Saturday, April 5, 2008

Chapter Six

Jon kept walking around the block to the apartment complex that he called home. He actually owned most of the building but he lived in the penthouse which is secure and had a built in studio that took care of all needs.

“Hey Danny” he said as he breezed past the doorman.

“Hey boss, the guys are already up in your place, hope you don’t mind me letting them in” he said. Danny was new so he was still apprehensive about whom and who not to let into Jon’s place.

“Goes without saying, unless of course you know I have a lady in there” Jon winked as he caught the lift up. He was soon opening the door to the expansive apartment, hearing laughter coming wafting in from the kitchen.

“Make yourselves at home” he chuckled as he walked through to the kitchen where the three men he called brothers and his band mates were.

“Hey look who finally decided to join us” David ribbed.
Richie just smirked.

“So where were you all this time? Huh big guy?” he asked sipping a beer that they had all helped themselves to out of his fridge.
Jon ignored Richie and acknowledged Tico.

“Hey Teek” he said patting him on the shoulder.

“Hey Teek nothing!, spare us the bullshit, where were you last night, Rich tells us that you were at a young damsels place” Tico beamed.
Jon reached for a beer out of the fridge and popped the cap.

“We aren’t going to move on from here are we?” he jokingly asked his band.

“Na uh, now spill” David demanded as the three of them sat opposite Jon at the breakfast bar in the kitchen.

“I just stayed there with her, on the chair till this morning and then I had to tell her what happened to her last night, since she couldn’t remember and what the hell I was doing in her house” he explained.

“And……………” Tico started. Jon smiled.

“I had breakfast with her, and we talked about things. Turns out she was meeting that creep from a dating site on the internet” he explained.

“The internet, she’s hot, why would she have to use the internet to get a date?” Richie asked surprised.
Jon sighed and looked down at his beer, he ran his hand through his hair.

“She’s a widow, he husband was killed in Iraq about six months ago” he explained.

“Christ, that’s just awful” Richie muttered shaking his head. Watching Jon talk about her, he could see he had already crossed the line of caring about a woman to make her safe, to caring about a woman for who she was.

“Are you seeing her again?” David asked enquiring

“No, I gave her my card and we said goodbye, it was kinda rushed” Jon said recalling the hurry they experienced.

David grinned “You want to see her again though don’t you” he said winking at the other two.

“Oh now come on, I won’t say I don’t, but yeah.. She’s…. “He trailed off. Beautiful.

Tico just chuckled to himself. It was about time Jon had something to distract him from the divorce and being lonely.

“You know, bro, because I am nice, and I mean you did stay with her. You can have her” Richie said his eyes dancing. David snorted.

“Oh why thank you Richie, but she isn’t mine. It’s not like that, I just want to –“

“Save her? Be her hero?” Tico asked, knowing how Jon operated. He loved to be wanted and feel like he had a purpose in his relationships.

“Hey, now that’s not fair” he snapped a little too quickly. And then he realised Tico was joking.

“Sorry” he muttered.

“Its ok Kidd, just do what you want to do with this” he said sipping his beer.

“Now anyway – aren’t we here to discuss the important things like lets record this album” Richie said changing the subject seeing that they were all starting to push Jon’s buttons a little.

“Yes Rich, indeed, I will need to organise some time in the studio in Nashville” Jon said returning to his business tone like voice.

“Already done, spoke to Mac before it’s ours from Friday next week for as long as we want, well up to a month at first” Richie explained.

“Great sounds good, that will give me time to get some affairs in order” Jon said.

“Or started” Tico chuckled. David elbowed him in the ribs.
Jon just rolled his eyes; he knew the guys loved taking him to town, especially now he was single. They all chatted for the next hour sorting out where they would be in a week’s time. After everyone had left again Richie stayed behind.

“So Kidd, what are you going to do?” Richie asked

“What do you mean? Probably take a shower, and then go and see the kids” he replied. Richie rolled his eyes.
“Noo about Jesse” he asked

“What do you mean?” Jon asked nonchalantly.

“Oh come on Kidd, twenty odd years I have known you’re ugly mug, I know when you’re hooked, it’s my job” Richie nodded officially.
Jon laughed.

“Well I don’t know Rich, I don’t know about this one. It’s different. We’ve both had a lot of shit and I am not sure she is even ready to move on from the hell she’s been through, I think she’s just trying to make the people around her think she is” Jon said going back to his conversation with her.
Richie just nodded. Hook line and Sinker. Jon was sunk. He could tell.

“Well my only advice, and you know my advice on woman is always tenfold” Richie snorted. Jon grinned and beckoned him to continue.

"Is go for it, try that old ancient approach called… friends, I think its when a man and woman spend time together, like each other but for now that’s all it is, I have no idea what that may be like” Richie said looking off into the distance trying to imagine it till a smirk broke out over his face.

“You’re one of a kind Sambora, and you know what?” Jon asked.

“What’s that Kidd?” Richie asked grabbing his keys.

“I wouldn’t change ya for the world” he said Richie smiled and they met briefly in a man hug.

“Ok Kidd, say hi to the tribe for me, call ya later” he said as he exited the room.

Jon quickly showered throwing on some fresh jeans and a Soul hoodie and driving around to Dot’s place to see the kids, he’d said he would probably be over sometime to see them. He spent a good couple of hours there with his children learning about the latest video games and even challenging Jesse to a game or two and getting a list off Stephanie what she wanted for her upcoming birthday. Designer clothes, all the modern teenager needs. Then it clicked. Clothing, Jesse... an idea formulated in his head spreading a huge smile across his face at the same time.


Tara Leigh said...

Sneaky Jonny finding some way to get her back into his life. ;) Just like the clever man he is.