Saturday, April 26, 2008

Chapter Twenty Six

“We’ve been over it every damn possible way and it just doesn’t fit” Jon cursed frustrated as he hurled the pencil across the studio.

Richie shook his head “It didn’t sound that bad Kidd, once David’s solo is in there it will flow much better” Richie tried to offer but he knew Jon was a perfectionist so what was the use.

“No, I am not happy” he grumbled.

“No shit” Tico piped in.

‘What?” Jon asked him blue eyes of steel staring him down.

David stood up “Look Jonny boy, you’ve been a shit for a good few days here now and I am usually not one to say this, ok, so I am. But you seriously have got something up your ass” David said.

Jon looked at his curly blond-haired keyboardist and shook his head
“Shit, I am sorry guys, I have been an asshole” Jon said as stood up.

He hadn’t meant to be, composing and writing usually came so freely to him, especially here in Nashville but there was something that niggling away at him. Jesse.
He’d confided in Richie over everything that had happened and even Richie agreed Jon had done the right thing, but now a week later and he hadn’t heard a word from her. He’d picked the phone up so many times and then put it back down; he was stubborn and determined to give her space but he had in the back of his mind that she wasn’t coming, hell she hadn’t rung to ask about hotel rooms, nothing. His hope was fading.

“I need a cigarette” Jon said as he grabbed his pack and walked out of the room.

The band waited until he’d gone. David turning to Richie.

“So still no word from the lil lady huh?” he asked. Richie shook his head. He’d told the band most of the situation as they had a right to know and it made them more likely to put up with Jon’s moods in this process.

“Nope, nothing, he’s lost hope around it, but you know Kidd, needs an answer now, I am surprised he left it to her to make the choice to be honest” Richie admitted as usually Jon was so coming forth and straight up.

“I haven’t seen him like this since him and Dot started to fight, he’s so wound up and erratic” Tico observed.

“I know, I just hope that she makes her mind up, because the boy got it bad” Richie chuckled as he watched Jon disappear out onto the grounds.

Jon walked slowly onto the pathway that led out to a reserve behind the studio. He ran his hand through his hair and shook himself off. Why hadn’t she called? Nothing not even a hint of what was happening in her mind, he was starting to go crazy and the guys were starting to pay for his mood swings. He knew it. He swore since Dot that no other woman would wind him up like this, but she sure wasn’t just no other woman, her beauty and sass overwhelmed him, they way she laughed and the way her nose scrunched with it, the way that her heart poured through her eyes, she was so in tune with herself, and so sexy, and the way she.. Well yes he smirked to himself, Jesse Adams had for sure hooked and sunk him, and there was no doubt about it. The question was; was she going to reel him in?

Jesse’s flight to Nashville was pretty uneventful, her last week had been manic to try and finish the winter collection before now so she could take this trip. She had meant to ring Jon but things just had got in the way, so she thought she would just turn up and hope he’d be pleased to see her, she’d also completed Steph’s clothes and had those to give to Jon, they had turned out better than she hoped for so at least if he’s changed his mind she could give him those at the very least. She smiled as the cab pulled into the studios where they were recording; Jon had emailed her all the details of the hotel and studio if she needed to get hold of him.

Armed at the studio she asked for Jon at the reception with her bag, the receptionist just looked at her and made a call not bothering to reply to her.
“Someone will be out in a moment” she confirmed. She just nodded, her hands starting to tremble a little.
A door opened in the far corridor and a tall figure came out, clad in jeans, boots and a black button down shirt, she recognised it as Richie.

“Well hello there little darlin, this is a surprise” he said as he flashed her one of the famous Sambora charms.

“Hi Richie, nice to meet you again” she said politely.

“Like wise, come on through, Jon is just out at the moment but he will be back any minute, and can I just say thank god you are here” he chuckled as he led her into a pin coded door.

Jesse looked confused as she followed him in, Richie stopped before going any further.
“Darlin, he’s been acting like he’s got his period for days now, he’s going nuts waiting for you” Richie said softly.

Jesse felt her cheeks flush. “I am sorry, I didn’t realize he was so wound up, time just slipped by, I did mean to call” she said.

“Oh relax darling, he’ll be a new man now, now come and meet the guys” he said as they walked into the main part of the studio her gaze fell on two other men, one with tight curly blond hair and deep blue eyes and the other man bulked with experience his face worn yet soft, short dark hair framed his face with just as dark eyes to match.

‘Well heaven must be missing an angel” David chuckled. Jesse smiled at the man's warm manner.

“Hi guys, I hear I may have been the reason for a very cranky lead singer” she sad slightly embarrassed.

“Bella, we are so pleased to see you” Tico said coming over and kissing her on the cheek.
Admiring her slender figure dressed with jeans and a woollen black coat topped off with some stiletto boots, Kidd really did know how to pick them. Her chocolate brown hair cascaded in waves around her shoulders held back from her face by the pair of sunglasses on her head.

“I’m Tico and this here is Dave” Dave soon followed suit and kissed her on the cheek as well.

“The pleasure is ours Jesse Adams” David said, she was impressed he knew her full name.

“Likewise, its good to meet you guys, how is the recording and things going?” she asked looking around the room noticing paper strewn for miles, guitars, leads anything you can imagine.

“Well it will be better now that Jonny has his muse here” David grinned. She blushed slightly. David’s view fell to outside the window as he saw Jon sauntering back.

“I just had a cunning plan, Jesse baby, you mind playing along?” David said as he led her to the sound booth which was a little out of view from the main room.

“Just wait here a minute, trust me it will be worth it” he winked as he walked back into the studio.

Jesse chuckled she had no idea what he had planned but she was curious so she sat and waited as her gaze fell on the man in question himself. Dressed in a pair of jeans and a Soul football shirt he came back in, her heart started pounding in her chest.

“You right now Jonny boy?” David asked.

“Yeah I am, thanks guys, I know you’ve put up a lot with this shit from me in the last few years” he said as he picked up his acoustic guitar.

“It’s ok boy, we know you are just worried about the lil lady” Tico said.

“You’d give anything to have her here right now wouldn’t ya?” David asked teasing him.

Jon tuned the guitar “Yeah Dave anything” Jon muttered as he tried to tune the guitar.

“A thousand bucks?” David asked winking at Tico and Richie.

“What?” Jon asked confused but then nodded “Yeah, a thousand bucks” Jon repeated, hell he’d give just about anything to be able to see her right now.

Jesse saw where this was going, and walked out of the sound booth.
“Is that all I am worth to ya?” she asked raising an eyebrow with a smirk on her face.

Jon’s eyes shot up to her as he connected with her soft brown eyes and snorted “You assholes” he chuckled.


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I'm glad she made up her mind! Jon really loves her.