Friday, April 11, 2008

Chapter Fourteen

After a somewhat long and stressful day Jesse arrived home and dumped her bags down on the table. Throwing her clothes on the floor she had a hot shower washing the stress from the day away.

Thankfully it had been busy enough to keep her mind off Jon. She finished the shower and then dried herself off and pulled on a pair of jeans and cashmere navy jersey that once belonged to Jason it was one of her favourite things to wear around the house. She pulled her hair back into a loose ponytail and padded downstairs, Kia would be here any minute.

Pulling out a bottle of Pint Noir and two glasses she was just in time to hear the door bell ring.

Jon stood there on her doorstep shaking off any nerves through his wrists as he pushed the doorbell. He was more nervous that the previous day when he came around. What if she didn’t want him there or this just upset her more than she was already. He didn’t have much more time to think as the door flew open. The look of shock and surprise soon met his own gaze at the beautiful woman that stood before him.

“Jon?” she asked quietly, she knew why he was here.

“Can I come in?” he asked politely.

Jesse looked at him for a minute, a flicker of doubt flickered briefly over her face until she spoke again.

“Sure, but you can’t stay Kia is coming over” she said as she opened the door wider enough for him to come in.
He walked in and faced her and with a serious tone spoke

“Uh Jess, she’s not coming she called me to come over” he said waiting to see how she took the news.
Jesse looked surprised

“Did she now?” she said with a short lace of sarcasm as she closed the door behind him.

“Yeah, she thought we might need to talk I guess” Jon said for the first time at a loss of what to say, he was worried she was about to lose it and tell him to leave as she was clearly on edge about him being here.
But to his surprise she walked back towards the kitchen.

“Wine?” she asked off handily as she poured herself a glass.

“Jesse” he said following her but she continued pouring herself a glass oblivious to his address.

“Jesse” he said softer again this time putting his hand on hers to stop her pouring the wine.

He immediately felt her shaking so he took the other hand in his and backed her softly against the neighbouring wall.
She didn’t meet his gaze but Jon let one of his hands tilt her neck slowly to meet his. Unshed tears in those brown eyes threatened to break free. Jon instinctively leaned forward pressing his body against hers; she didn’t offer any resistance but still looked slightly unsure.
His lips slowly brushed hers just like an artist’s soft stroke on his canvas for the first time. His hands slid down to her hips bracing her as he delved deeper into the warm confines of her mouth, a small moan escaped her lips. Jon pulled away and looked her straight in the eyes.

“Jess baby, its ok to let go, if you want to” he said softly no more than a whisper.

Until now there had been no reciprocation from her, so when she ran her hands up flat against his chest and held them there he leaned in again kissing her more forcefully this time. His hands moved up to her face and taking it in his hands he forced his tongue to mesh with hers past the safe barriers of their lips.
Like a fire that was sweeping through a dry forest their kiss became more urgent and he felt her hands slide around his neck. Pressing her harder against the wall he could start to feel she was pressing back against him. His mouth left hers and continued down her neck kissing butterfly kisses as he went. She threw her head back and a small moan again escaped from her throat. His hands moved from her hips to seamlessly slide under her jersey, Jesse felt her senses tingle when his bare hands touched her flesh, the need for him grew stronger and she knew she was starting to lose all self control.
Jon found the silkiness of her bra and cupped his hands lightly around her rounded breasts.

“Jon” she breathed

“Trust me” he just said again as he kissed her lightly on her lips.
Rubbing his thumbs over her nipples they hardened instantly.

“Oh God” she cried throwing her head back to lie against the wall.
Jon pulled the delicate wool up and Jesse raised her arms above her head as the navy jersey was pulled off her. His kisses rained once again down her neck and down the centre of her until he found her breasts, unhooking her clasp from behind her, he discarded the lingerie quickly his mouth latching on one of her nipples his tongue swirling around her pink nub.
A whimper arose from her.

“Please… Jon…” she begged.

He licked the other nipple with as much care as the first one until he started to feel her wavering in his arms.
He reached down and hooked his arm under her knees and the other under back picking her up in his arms and walking towards the stairs.
He held her gaze for the longest time till he was sure she was ready for this. He climbed each stair carefully until he reached the top and walked into the bedroom, which was lit with a lamp in the corner.
He lay her down on the bed and stood back up to take off his own sweater and threw it to one side, he was about to climb across her when she reached for the buckle on his jeans, undoing the buckle and unzipping the denim which was now tight around his member. Slowly she pulled the jeans down until she found his hardened cock.
She took him in one hand and ran down his length with the other she cupped his balls softly.
Jon shot out a low hiss.

“Shit Jess” he moaned as he watched her, a quiet confidence now slipping into those chocolate brown eyes. She leaned forward and in one take, took him fully into her mouth moving onto her knees on the edge of the bed while Jon stood at the side.

“Holy fuck” he cried not fully expecting her to take him so much, her tongue danced over the stern length of him, lavishing him with pleasure. His hands soon found the tangles of her hair urging her on more.

“Baby, that feels so good” he moaned knowing he was starting to build so he pulled her away softly, she looked confused.

“It’s been a long time since I-, so it wont be a long time till I” he stopped almost feeling embarrassed.
She chuckled, the first real smile he had seen since he got here. He leaned over her and meant her in a fiery kiss smashing his mouth down on hers.

His fingers found the button of her jeans and he pulled them down and right off her legs slowly, the red thong she was wearing was next, he wanted nothing to come between them. He wanted to feel every inch of her body under him, and no clothing was becoming between them.
He kissed down her abdomen licking lightly as he went, he skin as so soft and scented with what smelled like blackberries.
He reached the top of her thighs and gently opened them exposing her wetness to him. He kissed lightly down her thigh till his tongue slipped into her wetness. She bolted upright a little under him.

“God, Jon!” she cried out of fear and the intensity of ecstasy she was feeling.

He looked up and smiled, before continuing long strokes in her wetness, a long finger slipped into her, she was warm and ready for him.
Feeling her starting to rise he kissed back up her body will he was above her and met her mouth to mouth once again.

“Jess do you – “he didn’t get to answer as she reached over to the bedside draw and pulled out a foiled packet. He took it from her and in an instance was wrapped and entered her. Her walls clenched around him. God she was so tight and wet.
Her breathing was laboured.

“I need you Jesse, and I need you now” Jon whispered wanting her absolute assurance on what he was about to do.

She responded by reaching his lips and running her tongue over them.
“I want you Jon” she simply said and that was enough, Jon began slow hard thrusts into her. The moans between them both became urgent and agreeable that it wasn’t long until they were both riding the slippery slope of ecstasy.

“Oh fuck... Jess I’m-“Jon let out a moan at the same time as she started convulsing under him, spilling himself completely, he then drove into her and watched her come down from the high they had both shared.

Kissing her lightly he slid out of her and rolled over encasing her in his arms. She fell into his chest panting, still catching her breath back, her brow flushed with sex sweat. He stroked her hair and soothed her into a relaxed state.

She hadn’t said anything for a little bit so Jon; a bit worried spoke.
“You ok babe?” he whispered kissing the top of her head.

Her breath tickled against the soft fur that clad his chest as she spoke.

“We are so, doing that again” she breathed.

Jon chuckled in relief.

“I second that” he replied to her before rolling her over again.


Hathor said...

“We are so, doing that again” she breathed.

Hell yeah! That was very sweet and sensitive, then turned scorching hot. Very nicely done :)

Tara Leigh said...

Now that's the way to take care of business!!

Way to break down those initial barriers, Jonny. Smokin' chapter darlin'.

Joviswoman said...

Holy jovi heaven!

Sweet but damn hot all in the same place.

I think I've died and gone to heaven.

Now let me carry on reading!

Leigh said...

OH MY...I'm LOVING the "We are so doing that again!!" OH yeah over and over and over LOL Great job!