his own.

They sat and chatted about things a Father and little boys did for awhile while Dot fixed them all a drink. He explained to them that he was bringing a special friend to Stephanie’s birthday party but knew they probably wouldn’t understand till they met her and saw him with Jess.

“Where’s Jesse?” Jon asked Dot as to the whereabouts of his eldest son.

“He’s out with a friend” she explained. Jon took a deep breath and looked at Dot as he stood up.

“Dot there is something I need to tell you” he said as he walked over to her.

She raised her eyebrow beckoning him to continue.

“I’m seeing someone Dot, her name is Jesse, and I want to bring her to Steph’s party tomorrow, I asked her and she was fine with it, so I just wanted to make sure you were” he added.

A small smile broke out on her lips. “It’s about time” she chuckled.

Jon was taken back from her reaction “You’re ok with this?” he asked. She just nodded with a grin.

“Jon, we’re over, I know that, honestly I expected you to see someone sooner than this” she admitted knowing of his need to not be alone. “I do appreciate you telling the kids though, how did Steph take it?” she asked.

“Well Jesse, is a fashion designer so she took it very well” he laughed.

Dot shook her head with a soft laugh, pleased Stephy was ok with things. They soon settled into a genial chat about the plans for the party, wanting to ensure it went off without a hitch.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Chapter Forty Five

Jesse raised her eyebrow “Dessert? What makes you think there is dessert?” she grinned as she recomposed herself.

Jon shook his head he pulled her in close “Because Ms Adams I know you have a fetish for all things sweet, even me?” he asked with a lopsided grin.

She giggled “You are too much, plus I can’t eat you” she said as she reached into the fridge to pull out the lemon meringue pie.

“I beg to differ on that one baby” Jon’s eyebrows waggled. Jesse snorted and rolled her eyes.

“You are terrible, god, you just don’t stop do you?” she laughed pulling two forks out of the draw and two plates from the cupboard.
Her mind still reeling from Jon’s little kitchen rendezvous, she couldn’t help but flicker her mind back to Jason’s parents. It was going to dog her; she knew that she had to try and just move on but Jesse always prided herself on being well received and it bugged her that in this instance she knew she was right.

Jon grinned broadly “Not when you’re around, no I don’t, and I can’t help myself” he admitted as he watched her serve them some pie. She handed him the plate and they took it back into the living area and opted to eat it on the couch curled up together.

He watched her as he forked her piece of the rich pie, seeing her mind still cogging away behind those rich brown eyes that he loved.
“You’re still thinking about them aren’t you?” he asked as slipped it into her mouth. She nodded and ate the piece in her mouth.

“Its silly I know, as I shouldn’t worry what they think of me, but I will be damned having them think that I have just forgotten the last six months of hell just like that” she spat, her eyes blazing.

Jon reached out his hand and stroked her cheek gently.
“The important thing Jess, is you know that is not true and I know it isn’t” he softly spoke. She nodded, and he was right as usual, they were just going to have to deal with that she had moved on with Jon now, and they would have to learn that this was her new life now.

They both ate in companionable silence before deciding to head to bed earlier than anticipated both admitting they were tired from their own day’s activities.

As she slipped into bed Jon brushed his teeth and soon joined her drawing her into his arms, she snuggled down tightly into his chest closing her eyes. At times like this everything could crumble outside in the world and she’d still feel safe as long as she was in his arms.

Jon knew that tomorrow would bring new challenges for them; well firstly he had to tell his family that he was seeing someone new, he wondered how they would react to that, and how his ex wife would, it had been bound to happen sooner or later so they would just have to deal with it and hopefully it wouldn’t be as nearly as bad as what Jason’s parents reaction was. They both soon fell into a steady sleep as the night caught up with them both, contented and Jon finally feeling like he was home, oddly enough not at his own house.

Jon woke the next morning as he watched Jesse sleep for a little longer, marvelling at the small twitches her face made in her sleep, before he pulled himself out of bed and walked downstairs to put on the coffee pot. He went to fetch the morning paper and on her doorstep was a box. He looked confused as he lifted it inside, the lid came off easily and without thinking he looked inside, it was a box of photo frames filled with her and Jason and one from their wedding. He shook his head as he knew who would have put it there, he didn’t want Jesse to see it so he quickly hid it in the bottom of her linen cupboard till he could work out what to do with it. They were awful for doing this he thought as he buried the box under a pile of old sheets at the back.

He resumed the coffee making as finally Jesse emerged in her satin robe.
“I have you well trained” she joked as she watched him muse around her kitchen.

He smiled “It seems so, how ya feeling baby””

“Great slept like a baby” she replied as she sat down at the table with the paper, Jon soon brought over two steaming cups of coffee and joined her.

“So today is the day you tell the kids right?” she asked as she flicked open a page of the newspaper.

He nodded “Yep, sure is, it should go ok, and even if it doesn’t they will come around, it might just be hard at first” he admitted thinking on all the possibilities.

“If it’s not the right time, I don’t have to come tomorrow to Steph’s party, I understand” she offered. She was already as nervous as hell about that and from the experience with Jason’s parents she wasn’t ready for another disappointment barrage so soon.

“Should be ok babe, I do want you there, Mom and dad will be there as well, and my brothers” he explained having not told her that before. His parents may be a different story as they loved Dot like a daughter, but he didn’t have the heart to tell her that right now.

Her eyes widened “Wow, all of them? Nothing like jumping into the fire while it’s hot huh?” she asked sipping her coffee.

Jon chuckled “Well least it’s done then, and besides how can they not love you, I do” his eyes warm with intent. He knew she’d do just fine no matter what they were to about to face.

“So what are your plans for tonight?” she asked him.

‘Well Richie wanted me to go out to dinner, but I told him I’d probably be a little busy” Jon hinted hopefully.

Jesse smiled and then a little thought flickered through her mind.
“You know, you could go with him, and I could go out with Kia…” she trailed off.

Jon looked at her confused until he clicked.
“Ohhh and maybe it just happens to be the same restaurant?” he grinned mischievously.

She nodded “Uh huh, otherwise if it was arranged Kia would smell the set up from a mile away” knowing her best friend all too well.

“Well so be it, ok how about Delanio’s at eight, I will book the table” he offered.

“Great sounds perfect baby” she stood up and hoped that Kia and Richie would click, Kia deserved to be happy as Jesse now was.

Jon drew her close into his arms and his hands soothed her back as he met her in a long kiss, his thoughts focused on the next two days, he looked down into her beckoning brown eyes.
“Shower time?” he asked with a grin

She nodded “Shower time” as she giggled as Jon scooped her up in his arms and carried her into the bathroom. This was it, reality, time to face what starting a new phase of her life with Jon meant, facing the world. And damn if she was ready for that but she was determined to give it everything she had.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Chapter Forty Four

Jane rose and stared at Jesse disparagement dogged her face.

“You’re going to let this petty rock star talk to us like this Jesse?” her face plain in horror.

Jesse looked at Jon, his eyes blazing with fury. She bit her lip and just nodded.

The disappointment on Peter’s face was evident as he rose and took his wife’s arm.
“Jason would be so disappointed in you, so if you ever come to your senses you know where we are, we had a duty to look after you so I am honouring that for my son only, what you have done to us today, has deeply wounded any parental affection I had outside of that duty for you” his words spoke like venom through his green eyes.

She just nodded, feeling the sting of his words hit her heart, Jon took her hand and pulled her in close to his body.

“Please leave, you’ve done enough damage today” he instructed motioning for the door.

Jane eyes him carefully “We could say the same for you Mr Bongiovi” her words icy cold as they both headed towards the door, Jon closed it behind them and turned around expecting to see Jesse there but she wasn’t.

“Jess?” he asked, he heard plates clattering from the kitchen ring his ears so he followed the noise there. She was loading her dishwasher; the blank expression on her face told him that she was stewing inside.

“Jess” his lips softly called to her.

She didn’t look up “I just need to clean up Jon” she replied. She was rattled and Jon didn’t doubt why. He pulled her away from the dishwasher and stood in front of her, tilting her chin to meet his worried eyes.

“Jesse, don’t let them get to you, they are just in shock, I can understand that, I really can, but they were so out of line to speak to you like that, as now I can see you’re doubting yourself, and I don’t like that one bit” he gently tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and placed his palm flat on her cheek.

She shook her head her eyes darting from his gaze. “I know they are just in shock, but it kills me that they think I am cheating on him or something when I just came to that conclusion and assertion that I wasn’t myself” she looked at the ground.

His heart tangled as he saw her obvious pain, Jesse as he knew her already had a high opinion of what others thought of her, so he knew this was important to her.

“Listen to me, and look at me” he softly demanded. Her brown eyes wavered to his.

“Jesse, you are not in the wrong here, as you so said yourself you still love Jason, he told her himself that he wanted you to move in if this ever happened, you can’t deny yourself happiness, I wont let you” his lips brushed against hers gently.

Her emotions were screaming inside her, she knew she was right, she knew Jon as right, but this just bothered her, Jason’s parents always had her approval and respect before this, and it wasn’t something that had come easy when she first ever met them. She loved Jon, she knew she did, and she didn’t want to feel guilty loving him the way she did as each day they grew so closer and she was beginning to not bear to imagine what life would be like without him, he’d become her anchor in her sea of turmoil and loss.

“I’m sorry” she whispered her lips just on his, He shook his head.

“Uh huh, you’re not apologizing missy” his lips reached her further, his sweet tongue delving into her mouth as she felt her body begin to crumble underneath her at the heat radiating from his own.

“Ya know” he murmured into her soft skin as he trailed kisses down her neck “I haven’t forgotten what you are wearing under all that” his mouth skittling across her shoulder he bore by moving the fabric.

She cracked a small smile “I just bet you haven’t” her nerves relaxing as Jon continued to weave his spell on her.

He lifted his soul shirt off her body and discarded it on the kitchen floor, leaving a red lacy delight of viewing ready for him. His mouth trimmed over her breasts, she sharply inhaled feeling his warmth of her sensitive skin. Biting through the lace gently he teased her rosy tip with grazing his teeth and flicking his tongue across it.

“God Jon, please” her body caving into every urge he was igniting. He hands tousled through his short cropped hair still fresh with moisture from the shower, his scent of soapy spicy Jon driving her senses wild. Her mouth played her skin as he began to move her and lifted her onto the counter top and pulled her trousers down her legs till the too joined the shirt on the floor.

More red lacy delights awaited him as he stood back as she reclined and gently took her long slender leg placing kissed down the inner leg, tasting the sweet exterior of the skin as he went. Her moans became more urgent as she was devoured by his lust.

Reaching her apex, his gateway to heaven exposed he moved his head to centre into her moving her thong easily to the side for his tongue to taste her seeping juices. God she tasted amazing, one he’d missed for a week now.

Reaching back Jesse braced herself on the counter as she leaned back giving Jon more access to her, her sharp breaths and whimpers the only sounds next to a light sucking noise filtered the room.

“Jesus Jon… please… I beg you” her mind lost into the racing abyss of passion where all that her mind centred on was the release her body was begging for. His hands softly slid up her body and cupped her breasts, this calloused thumbs sweeping across the lace where it was most sensitive.

“So sweet, you taste so sweet” he murmured as he finally pulled himself begrudgingly away from her sweetness, licking his lips his eyes rolled up her body to her brown eyes now brightly burning with passion and need.

He unbuckled his jeans letting them fall the floor and placed his hands on her hips sliding her forward into his hot stiff shaft that was waiting for her, her gasp met his ears as he slipped into her, her ass just resting on the edge of the counter top, and her body still reclined back as she took him in.

“Jess” his hiss left his lips as he rolled his lips into her feeling her warmth suck him in.

Steadying a rhythm he began to thrust as the friction of their bodies battled it out for the release of each other. She gasped as he sank deeper into her penetrating her pleasure zone into a whirlwind of ecstasy.

“Jon, Jon, god, please” she cried her slender fingers sinking into his shoulders holding on for dear life.

His lips cried her name as he let himself go inside of her all things in time standing still except this moment, as tears slipped down her cheeks.
Jon’s release spurred her own as her body trembled and quaked over his sending her to into orbit.

Through soft cries and murmurs, raining kisses onto each other’s faces they came down to earth. Jon thumbed a tear away and kissed her cheek gently.

“Let’s see what Peter and Jane think of that” a wry smirk spreading on his lips.

Jesse’s eyes widened and then a laugh rumbled from her throat as she hit him playfully.
“You are so bad Bongiovi” she teased, a desired smile finally showing on her face.

“Ah but you know it’s you that makes me that way” he chuckled as he lifted her down and placed her feet on the ground. He looked around.

“Now was there dessert?” he asked mischievously.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Chapter Forty Three

Jesse was frozen to the ground unable to move, she hated to think what must have been going through their minds right now.

“Hi Jesse” Jane said pleasantly, they had always got on but Jesse had always struggled with how proper and pretentious they were. They were both ex marines so things had always been run with much precision and control in their household. She’d always hated that they had basically forced Jason to follow in their footsteps and join the marines like he did.

At times she’d wondered what would have happened if he’d followed his true dream of architecture, Jesse had always encouraged it and she had recalled when she almost did convince him to do it, till Mom and Dad had their opinion on it.

“Hi Peter and Jane, please do come in, we’ll just go and get dressed” she said pulling Jon away and up the stairs as fast as she could.

Jon watched her throw some jeans and his soul shirt on. “You ok babe?” he asked as he did the same.

She smiled “Yeah, I will be, not the best way to tell your in-laws of your late husband that you are in another relationship huh” she commented tying her hair in a ponytail.

Jon watched her and could tell she was nervous, she had every right to be, and he bet that Jane and Peter downstairs would have the view he was the devil right now.

“You want me to come back down with you?” he asked thinking maybe she wanted to talk to them alone.

“Thanks baby for thinking of that, but I want you with me” she said taking his hand as they walked back downstairs. It was time to just stand up to them and face the barrage of questions that she was sure to follow.

They came back downstairs Jesse noticed them still watching Jon like a hawk.
“So tea just the way you like it?” she asked them

“Absolutely that would be wonderful” Jane said, Jon stood.

“My name is Jon, Jon Bongiovi” he said as the man shook his hand “Please to meet you sir and mam” he opted for the formal address.

“Pleased to meet you Jon” Peter politely replied. Jon said down and shifted nervously Jane still eyeing him.

“You’re that rock star fellow?” she asked as Jesse started to come back carrying a tray.

“Yes ma’m that would be me” he nodded quietly.

Jane laughed a little “I see what’s going on here, Jesse you’re just stretching your legs, That’s understandable, we all have needs” Jane said as Jesse poured her tea.

Jesse raised her eyebrow at Jane, the older woman with a knowing smirk on her small crinkly lips.
“Excuse me? Needs?” she asked, confused as to what exactly Jane was implying.

Jane looked at Jon and then back at Jesse “Well what I am saying is there is nothing to be ashamed about for just wanting to fill part of the gap that you have been missing since Jason died” she said. Jesse handed her tea and then Peters and sat next to Jon.

“If you are implying he is a one night stand, I am sorry to tell you he’s not, Jon and I have been seeing each other for a few weeks now” she took his hand and squeezed it and waited for the reaction, she felt him grip her own hand back.

Jane raised a questionable eyebrow at her husband. He spoke
“You can’t be serious? It’s only been six months, it’s much too soon” Peter sternly expressed.

Jon’s gaze fell to each one of them and back to Jesse who he could see was clearly a bit disturbed by the whole thing, he thought the guilt trip was a little too much especially when Jesse had already dealt with those feelings already herself at the beginning of their relationship.

“If I may” Jon spoke up, they eagerly watched his next word “I love this woman very much and she loves me, but that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten about Jason and neither have I, I know he was a big part of her life and I would never expect her to dishonour that” he genuinely expressed.

“She is dishonouring that, with jumping into bed with you, he’s only been in the ground for six months, and they were married a lot longer than that” Jane pointed out.

Jon shook his head “Who says that there is a set time to grieve and move on here? Who makes that rule, its up to the individual, we just met by accident and were drawn to each other, and I have only been divorced very recently so I was never looking for another relationship but it just happened, life just happens” he tried to explain, he could see that their grief was still very real on their faces, and that is what seemed to be the problem Jesse had moved on but they hadn’t.

Jesse’s heart swelled as he went into bat for her. “It was never planned Jane, I love Jason with my heart and soul and always will, Jon knows that, but I love Jon now, he came into my life and filled it in a different way, we do a lot for each other” she tried to explain.

“Oh I bet that you do” Jane shrewdly replied.

Jon raised his eyebrows but kept his tongue silent much to his inner will relenting.

“I’m sorry you had to see what you did, in all honestly I forgot that you were coming into town and I apologize for that, this is not how I wanted you to tell you both” she sincerely spoke.

“Or you wouldn’t have told us at all I suspect” Peter suggested as he sipped his tea.

Jesse’s eyes widened “I would of thank you, I would have never kept this from you on purpose, and you should know me better than that” she said trying to not sound as offended as she was.

Jon extended his arm around her shoulders and pulled her in closer.

“So then, I guess if you are just divorced then Jon, you won’t be thinking of remarrying anytime soon” Jane said pointedly.

What was with this woman, he could tell instantly that neither of them were prepared to give him a chance, he understood their slight protectiveness of Jess but they were being so unreasonable to her.

“Well Jane, Jesse and I have talked very briefly and I can’t say that it would be anytime soon, but it may be on the cards into the future, who knows” Jon said, see how you like that lady.

Jane’s eyes widened “You wouldn’t Jesse?” she asked horrified. She knew Jane had this warped idea that, especially older Marine wives if they are widowed that they remain that way as an honour to their late husbands.

Jesse nodded “If it was right, I would, I am still young Jane, I don’t want to go through life on my own”

“You don’t have to dear we are here, why don’t you move out with us” she suggested.

Jesse held back the snort; she’d rather die before that happened.

“That’s very kind but my life is here, my friends, my career and Jon” she said looking at him lovingly.

Jane and Peter exchanged glances before Peter spoke again the astute man placed his tea down on the coffee table.

“Jesse, you know we have always been concerned with your welfare, and much more so than your own parents and Jason always told us, if this happened he wanted us to take care of you, so that’s what we are offering here, we have to honour his wishes”

Jesse closed her eyes; this was a nightmare, an absolute nightmare.

“I appreciate your concern but I won’t be moving” she firmly said again.

“Well just think it over, I think you’re making a big mistake with him” Jane said honestly.

That was it; Jon had heard enough as he watched Jesse fight back tears.

"Ok Jane and Peter, I have tried to be as polite as I can possibly be, but you cant just walk in here and demand Jesse to give up her life just because she’s not sitting at Jason’s grave site crying her eyes out, she’s still grieving inside and you have no idea how she felt when we first dated, it killed her till I convinced her it wasn’t wrong, so how dare you come in here and talk down to her like this. I am sorry you lost your son but you won’t talk to her like she should be losing her life as well, I won’t stand for it” Jon sternly said.

“Well I never” Jane muttered as she looked over at Peter horrified.

“I think you should leave” Jon suggested.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chapter Forty Two

The week flew by as much as it stalled, Jesse was so busy through her work she hadn’t much time to think about Jon, until the nights that was, most nights she’d come home, eat and opt to crawl into bed wait for Jon to ring and go to sleep.

Friday came around finally as Jesse sat at her desk watching the clock, he was due to arrive around 7pm it had just gone five so she decided to pack up and leave for home.

She’d already made the dinner plans and acquired lobster ravioli in a light cream and dill sauce with lemon meringue pie for dessert. As she packed her bag up the shrill sound of the desk phone rang, she rolled her eyes and reached for it.

“Hello Jesse speaking” she said.

“Ground Control to Major Tom, Countdown commencing, Engines Onnn, we’ve got a Bon Jovi landing any second” a female voice teased.

“Kia!” Jesse exclaimed laughing.

“What? I am surprised you’re still at work, don’t you have a maintenance shower to do?” she teased loving every minute of this.

“Stop it! And I have already done that as a matter of fact” Jesse said also thinking about the new red racy lingerie she had bought for the occasion.

“You’re thinking about the underwear you’re going to wear aren’t you?” as if she’d just stepped into her own brain and read her thoughts.

Jesse blushed “Maybe” she admitted.

“God, I am going, listen I just wanted to say have fun and call me sometime on the weekend if you can talk, or walk for that matter” Kia teased.

Jesse laughed “I will hun, thank you for calling, love ya” she said as they both hung up.

Jesse was home, showered and dressed with dinner simmering at 7pm, she sat down and poured a wine while she waited, she was shaking like she was almost nervous, it reminded her of her prom night, and the anticipation was just as strong. Minutes went past until the clock read 7.30. She knew things in Jon’s world didn’t always run into schedule when travel was concerned. Flicking the stove off she sat down and flicked the TV on.

She closed her eyes and didn’t realize it but she slipped into sleep, all the tension and stress of the week and anticipation finally catching up with her. It wasn’t till she heard a loud knock on the door that she sprung into life. She jumped up and opened the door and Jon was standing there looking a little dishevelled but it was Jon.

“Hey baby!” he said as he scooped her into a large hug and pressed his lips against hers, she smelled so sweet.

“Hey you” she said as her sleepy eyes adjusted, she wasn’t dreaming he was really here. She placed her hands on his chest and leaned in breathing in his spicy musky smell as a small smile trickled on her lips.

“I am so sorry I am late, we had a security lock down at the airport and all hell broke loose, I didn’t think it would take so damn long, did you get my text?” he asked as he pulled her back admiring her form in a slender black slip dress and sandals, she looked every bit as beautiful as he remembered, her hair was loose and wild around her face, her brown eyes shining.

“I fell asleep so I probably didn’t hear it” she said embarrassed.

He laughed walking in and closing the door behind him “Well I am here now, and I am starving” he admitted looking over at the intimate table for two she had set.

“Good, well I will just warm it up and we will be in business baby” she said winking.

Jon dropped his bag, he hadn’t even gone home and he hoped he wouldn’t be tonight.
“Jess, can I have a quick shower, I reek of airports and travel” he chuckled watching her attend to the kitchen.

“Go for it Jon, you know where everything is, put your bag in the bedroom, I mean if you want” she said.

Jon grinned at her “Oh I want” he said as he headed upstairs and stripped off using her shower. Five minutes later he wrapped himself in one of her towels and shaved, slapped on some cologne and headed downstairs still in his towel opting to stay in that for now, he grinned as he came into the living area where she’d lit two candles and dimmed the lights and was sitting at the table ready for him.

“Forgetting something?” she asked admiring his lean half naked form, god damn if it didn’t do this to her every time he saw him. He walked over to the table and kissed her on the forehead.

“I prefer the towel if you don’t mind” he said as his lips brushed on her forehead, taking in the sultry smell of freshly wet man with his cologne that drove her wild.

He sat down at the opposite end of the table and picked up his fork and scooped up some pasta and bit into it, this should start to get her back for Nashville, he thought cheekily to himself.

“God this is divine woman” he said as he picked up the wine that he’d been poured and watched her watching him, a small smirk on her face.

Raising an eyebrow at her he grinned “Is there a problem?” he asked teasingly as he chewed thoughtfully on his ravioli.

Jesse shook her head an idea forming, hell if he could do this and expect to torture her, so could she. She stood up and peeled her slip dress off her body to reveal her lacy not so subtle lingerie. The sound of a fork hitting china resounded through the room; she looked down as she sat back down and crossed one shapely leg over the other and picked up her fork, an innocent smile coasting on her lips.

“Problem?” she asked mimicking his last words.

Jon took in the sight, Venus the goddess of love had arisen and sitting right in front of his view. Her body was a temple and one he was begging to worship at.

Jon shook his head speechless, he could do this, why did she always turn him into a puddle of mush. ‘Pull yourself together Jon, or you’ll be tied to another bedpost’, he looked down and recomposed himself as he felt himself grow hard just at the thought of her.
Pulling his eyes up her met hers which were glowing with that Jesse mischief he had come to know and love.

“So how was your week?” he asked nonchalantly as possible as he continued his meal.

“Really busy, what about you guys, did you get everything done that you wanted?” she asked noticing his inner struggle at self composure.

“Yeah I think so, we have some time to reflect and listen to the demos that come out of them, and then decide where to go from there, but all in all it was a good session, always is in Nashville” he explained.

“That’s great, I hope it all comes together for you babe, now there is something I wanted to ask you, and only if you think it’s a good idea” she trailed off.

Jon nodded watching her as she dropped some pasta off her fork my accident and it landed on her chest. A small groan escaped his lips as he watched her pick it up and lick her finger, still grinning mischievously.

“Now, that idea” he spoke with gritted teeth.

“Richie, he’s not seeing anyone at the moment is he?” she asked, secretly pleased that he was squirming.

Jon shook his head “Nobody serious, no, why are you trading me in?” he snorted.

“Never baby, but I was thinking about Kia, she’d be perfect for him” Jesse suggested.

Jon looked thoughtfully and sipped his wine “You know babe, you might just be onto something there” Richie hadn’t really had luck in that department for a long time.

“Soo is there dessert?” Jon appreciatively asking her drawing his eyes away from her bare flesh he swore he could almost taste, he licked his lips in anticipation.

“There is actually of the pie kind, allow me to get it for you” she said as she moved away from the table her whole body coming into view again, the soft glow of the candlelight illuminated her luscious skin.

Watching her saunter into the kitchen away from him, the soft knock at the door brought him back to reality.

“I’ll get it babe, you are not answering the door like that” he called as he walked to the door not waiting for her to agree. Opening the door revealed a middle aged man and woman, astutely dressed, the woman’s eyes grew wide with horror as she trailed them down Jon’s body.

Jon suddenly feeling self conscious, Jesse’s parents? He had to wonder.

“Ah, you’re looking for Jesse?” he asked them. The older man nodded.

“Yes is she home?”

Just as they said that she came into view not realizing that someone was at the door, she just saw Jon standing with the door open.

“Jon what on earth are you doing?” she asked as she suddenly froze to the spot seeing Peter and Jane there, she felt her face drain from all color.

“I think your parents are here?” Jon asked her softly his own eyes widening at the situation and what it must look like to the older couple.

“No they are Jason’s parents” she cringed as she watched the disapproving looks fly from Jon to herself, this was not happening. She had completely forgotten that they were due in town.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Chapter Forty One

Jesse spent the next day flustered at work catching up signing her designs off and sending her portfolios away to potential buyers. By the time she was home she crashed, she hadn’t had a chance to call Jon all day, her cell phone had beeped a couple of times during the day with text messages but she hadn’t had the chance to check it till now, she pulled a bottle of wine out from the fridge and sat down and poured herself a glass as she read her text messages.
Typically Jon they were teasing, sweet and concerned he hadn’t heard from her all day so she connected the call to his number.

“Heyyyy” he said as answered the phone seeing it was Jesse’s number he had been worried not hearing from her all day.

“Hi honey, sorry it’s taken me all day, it’s been such a busy day” she sighed reclining back into the armchair.

“Sounds like you need a bath and a massage” he teased.

“Yeah I do, know anyone?” she asked coyly closing her eyes imagining his soft hands on her body and shivered at the thought.

“Well yes I do, but he’s all booked up till at least Friday” he teased back.

Jesse opened her eyes “Friday? You’re back then?” she asked hopefully without wanting to sound needy as originally he was meant to be longer by a week.

“Yes baby Friday I am home, its Steph’s birthday on Sunday so I am home in time for that, and we would have finished what we needed to start and can finish the rest at home” he said as he lay back on his empty hotel bed.

“I can’t wait, let me cook dinner for you Friday night, if you want” she added not wanting to sound she was pressing all his time.

“Now that sounds like an offer I cannot refuse, you bring the food and I will bring the massages” he chuckled.

“Deal” she said suddenly feeling brighter than she had all day.

“Jess, I will see the kids on Saturday so I will ask them if they are ok with you coming to Steph’s birthday on Sunday if you wanted to come?” he asked hoping she did, he couldn’t wait for his children to meet her, knowing instantly they would love her, well after they got used to the idea their Daddy was dating again.

She swallowed, she didn’t know what she was more nervous about, the kids or his ex wife but she took a deep breath, as it had to happen eventually might as well be in one hit. “Sure Jon, if they are ok with it, and Dorothea, then I would love to” she smiled.

Jon smiled “Perfect, now I was wondering, how my Soul shirt is?” he chuckled remembering he went to look for it that morning and couldn’t find it and soon remembered who had it.

She felt herself blush at the thought “You want to know something sad?” she asked not believing she was about to admit this to him.

Jon laughed “What?” he asked curiously.

“I slept in it, and I haven’t washed it since I came home” she admitted.

Jon shook his head, endeared by the fact she had done that, it told him she was missing him as much as he was missing her.

“I’m never getting it back am I?’ he asked as he pictured her in her bed wearing it, a slight shiver ran down his body as he grinned at the memory of her.

“Na uh” she said sipping her wine.

“God I miss you Jess, I am so pathetic” he cringed.

“You’re not the one wearing your shirt to bed” she rebutted.

“Well you didn’t leave me one” he pointed out.

Jesse choked on her wine “Oh yeah I can so see that Mr Bongiovi” she laughed out loud.

“Well I would, you don’t know that I wouldn’t, actually no I wouldn’t, you’d probably tie me up and take photographs” he smirked.

“Ah touché, you’re not letting that go are you?” she asked knowing full well he never would.

“Um, no, you have just done me years worth of damage ahead with my band, every time I get cranky or need something done, you know what they will throw back in my face don’t ya” he asked.

“Well you should have never got into that position, you need to be more careful in future” she whispered. He snorted softly.

“You’re so getting payback for that baby” Jon warned.

“Oh I am waiting boy, ready and waiting for ya” Jesse looked up as there was a knock at the door.

“I got to go babe, I think Kia is here she said she was coming around tonight for a girly gossip” she said getting up and opening the door and sure enough Kia was there. She pointed at her phone and Kia rolled her eyes with a knowing smile as she came in.

“Oh a girly Goss!, so will you talk about me?” he asked teasingly. Jesse laughed.

“Of course we will, I have lots to tell her, lots and lots” she drawled.

“Well it better be complimentary” Jon said slightly worried.

Jesse snorted; Kia grabbed the phone off her being able to hear him on the other end.

“Look Jon, yes you’re sooo big and you’re the best lover ever so lemme go and talk to my girl now, ring her later, love ya babe” she said as she closed the phone on him.

Jesse laughed hysterically,”You so did not just do that!” she exclaimed imagining Jon’s face on the other end.

“He’s had his time, Jesus it’s my turn now” she said pulling Jesse into a hug.

“And yes you look disgustingly radiant” Kia added as they sat down and Kia poured herself a wine.

Jesse smiled “I feel so good Kia, like better than I have in a long time” Jesse admitted.

Kia picked up a chocolate out of the bowl she had brought in and popped it into her mouth.

“It’s called regular sex honey and I hate you for that” she teased, watching her friend, god she really was radiant and she hadn’t seen her this happy in a long time.

“Hey it’s not just about that, he’s just so” she sighed. Kia rolled her eyes and giggled.

“Oh dear god someone call a doctor this woman has Bon Jovitis” Kia quirked.

Jesse nodded “Maybe I do, I don’t know, I just miss him so much already, we had such a good time, his band mates are just the best guys, you have to meet them” she said excitedly as she launched into stories about how Tico was so gentle and caring and saved her from the photographer, dancing on the bar and how she tied Jon to the bed. Kia was crying with laughter at the end, especially when she got shown the evidence on Jesse’s cell phone.

“Ok, who are you and what did you do with my friend?” she asked amazed at how free Jesse had became all of a sudden, Kia knew this trip and Jon was good for her, she just didn’t realize how much.

Jesse nodded knowing it was a compliment. They both continued in their usual talk about their jobs and Hollywood gossip.

“So then, what’s next for the loved up couple?” Kia asked

Jesse breathed out “Meeting the kids and his ex wife” she said meekly.

Kia smiled “You will be fine Hun, the kids will love you and from what you have told me Jon’s ex and him are on good terms so she will be fine with you I am sure, you’re no rock star’s bitch” Kia said.

“Gee thanks” Jesse laughed as she started again to think in her mind what that would all be like.

“Come on girlfriend, lets go out and get some food, I am starving for one” Kia said as she pulled Jesse up.

Kia always had so much life and zest in her; she started to think how similar Jon’s and her own best friends really were. A small idea started to form in her head as they left for their local Japanese Restaurant. Oh yes, it was.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Chapter Forty

Jesse arrived home a good six hours later as she dumped her bags down in the house, the fall sun setting its wings across the horizon, she flicked the lights on and turned on her coffee machine, it was good to be home, but somehow felt empty right now. She flicked her answer machine as she saw the light flashing, three new messages.

“Hey baby, just wanted to make sure that you got there ok, give me a call, and by the way, the guys have NOT relented all day, so I know that will make you happy” a familiar rich Jersey accent filled the room “so make yourself at home and give me a call, miss you already” Jesse smiled as the next message beeped in.

“Hey Hussy, give me a call when you get home if you can still talk, or walk that is” Kia’s bubbly voice came over the phone, Jesse shook her head laughing as the last message beeped in.

“Hi Jesse, it’s Jane and Peter, listen we hope you are doing well, we are down your way this week and thought it was be nice to catch up and see how you are doing, give us a call” Jason’s parents. Jesse felt weird all of a sudden; did she tell them she was seeing someone else? She would have to think on that one. Jason’s parents were very pleasant people from a strict military background but they were very strict and proper,so her dating a rock star, she wasn’t really sure how that would go down.

Jesse sat down with her coffee and went to dial Jon’s number but a grin broke out as she hit the number that the picture message had been sent from. It rang a couple of times before a cheery voice answered it.

“Super Girl?!” David exclaimed she could hear the guys in the background laughing.

“Yeah it’s me, thanks for the picture, I hear you’ve been hassling him non stop” Jesse laughed lightly.

“Oh yes, would you ever really expect anything else?’ he laughed.

“No, not at all, anyway thanks for the picture, it was lovely meeting you all, is Jon there?” she asked figuring he must be.

“Aye, he is, but he’s a little tied up” David snorted “Ok he’s not, you’re not here so that cant be right” he chuckled as he heard roars of laughter before the phone switched hands.

“You rang him before me?” a voice came on the end; he sounded a little drunk and offended.

She laughed “Awe baby, I just wanted to thank him for the picture he sent me” she said coyly.

“Oh god he didn’t how did he get your number I wonder” Jon said knowing her would have looked through his own cell phone to find it.

“It’s a little keepsake, going to come in handy I think” she chuckled.

“You little, how was your flight home?” he asked as he found a quieter spot in the bar.

“Long and boring but I am here now, and it feels kind of empty” she admitted looking around her apartment.

“Baby, I know what you mean, it won’t be too long and I will be home, we’ll both be busy so the time will go” he assured her.

“I know, ok babe, I have some calls I need to make and you need to go get drunk, maybe find someone to tie yourself up tonight” she teased.

“No one can do that the way you do baby” he said “No one, Jon Bongiovi has never been tied up ever” he said “So you should be proud, but know it wont ever happen again in a hurry, even if I have to sleep with one eye open” he said with a grin.

She laughed “Do I get a certificate for the honour?”

“Ask Joker I am sure he would make you one if you wanted, either that or throw you a ticker tape parade” Jon said sarcastically with a grin.

Jesse giggled “I miss you guys already so much” she sighed as she leaned back.

“They do too, you made quite an impression, but more importantly I do” he said softly.

“Right back at ya” she sighed gazing out the window to the night sky that was starting to settle in.

“So what are you wearing?” he asked playfully.

“Jon! Same thing I was when I left you” she said shaking her head, he was truly insatiable.

They soon hung up promising to call again tomorrow. Jesse knew she should catch up some work emails and things before bedtime so she was ahead for the next morning.

Her mind raced back to Jon asking her about kids and marriage. It was way too soon to be thinking along those lines but would she? And if he ever asked?

She has no idea how that felt as it never occurred to her that he would ever after his own divorce and already having four of his own kids, then her thoughts went there, he’d shown her tons of pictures of them and emailed the odd one to her but she would soon actually meet them? And his ex wife, how would she feel about all this? This was new territory for Jesse Adams and she knew it, all the unanswered questions were opening like a can of worms.

She settled back into her work that evening trying to focus on the now seemingly lonely week ahead and every so often her memory shifted back to Nashville, David’s laugh echoing in her brain, or Richie’s wiggling mischievous eyebrows, Tico’s sweet smile and Jon, well Jon just encompassed everything that she was feeling and more.

Chapter Thrity Nine

Jon closed his eyes and hoped to hell that Tico and David weren't going to come in, but when he looked up they sauntered into the room.

David's eyes nearly popped out of his head.

"Jeeze man what got you all in a knot?" he asked breaking out in a grin. Richie snorted.

Tico just shook his head "A little tied up Jon?" Tico asked.

Jon cringed "Very funny guys now fuck off" he said as they all stood there in a row watching him.

"Where is your mistress?" David asked looking around the room.

"She called me and told me Jon needed help" Richie told them, Tico and David both roared with laughter.

"Oh man, I love this woman" David said.

"Guys" he moaned. They all went to leave as David was half out the door he stopped.

"Oh almost forgot" he pulled out his cell phone.

"Smile Jon" he said grinning as he snapped the picture of him.

"DAVID!" he shouted, oh shit! He would never live this down, not forever. But the three men had dissolved into giggles as they left the hotel room and closed the door, just as the bathroom door opened ironically.

"Well well, nice of you to show your face here Ms Adams" he smirked as he watched her laugh.

"You so don't know who you are dealing with here, you start this, and you better be able to finish it" Jon warned with a light crooked smile.

"Oh I don't know if you can top that can you?" she asked with a grin, she'd been behind the door and heard every word that the guys had said.

"Oh don't challenge me baby, you know you wont win ya know" Jon teased.

"I think I already did, I can't believe David took a photo, I mean that is just priceless" she laughed watching Jon’s horrified face.

“Jesse Adams, you are a terrible influence to those guys, you are now banned from them” he said.

She snorted “This from the man tied to the bedpost” she teased as she sat down next to him and ruffled his hair.

“Jesseeeee! Let me go” he begged.

“Aw you beg so pretty” she said as she untied him, in a flash he had grabbed her and pinned her to the bed under him she squealed and laughed as he had her right under him.

“First rule of capture baby, don’t let your hostage go” he smirked as he kissed her and tickled her sides.

“Jon” she squealed as he inflicted his fingers on her ticklish sides, he soon stopped and smiled down at her.

“God these past few days have been great, I don’t want to let you go, please stay” he pleaded his blue eyes growing big and puppy like.

She laughed “I know Jon, I have had so much fun with you and the guys, but you know my work calls, I have a big launch soon” she said as she stroked his cheek, she thought for a moment before continuing.

“The launch party is in two weeks, we have a big black tie thing, loads of free food and champers, and usually we take a date, would you want to come as mine?” she asked not sure if he wanted to go public with her so soon, as there would be loads of paps there.

He smiled down at her, “Absolutely, I would be honoured, and I would love to see you in action, I am sure there’s a few work colleagues of yours I can win over” he said wiggling his eyebrows.

“Oh no you don’t” she said chuckling, relieved he'd said yes.

“Maybe I could tie you up naked in the men’s room and leave you for dust” he threatened pushing her hair back and kissing her forehead.

“You wouldn’t get me there in the first place honey” she teased.

Jon shook his head “We need to get some breakfast, or we could stay here” he said as he trailed his hand down her arm causing a small shiver across her body.

“I want to get breakfast” she said kissing him lightly.

Jon laughed “You just want to be the hero at breakfast don’t you. I know you too well” he laughed as he shifted off her.

They both shared a sensual shower washing each other and just enjoying the closeness that was them, realizing their intimacy was soon about to come to an end.

They both dressed, Jon wore the shirt she had made him with some jeans and tipped cowboy boots, while she dressed in her jeans and picked up one of his soul shirts.

“May I?” she asked as she slipped it over her body easily.

“Sure babe, I can get one your size though” he said watching it hang off her body. She smiled.

“This one is fine, smells like you” she said as she packed her things into her case and zipped it up after applying her makeup and doing her hair.

Soon they retreated down to the restaurant for breakfast, the guys were already there, and as Jesse walked in they gave her a standing ovation and clapped. Jon rolled his eyes.

“She tied me up guys, didn’t invent the wheel” he said as he sat down and watched them all high five her. He watched as her chemistry with them was already where Dot's maybe was after years with them, and here Jesse had known them for five minutes.

They all ate a leisurely breakfast and soon it was time to part their separate ways, the guys to the studio and Jesse to the airport. She hugged all the guys’ goodbye and vowed to see them soon; they had a benefit concert in NY in a few weeks time so she said she’d see them all there.

Jon carried her suitcase out to the front of the hotel as the cab pulled in. She turned to him, couldn’t believe that tears were threatening to escape her eyes; she would see him again next week. His small smile matched her sentiment.

“Have a safe trip home, and call me when you get there” Jon said as he stroked her cheek.

“I will promise, and you take care and have a good week down here” she said as they leaned forward and met in a kiss her arms snaked up and pulled him in close by his neck. His eyes closing and savouring the kiss, preparing his body to being ripped away from hers. They finally pulled apart.

“I’ll miss you baby” he said holding her hands and stepping away till they left his, he knew he had to let her go or he never would.

“Ditto” she smiled as she turned and got into the awaiting cab.

He closed her door and as she pulled away waved; digging his hands into his jeans he turned as the cab fell out of sight and walked to where the car was waiting to take him to the studio.
He let out a sigh; it was going to be a long week.

Jesse smiled and wiped away her lone tear as she heard her cellphone beep in her pocket, reaching out she opened it and it revealed a message from an unknown number, she opened the attached picture and laughed outloud in the cab, the picture of Jon tied to the bed was staring back at her with a caption that simply said:

"Nice work Supergirl".

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Chapter Thirty Eight

Jon and Jesse spent the remainder of the night sitting on the balcony, finishing the wine, strawberries and chocolate cake, as they fed each other the sweet treats they also ended up talking and confiding in each other about the past marriages. Jesse confided to Jon, that whilst she loved Jason more than life sometimes his attention span on interest would drive her insane, he tended to keep to his own hobbies and things and let her do her work without getting involved too much, which was fine, but Jesse had wished he’d been interested just a little more than he had been.

Jon confided to her that his relationship with Dot was what he thought was a secure one but he learnt that over time his dreams and needs became their marriage than being equal, he saw the mistake now, that they had fallen out of love and remained together for the kids. Jon looked at his watch as he placed the flute down on the ground, Jesse was dozing in his arms sleepily, still in the same position that they had come out here in.

“Hey baby, its after three am, we need to get to bed” he chuckled as he caressed her cheek; the only response he got was a soft murmur. The chill had set in so he pulled up bringing her with him as he scooped her in his arms and carried her back inside to the bedroom, placing her on the bed he removed her shoes and her clothing carefully leaving her in her lacy bra and thong, he slipped her into bed and soon threw off his clothes joining her he curled his body around her own and pulled her in close happy to just enjoy her softness against his own flesh.

“I love you Jesse Adams” he whispered as he closed his eyes as sleep threatened to claim him. A small smile broke out on his face, never did he think he’d be back here so soon but he was. He really was.

Feeling like she had slept for a week Jesse stretched into the body that was wrapped around her own as she looked up at Jon sleeping, the sight in itself was calming, he looked so rested and a slight smile played on his lips. She glanced at the clock on his bedside table, she had a couple of hours before she had to leave, how she wanted time to just stand still and stay like this emersed into his soul like she was.

She stretched and pulled away from him softly as her need for the bathroom grew, she quietly slipped out and took care of that returning to the bedroom, and he’d rolled over and pulled her pillow into him. She chuckled shaking her head as she climbed back onto the bed. She stroked his head gently but he didn’t move. Her lips twitched with a small smirk as she decided to wake him up a different way, she slid the sheet down his body to reveal his manhood awaiting her touch, before she did though another sneaky grin tickled her lips as she grabbed his tie off his bedside cabinet and took his wrist and tied it to the bed head.

Shifting down the bed she blew softly over his skin watching him subconsciously flinch under her warm breath. Once she reached her destination she took his length gently in her hand and licked the tip and placed feather light kisses down the shaft.

Jon began to shift uncomfortably his mind easing into the land of the living as he woke opening his eyes which narrowed down his body to see Jesse positioned there, about to ask what she was up to he jolted feeling her warm moist lips on his cock that was rapidly hardening at her touch. He let out a low hiss.

He let out a groan and jolted as he tried to move his arm which felt like it was dead as he couldn’t pull it, he tried again and the friction of something rubbed against it like wood. Focusing his eyes upwards he saw why exactly he couldn’t move.

“Oh no you didn’t” he spoke looking at her, she glanced up and grinned.

“Why, good morning there” she said raising her eyebrow.

“Jesse Adams untie me RIGHT now” he demanded as he pulled on his wrist, his other free hand reaching up to try and untie himself but the knot was so damn tight it couldn’t be done with one hand.

She snorted “Right, you think I will give in that easily sailor” she grinned as she continued her onslaught taking him into her mouth as she began to run her teeth lightly down the shaft.

“Fuck!” Jon exclaimed throwing his head back a mix of frustration and pleasure that started to awash him.

Slowly and surely she continued her rhythm as she used her other hand to lightly rake his balls with her nails as they lightly tickled the surface of his soft skin.

Jon let out a groan and pulled his wrist hard to no avail. God she had him, she had him right here, no woman had done that to him before.

“Jesse!!” he cried as he sunk back down into the feather pillow, her tenderness on him grew to urgent contact. He let out a moan, he relented and just had to enjoy it, it was driving him insane. Between wanting to scream her name and rip his hand off the bed head the two feelings tormented him as his mind buzzed with feeling.

“Oh fuck baby, pleaseeee” he begged meekly his control broken and his need to release too strong to keep in any longer, she'd won, she'd damn won.

Jesse felt the pressure of him as she let him ride it out within her mouth his hot seed spilled into her as he cried in primal mode released himself, feeling his body twitch and turn underneath him as he came down. She pulled away and climbed up over him resting above his hips straddling him she looked down at him, and up at his wrist, his free hand grabbed her own.

“Untie me” he panted, his face fresh from flush.

She giggled. “This is way too much fun” she said as she leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the lips stroking back his hair that was stuck to his brow.

He shook his head “I never took you for this” he said his smirk breaking out on his face.

“Well I am just full of surprises, guess you will have fun finding that out lover” she winked as she got off him and strode to pick up her silk robe and tied it around her waist.

A playful grin spread on her face as she went to pick up his cell phone.

Jon’s eyes looked confused “WHAT are you doing?” he asked.

“Just checking my flight time babe” she said as she hit a number in his address book.

She smiled at Jon and turned back to the phone “Hey Richie, Jon’s a little tied up right now can you come and help us? ...thanks Rich” she said as she flipped closed his phone.

“Oh no you did not!” he exclaimed his eyes widening in horror as she unlocked the door and walked into the bathroom closing the door.

“GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE WOMAN!” he shouted trying to not to laugh, Sambora was going to have a field day with this. He violently tried to free himself panicking as his wrist was still firmly attached to the bedhead.

“Knock Knock” came a familiar cheeky voice as the door swung open, and what met Richie’s eyes made him snort. Jon was tied to the bedpost with one wrist; thankfully the sheet was draped just across his stomach.

“Oh fuck me!” Richie said dissolving into laughter realizing Jesse had called him for this. Jon just shook his head.

“You gonna untie me man? I gotta feeling I am going to jail today for killing a woman” he muttered.

Richie nodded “Sure bro, right after this” Richie stood back out in the hall.

“David, Teek! Come here for a minute” he shouted.

Jon’s eyes widened. “Fuck you Sambora” he would never live this down not in a million years.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Chapter Thrity Seven

The rest of the day in Nashville Jon and Jesse spent wondering around the shops and enjoying each other’s company. She didn’t want to think about the fact she was flying home again tomorrow and leaving Jon there for another week, she had began to grow so close to him that leaving him tugged at her heart just a little when she thought about it.

After dinner with the guys they headed back up to the hotel suite opting to order in dessert from room service. Jesse lay back on the bed and kicked off her boots as she watched Jon clear his cell phone from messages. She could help but admire his lean form, the tight dark jeans was wearing sculpted his bottom half, accentuating his ass, and the grey shirt that he had on top was unbuttoned half way down his chest just revealing a small flurry of that soft fur she had come to love and enjoy so much.

“Just got to ring the kids baby” he said as he sat down on the couch in their suite. She smiled as she watched him endear his children over the phone, and pay each one special time and questions and laughing with them. She smiled and then remembered what she had to give him. After he hung up the call he sat back on the couch and raised an eyebrow questioningly.
“Whaa?” he asked

“Just you’re cute, you know that?” she asked as she sat up cross legged on the bed. He reclined back.

“How cute?” he asked tipping his head in a cocky grin. Jesse laughed.

“Hey while you’re over there see that black bag, there’s something in it for you” she said. Jon looked down and picked up the black bag that revealed a tissue paper wrapped parcel. She nodded as he began to unwrap it revealing some clothing.

“Its Steph’s birthday present” she said. Jon smiled and nodded as he unfolded firstly the jeans that were beautiful etched with a embroider pattern swirling just down one leg, and then the soft leather red jacket that had angel winds embedded in the back in a black setting just like she had described and a couple of baby tees, pink and black sat there.

“These are wonderful, you made all this?” Jon asked amazed as the work was so intricate.

“Well actually I did this time; I usually get the dressmakers to actually make it. I just design them, but in this instance, you have some Jesse Adam’s personal sweat in there” she chuckled.

“How much do I owe you baby?” Jon asked looking over at her.

She shook her head “Nothing, you’re not paying me for this” she said with a smile.

Jon chuckled “Jess, this stuff must sell for hundreds, I can’t just accept it when I know how much work you put into it”

‘If you wrote me a song and recorded it and gave it to me, you wouldn’t let me pay for it now would you?” Jesse asked teasingly.

Jon conceded “No you’re right I wouldn’t, not even let you entertain the thought. Thank you Jesse, Steph is going to love all this” he said still staring at the fabrics.

“There’s something in there for you too” she said.

Jon looked questioningly as he reached further into the bag to find one more tissue paper parcel. He unwrapped it gently to reveal a silky cotton black shirt with a wide neck, he pulled it up to see the whole form of it, along the top of the shoulders was white embroider swirling pattern similar to the one on Steph’s jeans. He gasped.

“You made this for me?” he asked standing up and undoing his shirt he was wearing, Jesse stood up as well as he slipped in on and started doing up the buttons, the cool soft fabric meshing against his skin nicely. Jesse stood behind him as he faced the mirror and dusted down his shoulders to sit the shirt nicely, she smiled as she guessing right and had even pulled in the seams at the side to accentuate his body.

“That looks great? So you like?” she asked Jon smiled and turned to her and pulled her in close.

“I love, and you are very naughty for doing this but I love it” he said as he draw her into his arms and pushed back a lock of her hair, leaning forward his lips tickled hers as he pressed more gently letting his tongue glide into her mouth. She wrapped her hands around neck and kissed him back just as lovingly.

Pulling away the rapping of the door soon interrupted them. Jesse strode over and let the room attendant push in the cart, she laughed as she admired the table; two flutes in a bucket of champagne adorned it along with a bowl of chocolate dipped strawberries and some rather looking rich chocolate cake.

She picked up a strawberry and popped it in his mouth; he took a slow bite not taking his eyes off her and slowly licked his lips.

“Bubbles?” he asked picking up the ridiculously expensive bottle of champagne.

She nodded accepting the flute. He toasted her and intertwined his hand that held his glass around hers.

“To beautiful woman that enrich a man’s heart” he gazed deep into her brown pools. She blushed.

“And to men that know how to get a woman into bed with those sorts of words” she chuckled.

Jon shook his head “Way to break the sentiment” he said as his blue eyes sparkled. He loved her wit; it kept him fresh and on his toes.

“Aww sorry baby, ok to a man that has shown me love and tenderness I had never had before” she said honestly. He smiled warmly and leaned forward to kiss her.

“To us” he said as he clinked her glass and they both drank from their own.

“To us” she confirmed as she felt the sweet taste of champagne flow down her throat. She leaned forward and kissed him on the lips, tasting the champagne mixed with the strawberry he had eaten before.

“I love you Mr Bongiovi, and I don’t want to go to home” she said sadly with a smile as she brushed his cheek lightly.

“I love you too Ms Adams, and don’t you worry soon enough I will be back in your bed” he teased. He looked out to the balcony a quick plan formulating.

“Come my baby, I have a plan” he said as he led her out to the warm night, pulling the lounger over and sitting her down.

He soon brought out all the wine and treats that he’d ordered and sat behind her on wrapping his long legs around her and they indulged in the champagne, food and the view, and more importantly each other’s company.

“Jesse do you see yourself ever having kids?” Jon asked her from behind as he caressed her thighs lightly with his hand.

She closed her eyes.
“Yeah I do, but I kind of had given up with everything, Jason and I were meant to do all that, I even was pregnant once, but I miscarried” she said quietly looking out into the city lights.

“Oh honey, I am so sorry, that must have been hard” he said rubbing her arms softly.

“Yeah it was but that was before he was drafted, so in a way it kind of worked out for the best, I mean its hard enough for me not to have him anymore, I would hate a child not to know its father” she tried to explain hoping she wasn’t sounding too harsh.

“I know what you mean, so would you have them in the future?” he asked as he sipped on his glass, he was saddened to think she had gone through that awful experience.

Jesse laughed “Well depends on the man I guess, and he may already have four adorable kids” she said.

Jon leaned forward “Just so you know, that would never come into it, I always have an open mind about children” he said as he kissed the side of her head.

Jesse smiled, she had never really even given a thought to that she would be with Jon that long, but hearing him actually saying it to her, warmed her very soul.

“Good to know” she said.

"And Jess I want you to meet my children if you think you are ready, I want them to get to know the woman I love" he said softly whispering against her earlobe.

Jesse was taken back by surprise. "Of course Jon, if you think they would be ready, I would love to see your children" she said.

"They need to get used to it, and I can't see how they won't love you" he chuckled.

Jon had really wanted to ask something else that was on his mind, they were still along way off it, but he needed to know how she felt about it.

“Jesse, would you ever remarry? I mean not now, but in the future?” he asked. Jesse sighed.
She had sworn for the last six months she never would. She would never give up Jason’s last name either, and move on like that with another man. But lately that didn’t feel so scary and wrong, but it was still too soon. But she knew her feelings had changed on the subject since Jon.

She smiled into the distance.
“Again, depends on the right man” she said as he laced her fingers with his and leaned back into the crook of his body. Jon smiled as he watched the lights twinkle in the distance and his gaze flicked back to watch the beauty that lay in his arms, just perfect he thought.