Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Chapter Three

Chapter Three

Jesse had no idea where she was when she woke up as the sun was hitting her living room windows, her head felt heavy and her eyelids even heavier. Before she opened her eyes she stretched out on the couch and extended her toes, her eyes let themselves open slowly and gradually she adjusted her vision, her head was pounding and her eyes adjusted to the so called haze she was experiencing, rubbing her eyes she sat up and realised she was on her couch, the memory of the last night came rushing back, she had met Sam at the bar, but that’s all she could remember, she turned around to pull herself up off the couch and froze when she realized she wasn’t alone. A man was in her chair, asleep, and she had no idea where he had come from and what he was doing here. Sucking in her breath scared it would wake him if she breathed too loud, she took him in, his head rested on the side of the couch, eyes closed, his strong jaw line framed by sandy brown hair, her eyes ran down his long neck, and deep blue shirt that was slightly opened at the top, showing off his chest hair which was ample, finished with jeans and some worn looking cowboy boots. He looked familiar but she couldn’t place him, she just wanted him out of her house as she had no idea how he got in here. In an instant all plans and ideas on how to get him out were gone as a light buzzing sound was protruding the silence of the room, he moved, and reached for his cell phone, immediately realizing she was awake. Looking down at his cell phone and flipping it open.

“Look bud, now is not a good time, I will call you back” he said as he shut the phone again. She couldn’t help notice his piercing blue eyes.

“Uh, hi, please don’t be afraid, I am not here to hurt you, and nothing happened last night, I just wanted to make sure you were ok, as you were very sick” he said gesturing to the bowl on the floor. Jesse’s eyes adverted to the bowl and back to him; she pulled the blanket back over her as if it was some protective shield.

“Who are you? And what are you doing here?” the crack in her voice gave away she was a little more than scared.

Jon quickly adjusted to the bright light that was shining in and got up and kneeled before her on the floor placing a hand on her knee.

“Honey, you were drugged last night at the bar, you’re blind date turned out to be an asshole, and I just wanted to make sure that you got home ok, as you were gone…” he said almost whispering not wanting to scare her anymore than she was.
The genuine glow in his blue eyes calmed her immediately; she remembered her date, Sam.

“Oh God” she moaned putting her face in her hands more from embarrassment than anything.

“Hey its ok, my buddy and I were there, I saw him do it, so we told him to leave and he did, after a little persuasion” Jon winked touching it with a little smile.

“Well thank you – ah-“she went to say his name and realized she didn’t know it.

“Jon, you can call me Jon, Jesse” he said as he got up and sat back in the chair giving her some space, flashing her a warm smile as he did.

“Jon, thank you. You probably saved me from something really really stupid, and possibly heart scarring” she said sincerely.

“It’s ok, really but whoever set you up with him needs a good slapping” he said with a chuckle.

“That would be me, not my finest choice, but I met him on an internet dating site” she blushed. Jon raised an eyebrow.

“Jesse, this is none of my business but why on earth are you on there, you know there can be some real losers out there, its dangerous, and besides, I find it hard to believe a beautiful woman like you cant get a date” he said, she felt her cheeks flush.

“Jon, you have no idea, I just haven’t…” she trailed off he didn’t need to know the whole sad story of her life. Quickly she changed the subject.

“How did you get me home, I mean my address? Did I tell you?” she asked confused as she walked towards the kitchen which flowed on from the living area and switching on the coffee percolator.

“Uh, well that’s an interesting story, how about you make us a coffee and I will tell you over it, if you want” Jon added hoping not to press her. She smiled.

“Sure it’s the least I can do” she said as she pulled two mugs out from the cupboard, he couldn’t help but stare at her, her brown wavy hair was thick with morning tousle, and she was still in her dress from last night hat fitted her very well, for first thing in the morning after being drugged she looked amazing. It clung to her in all the right places.
He was so caught up he didn’t hear her.

“Milk, Milk Jon?” she asked again grabbing his attention.

“Ah no, thanks darling just as it comes is fine” he said returning to earth, she bought back the two mugs of coffee.

“So wanna tell me how you got here?” she asked handing the mug to him and sitting opposite him again.

Jon chuckled, and commenced to tell her the entire story of the night. By the end of it, her face was burning.

“Oh god, seriously I am so sorry Jon, I should have been more careful, and I am surprised Kia gave you the address” she said as she knew Kia was cautious of any man Jesse was interested in at first.

“Well I convinced her I was only looking out for you” he added.

Jesse nodded “You do have a soothing aura about you, I must admit” she said hoping she hadn’t said too much.

“Wow a soothing aura” Jon laughed as he took a sip from the mug. He put it back on the counter.

“Seriously Jesse, you have to be careful out there, it’s a bad ass world, I am not now, but I have been there and used woman before, I know what we are like” Jon said to her, before looking around the room and continuing. His sentiment touched her, in a way no one had been concerned for her before and he didn’t even know her.

“So you’re into fashion?” he asked

“Yes, I am a fashion designer, I have my own collections, Jesse Adams” she replied. Now that she said it he had recalled Stephanie talking about the latest jacket or something by someone Adams.
He nodded impressed.

“I work mainly here in Jersey but being close to NY where it all happens, I should move there really the amount of time I go there, but I guess I just haven’t been able to since” she stopped again, Jon met her eyes and pleaded with her to continue but he saw her retract.

“Anyway its home, I can’t leave it just yet” she finished.

“I know that feeling” he said in a way Jesse felt was heartfelt.

“So Jon what about you, what do you do?” she asked. He chuckled and smiled. He hadn’t been asked that question in a long time and truth be told it was refreshing.

“I’m a musician, in a rock band, you may have heard of them” he said a smile playing on his lips.
She waited for him to continue, there was something that was familiar.
They were interrupted by the doorbell.

“Who the hell is that?” Jesse asked heading to the door after discarding her mug on the kitchen bench.

“It better not be that asshole” Jon said suddenly pleased he had stayed.

“He doesn’t know where I live; I am not that stupid she said winking as she opened the door. Jon was about to say he never suggested she was but they were interrupted by a body flinging themselves at Jesse.

“Oh my God! I am so glad you are ok!” Kia. It had to be. A 5”6 blond in yoga pants and a sports crop her hair tied back loosely in a ponytail.

“I am fine, I heard that my knight called you last night” she chuckled as she led Kia in.

“Yeah, I have no idea who he was – but he seemed pretty ok, shifty at first but then-

“Kia stopped dead in her tracks as she realized the subject of her conversation was still here, and more importantly who it was. When Kia received a call from a native Jersey man called Jon, it never occurred to her who was taking her friend home.

“Jon Bon Jovi?” she asked surprised, Jesse looked at Kia confused and then followed her gaze to him, she knew who he was now. Admittedly not a fan as such but she knew of him.

“Yes, you must be Kia, pleased to meet you darlin, see I told you I would look after her” he said proudly.

“That you did, thank you Jon” she smiled warmly at him. Jon was pleased she didn’t flip out like most women seemed to do in front of him.

“Did you want coffee Kia?” Jesse asked

“No, I am off to the gym, I just wanted to make sure you were ok, and it looks like you were, more than ok” she smiled at Jon. She hugged her friend and whispered “Call me” before saying goodbye and thank you to Jon and leaving them both.