Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chapter Eighteen

Jon had walked down the stairs into the dark kitchen below which was dim until
he flicked on a light and notably thanking that they had pulled closed the blinds before bed last night since he was wearing nothing right now. He found the coffee canister and added it into the perk before refilling it and switching it on.

Leaving the gurgling pot he strode back into the living room while he waited for it to brew.
Walking along the large bookcase he noticed a photo album, knowing he shouldn’t look without her permission, he quietly opened the pages which were filled with her memories, from adorable child candid snaps to her life with Jason. He smiled at how happy she looked in his arms and noted the undeniable sparkle known as love that gleamed in his eyes as well. He closed the album and placed it back in its place, and now smelling the string aroma of warm coffee sauntered back into the kitchen and poured two mugs of coffee and continued to walk lowly back up the stairs.

Jesse had been laying back, she’d called work and now was a free woman for the day, and she felt guilty for all of five minutes remembering what she had to look forward to for the day and who she was spending it with. A small part of her told her she was still so unsure of what was happening, but the rest of her controlled by the very content loved body she was now resting told her she should just enjoy this as long as it was destined to last. Closing her eyes for a second with a small smile on her lips she wasn’t aware of Jon coming back into the room.

“Hey no sleeping on the job missy” Jon teased as he placed a mug down on her side of the bed.

“I’m tired” she grumbled sleepily chuckling.

“Sit up” Jon ordered, Jesse did and watched how Jon pulled her blinds open so that the sun was coming streaming into the top level of her apartment through the bay window onto the bed.
He climbed behind her and wrapped himself around her so she was lying back against his chest, and he was leaning up against the headboard his legs were wrapped around her waist. Handing her coffee back to her, he grabbed his as she leant back into him.

“I could stay like this forever” she commented while she stared out the window.

Jon took a sip of his coffee “I couldn’t agree more with you baby” he said, Jon was also looking at a gorgeous view, but it wasn’t outside the window. How did it become that he felt so relaxed with this woman in only a matter of days, when he fought for years to come only close to feeling like this with Dot.

“What did you want to do today?” he asked her.

“Well I can’t go out someone will see me from work” she laughed.

“Not the places I know” he said knowingly. Always looking for places to escape the mainstream of reality he knew a few good spots that were shielded from people.

“Ok, I trust you” she said as she ran her hand down his leg that was draped across her belly. It omitted a small growl from Jon. So she rubbed it just a little further up his thigh.

“You’re very naughty Ms Adams” Jon growled into her ear putting his coffee down.

“Did you want me to stop?” she asked innocently as she felt his warm breath on her neck.

“Nah, don’t stop” he said flexing his arms around her middle pulling her closely.

“God Jon-“she started to talk but then stopped

“What is it? You can tell me” he said encouraging her tightening his grip around her.

“I just, I mean…I guess what I am trying to say, is that I have missed this so much” she admitted hopefully not sounding like a hopeless sap.

“I do know what you mean though. I really do. I was just thinking that myself. The last few years of my marriage I can’t actually remember when I did this with my wife.
I mean we were still close, physically but it was more a chore, or to convince ourselves we were still in love, when we weren’t” he admitted to her openly.

“Believe me I kind of know what it’s like. I mean Jason and I were happy, but when he first was enlisted god, did we hit a rough patch and he was never home and away, and it just got harder, till I decided enough was enough and put my foot down. And he changed after that” she explained.

“Well he was sensible, Dot kind of did the same to me, but I went the other way and decided to leave” he replied.

“Well I guess we may have the chance to try this again, …maybe” she said smiling.

“I am glad you feel that way as I certainly do” he said kissing the side of her temple.

The sat there just happy to be in each others company and enjoy the silence that on this occasion was warming. Occasionally touching each other sensually, kissing and snuggling. Jesse piped up.

“I do feel like going out” she said as she tried to move from his grip to get up.

“One condition” he said as he purred in her ear.

“What’s that?” she asked feeling herself grow warm just at his low huskiness.

“I have to have shower” he said “And I am not sure if I can manage that on my own” he said suggestively in her neck as he licked her collarbone. Jesse shivered.

“Well we can’t have you not managing, I am sure I could assist you” she said coyly as she finally pulled herself away from him and walked towards the bathroom. Jon took no time following her flipping the bed covers to the ground as he went.

She flipped the shower dial until the shower started to fill with steam. She was about to turn around but Jon took her off guard and pressed her hard against the shower wall, the warm water falling on them both. His lips found hers urgently as he slipped his tongue past her lips and teased her tongue with his. She moaned and rested her hands on his thighs.

“I want you so bad” he murmured into her mouth.

“I thought you needed cleaning” she giggled as she wrapped her arms around his waist.

“Oh I do baby” he replied as he picked up the soap that was on the shower rack and rubbed it down his chest; he picked her hand up and placed it on top of the soap. He then moved her hand down his chest slowly so that the soap slid down through his mat of fur. Slowly he started circular motions; the sheer intensity of the touch was killing her. He moved the soap off him and onto her chest and placed his hand over it and began producing a thick lather over her chest, he moved to her breasts and lightly scrubbed them making sure to skim her nipples a few time.

“Oh god” she moaned as she threw her head back against the tiles, Jon moved his soapy hand down her abdomen to her flat stomach, rubbed her belly gently before continuing leaving a long line of suds down to her nest of curls.
Jesse quivered as the intensity of sensuality became an intensity of want.

Jon dropped the soap letting it fall to the ground and slipped a finger into her slippery and now soapy wetness. She grabbed onto his shoulders jerking them towards her to hold onto him. Slipping another finger into her she moaned his name.

Lifting her leg up around his waist she hooked it over his hip giving him better access to her. He slithered his index and middle finger into her slowly contracting her.

“Jon” she whimpered as she was about to crumble in the man’s arms.

"That’s it baby; just let it go for me” he whispered. Her other hand slid down to his warm wet member and she embraced her hand around his sturdy length beginning to stroke him in rhythm to him pulsating her.
He let out a deep rich moan from the bottom of his throat.

“Shit, Jesse” he swore as he had to brace himself against her as she continued her assault. Finding her mouth his lips engaged hers and he kissed her with a force that was not to be reckoned with leaving her breathless. She could feel herself starting to climb.

“Yes, yes, Jon, that’s it, GOD!” she screamed as she buried her head into his shoulder.

The vibrations became more urgent as she stroked him harder feeling his release near with how hard she was being crushed to the wall by him.

“Jesse, harder Jess, harder, please!” he cried as she felt his release and his warm seed spilled into her hand quickly washed away by the still warm water elapsing over their bodies, Jesse felt her release as she held on tight to Jon’s neck gripping her now free one against his hip.
He reached down and took her nipple in his mouth the faint taste of soap didn’t deter him.

“Oh god, fuck Jon, fuck!” she cried as the now familiar wave of ecstasy washed over her. She clung to his body for dear life as they rode over her.

Breathlessly she looked up at him. His face was flushed and his eyes were burning with desire.

“I love you” he said quickly, Jesse felt her whole body turn cold.


Romaine said...

Wow, that was intense...
I am curious how she reacts to Jon's confession?! Please don't keep me waiting too long for the answer!!

alfaifie said...

I just wanted to leave you a comment and tell you that this is a total guilty pleasure for me and I'm enjoying every chapter! Please keep 'em coming. :)

SoulGirl said...

Aw thank you so much, I always appreciate feedback and that people are enjoying the little journey I am taking, that's awesome :) I am really enjoying writing it so plety more to come.

Tara Leigh said...

Holy Hanna!
He said that FAST.
He thought she was a runner before? Is he trying to make her fly out her own damn door? LOL

Intense and sexy chapter, darlin'.