Monday, April 21, 2008

Chapter Twenty Two

They lay in each other’s arms just enjoying the simple pleasure and after glow of their little frolic. After feeding each other more food and wine, they decided to pack up and head back home since it was late afternoon and Jon needed to be seeing the kids tonight, as his time was becoming limited since he was heading to Nashville soon.

When they got back to Jesse’s apartment the small dull ache settling in her stomach, of his impending departure again. The day had been wonderful in every way, and she was finally able to relax completely with him. Her anxiety slightly showing, Jon smiled to himself, secretly pleased that she was starting to rely on him being there just as much he was starting to rely on her company.

“How about a coffee? If you have time?” she asked as she dumped her bag down and once again refilled the perk and switched it on. She didn’t want to sound too obvious but Jon didn’t hesitate.

Jon smiled “Sure honey, I would love that” he said as he sat down on the couch and watched her go about making their drinks.

“Can you do me a favour?” she asked him as she handed a steaming cup to him before settling into the couch beside him.

“Anything babe, what is it?” he asked sipping the drink, god did she know how to make good coffee. Dot always had made it too strong or too weak, but she seemed to have this nailed.

“When you are with Steph tonight, is it possible to grab a jacket of hers you know that fits her well?” Jesse asked him.

“Oh sure babe, no problem at all” Jon replied placing the cup down. He turned to her and lightly brushed the hair falling in front her eyes.

“I really enjoyed today, well hell the last few days” he said quietly, his sincerity of voice touched her heart.

“I have too Jon, I really have, it’s been a relief to finally, I don’t know, live” she admitted.

“Well I am very pleased to hear it and I am the same, I haven’t really felt-“he stopped this time to think through what he was going to say.

“Since Dot, earlier on, I have forgotten what just being with someone is like, to just“he chuckled “live” he finished matching her grin.

Jesse felt her Dutch courage taking over again, her senses started to reel at the close smell of him, the muskiness off the man mixed with a hint of spice tickled her nostrils. The smell very much reminded her of how Jason used to smell. She leaned in closer and her lips tickled his neck. A bemused smile played on his lips.

“Is there something you want?” he asked with a smirk, starting to enjoy this side of Jesse as she became braver with him.

“Uh huh” she murmured as she kissed down his neck and slipped her hand up his shirt to feel his warm flesh. Jon chuckled.

“You want to make me late don’t you” he groaned as his head fell back, her lips found his ear beneath the sandy brown hair.

“No, I want to make you scream” she whispered and she found on of his nipples buried beneath his tangle of fur.

“Jesus woman” he cursed lightly under his breath as he felt the now all too familiar stretch of his denim as he started tightening. Her other hand rubbed down across his girth, making him jump.

His lips hungrily found hers, as a throaty moan escaped his throat as his cock began to harden at her touch, so hard it was starting to ache for release. Jesse pulled back holding his eyes and pulled herself off the couch, not leaving his gaze, she pulled her t-shirt off her body and dropped it shamelessly on the ground and soon her jeans were in a pile at her feet as she delicately stepped out of them, still their gazes held, blue eyes burning with lust and brown eyes burning with desire clashed as she was left standing in her satin navy lingerie set. Jon took in every inch of her, she was beautiful, her long toned legs stretched up to her curvy hips and the flow of creamy skin up her flat stomach up to her breasts was staring to call to his primal urges.

She turned around and walked away still looking over her shoulder as she started ascending the stairs, her gaze still locked with his till she turned away and walked up the rest of them.. He finally managed to move himself out of the sexual hypnotic trance he was in as he followed her up the stairs. When he got to the top of the stairs he saw that she was already lying on the bed one, knee up.

Jon threw his top off and then started with his jeans; he stumbled as he tried to get them off his feet and almost landed on the bed.

Jesse snorted.

“You won’t be laughing in a minute” he warned with that famous Bongiovi smirk.

He finally shucked his jeans away and lay on her gently and pressed his lips against hers, finding her tongue as they began to dance with one another intertwined in their mouths, his hands glided over her body sending shock waves to her core. His hands soon found her panties and slid them down her legs.

“Wont be needing these, uh uh” he growled as his mouth burned down on her thighs planting butterfly kisses along the line from her hip to her aching wetness.

Jesse inhaled sharply as she felt his warm breath on her thighs, and the anticipation of what was to come next slowly drugging her aroused mind. She felt his hands slid up to her breasts and caress them with the most loving touch.

“Jon” she cried aching for his touch.

“I know, my love, I know” he said as he buried himself deep within her and his tongue soon found her swollen clit, as he began long hard strokes.

“Oh god!!!!” she screamed. Jesse felt a slight giggle whisper against her thighs.

“See I beg to disagree Darlin, on who will be making who scream” he remarked coyly.

Jesse fisted the sheets as still he continued, her mind had slipped away from reality, and back into the land of what once was regular pleasure and love making, god it felt so good. Nothing was better than a man’s touch, especially this way; to her there was nothing more intimate so as she came she cried out.

“Jassssssooon” it escaped from her lips all too soon.

Jon froze as she came, and as if someone had shot an arrow right into his heart. He stopped completely dumbfounded. The wave of nausea swept over him, and the shock of her face registered quickly.

“Jon I-“she stumbled as he got up off the bed in a hurry and threw his jeans on and pulled his t-shirt on top of him.

She called out his name? After everything in the last few days?

“Jon! Please I didn’t-“tears started welling up in her eyes as she pulled herself off the bed and pulled her robe on racing towards him.

“Please, I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to-“but Jon cut her off.

“Save it Jess, please. I wondered if you were truly ready for this, I really did” he said with a tone of discontentment before continuing. He looked at her his stance softened.

“I’m sorry, this is not your fault, its mine for thinking that you ready to move on and that you were actually starting to fall for me, not look at me as a substitute for your husband” venom shot out of his mouth and straight in her heart.

Jon felt a sharp sting as her hand connected with his cheek.

“How dare you say that, you have no idea what it’s been like” she said as tears starting to fall down her cheeks. Jon turned and walked down the stairs, he just had to get out and clear his mind.

“Jon!” Jesse yelled as she followed him down the stairs “Jon please don’t go! Not like this” she pleaded as he grabbed his keys and phone and walked towards the door.

He turned to her briefly before he opened the door.

“I am sorry Jesse, I am sorry that you didn’t find what you were looking for” he said as he walked out and slammed it hard. The sound resounded through to her heart. Tears escaped her eyes and slid down her cheeks as her body slid down the door to a crumpled heap as she cried her heart out.


Anonymous said...

Well Shit! I am like shocked but then again not shocked. I am glad I came back on here to read this.

Alice Faye

Maxine :-) said...

OMG! My heart dropped. Wasn't expecting that but then again......

Okay, don't keep us waiting tooooooo long girl!!!

Romaine said...

Oh my God, I feel so bad for Jon. She didn't mean to hurt him. I hope he will calm down soon and talk to her before he leaves.

Great chapter! I didn't expect this to happen.

Please don't keep us waiting too long for the next chapters.

SoulGirl said...

Thanks guys :)
I know itw as alittle shock for ya.

So glad you are enjoying the story and all comments are appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Omg. I thought she´d do something like that in the beginning but not now. I feel sorry for them both.

Anonymous said...

Just found this story tonight and it is now 1.30 am I have to get up in 5 hours, have to go to bed, goodnight, and please keep writing, thank you (although I am sure I will not be thanking you when my alarm tries to wake the dead later on this morning)

SoulGirl said...

Aww thanks :)

I'm glad you're enjoying it! And yes, LMAO get some sleep! Plenty more for you to read hehe.

I need to do some more this week too!

Thanks so much for commenting ;) Made my day!


Leigh said...

Ok just found your story OMG I'm glad though that you added a bit of drama to it!!! HOLY CACA!!! It's awesome though can't wait to continue :)