Sunday, May 11, 2008

Chapter Thirty Eight

Jon and Jesse spent the remainder of the night sitting on the balcony, finishing the wine, strawberries and chocolate cake, as they fed each other the sweet treats they also ended up talking and confiding in each other about the past marriages. Jesse confided to Jon, that whilst she loved Jason more than life sometimes his attention span on interest would drive her insane, he tended to keep to his own hobbies and things and let her do her work without getting involved too much, which was fine, but Jesse had wished he’d been interested just a little more than he had been.

Jon confided to her that his relationship with Dot was what he thought was a secure one but he learnt that over time his dreams and needs became their marriage than being equal, he saw the mistake now, that they had fallen out of love and remained together for the kids. Jon looked at his watch as he placed the flute down on the ground, Jesse was dozing in his arms sleepily, still in the same position that they had come out here in.

“Hey baby, its after three am, we need to get to bed” he chuckled as he caressed her cheek; the only response he got was a soft murmur. The chill had set in so he pulled up bringing her with him as he scooped her in his arms and carried her back inside to the bedroom, placing her on the bed he removed her shoes and her clothing carefully leaving her in her lacy bra and thong, he slipped her into bed and soon threw off his clothes joining her he curled his body around her own and pulled her in close happy to just enjoy her softness against his own flesh.

“I love you Jesse Adams” he whispered as he closed his eyes as sleep threatened to claim him. A small smile broke out on his face, never did he think he’d be back here so soon but he was. He really was.

Feeling like she had slept for a week Jesse stretched into the body that was wrapped around her own as she looked up at Jon sleeping, the sight in itself was calming, he looked so rested and a slight smile played on his lips. She glanced at the clock on his bedside table, she had a couple of hours before she had to leave, how she wanted time to just stand still and stay like this emersed into his soul like she was.

She stretched and pulled away from him softly as her need for the bathroom grew, she quietly slipped out and took care of that returning to the bedroom, and he’d rolled over and pulled her pillow into him. She chuckled shaking her head as she climbed back onto the bed. She stroked his head gently but he didn’t move. Her lips twitched with a small smirk as she decided to wake him up a different way, she slid the sheet down his body to reveal his manhood awaiting her touch, before she did though another sneaky grin tickled her lips as she grabbed his tie off his bedside cabinet and took his wrist and tied it to the bed head.

Shifting down the bed she blew softly over his skin watching him subconsciously flinch under her warm breath. Once she reached her destination she took his length gently in her hand and licked the tip and placed feather light kisses down the shaft.

Jon began to shift uncomfortably his mind easing into the land of the living as he woke opening his eyes which narrowed down his body to see Jesse positioned there, about to ask what she was up to he jolted feeling her warm moist lips on his cock that was rapidly hardening at her touch. He let out a low hiss.

He let out a groan and jolted as he tried to move his arm which felt like it was dead as he couldn’t pull it, he tried again and the friction of something rubbed against it like wood. Focusing his eyes upwards he saw why exactly he couldn’t move.

“Oh no you didn’t” he spoke looking at her, she glanced up and grinned.

“Why, good morning there” she said raising her eyebrow.

“Jesse Adams untie me RIGHT now” he demanded as he pulled on his wrist, his other free hand reaching up to try and untie himself but the knot was so damn tight it couldn’t be done with one hand.

She snorted “Right, you think I will give in that easily sailor” she grinned as she continued her onslaught taking him into her mouth as she began to run her teeth lightly down the shaft.

“Fuck!” Jon exclaimed throwing his head back a mix of frustration and pleasure that started to awash him.

Slowly and surely she continued her rhythm as she used her other hand to lightly rake his balls with her nails as they lightly tickled the surface of his soft skin.

Jon let out a groan and pulled his wrist hard to no avail. God she had him, she had him right here, no woman had done that to him before.

“Jesse!!” he cried as he sunk back down into the feather pillow, her tenderness on him grew to urgent contact. He let out a moan, he relented and just had to enjoy it, it was driving him insane. Between wanting to scream her name and rip his hand off the bed head the two feelings tormented him as his mind buzzed with feeling.

“Oh fuck baby, pleaseeee” he begged meekly his control broken and his need to release too strong to keep in any longer, she'd won, she'd damn won.

Jesse felt the pressure of him as she let him ride it out within her mouth his hot seed spilled into her as he cried in primal mode released himself, feeling his body twitch and turn underneath him as he came down. She pulled away and climbed up over him resting above his hips straddling him she looked down at him, and up at his wrist, his free hand grabbed her own.

“Untie me” he panted, his face fresh from flush.

She giggled. “This is way too much fun” she said as she leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the lips stroking back his hair that was stuck to his brow.

He shook his head “I never took you for this” he said his smirk breaking out on his face.

“Well I am just full of surprises, guess you will have fun finding that out lover” she winked as she got off him and strode to pick up her silk robe and tied it around her waist.

A playful grin spread on her face as she went to pick up his cell phone.

Jon’s eyes looked confused “WHAT are you doing?” he asked.

“Just checking my flight time babe” she said as she hit a number in his address book.

She smiled at Jon and turned back to the phone “Hey Richie, Jon’s a little tied up right now can you come and help us? ...thanks Rich” she said as she flipped closed his phone.

“Oh no you did not!” he exclaimed his eyes widening in horror as she unlocked the door and walked into the bathroom closing the door.

“GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE WOMAN!” he shouted trying to not to laugh, Sambora was going to have a field day with this. He violently tried to free himself panicking as his wrist was still firmly attached to the bedhead.

“Knock Knock” came a familiar cheeky voice as the door swung open, and what met Richie’s eyes made him snort. Jon was tied to the bedpost with one wrist; thankfully the sheet was draped just across his stomach.

“Oh fuck me!” Richie said dissolving into laughter realizing Jesse had called him for this. Jon just shook his head.

“You gonna untie me man? I gotta feeling I am going to jail today for killing a woman” he muttered.

Richie nodded “Sure bro, right after this” Richie stood back out in the hall.

“David, Teek! Come here for a minute” he shouted.

Jon’s eyes widened. “Fuck you Sambora” he would never live this down not in a million years.


Joviswoman said...

Oh crap tears streaming down my face!

And he's right he's NEVER gonna live this one down!

WTG girl!

Leigh said...

HOLY S**T I'm laughing so loud my husband thinks I'm insane...that's perfection right there.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is just priceless! OMG! I can't stop laughing at that vision. Way to go!