Sunday, April 20, 2008

Chapter Twenty One

Richie watched his friend walk out of ear shot.

“So Jess, Jon looking after you? Cause if he doesn’t you just let me know” Richie said jokingly but with a hint of seriousness.

“He’s been great Richie, perfect” she said as she watched him pop his trunk and pull out his guitar.

“Pleased to hear it, because I haven’t seen him so damn happy since about since least a year ago” Richie said honestly. Jesse smiled a thank you for the compliment.

Jon came back and sat down with the black acoustic guitar.

“So what you boys going to play me?” she asked teasingly as she sat back savouring what now lay before her.

“Any requests?” Richie asked raising his eyebrow at her, his brown eyes sparkling.

“You guys pick, you’re the experts here” she said as she picked up her wine and took a long sip of it.

Jon nodded and Richie returned it as they both started their slow strums and Jon’s voice started crooning the lyrics out.

It’s all the same, only the names will change
Everyday it seems were wasting away
another place where the faces are so cold
I’d drive all night just to get back home

Richie joined and harmonized with him

I’m a cowboy; on a steel horse I ride
I’m wanted dead or alive
Wanted dead or alive

Jon strummed and looked up at Jesse, catching her warm glow of admiration.
Richie watched on as the two of them looked at each other. He smiled and bowed his head shaking it softly.

“Hey Kidd, I just remembered I need to check out a couple of things before Nashville so I best be doing that now” Richie said. Jon looked quizzical at his friend.

“Rich, you don’t have to go” Jon said.

“Oh yes I do” he chuckled throwing a wink at Jesse. She smiled a little confused at why he suddenly was leaving.

“I was enjoying that” she protested.

“Darlin, you will see plenty more of that in Nashville I promise, come and hang out with us in the studio for a bit, but it does get boring” Richie chuckled.

“I would love that, really” she replied.

Richie rose taking his guitar with him, Jon rose with him, and they met in an embrace.

“You’ll thank me later” Richie snorted in his ear.

“Later gorgeous” he smiled to Jesse as he walked back to his hummer.

Jon say back down still a little worried, but his questions were soon answered as Jesse leaned forward to lightly push him down on the blanket which took him by surprise, she rose above him and laid herself down on him pressing her body against his.

“I want you” she whispered, not really sure where this confidence was coming from, seeing him performing, at just a glance, sent her nerve endings reeling as his sultry vocals had pierced her soul.

Richie’s hummer soon burst into life and with a toot of the horn it was gone.

“Baby, what’s brought all this on?” he chuckled as his hands swept into hair as pressed his lips against hers.

“Seeing you, just seeing you sing like that” she whispered as she continued kissing down his neck running her tongue lazily across his Adam’s apple. He elicited a small groan as she continued; she lifted up his t-shirt and began entwining her fingers through his silky soft fur.

Jon glanced around to make sure they were alone and thank god it was private land, he usually didn't risk this but something was telling him to do so. His heart was pounding loudly in his chest as he realized the huge risk he was about to take, which just made the whole situation that much more arousing.

Her lips found his sweet nub and she sucked on it lightly bringing him to life under her.

“Jessss” he hissed as he arched up instinctively. Her other hand ran down his chest across the dip in his stomach and down to the beginning of his jeans where she flicked the button and found his warmness now waiting for her touch.

“Baby, please... God Jess you don’t-“

“Hush you” she whispered as she kissed him hard, her hand now freeing his shaft from the confines of his denim and stroking it softly in her hands.

“Oh fuck me” he groaned as his eyes snapped shut and head arched back, her mouth soon found his nipple as she flicked and stroked him at the same time.

His body was on fire, he felt trapped, vulnerable and unable to move due to the sensations that were firing across his body, and her warm touch was incredible on his flesh. Her lips left his nipple and she kissed further down his chest into the dip of his stomach her hands slid around to his jeans and pulled them all the way, his gaze met hers as she looked up at him and grinned before descending her wet desire down on his shaft taking him fully into her mouth. Jon reached out and fisted a bunch of grass in his hand.

“Sweet lord” he muttered as she began to lick hard down his shaft.

His other hand found the mop of her brown hair and he tangled himself in her hair urging her on.

Licking, sucking and biting gentle she started a quick pace on his shaft that she felt him buckle underneath her.

“Jesse, please not yet –“he whimpered not wanting to let go her, he wanted to make her feel just as she was making him feel right now. His mind being hazy and pleasure started to wash over him.

Jesse stopped briefly and looked up at him, his tortured face matched the unrest omitting from his body.

“Let it go, let me win” she whispered as she took him back in her mouth.

“God, Jesse, please mother fuck-“he bolted his hips as he felt himself give his sweet release.

She felt him cum at her mercy, his hot seed spilling into her mouth, she pulled away.
Resuming lying on top of him, he grabbed her neck and pulled her to crash on his lips, tasting himself on his lips; he pulled away and rolled her so he was on top of her.
He spared no time pulling her tee up to reveal her soft flat stomach as he laid his sugar down across it moving up to her breasts; biting through the satin fabric he teased them.

She groaned and arched her back.

“Jon” was all that escaped her lips.

She had never felt so good having a man’s lips on her body like his. His fingers quickly found the buttons of her jeans and made easy work of them to let his hand slip inside. One finger, and then the other.

“Ohh god Jon” she cried as she gripped his hair. His hand freed her bra clasp so he had full access to her breasts. Swirling his tongue around his nipples his fingers continued to assault her slick wetness.

“So wet baby” he mumbled into her breast. She pulled his shoulder up so he rose above her; she hooked her arm around his neck and kissed him hard pushing through his lips as she moaned his name over and over.

Jon had her on the edge as she bucked and cried out hoarsely. Her pupils dilated as she came back down to life. Jon watched her return to life under him. He chuckled.

“Earth to Ms Adam’s, you there?” he whispered. She found her focus as the final waves of ecstasy washed over her body and looked up at him, his blue eyes shining into her own, matching every bit of intensity she had felt.

“Jon I – “she stopped, she didn’t know how to say it without him getting the wrong idea too soon.

He smiled “Its ok, I know, and me too” he replied stroking her hair back from her face.