Sunday, April 6, 2008

Chapter Seven

“What else do you want me to say?” Jesse giggled at her friend on the other end of the phone who was asking ten thousand questions a millisecond.

“So that’s it? He just stayed – you had breakfast and he went home?” Kia asked not believing her friend at all. Had she seen him?

“Yes Kia, it wasn’t like that at all. I am sure Jon Bon Jovi has many a woman waiting in the wings, that didn’t even come into it. He was a gentleman, one hundred percent” she explained as she lay back on her bed freshly showered cocooned in the fluffy towel she was wearing.

“Well he was very sweet to look after you, but Jesse something tells me he doesn’t just stay over at random peoples places, he must have had a reason. I mean considering who he is, it’s too dangerous” Kia said. She wasn’t going to convince Jesse that there was anymore motive than simply to look out or her.

“He was just being polite, you know he’s coming through a divorce anyway, and he seems still pretty cut up about it” Jesse explained.

“He told you all this?” Kia sounded surprised

“Yeah we talked at breakfast” she said off handily.

“Did you tell him about Jason?” Kia asked knowing Jesse didn’t just talk to anyone about what happened. Hell, she still found it hard to talk to her about what happened.

“Yes I did, he was very understanding” Jesse said. Kia smiled. She had only ever been in the room with the two of them ten seconds, but she just had this feeling that things weren’t over at all.

“So maybe… this is perfect, you’re both looking for company… and maybe just some casual sex” Kia suggested chuckling.

“Kia! No way, I am not that type of girl” Jesse exploded laughing thinking how ridiculous her friend’s suggestion sounded. I mean, there was nothing wrong with Jon, there was everything right with the man, but no, she couldn’t even think that.
Kia just smiled wryly wishing she could see Jesse’s face about now to really see what was going on in her head.

“So are you seeing him again?” Kia asked

“No, no plans too, we just said goodbye, he gave me his card incase I needed anything, I can’t think what I would need from him again” Jesse said

“I can think of one thing” Kia said quietly.

“What was that?” Jesse asked not hearing her friend.

“Nothing, well I guess if he wants to see you again he will find a way” she said.

“Yeah, I am not holding my breath. Anyway hun, I need to run and get these designs finished to take into the office for tomorrow, but call me and we’ll do coffee in the week” she said.

“Ok Jess, you know where I am if you need me” Kia said, Jesse smiled, Kia always signed off with that line.
She was lucky to have such a good friend through all the pain over the last six months. Jesse hadn’t been close to her parents but they had been more supportive since Jason had died, but it didn’t help that they lived all the way over in Cali. She hung up and lay staring at the ceiling closing her eyes for a second, her head still slightly hazy from the previous night.
She visualized her one love, Jason, it was her happy place. This time it was the last time they went to the beach together walking along the sand holding hands and giggling like teenagers in love. A smile crept across Jesse’s face, she looked at Jason to lean in and kiss him, except this time it wasn’t, and it was a different face, defined right down to the strong jaw line, framed with sandy blond tresses
The blue eyes filled her heart with a wind of warmth she could just about feel She bolted upright when she realized it was Jon, awaking herself from her daydream, the sound of her heart beating resounded in his ears.

“Its ok, its just you’ve seen him lately, that’s all” she tried to convince herself, she decided to end her happy place dream and walked to the kitchen to prepare some late lunch for herself before starting work on her designs, robing herself in a navy satin knee high robe she wondered back downstairs. She picked up his coffee cup that he’d left on the table, and stared it for a bit before placing it in the dishwasher. She tidied up and prepared a turkey and mayo sandwich. Tying her hair back in a twist she stuck a pen through the middle of it to hold it together, and placed her black rimmed glasses on as she scoured over the designs on the table she had sketched last night. She lit a couple of aroma therapy candles and popped in a cd to her player, she chuckled when she picked up her only Bon Jovi cd, that Jason had bought her, This Left feels right, she always loved easy listening when she was working, so he bought her the stripped down version of the group’s hits from a recommendation from a friend. She liked it as it relaxed her when she needed to chill.

She was just studying the new dress line she was planning for spring when a knock at the door took her off guard. She checked her watch, who was it? Kia most probably, as she wasn’t expecting anyone, and Kia often would pop around minutes after they’d spoken on the phone bringing coffee and cookies with her.
Jess rushed to the door.

“I knew it would be you” she said as she swung open the door but to her surprise it wasn’t Kia at all.

Jon had no idea why he was driving out again, he knew where he was going but he couldn’t make a decision whether it was a good idea or not, he pulled into the complex and sat in the car for a bit. He didn’t want to seem pushy, as he knew her fragile state. And really he didn’t want to push anything at all, he simply wanted to see her, and ask if she could make Steph some clothes, that was it, this was a business call and that’s all.

Yeah right Kidd’ he sniggered to himself. It was an excuse. He wanted something very special for Steph for her birthday. But he knew damn well why he was here; something was attracting the hell out of him to her. He straightened himself up after having been changed and showered at home. He now had on a pair of crisp jeans with a silky casual navy button down shirt polished off with some well worn black boots. He locked the car and walked to her apartment. He could hear music playing softly behind the door. He was about to knock when he heard the unmistakeable sound of his own voice, she was listening to him. He chuckled before knocking on the door.

“I knew it would be you” she said so proudly until she met his stare.
Her robe was hugging her body very neatly, her hair pulled up in a loose roll, with the stray strand or two falling around her face, and the glasses, the glasses made her look even sexier if it was all possible. Jon pulled his eyes away from roaming up and down her body to say something.

“Hey baby” he said as he casually had his hands in his jeans.

“Uh – Jon, hi... uh…” it took her all of ten seconds to register, what she was wearing, and what was playing on her stereo, a hint of pink filled her cheeks.

“Good song” he commented as the acoustic version of Born to be my baby came on.

“It’s not bad, I have heard the lead singer is a bit arrogant” she teased as she held the door open for him to come in.

“Hey” he said wanting to lightly smack her but he refrained from doing so.

“But I am impressed” he said turning towards her. “This album usually is owned by big fans” he said his eyes dancing.

She chuckled. “Jason bought it for me, he knows when I do my designs, I chill out, it’s my niche, he thought that it would be good music to do that too” she paused “And he was right” she smiled before walking back to the kitchen flicking on he coffee machine.
Jon smiled, she knew already his drink.

“Anyway what are you doing here? I mean I don’t mind” she quickly said “I was just surprised to see you so soon” she chuckled.
Jon was mesmerized at the way he smile reached her eyes when she laughed.

“Oh right, yes, well I hope you don’t mind, I didn’t have your office number, but you see its my daughters 14th birthday in a couple of weeks, and well, lets just say she likes her own style, and having things one of a kind…. And I was thinking… I could get something made for her from you” Jon explained. Jesse listened and nodded, she usually didn’t do teen clothes, but in all honestly lately she had been giving some thought to penetrating that market as well.
And again it was the least she could do for what he did for her.

“I’ll do it” she said slipping her glasses back up the bridge of her nose.
Jon broke out in a smile that just about floored her.

“That is great news. Now, just one thing though” he said very seriously.
Uh oh, Jesse thought.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“I have no idea what she would want” Jesse burst out laughing.

“What? I mean I don’t know what’s hot and what’s not” Jon said, he looked at her a little longer, and cracked a wry smile.

“Well I do, just not in clothes” he hoped he hadn’t overstepped the mark with that comment. But she seemed undeterred; she nodded silently acknowledging the complement.

“Well, to be truthful I have some ideas, how about I get us a coffee and we can talk” she suggested as she walked towards the now brewing coffee perk.

“That sounds perfect” Jon replied watching her shapely behind walk away from him. Perfect.


Hathor said...

Tresca, this was great. Sorry it took so long to get to it; I did get your e-mail more than a week ago, but life got in the way :)

I like the storyline; it's very believable, and Jon and Richie rushing to the rescue is totally something I could see them doing. The interplay with the guys in Jon's place was funny, and just how I'd imagine them being together.

The bittersweet love for Jesse's lost husband is very poignant and heartfelt, and I can't wait to see Jon break through those barriers.

TLFR is my favorite album (after Slippery); it's always in the rotation on the iPod. I love the laid back guitar riffs, and the gentle vocals.

The photos you're selecting for your chapter headings are GORgeous! And the story is flowing so well and so quickly, I envy you. Most days (for me) the boys are hiding out under the bed LOL.

All in all, a great job so far. I'd love to see your other stories up here, too.

~ Hath

SoulGirl said...

Thanks Hath, and wow, I am really pleased at your comments, thank you so much for the feedback. AWESOME. :)

I love TLFR as well, its my fav album as well.
And yes I am trying to work on a main site for my other little fics around the place. So will let you know what thats up and running :)

Tara Leigh said...

Looooove that Jon's nervous, but still has that cool factor. Very much like Jon.

The design angle was a great one to keep the story moving and not be a simple everyday story. It has substance to keep it interesting and to keep the characters in contact.