Monday, March 31, 2008

Chapter Two

Richie followed Jon out to the parking lot where he had already hailed a taxi.

“Jesus, Jon, do you even know where she lives?” Richie asked assisting her into the backseat with him and making sure she was still breathing, her eyes were partially closed but Jon could tell her they were brown, she leaned onto his shoulder and sighed a little. Her hair now in his face, the brunette locks that smelled like coconut, Jon inhaled the smell before making sure she was secure as Richie climbed in.

“That’s what her purse is for” Jon said

“You want me to go through it?” Richie asked in horror as he’d been told before about the no no’s of going into a woman’s purse. It was a sin.
"We don’t exactly have a choice” Jon pleaded with him as the taxi driver awaited his orders to where to drive them to. Richie opened the red clutch and rifled through the contents scared that something may bite him.

“Oh for Christ’s sake Sambora give it to me” Jon said taking it with his spare arm and using his hand while still supporting Jesse to pull out her wallet. He found her drivers license which told him her name was Jesse Adams and she was thirty five years old. He then found credit cards, library cards, a blood donor card... but nothing that held her address. “Shit” he swore to himself.

“No address?” Richie asked

“Where do you live honey?” Richie asked softly to the woman, she just moaned in response. Jon stared blankly at him.

“What? You got any other ideas?” Richie scoffed. Something in the purse caught his eye.

“As a matter of fact I do” he said producing her cell phone, he flipped it open and scanned through the contacts. Which one did he pick? He checked her text message inbox and there seemed to be a lot from a Kia. Has to be a good friend he thought as he found her number and hit call. It rang for a few times, Richie just watched on in anticipation.
Suddenly a female answered

“Holy shit that was quick – he was an asshole wasn’t he?” she asked unaware it wasn’t going to be her friend on the other end.

“Uh, yeah he was” Jon answered for her.

“Who is this? And what have you done with Jess?” she asked concerned

“My name is Jon, and I have just trying to get your friend home, her date drugged her drink, but we – my friend and I got rid of him, but she is in no state to get herself home, I just need to know where to drop her off” Jon explained. Kia was apprehensive, who was this guy, but yet there was a soothing trusting calmness to his thick Jersey accent.

“I’ll come and get her, that will make it easy” Kia still not letting her guard down, she had no idea who this Jon was, and whether he could be just like the jerk she was meant to meet in the bar.

“Please Kia, don’t put yourself out like that, we’re in a cab now and I just will drop her off make sure she’s safe and leave again, I promise” Jon said to her. Kia took a deep breath.

“Ok Jon, but if I hear of anything else happening, by god... that’s my sister you have in there, well not quite but as close as I have” she said almost cursing she was telling him too much.

“I promise Kia. I can give you my number if you want” Jon said, Richie raised an eyebrow at Jon, they never gave their cell phone numbers out like lollipops as it just led to problems down the road.

“Ok Jon, I will just get a pen” she said. Jon gave her his cell number and Kia rang it while he was on the line to check it rang at the other end, convinced that her best friend wasn’t with some maniac she gave Jon Jesse’s address.

“Thank you Kia, you are a good friend” Jon said as he hung up from her and gave the driver the address.
The driver drove to a small apartment complex not too far from the centre of town.

“We’re here” he said, Jon handed him a hundred

“Can you wait for us, we won’t be too long, and I will give you another of those” he said to the driver. The driver nodded.

“Sure thing sir” he replied as he parked up.

“Coming?” he asked Richie as he pulled Jesse from the cab quietly she was asleep now. Jon lifted her softly into his arms, her scent again drifting into his nostrils. Coconut and something else exotic he couldn’t place.

“Number three Rich, keys are in here” he said handing Richie the purse.

“Ok, god Kidd, when was the last time we had an adventure like this?” Richie laughed quietly as they found apartment three and he found the key that unlocked the door.

“I don’t know, probably when we dragged those drunken girls back to the hotel back in Paris a few years ago, and you know what happened then?” Jon asked with a grin. Richie shivered.

“Oh god, who would have thought she was a man, I mean... She looked PERFECT on the outside” Richie said still shivering from the memory.
Jon laughed and they walked inside and flicked the lights on.

“God I hope she lives alone” Jon commented as he laid her down on the couch making sure her head was raised by the cushions. Richie looked around, the apartment was small but modest black and white photography in frames littered the walls, and materials, mannequins and sewing equipment littered the apartment leading to the kitchen table. Jon looked around at the walls in awe. Each photo was of fashion models wearing assorted clothing.

“Wow” he breathed, amazed at the clothing he saw.

“Okay man lets go” Richie said, as if on cue Jesse stirred a little like something was wrong. Jon quickly realised.

“Oh shit!” he said running into the kitchen and grabbing the first bowl he could find and bringing it back just in time for her to wrench into.

“Oh man... Now if she could have just done that on the asshole who did this to her,
that would have been poetic justice” Richie chuckled.

“Richie!” Jon scolded as he waiting till she had finished and laid her back.

“Rich, I don’t think that I should leave her, you go on home and I can stay keep an eye on her” Jon said. Richie was about to ask him if he was out of his fucking mind but reasoned he would have done the same, if Jon hadn’t offered first.

“Okay Kidd, just be careful and ring me if you need anything” he said patting him on
the back and heading back to the cab driver. He was just about out the door.

“Oh, got the money for the driver?” he smirked. Jon was about to call him a tight ass, but Richie laughed and closed the door behind him.

Jon found a wash cloth and warmed it under some warm water and wiped her face, softly racing along her defined jaw line and pink velvety lips. He stared a little longer, and his eyes ran down her body to her breasts which were rising and falling steadily with her breathing which had now stabilized, she was asleep again. He pulled the blanket was neatly folded at the end of the couch over her to her shoulders. He cleared away the bowl and washed it clean and placed it back beside the couch just incase. Not sure what to do next he sat in the large armchair opposite her and slipped his shoes off, realising that he should have done that for her, he quickly slipped off her sandals and brought his knees up to his chest and decided to try and get some sleep hoping that he would wake first to have a chance to explain why he was sitting in her armchair. He was absolutely crazy to be here waiting for her to wake up and the risk her was taking was huge. But his heart told him it was where had to be right now.


Opester said...

A very novel beginning! I like the interplay between Jon and Richie and the clever comments and humor-well done!