Saturday, April 12, 2008

Chapter Fifteen

After second round that left each of them panting for air. Jesse lay silently against Jon’s chest slowing tracing her finger lightly around his furry confines.
Jon’s arm was wrapped firmly around her back holding her in close.
He noticed she was away in thought.

“What are ya thinking about?” he asked kissing the top of her head.

“Just you” she mused wrapping her index finger around his chest hair and twisting it softly.

“Oh yeah? And what about me?” he asked teasingly stroking her back lightly with his fingers. She looked up to lock her eyes with his.

“I’m glad you came back, I, I am really sorry for how I left this morning” she said, Jon could see her deep brown eyes warming.

“Baby, you’re fine, really. I assumed that you got a fright when you woke up?” he questioned and then continued
“And then was worried you regretted staying with me” he admitted not wanting to come off needy but he couldn’t help it.

Jesse felt a brief pang of sadness that she had made him think that. She reached her hand to touch his cheek.
“No Jon, it wasn’t that, it was just” she paused not knowing if she should tell him the truth.
“Tell me baby, I can take it” he said as he grabbed her hand off his cheek and brought it to his lips.

“I woke up and thought I was in Jason’s arms” she admitted pulling her head downwards out of a small shame.
“Hey, it’s ok, I can understand that” he said honestly
“I know this cant be easy for you, but I am really proud you trusted me to take this step” he said as he tucked a strand of her loose hair behind her ear and kissing her softly on the lips.

“I am too” she replied returning his kiss fuller this time.

Her arms snaked around his back and pulled herself in close as his tongue began exploring the caverns of her mouth.
The hum of her throat vibrated through her mouth. He ran his hands down to her waist and gently rolled her so she was lying on top of him, content to just enjoy the sensual touch of each other he swept his fingers down her back softly as he they continued to kiss, first soft sweet kisses, that became more urgent as he reached down and cupped her ass in his hands. She rested her chin on his chest and looked up at him, her breasts were pressed into his chest and she could feel his arousal growing under her.
She left his mouth and kissed down the length of his neck licking his Adams apple as she went.

He let out a soft groan as she flicked her tongue across the softness of his fur until she found one pink taut nipple waiting for her, her tongue flicked over it and it grew harder instantly. A low growl escaped his lips as she started to shift her weight further down his body. She moved to the other nipple and sucked on it lightly.

“Jesssss” he hissed hoarsely as she continued down his centre but he pulled her back up to him and in one motion rolled her onto her back and pinned her down. Shifting one leg in-between hers he leant down and kissed her parting her lips with his tongue delving deeper into her.

“Jon!” she panted her face still flushed with their last sex afterglow, he brushed back her chocolate locks from her face and left her mouth kissing down her neck, her body arched instinctively towards him as he continued his assault down her middle, cupping her right breast lightly he took her nipple into his mouth.

“Oh fuck!” she exclaimed, Jon chuckling briefly hearing her cuss for the first time. His other hand slipped down and he found her wetness, wanting as he slipped two fingers into her slick folds.

“God, Jon...Please!” she moaned thrashing her head from side to side grabbing out to the sheets as a brace of the onslaught she was now experiencing.

His fingers continued to heighten her and he’d easily found her g-spot that had been untouched for many months now. He felt her building, her legs were clenched tight against the now sticky sheets, her breathing was raspy and urgent but still he kept going.

“Come on baby, just let go for me” he said moving his attention to her other breast kissing the tender flesh that surrounded her nipple, until he took her all is his mouth his tongue teasing her, stroking and flicking the hard nub.

“Jon, god, Jon…. Oh my god!…” she cried as her body shook violently, Jon held her as she contracted around his fingers, she cried out again and again as the waves swept over her, crashing her into the oblivion of her womanhood.

Once she stopped Jon joined her again at he the head of her bed, her body was thick with slick sweat and her thighs soaked in her own juices that had broken free.
He looked down at her as she closed her eyes catching her breath back; there really was nothing more beautiful than a woman that was in her afterglow. Her brown eyes soon met hers, he smiled longingly at her.

“You are so beautiful Jesse Adams” he whispered as he kissed her lightly on her forehead tasting the salty remanets of her sweat.

Jesse felt her cheeks flush slightly, she knew she was an attractive woman, but there was something the way that he said it, looking at her dishevelled and sweaty, and his eyes told her he’d meant every word of it.
She reached up to meet his lips and slipped her tongue in initiating the kiss this time; she could feel his impending hardness on her thigh.
She shifted so she could wrap her legs around his waist drawing him closer to her.

“Jesse, I need to feel you” he said as he reached out to the night stand and grabbed a foil packet, as ungraceful as the movement was he quickly shielded himself and hovered over her.

“Jon, I don’t know if I can, I mean……” she giggled feeling embarrassed. She’d not had this much sex all in one hit in a long time.

“Oh you can trust me on this one, baby, I will take it slow” he grinned as he entered her in one swift movement and then as promised he took it slowly, slicing in and out of her at a slow pace.

Feeling her walls take every inch of him in, Jesse felt and heard the slow rumble of the groan from his throat.
“God this feels so good” he moaned, his head back and eyes closed and his long neck was exposed her to lean up and kiss slowly down to his collar bone, she nibbled lightly on that, excreting a louder moan to escape from his lips.

“Jon, faster!” she panted feeling her urge growing near.

“Are you sure?” he asked wanting nothing more than to drive her home right now.

“Mmm hmm” she bit down on her bottom lip. The vision was enough and Jon drove it home pumping her for everything she was worth.

“Jess, god, oh fuck!” he cried as his seed spilled into the safe confine of the condom.

“Yes! Jon, oh god!” he nails dug hard into his shoulders; he pulled her right leg up over his shoulder to have more access into her.

“God, yes, yes! FUCK!” she exclaimed as she finally let go, an animal cry was let go and Jon held her tight as she came tumbling down from the orgasmic high she had felt.

A few moments past as they both caught their breath back. Jesse laid her head back and let out a low laugh.

Jon chuckled and not really used to expecting that after sex lay beside her, as he slipped out of her.

“I am scared to ask, but what’s so funny?” he asked with a grin running her his fingers down her shoulder.

Jesse turned over so they were facing each other still, each sweat clad body against the other.

“Jon do you seriously know what you do to a woman?” she asked seriously with a gleam of cheek in her eye.

He chuckled “Well I do try” he admitted breaking out in a grin.

“That was incredible” she breathed stroking his cheek feeling the slight stubble tickle the tips of fingers.

“I am glad” he said meeting her in a kiss. The slow rumble of his stomach came between them.

Jesse chuckled “I am going to have to feed you aren’t I?” she asked patting his flat stomach.

“I’ve got all I need right here” he said nipping at her earlobe sending her nerve ends reeling.

“Well I need to eat, so you coming?” she asked as she pulled herself from his grip and pulled her navy satin robe on and walked out leaving him watching her shapely body exit the room.

He smiled to himself, as he picked up his jeans and pulled them on and followed her out.


Hathor said...

I'll bet he knows JUST what it is he does to women -- even when he isn't touching them! That was a nice chapter; steamy and sweet all at the same time. Glad Jesse took the plunge with Jon.

Tara Leigh said...

Looks like she's making up for lost time, huh? Hell, I'd need sustenance after a nice bought of sweaty sex too!

Sweet and sexy all wrapped up in one lovely chapter.

Joviswoman said...

Ok wasn't going to post again for a while, but damn it that was just scorchingly HOT!

*pootles off for a cold shower or six*