Monday, April 7, 2008

Chapter Nine

Jon led her out and opened the door to the car making sure she was seated in the plush interior of his sports car before closing the door after her.

Jesse sat there buckling herself in; her mind was in a daze. The kiss just moments before had left her bedazzled. She wanted nothing more than to let go with Jon, it felt right, but it felt so wrong to Jason as well. She knew that would eventually come to this crossroad, she hadn’t expected to so soon, with the internet dating, it was more to keep people from hassling her and she never expected or wanted anything more than a causal date. But the way he looked at her, and the way he poetically kissed her, had her wanting for more.
She was interrupted in her thoughts by him climbing in the other side.

“You ok babe?” he asked gently wanting to make sure she was ok, he didn’t want to scare her off at any instance, especially not now, when he knew every waking minute that his attraction to her was growing stronger.

“I am fine Jon, so where are taking me?” she asked

“Ahh now that would be telling” he said as he clicked the ignition into life and started pulling away from the complex.

They drove for longer than it seemed to the outskirts of Sayreville chatting about things and learning about each other a little more, Jon mainly talked about the band and how things had changed so much in the music industry in the span he’d been involved in it and she did the same about fashion and the cut throat industry she was in, till Jon finally pulled into a dusted track that led to a stone cottage type building with a few cars parked outside.

“I hope you like Italian, as that’s where we are” he said as he unfastened the seat belt popping hers at the same time.

“Love it” she replied as she went to open the door on her side.
"Wait wait, let me at least pretend to be a gentleman this once” he said as flew around to her side and helped her out of the car.

“Why thank you Mr Bon Jovi” she said.

“Actually it’s Mr Bongiovi to you” he said with a smirk.

She raised her eyebrows “That’s your real last name? Wow, its very, Italian” she replied realizing where his interest in Italian food probably came from.

“You got me” he said flicking his palms out to the air to face her.
They walked in to a very secluded restaurant. The waiter recognised Jon immediately.

“Mr Bon Jovi, what a surprise” he looked over the far side of the room

“Your usual is available” he said smiling at Jesse.

“Thanks, that would be fantastic Guy” he said as Guy now showed them to a secluded booth in the corner. No one really could see them as the backing of the booth faced the restaurant with the exception of the entrance. Lit with a very broken in candle in a wine bottle the table was delicately set with all the trimmings. They were seated.

“Jess did you want a wine? What do you drink?” he asked as Guy waited for their order.

“Anything, you choose” she said

“Guy we’ll take a bottle of your finest Merlot to start with” he said to the waiter, Guy nodded and rushed away.

“This place is amazing, I didn’t know it even existed” she breathed taking in the warm dim intimate surroundings.

“Its one of the best kept secrets, and I love it” Jon said. Jesse couldn’t help but wonder how many dates he’d brought here. Or if he’d frequented the place with his wife, it didn’t bother her, as she could see what attracted him to the place.
Guy brought back the wine and poured two generous glasses after Jon tasted and approved the selection. The sass and class oozed from the man, Jesse clearly could see that.

“So you’re off to Nashville next week?” Jesse asked taking a long sip of the wine, the smooth rich warm liquid easily sat well with her.

“Yes, I am very excited, it will be so good to get back to it, we all are really excited” and then Jon’s cell phone buzzed as if he knew he was being talked about.

“Sorry” Jon mouthed as he answered the call.

“Mr Sambora, how can I help you?” Jon asked in a professional tone.

Richie snorted “I’m sorry I didn’t know you were in an audience with the queen right now” he laughed at his friends address to him.

“No I am not, well not the British one” flashing Jesse a grin, “but I am at dinner” he said making Richie milk him for the information

“Dinner? You didn’t say anything about dinner, who ya with?” Richie asked

“Someone” Jon said winking at Jesse in good spirit, she could see instantly just from the one sided phone call the repore that he had with Richie.

“Ohhhh its Jesse!” Richie said rather too loudly. Jon tried to hide his embarrassment.

“A bit louder Rich I don’t think the old couple over the way heard you” he said.

“Sorry Kidd, how did that happen? What the hell happened this afternoon?” he asked knowing that was not even on the agenda.

“It just did” Jon simply answered not wanting to tell Richie he had tried to come up with plans to get their paths to cross before finally thinking of one.

“Can I talk to her?” Richie asked

“What? No” Jon said laughing. Jesse held out her hand for the phone.

“God you are loud Sambora, here she is” Jon said handing the phone to her.

“Sorry about this” Jon said embarrassed.

“You’ve met my best friend, its only fair” she said as she took Jon’s phone and placed it to her ear.

“Hello Richie?” she asked

“Hello darlin, how would ya be this evening? I hope my little brother is behaving himself” Richie jibbed.

“I am very well thanks, and yes, that he is. He is being very sweet” she added

“Kidd, sweet?” Richie’s snort filled the earpiece again.

“Sorry Jess, hey can I call you Jess? You can call me Rich, hell you can call me anything you like” he said flirtatiously, Jesse knew it was just his way instantly it wasn’t sleazy as most guys would sound.

“Jess is absolutely fine, Rich” she said

“Well that’s fan tiddly tastic, now you listen if he steps out line, you just let me know, and if you get bored with him and want to trade up, you know where I am” Richie said officially. Jesse burst out laughing. Jon looked worried, often Richie’s brashness didn’t sit well with newcomers, but it seemed Jesse was taking in her stride.

“I will keep that in mind, nice talking to you” she said handing the phone back to Jon.

“I am not even going to ask Rich, anyway I will call you tomorrow” Jon said wanting to get back to his date.

“Yip do that Kidd, you lucky bastard, her laugh is sexy as hell” Richie said as they hung up.

“Sorry about that” Jon said turning off his cell phone, no more interruptions tonight.

“He’s great, I am only sorry I wasn’t coherent enough to meet him in person that night at the bar” she said.

“Well I will make sure you get the chance, it’s an experience” Jon said as he flipped opened the menu.

“I look forward to it” she said with a grin not meeting his gaze reading the menu, but Jon caught it alright.

After generous servings of cannelloni and garlic bread they opted for the Tiramisu with freshly grounded coffee.

“I have never eaten anything so amazing” Jesse swooned as she wrapped her lips around the fork holding her dessert.
Jon chuckled.

“You know you wouldn’t be a woman if you didn’t orgasm over desserts” he chuckled.

“Hey” she said mock offended

“Its just so damn good, and the best part is…” she trailed off enjoying the rich sweet taste of the dessert before continuing, licking her lips.

“Is that you don’t have to cook it breakfast in the morning” she finished. Jon was mid coffee sip when he choked.

“You ok?” Jesse asked acting concerned knowing he was absolutely fine.

“You woman, are insatiable, you really are” he said freely. And I love it he continued in his head.

She smiled and too soon they were back in his car driving back to her place. It was late, she didn’t want the night to end, but she didn’t want to go to that place that a date generally did, and probably more importantly a date with Jon Bon Jovi did. She had never enjoyed company more than she had tonight, just someone being there, that seemed to understand her, their passions for their career, and their equalled drive for success and perfection made her appreciate him even more. They arrived back at the complex, Jon walked her to the door, his stomach was doing flip flops, and he knew he had to leave her at the door tonight, if he ever had a chance with her. She turned to him.

“Thank you for dinner and you really didn’t have to pay” she said

“Oh yes I did, you’re going to make me the best father in the world in two weeks time” he smiled down at her.

“I hope so” she said she took a deep breath.

“Thank you Jon, I really did have a good night, in fact the best in awhile and the best dinner in forever” she added.

“You are very welcome, and it was my pleasure, and maybe we could do it again, soon?” he asked not wanting to press her. But he didn’t need to.

“I would like that” she said. She looked up at him and reached forward and brushed her lips against his cheek. She knew she wanted more, but something inside her was pulling at her screaming at her to hold back. He savoured her kiss, taking every inch of his will not to force her kiss back. He waited till she unlocked her door.

“Goodnight Jess” he said quietly to her “Sweet dreams” he said as he went to turn around and walk back to his car. The sound of the door closing didn’t come.

“Jon?” she called out into the darkness. He stopped and turned around walking back to her, she was leaning against the door, her body slightly trembling, and she looked scared as hell.

“What is it?” he quickly asked concerned. Her brown eyes were brimming thick with mist.

“Will you stay with me? And just hold me?” she asked.


Romaine said...

Hey Soulgirl,

I love your story!! I hope you will post the next chapter soon!! Please don't keep me waiting too long ;-)
I think it's about time that she find's a nice man who holds her and makes her laugh! Jason would want that too!


Tara Leigh said...

Great first date! I love it. And the ending...mercy. All that delicious male at your fingertips?

Not a hardship.

Wonder how hard it will be for it to be just comfort?

Hathor said...

Hey There! I've been lacking in the reading department; finally trying to get caught up -- these last two chapters were fantastic.

I can feel the pull between resistance and complete submision that Jess must be feeling. Missing her husband, but trying to move on with her life. It came across very clearly.

The interaction w/Richie was funny and sweet. I can just imagine his voice saying those things -- it's very realistic. I'm off now to find out why she's so scared...

~ Hath