Monday, April 7, 2008

Chapter Ten

Jesse almost cursed herself for coming out sounding so needy as she never wanted to do that and give him the wrong impression.
He walked back towards her and stood a few inches apart from her and looked into her eyes, there was no pity or uneasiness there, just warmth seeping from the blue eyes that locked onto her own.

“Sure, I can, if that’s what you want” Jon asked softly giving to the option to opt out in case she’d just said it in the heat of the moment.

“I do, if you don’t mind, I mean I don’t want to-“now she was worried she’d given him the wrong idea about the request. But he just brought his finger and placed it on her lips to stop her talking.

“Shh, you don’t have to explain, I completely understand, and I am fine with it, I am just happy to be with you” he admitted cracking a little smile. Jesse smiled, how was it that he understood how she was feeling and knew how huge of a step this was for her. His hands slid down her shoulders and arms to take hold of her hands he pulled her in slowly to him.

“C’mere” his husky voice pitched lower as he pulled her in close wrapping his arms around her. Jesse closed her eyes and buried her face in his chest, the warmth and soft scent of spice was inviting, she wrapped her arms around his waist. As much as anything she wanted for him to take her to her bed, but the idea scared her senseless as the last person she shared that bed with was her husband.

“Jon?” she asked meekly against his chest her voice vibrating against his skin.

“What is it?” he asked softly kissing the top of her head.

“Can we stay at your place?” she asked, she hated to ask but she couldn’t do it, not just yet.
He pulled away from her and tilted her chin so her gaze met his.

“Of course baby, not a problem” he said as he led her inside.

“Thanks” she said not explaining why, she sensed he already knew.

“I’ll just grab some things for the morning” she said as she went upstairs and grabbed a tote bag from the wardrobe and threw her Giants oversized t-shirt in it, for sleeping in and some clothes for the morning as well as her toiletries bag.
She paused as she went to flick out the light, to look at a picture of Jason that was on the wall. She smiled a small smile and ran her index finger slowly down the glass of the frame.

“It's ok baby” she whispered as she closed her door and went back downstairs to Jon who was waiting for her.

“Coming for the week?” he chuckled noticing her bag. She playfully hit his arm

“Oui that hurt” he said grabbing his arm in mock pain.

“Well you deserved it, I need this, and I have work tomorrow you know” she said defending her oversized tote bag as they walked back outside.
Jon drove about thirty minutes till they pulled into a large apartment complex.

“You live here?” she asked amazed as she had always wondered who occupied this modern building that was right in the centre of town.

“Yeah I do, I actually own half of it, but I live up the top” he said as he parked the car and again opened her door for her. He slipped an arm casually around her shoulder as they walked towards the lift, in the lobby where they came across Danny.

“Hey Boss” he said tilting his hat at Jon.

“Hey Danny, I want you to meet someone” she said bringing Jesse forward slightly.

“This is Jesse Adams, and in future if she ever shows up here just let her in” Jon said “Jesse this is Danny the head doorman”.

“Please to meet you Ms Adams” Danny smiled and shook her hand.

“Likewise, thanks Danny” she said as they both headed up the lift with Jon’s access to the penthouses. Jesse’s breath caught in her throat as he swung open the door. Panoramic views swept around the room, complemented with open flow from kitchen to living, invited you in, and the apartment was furnished with modern furnishings, a fine leather lounge suite and some tasteful art among photos littered the walls.

“So what do you think? Like my little pad of pretensions?” he joked

“Jon, you couldn’t be pretentious if you tried, and yes, it’s gorgeous!” her attention turning to the pictures beside her on the wall, obviously of his children, the four most adorable children you have seen, brandished with the good looks from their father.

“They are adorable Jon” she said he came over to where she was. He reached up.

“That’s Jesse, Jakey, Steph and this little guy is Romeo” he said pointing each child out to her.

“Three brothers huh? Poor Steph” she joked

“Oh she holds her own, don’t you worry about that” Jon said. Jesse moved to the other set of pictures that were taken probably a few years ago, at what looked like Christmas time of Jon and the boys, all scrambling on his knee and Steph sitting on the arm of the chair. Jon wanted to ask what she was thinking as her brown eyes danced over the pictures as her smiled widened but he didn’t. He loved that she was already captivated with his children.

“So do you want a tour? Or can I get you a wine?” he asked dropping his keys and cell phone down onto the black granite kitchen bench.
She looked thoughtfully.

“Wine and then tour” she said with a smile. Jon nodded and selected two thick stemmed glasses and looked through his wine selection, he selected a Pinot Noir and set to pouring the liquid. He walked back over to her and now she’d found the photos of the band on the wall. She snorted fighting back her laughter, Jon smiled

“Something the matter” he asked as he handed her the glass. He grabbed the remote which flicked on the small gas fire in the room and also the sound system that was built in came to life. Bruce Springsteen burst to life over the sound system.

“One Jersey boy to another huh?” she asked with a chuckle

“I’m much better looking though aren’t I?” he asked brushing up against her.
Her attention was back at the pic that was taken in Vegas around 1989.

“Your hair is just so... Thick and long!” she said giggling. Jon laughed at her.

“Hey come on, wasn’t it sexy?” he purred to her in a joking manner.

“Oh for sure, I am sure you lured some ladies back with that mane, did it ever get in the way?” she asked again looking at the other pics.
Jon choked on the sip he had just taken. She didn’t look at him, she just smirked.

“Oh you are bad woman” he said, she didn’t reply except started walking up the stairs to the next level which she assumed where the rest of the place was hidden.
He followed her, the stairs landed on a smaller living area first with a huge flat screen TV mounted on the wall, and a lot of sport memorabilia was clad on these walls.

“Soul huh?” she asked him noticing the trend.

“I am a co owner” he offered her. She just nodded looking at a couple of pics of him and the boys that were from obviously a Soul game.
Jon led the way down the hallway to where door led off in every direction.

“Kids bedrooms, guest bedroom, bathroom, studio, and…” he swung open the door to his room. Jesse looked on with approval. It was a simple yet masculine room, mahogany sleigh bed with a plain white bed cover, with two tall boys and matching bedside drawers, each donned with a maroon lamp.

“Its gorgeous Jon” she said as she peered into an open door which was his wardrobe.

“May I?” she asked, he nodded. He watched her rifle through his clothes obviously looking at the designs he wore. He was captivated watching her look at the stitching and fabric on some of his clothes.

“Your approval?” he chuckled?

“Very very nice, I see you have a lot of David Clark’s stuff” as well as noticing he had Boss and Armani among many other clothes.

“I do – you know him?” he asked her.

“Yeah, I do – he’s a” she paused looking for a word.

“Asshole?” he filled in. She chuckled “Yeah” she said as she closed the door. Jon watched her.

“So did you want to sleep in here?” he asked hoping he wasn’t pressing her. She looked back at the huge bed that looked so plush and inviting.

“It’ll do” she said off handily winking at Jon. He grinned.

"I’ll go and get your things and bring the wine bottle in here” he said as he placed his own glass down on the near by tall boy and leaving the room. Jesse looked around the room and sat on the edge of the bed. Was she ready for this, it wasn’t exactly a huge deal but she’d started to let Jon into her heart even though she didn’t want to admit it. She had. He was just so easy though, she never assumed once he was playing her or anything, half time the time she forgot who he was outside their friendship.

Jon turned out the lights and power downstairs activating the alarm for the lobby of the penthouse and climbing back up the stairs with Jesse’s bag and the bottle of wine he’s previously opened. He wanted nothing more than to walk into that bedroom and make love to that woman like she deserved, but he knew they weren’t there in that place yet. And he had to respect her wishes as she was well worth waiting for.


Romaine said...

Oh Jon is such a Gentleman, I would marry him straight away :-D

Tara Leigh said...

Cool under the circumstances and even though he wants more, he keeps an even keel. Most men would NOT do that.

Considerate man, especially when he's holding a bottle of 'change her mind.'

*sigh* I love him.