Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Chapter Twelve

It was early when Jesse awoke, she awoke in his arms, and this was the best feeling in the world, being wrapped away from the rest of the world in the arms of the man you loved. Dreams had spoken to her in the night, she dreamed of Jason and learnt it had all been a mistake, he really wasn’t dead, and it had all been a misunderstanding. Still her eyes closed she nestled against the warm fuzz that lay against her cheek tickling it softly.

Jason always knew how to keep her safe, and she loved that from him.
The smell of his skin, the warmness of the body that was now pressed against hers. There was no feeling like it. She smiled in her half slumber as she was becoming awake, maybe she could tempt Jason into a little morning loving before work. She opened her eyes to a very rude awakening.

She wasn’t in Jason’s arms at all, she pulled away and looked up at the peaceful body lying next to her, his face content with slumber, and it all came back rushing to her like a dam that had breeched its wall.

Jon. It wasn’t Jason, it was Jon, and a pang of sadness hit her, as she realized that Jason really had gone once again. She stared at his face a little longer, the curve of his lips and the accentuation of his jaw line right down his neck to his protruding Adam’s apple screamed masculinity. He was truly handsome, she was lucky he was so patient with her, and she just wished she could let go and fully let him be with her, but she couldn’t, right now she felt like a traitor, which was ridiculous in the circumstances.

This was a mistake. She didn’t want to hurt Jon, he’d be so understanding and so good to her, but she wasn’t sure she could give him back what he would ask for in the end. Confusion and anxiety started washing over her, she managed to slip out of his arms unnoticed, and he stirred a little licking his lips but then returning to a stagnant state. She got out of the bed slowly and found her bag. Grabbing her jewellery she slipped from his room down the stairs. She quickly pulled on her clothes and stuffed her t-shirt in the bag before heading out to the foyer, this wasn’t what Jon deserved and she knew it, but something was making her get out and get out now. She exited the penthouse and into the foyer. What she didn’t realize is Jon had set the alarm the night before. And a piercing alarm sounded when she stepped in there.

'Shit', she thought as she scurried into the lift and jammed the close door button. Shaking she tied her hair up, tears brimming at her eyes threatening to spill forth, what was she doing? Jon had done nothing wrong, it was all her. The lift finally reached the lobby, flying out like a bull at a gate, she rushed out, not noticing the tall man with the black stetson in her path, and she ran straight into him.

“Sorry” she quickly said as she gathered herself and flew out the door.
Richie looked down at her lifting his hat for a second.

“No problems darlin, where is the fire?” he asked but she’d already gone.

Jon awoke to a piercing sound, jolting upright in his bed, he jumped into life and found the alarm key panel and shut it off, and his phone was ringing from the lobby downstairs as Jon recognized the distinctive internal tone.

“Hello? he answered looking around still trying to work out what was going on and where was Jesse?

“Hey boss, everything ok?” Danny’s voice came over the line.

“Yeah, its fine, I think. I am not sure what’s happened” he said scratching his head still silently searching for any signs of Jesse.

“Ah, the young lady, Jesse, she just left, I think she set off the alarm” Danny said still sounding professional, it was never his business to be involved with Jon’s personal affairs but he had noticed she had left the building in a hell of a hurry.

“Shit” Jon said his heart sank immediately, his instincts told him immediately she had regretted being with him the way she was.

“Thanks Danny, sorry” he said running his hand through his hair.

“No problem boss” he said as they hung up. Jon stood at his kitchen bench. He thought everything had been going so well.

“Shit!” exclaimed out loud to himself. A knock on the door interrupted his thoughts. He ran to the door thinking she had come back and flung open the door. To his dismay it was Richie.

“Fuck” Jon swore feeling disappointment grab his heart.

“Charming!” Richie said as he let himself in, seeing Jon standing there in his boxer briefs and remembering the woman in the foyer it all made sense.

“Sorry Rich, its just a bad time” Jon said apologetically, he never wanted to take it out on Richie.

“I see that, and I assume that was Jesse running out of the building just before” he asked.

“You ran into her? Did she say anything?” Jon asked his friend expectantly.

“Hey calm down Kidd, and no, she didn’t even recognise me, she bumped into me like she was running away from” Richie stopped not wanting to bruise Jon’s ego anymore.

“She was running. She stayed in my bed last night...” Jon trailed off looking out to the city that stretched in front of him.

“Oh I see, the morning after jig huh?” Richie said sympathetically.

“It wasn’t like that, we had a great dinner as you know, went back to her place, we were about to part ways and she asked if I could stay and just be with her, no sex” Jon switched on his coffee machine as he continued talking.

“So we came back here, as she didn’t want to, in her own bed” Richie just watched Jon wretch the words out.

“And we had a wonderful night, went to sleep in each others arms, and I awoke this morning to the alarm sounding, she was gone” he explained to Richie pulling two mugs out of the cupboard.

“Jon, I am sorry mate, maybe she’s just freaking out a little” Richie said.

"Yeah, she hasn’t been with anyone since him, I was so sure she was ok with this level” Jon said pouring the coffees and offering one to Richie.

“Cheers” Richie said as he sipped the strong brew.
Richie placed the mug down on the granite surface.

“Two things, firstly, she just may need some time Jon, this is a huge deal to her and she obviously likes you, she asked you to stay, and secondly, how the hell do you sleep with a gorgeous woman like her and not have sex?” he smirked.
Jon chuckled, Richie always managed to put a smile on his face even at the worst times, and this was no exception.

“Because asshole, I really care for her. I mean it’s not easy, let me tell you that” Jon said, recalling that shapely body pressed against his own, her warm scented flesh stirred him deep within.

“You’re stronger than me, that’s for sure Kidd” he said.

“Thanks. I just-“Jon stopped. Richie looked at him

“You like her a lot, I can tell” Richie finished for him.

“I do, I just hope I am not wasting my time, I completely understand this is no normal situation and I am willing to work at it, if she lets me” Jon said taking a sip and swirling it in his mouth the warm bitterness slipping down his throat.

“Hang in there Kidd, I have a good feeling about her” Richie said placing his hand on his younger brother’s shoulder.

“Thanks Rich, and anyway what the hell are you doing here?” he asked noticing it was way too early for Richie to be around coherently.

“Well... I was kinda of my way home, and thought I would swing by” Richie said coyly.
Jon raised an eyebrow at Richie.

“On your way home? Mr Sambora and where pre tell have you been all evening?” Jon asked smirking.

“Remember Annie?” Richie asked

“Annie? Which one was she?” Jon asked, as he often lost track of Richie’s girls.
“She was the one back after the last tour when we got back here, she was getting married if you recall” Richie said. Jon laughed remembering Richie had given her a hen’s night to remember.

“I remember her” Jon said

“Well I ran into her down at Jed’s and she’ not married anymore” Richie said wiggling his eyebrows

Jon laughed “Oh Richie” Jon was pleased Richie did seem to be having fun as he’d had it rough, he deserved it.

“I take personal responsibility for ruining her marriage, once she had me, she was ruined for all other men” Richie explained
Jon snorted on his coffee.

“Mr Modest” Jon teased.

“Anyway it was fun, I am seeing her before we head to Nashville, and she said she even might come for a few days” Richie explained.

"Rich, I don’t know how you do it, but damn you are good at falling back on your feet” Jon said returning the pat on the back.

“Yeah, it all works out eventually and it will for you, I know it will Kidd” Richie said.

“I hope so” Jon said looking down at his coffee deep in thought what to do next.


Romaine said...

Hm, I feel bad for her. She did nothing wrong, but she feels so hurt! I hope Jon can talk to her again and fix that. Jason would have wanted her happy!! And I hope Jon will be the one who can do that!

I can't wait for the next chapters :-)

Hathor said...

Oh! I feel so badly for Jess. I can just imagine the moment when she remembered it wasn't her husband's arms. Poor thing.

I had to laugh at Richie, though. Yeah, he'd surely ruin me for all other men -- no question at all LOL

Tara Leigh said...

Just what you need to lighten the load at the end there. lol A little dose of Richie.

Great characterizations of both of their discomfort and want at the same time. It's going to take some time for her to get comfortable in her skin again...especially when that skin is next to Jon. MERCY!