Friday, April 25, 2008

Chapter Twenty Five

After Jon left that night Jesse was changed, she knew he was right and she had to decide what she really wanted as it was fine for Jon to be supportive and patient but it wasn’t fair on him if she really wasn’t willing to try and let go of her past and try and move on with him.

The next morning she knew Jon would be leaving for Nashville, he was spending the morning with the kids so she got up and showered have feeling much better than she had the night before. She needed to get dressed and get to work, Kia had left her a note convinced enough to leave her, but she would come and meet her lunch today at work.
As Jesse got ready to leave the house there was a knock on the door, she wondered who that was at 8am in the morning so she swung open the door to a courier holding an oversized bunch of red tulips and a package.

“Ms Adams?” he asked, she nodded and signed for it carrying it inside and she placed the flowers on the table and opened the small card that accompanied it.


Don’t be afraid to follow your heart, I’ll be here
Whenever you’re ready


She couldn’t hide the smile that escaped her lips, he’d sent her flowers with a very heart felt note, she quickly put them in water and then opened the package which she recognised to be a jacket and pair of jeans she was guessing belonged to Steph, just like she’d asked with another note.

As requested, looking forward to your creations, she’ll love them


She smiled and tucked both of the notes into her purse and headed out the door.

Lunchtime soon came around as the morning flew past with talks of designs and the winter collections. Jesse looked up as her office had been invaded by her best friend.

“I come bearing gifts” she announced as she carried an assortment of Chinese boxes.

“God you are a lifesaver Kia, you really are” Jesse said closing her portfolio she had been testing some sketches on and placing it to the side of her desk.

“I know, so how are you doing?’ she asked as she embraced her friend as she placed the boxes down.

“Yeah I am doing better thanks Hun” Jesse replied as she started inspecting the boxes.

“Soo heard from Jon?” she asked, she was dying to know, as when Jon had left last night he didn’t allude to what he had discussed with her, he just said that things were better and he was giving her a little space which Kia thought was a good idea.

“Not exactly, but a bunch of tulips showed up on my doorstep today” she smiled.

‘God lucky woman, first you get a rock star, and now he’s a god damn romantic as well, I am so jealous” she pouted with a grin only Kia could do.

Jesse laughed “Yeah he is romantic” she sighed a little starting to think about his suggestion about Nashville, Jesse hadn’t given it any though but she knew she couldn’t avoid it for too much longer.

“Kia, he asked me to come to Nashville for a few days” Jesse said picking up some noodles with her chopsticks and chewing on them.

Kia raised her eyebrows. “Well, that might not be such a bad idea you know, you haven’t been anywhere since Jason died” she said honestly. This could be just what Jesse needs to kick her into gear Kia thought.

“There’s more to it, we had a talk last night and we’re all good but he only wants me to come if I am ready to move on with him” Jesse said pausing again thinking about the impending decision she was yet to make.

Kia’s eyes widened “Wow, Jess that’s a tough one, but I can kind of see his reasoning” she said honestly hoping she wouldn’t flip out at her agreement with Jon. He had been more than patient with her in her eyes.

“Oh I know, I agree with him, I mean he should have given up on me days ago” Jesse said “But he never did” she said.

Kia took a deep breath. “Jesse yesterday when he came around, he told me he loved you, I was kind of taken back, but honestly girl, I think it’s sincere” Kia said truthfully.

Jesse smiled. “Yeah he told me that a day ago and I flipped out but, I think” she paused not wanting to talk.

Kia put down her food and looked at her friend honestly.

“Jesse it’s ok if you do too” she said, instinctively picking up her friend’s feelings.

“I don’t know if its love Kia, I mean I really do like him, a lot, he’s sweet funny, sexy, charming...”

“Good in bed” Kia finished for her.

“Kia! I never said that” Jesse laughed feeling her cheeks flush.

“Ah but you didn’t say he was bad either, and plus please girlfriend that damn glow you’re wearing has been there for days” Kia laughed.

Jesse conceded laughing “Ok he’s not bad” Jesse said biting her lip.

Kia burst out laughing “Liar, he’s damn freaking fantastic isn’t he? you hussy” she accused.

Jesse nodded. “Uh huh” was all she could manage as her cheeks flushed as she recalled the many ways that Jon had made her flush over the last few days.

“I hate you so much” Kia laughed. The two friends laughed and talked more about the wonder that was Jon.

Kia got up and looked at her watch “God I better go babe, but ring me later, when you decide what day you’re going to Nashville, I can take you to the airport.

Jesse raised her eyebrows “Who said I was going?”

Kia smirked “You’re going and you know it” she said.

Jesse nodded, she was, and she knew it. Something inside her had finally clicked, whether it was the uncertainty of never seeing him again that did it to her, she was going as she knew it was indeed time for her to move on, and move on with Jon, who she knew as much as she was afraid to admit it. She was falling in love with him.


Anonymous said...

Wow I check everyday and here it is! Great chapter! Love the tulips! very hot right now instead of roses! Then again tulips...two lips...ahhhh

Alice Faye

SoulGirl said...

Thanks Alice :)

Glad you are enjoying it so far!