Friday, April 18, 2008

Chapter Twenty

Jon drove Jesse away from the hustle and bustle of the city. He’d made a call prior to them leaving so when he pulled into a deli that was just on the outskirts of the city. Jesse was surprised when he came back to the car with a huge picnic hamper that looked like it was packed tight.

“I thought we would need some supplies” he said as he put them on the backseat of his car.

“Wow – what is in there?” Jesse asked amazed at the size of it.

“Just wait and see” he chuckled before pulling out on the highway again, around ten minutes later he pulled off the road onto a dusty driveway that went onto some land that looked like no one occupied.

“Where are we?” Jesse asked looking around.

“Don’t worry I didn’t bring you here to kill you” he teased. Jesse slapped his knee playfully.

“That’s not what I was thinking” she laughed.

“Trust me” he said as he drove on for another few minutes. They finally came to a small river that ran all the way as the eye could see. He stopped the car.

“Here? Is it safe?” she asked unbuckling her seat belt.

“Relax, I know the owner, its private land and I have an understanding with him if I ever need to get away from it all, I come here. I used to write out here occasionally, bring the kids out here when Dot was driving me up the wall” he added not mind sharing that with her.

“I can see why it’s gorgeous and it’s so far away from everything” she said climbing out of the car and stretching her legs. Jon popped the trunk and grabbed a woollen blanket and picked up the basket.

“Follow me milady” he said as he walked into the distance and came to rest under a large oak tree that draped over the river. Laying the blanket down he motioned for to sit.
She scuffed off her sandals and sat down cross legged while Jon lay down the basket; he did the same and kicked off his shoes. Opening the large cane basket he pulled out a bottle of wine and two plastic wine glasses.

“I’ll pour, you get the food” she chuckled as she took it off him.

“Hungry are we?” he asked with a grin.

“Well I have been busy” she said with a smirk.

“Indeed you have” Jon agreed as he paid out two plastic plates and soon an assortment of breads, smoked chicken, pasta salad and brie cheese filled the plates.

“Holy hell Jon, how much did you ask for?” she said pinching a piece of bread and chewing on it.

“Enough, you aren’t in a rush are you? We’ve got all day, I see the kids later tonight, but till then I am all yours” he said, he trailed off almost asking her if she wanted to meet them, but he wondered if that would be too much too soon for her, so he didn’t.

“Is it hard not living with them, you know and being able to see them everyday?” Jesse asked layering some cheese and chicken on her bread.

“More than you know, its hell. I am lucky as I said Dot lets me pretty much come and go as I please to see them and they do stay with me when she does her work things. But I guess one day if she dates again that may change, as in the free entry to the house” he chuckled.

“This is true, how would she feel about you dating? And the kids?” she asked biting down on her sandwich, the rich flavours the chicken and brie filling her mouth.

“I am dating now am I?” Jon asked raising an eyebrow at her smirking.

“Maybe” she said as she continued to eat with a small grin on her face. Jon just suppressed his laugh through a smile. She was amazing, she really was.

Jon picked up his plastic wine glass and half lifted it to her.
“To new beginnings and very pleasurable company” he said very poetically.

Jesse smiled and returned her glass to click with his.
“I will drink to that” she agreed. Hey both took a sip and continued their chat about life and things in general becoming more and more relaxed in each other’s company.
Jon was about to suggest a walk down the river, when a loud grumbling engine that was familiar to Jon’s ears ripped through the peaceful silence.

“What in the hell-“Jon stared as the black hummer came into view and parked next to his car.

A tall sauntering figure sprung out of the driver’s side.

“Well hey hey, look who is here!” he shouted across the way at Jon.

“Oh God” Jon groaned as Richie started sauntering over to them with a guitar in one hand, in loose jeans and a black hooded sweater., his hair fell loosely around his face.

“Hey bro, what are you doing here?” Jon asked as he stood up and gave Richie a brief hug.

“I thought I would get away for the day and pen some ideas for when we are in Nashville and I haven’t been out here in forever, but I see you bet me to it” he said flashing a huge Richie typical grin in Jesse’s direction.

“Jesse, finally good to meet you” he said, Jesse stood up.

“You too Richie” she said putting out her hand. Richie scoffed and grabbed her off guard and gave her a huge hug.
“Kidd’s lady doesn’t get handshake from me” he said as they pulled apart.

“So you two kids came out here for some privacy huh?” Richie said wiggling his eyebrows.

“Sort of, but you might as well stay for lunch now that you are here, I have heaps of food” Jon said gesturing to the picnic blanket with food.

“As long at you don’t mind, I wouldn’t want to be getting in the way” Richie snorted.

Jon jabbed him in the ribs, Jesse couldn’t immediate help but notice their camaraderie and ease with each other.

“No you won’t be, we were just-“but Jesse cut Jon off.

“Richie we would love you to stay” she said, Richie just raised an eyebrow, a woman that knew how to over ride Jon already. This would be interesting.

“Alright you got me darlin, I am starving” Richie said sitting down and helping himself to a plate and piling it high with food. Jon sat back down next to Jesse and resumed his meal.

“So Kidd all set for Friday?” Richie asked Jon.

“Yeah I think so, I need to pack but that won’t take too long, and of course my visitor will have to work out when she can come down for a bit” he said nudging Jesse softly.

“Ah yes, Jon told me you were coming, I hope you do know the rules Jess, when we are away recording all wives, or girlfriends have separate rooms, and we have an unspoken rule, no sex, just deters the mind from all the creative flow” Richie said serious as he could.

“Well I have no issues with that, I am coming to see-“but she was cut off.

“Don’t Jess, Jesus Sambora you are full of shit sometimes!” Jon said throwing his crust of bread at him. Richie snorted. And Jesse blushed realizing she’d fallen for the dark haired guitarist’s ploy.

“That will keep you know” Jesse said winking at Richie.

“Oh you are a little feisty one aren’t you? Well I look forward to it” he said winking.

“So, you are going to play something for me?” Jess asked Richie pointing at his guitar. Richie smiled.

“Now how can I resist that?” he said picking his guitar up, he sat it across his legs and strummed a few chords before striking a soft sensual melody, Jesse leaned back into Jon who embraced her from behind as they both sat back and listened to Richie’s little melody. He played for a good ten minutes losing himself in the moment, with just the sound of sweet acoustic filling the silent air.

Richie stopped when he noticed Jon was stroking Jesse’s arm and placing small kisses on her neck.

“Now, I feel like one of those old men at an Italian restaurant that comes out and plays the violin for a romantic couple” Richie said making puking motions with his fingers up to his mouth.

Jon and Jesse both laughed.
“Sorry bro, but was that new piece, that was really poignant” he said complementing his partner in crime.

“Why thank you, it was a little something I have been working on, but we need some lyrics” Richie said thinking out loud.

“We’ll think of something” Jon assured him. Jesse was fascinated the way they both seem to blend and toss around ideas so quickly, the mark of two people that had been in the business a very long time.

“You got your guitar here?” Rich asked Jon.

“Yeah it’s in the truck but I don’t think we need that as well” Jon said not wanting to turn this into a work session with Jesse here.

“Oh, no go get it, I would love to see you play” Jesse said urging him on.

“Really? Well ok, be back in a minute, and Rich behave yourself” Jon said as he walked back towards the car. Leaving Jesse and Richie to talk among themselves.


Kiwigirljbj said...

Fantastic Tresca! Keep it coming, love it! Maxine :-)

SoulGirl said...

Thanks Maxine :) as always glad you are enjoying it!

Tara Leigh said...

Ok...dream come true?
Can I go on a picnic and end up with Jon and Richie serenading me please?


Sweet scene. Jonny's got some tricks up his sleeve yet. ;)