Sunday, April 6, 2008

Chapter Eight

Jon watched her pour the coffee into two mugs, Jesse was very aware of the pair of smoky blue eyes that were firmly on her, she felt a little uncomfortable but it wasn’t in a bad way.
She handed one out to him and he took it from her, his fingers lightly brushing hers.

“So tell me, Steph, what is she into, tell me about her, I always like to get a feel for my subject” Jesse said as she sat down in the chair crossing her legs to reveal some very creamy shapely legs, Jon couldn’t help but stare, and he knew he’s been busted when he met her gaze and her eyebrow was raised at him with a smile on her face to match.

“Uh right, sure” Jon said snapping back to life and sitting down and telling her about Stephanie, he didn’t realize that he started rambling what a great girl she was, before realizing a good fifteen minutes had gone past.

“Sorry” he chuckled. Jesse beamed.

“I can tell you are very proud of her, and love her a lot. It’s very endearing” she said. And sexy she thought.

“I do, all of my children. I love more than anything in this world. When you become a parent, just things before that seemed so important, are so not anymore. Your whole perspective changes, the reason for breathing does too.” He explained hoping he wasn’t gushing too much.

“I can only imagine” she said softly trailing away in thought. Jon wanted to slap himself going on so much, when he realized she was thinking about how short changed she probably felt right now.

“Anyway, I think I know what I want to do for her” Jesse said breaking the poignant silence. She stood up.

“I am thinking some jeans, I will do some embroider pattern on them, just in stitching, but it would be subtle, and then a leather jacket – kinda like the one I was wearing, it’s a more vinyl looking jacket with an edge” she trailed off deep in thought, Jon could tell she was calculating exactly in her head how it would look. It was killing him watching her passion come through her eyes. One thing Jon was attracted to was passion for career, like him he was very serious about what he did and he loved every second of it.

“That’s sounds perfect, she would love that” Jon said knowing she really would.

“So how much do I owe you for all that?” Jon asked her softly.

“Well I haven’t even made it yet, and I am sure I can do discount, for my knight” she said not believing she just threw a wink at him.
Jon caught the wink and it sizzled quickly on his soul.

“How about dinner?” he asked, he hadn’t meant to say it out loud but it just came right out. He sat bracing himself for the answer sure she would refuse.

“Dinner would be nice” she replied after thinking about it. Jon smiled broadly.

“Excellent, but the place I was going to take you doesn’t accept satin robes” he chuckled. She flushed a little having forgotten all this tikme she was still in her robe.

“I will go and get changed then” she said throwing the cushion at him before running up the stairs. At the top of the stairs her heart was racing as she leant back on the bedroom door closing her eyes.
What was she doing? She freely was so comfortable being in this man’s presence, she never questioned once his motives for being here. It was weird; there was an aura of calmness around him. It was just where they both needed to be right now it seemed; a little companionship never hurt a man and a woman before did it?

Jon waited downstairs, he walked over to the table where all her designs were, sketches littered the table, he marvelled over the sketches that were littered across the table. She really was talented. Stray pieces of fabric dotted the table, some had been sewn, and that she had been obviously matching and trying out different combinations.

His attention turned back to the walls of pictures and designs, and his eyes again fell on a different one, it was a black and white picture of her and obviously Jason sitting on the beach, looking at each other, oblivious to anyone that was around with that look, every couple wanted to have for each other. Jon sighed. Most of him felt sorry for their love lost, but a small, teeny part was glad he now had the chance to get to know her better. He almost didn’t hear her come back in, it was her spicy provocative he could smell first. He turned and his breath caught in his throat. She was wearing a light black slip dress that rested about her knees hugging her curves all the way down and notably accentuating her breasts, with a white chiffon scarf around her neck and killer black heels to match, her hair was loose around her face.

“You look amazing” he said

“Thanks Jon, it feels nice to dress up again” she admitted freely to him. Just then as if on queue I’ll be there for you came on the CD player.

“May I?” he asked as he held out his hand to her. She nodded placing her hand in his. She looked unsure but Jon pulled her in slowly and placed his and on the small of her back bringing her stomach to push lightly against his groin, he slowly swayed her leaning forward and slowly at a whispers edge whispered into her ear swinging her slowly.

I’ll be there for you,
These five words I swear to you
When you breathe I’ll be the air for you
I’ll be, I’ll be there
For you

Jesse felt her whole body tingle with goose bumps the throaty huskiness of his voice that vibrated in her ear and warm breath on neck almost made her knees buckle but she fought through it. He pulled her back and looked into her eyes, she had a longing clearly there, for someone to hold her just like he just had, her eyes were slowly glassing over deep in emotion.

He leaned forward so slowly never taking his eyes off hers for a second, as with just one hint of uncertainty he would pull away; she closed her eyes just as his lips were inches from hers. He brushed his lips so lightly across hers; just catching what was possibly berry scented lip-gloss, on the edges of his own lips. The kiss was so light that it almost like it never had happened. He slowly pulled away and smiled at her. She smiled back, he knew this was such a big thing for her, he wasn’t about to push her, as one lone tear slipped down her cheek he wiped it softly away with his thumb and kissed the tear away on his own thumb.

“So ready for dinner then?” he asked moving his arm to her shoulder showing her the door. Jesse couldn’t even muster a yes, so she just nodded as she grabbed her purse flicking the lights on the way out.


Tara Leigh said...

Well done!
Sweet and romantic as all of us women like it...and touching that it was her obviously her first kiss that wasn't her husband, without even saying it.

GREAT job!