Sunday, April 27, 2008

Chapter Twenty Seven

Jon stood up and walked towards her. He could see she was trembling, his heart soared that she was here, she was actually here. He walked towards her and took her hands in his.

“Hi Baby” he said with a smile.

“Hey yourself” she said as she let him envelope her into an embrace as his lips found hers for a soft gentle kiss.

She pulled away “Sorry I didn’t call” she said as she placed her hand on his chest just resting on the v neckline where his fur was creeping out.

“Don’t sweat it, you’re here now and that’s all that matters” he said running his hands down her side to rest on her hips. He turned around to face the guys.

“Well no need for introduce you, you’ve met the brothers I assume” he chuckled.

“We have” she confirmed watching as the three men watched them curiously.

“Get a room” Richie joked as he watched Jon lean and nipped her ear. Damn he was smitten alright.

“We may just, come on Jess I will take you to the hotel drop your bags off, and you guys can do without me for awhile” Jon said.

“Drop off bags my ass” Tico commented but loud enough for everyone to hear. David just smirked in agreement. She blushed slightly but knew that they were just teasing.

Jon and Jesse left the guys; she would see them at dinner that night. Jon grabbed a taxi and had them on their way to the hotel; he just held her hand as they made the short trip to the hotel. Once they reached his suite Jesse looked at him and cocked a grin.

“I thought while recording you weren’t allowed to have woman in your suite” she mimicked Richie’s comment from awhile back. Jon laughed, putting her bags down next to the dresser and came back and drew his arms around her.

“I make the rules around here baby” he said as he breathed in her scent as he kissed her neck, slowly running his tongue in little circles on her flesh. She shivered as his warm touch made her skin goose. She pulled away before he got too carried away.

“Jon, I need to say something” she said as she pushed his head away to meet her gaze. Soft blue eyes met hers melting her heart.

“You don’t have to Jess” he said softly as he swept her hair away from her face, god she was beautiful.

Jesse took his hand and held it in her own “Yes I do Jon, I just wanted to tell you that” she paused.

Jon watched her, he knew this was hard but he watched as she looked at him with confident eyes.

“I am ready for this Jon; I want this more than anything. I want you, if you’ll have me” she breathed. Jon smiled relief settling into his mind.

“I want nothing more Jesse than that, I really do” he said as he met her in a kiss, she reached up and ran her hands through his silky short hair pulling him closer feeling his tongue slip into her mouth she omitted a small moan. His hands slid up her top onto her bare back, the touch of her skin felt like fire under his fingertips.

Her hands soon left his hair and down his back outlining the contours of his muscles. He started walking her back slowly to the bed, her slight scent of berries mixed in with woman overwhelming him and setting his desire alight.

Pushing her down on the bed he slowly removed her shoes and discarded them on the floor. Opening her legs he shimmied up the bed to lie over her devouring her mouth, slipping his tongue into hers and together than danced, a dance of unrequited love that had finally been set free.

His jeans were starting to tighten in places that only she made tighten as he continued to kiss down her neck and pulled her top up exposing her satin skin as his hands began to roam across her belly and up her abdomen settling on her rounded breasts cupping them lightly through the silky material. She sucked in her breath as his thumbs began to massage her precious pink tips as they hardened instantly at his touch.

“Oh god Jon, I need you, I need you so bad” she breathed as the sensations were starting to drive her to the brink. She reached down and pulled his Soul jersey up over his head and rested her hands into his chest feeling the soft comfort of his fur beneath his fingers. He groaned as her touch on his bare flesh was heaven.

“I need you too baby, I have always needed you” he whispered as he nipped her ear and reached her jeans and unbuttoned them letting his fingers seep easily into her wetness.

“Fuck Jesse” he murmured as he began to drive her with his fingers, she was so warm and ready for him.

“God damn Jon” she said breathing through the sensations that were ripping through her body he gripped his neck and pulled him in for an urgent kiss. His fingers withdrew and his hands slipped her jeans and thong right off her. He unbuttoned his jeans and shimmied out of those letting them fall on the end of the bed. Sitting up with his legs wide he pulled her onto his lap as she wrapped her legs around his waist, her mouth burning against his as they kissed their passion into oblivion.

She could feel the tip of his heat at her entrance but still they teased each other taunting and mimicking their impending love making with their tongues. She reached down and took him in her hand and stroked him gently feeling him grow hard at her touch. His neck became exposed as he threw back his head in ecstasy. She ran her tongue flicking across his Adam’s apple as she continued to stroke him.

He growled as he tried to keep the feeling as long as he could, but soon he pulled away and moved her by the hips so she slid right onto him. His blue eyes burning with a cool fire, and the smirk danced on his lips as he lifted her up and down off his shaft wrapping his own legs around her. His mouth caught one of her bouncing breasts in his warm mouth as he sucked on the tip hungrily.

“Oh fuck Jon, fuck” she muttered as she braced herself gripping on to her shoulders.

He increased the rhythm of their fiery dance gripping into her back, feeling her nails dig into his shoulders he let out a small hiss knowing that he couldn’t hold on much longer.

“Jesse, baby ohh sweeeet Jesus” he cried as she felt his release shatter inside her. She kept moving on him feeling her walls milking him for everything he was worth.

Jon rested his head on her shoulder as he came down from his wave, moving his thumb into her clit to softly tease her, he sent her over the edge.

“Jonnnnnnnnnnn” she cried as she shuddered on him her hair clinging to the side of her face dusted with the sweat that was running down her cheeks.

He looked up at her all flush and her brown eyes diluted and glassy.

He rolled them both down on their side onto the bed, still entangled with each other.
“I love you baby” he murmured in her ear.

Jesse gained some focus and met his crystal blue eyes shining with love and admiration, all for her. A warm calmness swept through her heart, one that she hadn’t felt in a long time.

“I love you too Jon” she replied as she felt her heart flutter. The flutter of giving up one love for another washed into her heart.

His smile met his eyes to hear her words. He had wanted her to come to this conclusion on her own and she had, she finally had.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Chapter Twenty Six

“We’ve been over it every damn possible way and it just doesn’t fit” Jon cursed frustrated as he hurled the pencil across the studio.

Richie shook his head “It didn’t sound that bad Kidd, once David’s solo is in there it will flow much better” Richie tried to offer but he knew Jon was a perfectionist so what was the use.

“No, I am not happy” he grumbled.

“No shit” Tico piped in.

‘What?” Jon asked him blue eyes of steel staring him down.

David stood up “Look Jonny boy, you’ve been a shit for a good few days here now and I am usually not one to say this, ok, so I am. But you seriously have got something up your ass” David said.

Jon looked at his curly blond-haired keyboardist and shook his head
“Shit, I am sorry guys, I have been an asshole” Jon said as stood up.

He hadn’t meant to be, composing and writing usually came so freely to him, especially here in Nashville but there was something that niggling away at him. Jesse.
He’d confided in Richie over everything that had happened and even Richie agreed Jon had done the right thing, but now a week later and he hadn’t heard a word from her. He’d picked the phone up so many times and then put it back down; he was stubborn and determined to give her space but he had in the back of his mind that she wasn’t coming, hell she hadn’t rung to ask about hotel rooms, nothing. His hope was fading.

“I need a cigarette” Jon said as he grabbed his pack and walked out of the room.

The band waited until he’d gone. David turning to Richie.

“So still no word from the lil lady huh?” he asked. Richie shook his head. He’d told the band most of the situation as they had a right to know and it made them more likely to put up with Jon’s moods in this process.

“Nope, nothing, he’s lost hope around it, but you know Kidd, needs an answer now, I am surprised he left it to her to make the choice to be honest” Richie admitted as usually Jon was so coming forth and straight up.

“I haven’t seen him like this since him and Dot started to fight, he’s so wound up and erratic” Tico observed.

“I know, I just hope that she makes her mind up, because the boy got it bad” Richie chuckled as he watched Jon disappear out onto the grounds.

Jon walked slowly onto the pathway that led out to a reserve behind the studio. He ran his hand through his hair and shook himself off. Why hadn’t she called? Nothing not even a hint of what was happening in her mind, he was starting to go crazy and the guys were starting to pay for his mood swings. He knew it. He swore since Dot that no other woman would wind him up like this, but she sure wasn’t just no other woman, her beauty and sass overwhelmed him, they way she laughed and the way her nose scrunched with it, the way that her heart poured through her eyes, she was so in tune with herself, and so sexy, and the way she.. Well yes he smirked to himself, Jesse Adams had for sure hooked and sunk him, and there was no doubt about it. The question was; was she going to reel him in?

Jesse’s flight to Nashville was pretty uneventful, her last week had been manic to try and finish the winter collection before now so she could take this trip. She had meant to ring Jon but things just had got in the way, so she thought she would just turn up and hope he’d be pleased to see her, she’d also completed Steph’s clothes and had those to give to Jon, they had turned out better than she hoped for so at least if he’s changed his mind she could give him those at the very least. She smiled as the cab pulled into the studios where they were recording; Jon had emailed her all the details of the hotel and studio if she needed to get hold of him.

Armed at the studio she asked for Jon at the reception with her bag, the receptionist just looked at her and made a call not bothering to reply to her.
“Someone will be out in a moment” she confirmed. She just nodded, her hands starting to tremble a little.
A door opened in the far corridor and a tall figure came out, clad in jeans, boots and a black button down shirt, she recognised it as Richie.

“Well hello there little darlin, this is a surprise” he said as he flashed her one of the famous Sambora charms.

“Hi Richie, nice to meet you again” she said politely.

“Like wise, come on through, Jon is just out at the moment but he will be back any minute, and can I just say thank god you are here” he chuckled as he led her into a pin coded door.

Jesse looked confused as she followed him in, Richie stopped before going any further.
“Darlin, he’s been acting like he’s got his period for days now, he’s going nuts waiting for you” Richie said softly.

Jesse felt her cheeks flush. “I am sorry, I didn’t realize he was so wound up, time just slipped by, I did mean to call” she said.

“Oh relax darling, he’ll be a new man now, now come and meet the guys” he said as they walked into the main part of the studio her gaze fell on two other men, one with tight curly blond hair and deep blue eyes and the other man bulked with experience his face worn yet soft, short dark hair framed his face with just as dark eyes to match.

‘Well heaven must be missing an angel” David chuckled. Jesse smiled at the man's warm manner.

“Hi guys, I hear I may have been the reason for a very cranky lead singer” she sad slightly embarrassed.

“Bella, we are so pleased to see you” Tico said coming over and kissing her on the cheek.
Admiring her slender figure dressed with jeans and a woollen black coat topped off with some stiletto boots, Kidd really did know how to pick them. Her chocolate brown hair cascaded in waves around her shoulders held back from her face by the pair of sunglasses on her head.

“I’m Tico and this here is Dave” Dave soon followed suit and kissed her on the cheek as well.

“The pleasure is ours Jesse Adams” David said, she was impressed he knew her full name.

“Likewise, its good to meet you guys, how is the recording and things going?” she asked looking around the room noticing paper strewn for miles, guitars, leads anything you can imagine.

“Well it will be better now that Jonny has his muse here” David grinned. She blushed slightly. David’s view fell to outside the window as he saw Jon sauntering back.

“I just had a cunning plan, Jesse baby, you mind playing along?” David said as he led her to the sound booth which was a little out of view from the main room.

“Just wait here a minute, trust me it will be worth it” he winked as he walked back into the studio.

Jesse chuckled she had no idea what he had planned but she was curious so she sat and waited as her gaze fell on the man in question himself. Dressed in a pair of jeans and a Soul football shirt he came back in, her heart started pounding in her chest.

“You right now Jonny boy?” David asked.

“Yeah I am, thanks guys, I know you’ve put up a lot with this shit from me in the last few years” he said as he picked up his acoustic guitar.

“It’s ok boy, we know you are just worried about the lil lady” Tico said.

“You’d give anything to have her here right now wouldn’t ya?” David asked teasing him.

Jon tuned the guitar “Yeah Dave anything” Jon muttered as he tried to tune the guitar.

“A thousand bucks?” David asked winking at Tico and Richie.

“What?” Jon asked confused but then nodded “Yeah, a thousand bucks” Jon repeated, hell he’d give just about anything to be able to see her right now.

Jesse saw where this was going, and walked out of the sound booth.
“Is that all I am worth to ya?” she asked raising an eyebrow with a smirk on her face.

Jon’s eyes shot up to her as he connected with her soft brown eyes and snorted “You assholes” he chuckled.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Chapter Twenty Five

After Jon left that night Jesse was changed, she knew he was right and she had to decide what she really wanted as it was fine for Jon to be supportive and patient but it wasn’t fair on him if she really wasn’t willing to try and let go of her past and try and move on with him.

The next morning she knew Jon would be leaving for Nashville, he was spending the morning with the kids so she got up and showered have feeling much better than she had the night before. She needed to get dressed and get to work, Kia had left her a note convinced enough to leave her, but she would come and meet her lunch today at work.
As Jesse got ready to leave the house there was a knock on the door, she wondered who that was at 8am in the morning so she swung open the door to a courier holding an oversized bunch of red tulips and a package.

“Ms Adams?” he asked, she nodded and signed for it carrying it inside and she placed the flowers on the table and opened the small card that accompanied it.


Don’t be afraid to follow your heart, I’ll be here
Whenever you’re ready


She couldn’t hide the smile that escaped her lips, he’d sent her flowers with a very heart felt note, she quickly put them in water and then opened the package which she recognised to be a jacket and pair of jeans she was guessing belonged to Steph, just like she’d asked with another note.

As requested, looking forward to your creations, she’ll love them


She smiled and tucked both of the notes into her purse and headed out the door.

Lunchtime soon came around as the morning flew past with talks of designs and the winter collections. Jesse looked up as her office had been invaded by her best friend.

“I come bearing gifts” she announced as she carried an assortment of Chinese boxes.

“God you are a lifesaver Kia, you really are” Jesse said closing her portfolio she had been testing some sketches on and placing it to the side of her desk.

“I know, so how are you doing?’ she asked as she embraced her friend as she placed the boxes down.

“Yeah I am doing better thanks Hun” Jesse replied as she started inspecting the boxes.

“Soo heard from Jon?” she asked, she was dying to know, as when Jon had left last night he didn’t allude to what he had discussed with her, he just said that things were better and he was giving her a little space which Kia thought was a good idea.

“Not exactly, but a bunch of tulips showed up on my doorstep today” she smiled.

‘God lucky woman, first you get a rock star, and now he’s a god damn romantic as well, I am so jealous” she pouted with a grin only Kia could do.

Jesse laughed “Yeah he is romantic” she sighed a little starting to think about his suggestion about Nashville, Jesse hadn’t given it any though but she knew she couldn’t avoid it for too much longer.

“Kia, he asked me to come to Nashville for a few days” Jesse said picking up some noodles with her chopsticks and chewing on them.

Kia raised her eyebrows. “Well, that might not be such a bad idea you know, you haven’t been anywhere since Jason died” she said honestly. This could be just what Jesse needs to kick her into gear Kia thought.

“There’s more to it, we had a talk last night and we’re all good but he only wants me to come if I am ready to move on with him” Jesse said pausing again thinking about the impending decision she was yet to make.

Kia’s eyes widened “Wow, Jess that’s a tough one, but I can kind of see his reasoning” she said honestly hoping she wouldn’t flip out at her agreement with Jon. He had been more than patient with her in her eyes.

“Oh I know, I agree with him, I mean he should have given up on me days ago” Jesse said “But he never did” she said.

Kia took a deep breath. “Jesse yesterday when he came around, he told me he loved you, I was kind of taken back, but honestly girl, I think it’s sincere” Kia said truthfully.

Jesse smiled. “Yeah he told me that a day ago and I flipped out but, I think” she paused not wanting to talk.

Kia put down her food and looked at her friend honestly.

“Jesse it’s ok if you do too” she said, instinctively picking up her friend’s feelings.

“I don’t know if its love Kia, I mean I really do like him, a lot, he’s sweet funny, sexy, charming...”

“Good in bed” Kia finished for her.

“Kia! I never said that” Jesse laughed feeling her cheeks flush.

“Ah but you didn’t say he was bad either, and plus please girlfriend that damn glow you’re wearing has been there for days” Kia laughed.

Jesse conceded laughing “Ok he’s not bad” Jesse said biting her lip.

Kia burst out laughing “Liar, he’s damn freaking fantastic isn’t he? you hussy” she accused.

Jesse nodded. “Uh huh” was all she could manage as her cheeks flushed as she recalled the many ways that Jon had made her flush over the last few days.

“I hate you so much” Kia laughed. The two friends laughed and talked more about the wonder that was Jon.

Kia got up and looked at her watch “God I better go babe, but ring me later, when you decide what day you’re going to Nashville, I can take you to the airport.

Jesse raised her eyebrows “Who said I was going?”

Kia smirked “You’re going and you know it” she said.

Jesse nodded, she was, and she knew it. Something inside her had finally clicked, whether it was the uncertainty of never seeing him again that did it to her, she was going as she knew it was indeed time for her to move on, and move on with Jon, who she knew as much as she was afraid to admit it. She was falling in love with him.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Chapter Twenty Four

Jon drove around to Jesse’s; he’d calmed down and immediately regretted leaving without resolving things, he was thankful that Richie had made him see some sense as often his stubborn nature got away with him on the best of times.

He paused at the garden of the complex and picked a couple of daisies out of the garden and quickly made his way towards her door. He could see a light on inside.
He took a deep breath and knocked.

A few moments later the door was opened but it wasn’t Jesse who he came face to face with, it was Kia. His expression darkened when she laid her eyes on Jon.

“What do you want?” she asked him standing with her arms crossed.

Jon sighed. “Is Jesse here? I need to see her Kia” Jon said sincerely.

“She’s asleep, but do come in Jon” the tone of her voice wasn’t a welcoming one.

Kia went back to the kitchen and continued to tidy up her friends place.

“So what happened?” Kia asked as she scrubbed the coffee pot.

Jon raised his eyebrows “You mean she didn’t tell you?” he asked surprised.

“She was in too much of a state, and it came out jumbled so I made her go to sleep” Kia said not removing her eyes from the coffee pot. She knew most of the story as Jesse had sobbed her way through it when she’d come around at her friends plea, but she wanted to hear it from him.

Jon picked up a dish towel and started drying the dishes that she had washed.

“I over reacted and I need to apologize to her” he said. Kia smiled. She wanted to be hard on him she really did but from Jesse had told her, she knew he did have some right to be upset.

“Jon, I understand why you were angry, I really do” she said softly her brown eyes connecting with his.

“I thought you didn’t know” Jon asked with a small smirk. Kia grinned.

“She told me, but I wanted to see what your stance was on the whole situation, and she’d probably hate me for it, but don’t blame yourself totally for this Jon, you shouldn’t have said what you said to her though” she said as she handed him the clean wet coffee pot.

“I know, it was uncalled for, it was just a shock, that’s all” Jon admitted. He was thankful Kia hadn’t dragged him over the coals as he was convinced when he arrived she would of.

“Jon, I don’t know what you are feeling, but something tells me if you are here, you obviously do care about her a lot” Kia conceded.

“I love her Kia” Jon admitted freely. Kia raised her eyebrows.

“Love? You hardly know her Jon” Kia said surprised at his free omission.

“I know its crazy, and honestly Kia, I never use the word lightly, but I really do, there is something about her, I just am drawn to, I have been so lost for so long, and she just feels like, well home” Jon admitted finally realizing it himself.

Kia smiled.” Well I’ll be damned” she just shook her head. She’d never expected him to say that, and yet there was something resembling conviction in the way he had said it.

“I need to talk to her; can I go up and see her?” Jon asked Kia looked at him; his face was full of pain and unrest. She just nodded.

“But if you upset her again...” she said trailing off as she reached for a large butcher’s knife and picking it up. Jon’s eyes widened but then saw the cheeky grin on her face.

“I promise, I will try not to” he said holding his hands up in mock surrender cracking a grin. He picked up the daises and went to walk up the stairs. He entered her room; a dim light coming from the lamp illuminated the room. She was asleep on her side facing him, hugging a pillow. She looked beautiful, but he could see the pain that was still set in her face.

He sat down on the side of the bed and stroked her cheek softly. Her eyes soon flickered and she focused and looked up to meet his.

‘”Jon?” she croaked. His heart pained when he saw how red and swollen her eyes were.

“Hey Baby Girl” he spoke softly said stroking her hair. He just wanted to dive in there and take the pain away for her, he really did, reach into her heart and lock it away so she didn’t have to go through this, but this time it he realized it wasn’t something he could fix. She sat up rubbing her eyes and brushing her hair back.

“Jesse-“he began but she stopped him.

“Jon, please. I need to say something” she said cutting him off. He nodded silently.

“Jon, I am so sorry for what happened, and please don’t say it’s ok, because I know its not. It was inappropriate and I know I’ve hurt you” she said softly as she took his hand. “I am sorry, and whether you believe me or not, you’re not a substitute for him, honestly” she sincerely pleaded.

Her words hit him as he remembered his accusations.
“Jesse, baby I was out of line with what I said. I have no idea, or can’t even imagine what you have been through and I flipped out, and for that I am sorry. But I honestly just want you to happy baby, that’s all I want”

Jesse smiled with tears brimming in here eyes. “I don’t deserve you Jon, I really don’t” she admitted. Jon smiled warmly.

“Yes you do, you’re just confused at the moment babe that’s all, and I can be patient, as I think you’re worth the wait” he said as he handed the daisies to her.

Jesse laughed “Did you steal these?” she giggled through the evident tears.

“Just ruin my big romantic gesture why don’t ya?” he laughed.

“They are beautiful, no one has ever brought me flowers before, they were never a big thing for Jas” she stopped. She had to start learning not to compare everything to Jason.

Jon grinned “Well then, you may be in for a surprise in the future” he said as caressed her cheek. Finally seeing some of the pain slide from her face, he looked at his watch it was getting late and he had to see the kids.

“Jess I need to go and see my kids, but I just wanted to see you as I didn’t want to leave you like this” he said.

“I know, and I am glad you came, I really am” she said as she reached up to his cheek where she’d previously slapped him. “And I am truly sorry” she said searching his blue eyes for forgiveness.

“Its all forgotten baby, but I will say this Jesse, I think you need a little space to clear your mind, as the last few days well have been intense, I leave for Nashville the day after tomorrow, so I tell you what, I will give you the space to just to breathe and get your wits about you, and maybe you can then decide if you still truly want to come to Nashville, I will be there. But I want you to promise me this, if you do decide to come, please only come because you want to try a new chapter in your life with me, and Jesse, don’t feel pressured to, if you are not ready, I completely understand” Jon said softly as he held her hand.

Jesse smiled, he was truly the sweetest man she’d ever met, he was giving her an out of all of this, Jesse knew she didn’t want that but she knew he was right, she needed a few days to process everything that had been happening.

“Okay it’s a deal” she said, He reached in and wrapped his arms around her squeezing her tight against his chest; she clung to him and hugged him back. She knew this is where she wanted to be, but her heart just needed to let her go.

“Ok baby girl, I need to go, but you ring me if you need anything ok, and maybe I will see you in Nashville?” he smiled as he went to get off the bed, Jesse took his arm.

“Wait” she said, she reached around his neck and brought his head towards her own and pressed her lips against his and pulled away.

“Take care Jesse” Jon said smiling as exited the room, he wanted to beg her to commit to him, but he knew she had to come to that realization on her own. He just hoped that she would.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Chapter Twenty Three

Jesse lay in a crumpled ball on the floor, tears flowed down her face freely, and started to wonder how this went so wrong.

“Idiot” she cursed herself, how could she have been so stupid to do what she just had done. The look in Jon’s eyes had haunted her, hurt, fresh pained hurt. Especially when he had more than admitted he was started to have deep feelings for her, she knew that it had to hurt, understanding or not. She was so confused. She knew he had touched her in a way no man had possibly touched her before, even Jason, but why was she so scared to admit it.

She placed the hand that she had slapped over his face on his heart as her breathing became ragged, she managed to get herself up off the floor and sauntered toward the kitchen, reaching for a glass and a something a little stronger than the coffee she would normally have, reaching for the scotch.

She poured the warm liquid that burned her throat and drove her senses into alcoholic relief. She made it up the stairs back to her bed where she lay across the bed and clutched onto the pillow that only hours ago he was lying on, bringing it to her face she buried herself into it smelling his scent to comfort her, feeling herself beginning to shake as the tears came again.

“I’m so sorry Jon” she whispered. “So sorry” she mumbled as she curled herself around the pillow in a fetal position and fell into a sad slumber.

Jon drove off from the apartment; his heart was pounding furiously, out of anger and out of pain. He looked at his reflection in the mirror and rubbed his cheek that was visibly red where she slapped him, he knew his comments were unwarranted and he’d snapped. He should have thought of this, it was bound to happen, how could he so stupidly believe that she was ready to move on, when she’d kissed him, was she imagining it was him? When she caressed him? All the times they had made love over the last few days? God… no, Jon felt his stomach heave as he fought back the urge to be sick in the car.

“Fuck” he said banging his hands down on the steering wheel. He wanted to turn around and go back, but what was the use?
He knew he couldn’t turn up at Dot and the kid’s place like this, hell, he’d have to explain and he just couldn’t. So he turned down the familiar street to a road that took him to a place he so often went when troubled times came.

Richie had just been finishing up some composing, he had meant to wait till Nashville but he had been started to feel music flow in his veins, so had laid a couple of tunes down to challenge Jon in Nashville to find lyrics for. He glanced up when he heard the security gates go, looking he could see Jon’s car slowly ascend his driveway. Maybe he’d brought the kids over to see their Uncle Mookie; Richie loved those kids like they were his own.

He sauntered outside to the driveway where he had pulled up but soon saw he was alone.
Richie watched as his brother climbed out of the car and he had to take a double take, his hair was all dishevelled and his face pale but an obvious red mark on his left cheek showed.

“Kidd, what the hell happened to you?” Richie asked meeting him at the side of his car.
Jon looked blankly at his friend, with no shame as tears rolled down his cheeks. Richie’s usual warm welcoming expression had changed to one of panic and concern.

“I’ve fucked up Rich” was all he could say, Richie did the thing he knew best to do and pulled Jon into a bear hug and held him tight against his shoulder. Jon shook as the emotion spilled out of him.

They soon pulled away and Jon wiped his face.
“Shit sorry bro, it’s been a mare” he said rubbing his palms across his cheeks.

“Fuck, Kidd, come inside now and tell me what is going on” Richie said leading the way into his house and through to the bar Richie had, he disappeared behind the counter and produced two glasses and poured two fingers each of his top shelf whiskey.

“Here get this into you, and tell me what the fuck has you in this disarray” Richie immediately thinking Dot had finally lost it and told him he couldn’t see his kids or something.

Jon took the glass and knocked back the whiskey.

“Jesse” was all he said. Richie hid his smile. A girl had him in this mess; he hadn’t seen this in so long.

“What happened?” Richie immediately asked.

“I was so stupid, but fuck” he took a breath before continued running his hand thorugh his hair and recomposing himself.

“We were in the middle of, god damn Rich, I was giving her the treatment down there and she cried out her husband’s name” he cursed. Richie saw his eyes darkened before briefly mist up.

“Fuck Kidd, I am so sorry” he said sympathetically. Understanding why Jesse did it, he could imagine Jon’s hurt and very bruised ego at the situation.

Jon held up his hand “There’s more” he said before continuing after a sip to finish the drink.

“I went to leave and we argued, and I accused her of just using me to be a substitute for her husband and lying about wanting to move on” He held his head down. “I hurt her so bad” Jon shook his head.

Richie sighed; Kidd’s temper often flew away with him.
“She slapped you huh?” Richie guessed piecing his obvious red cheek to the incident.

“Yeah I deserved it though, and then I left her” Jon said sadly starting to regret what he’d done and his slip of temperament.

“You’re in love with her aren’t you?” Richie asked, his brown eyes seriously probing his friends.

Jon scoffed. “Yeah, I am fuckin crazy, it’s been a few days Rich, A FEW DAYS, but I don’t know she’s just amazing, insatiable” Jon trailed off.

Richie chuckled Jon looked at him with surprise, but soon noticed the irony of the situation that was dancing across Richie’s lips.

“Yeah fuck you bro” Jon said, as usually it was Richie in love so soon and besotted with a woman in a short period of time, which Jon had taken the time to pay him out on several times in the past.

“Well I didn’t think I would see the day you would fall so fast for a woman” Richie snorted patting his shoulder lightly.

“So what do I do Rich? I am scared, I am scared she really doesn’t want to move on and have a relationship with me, and I always will wonder if she’s thinking of me when-“Jon trailed off, he bit his lip as he didn’t even want to entertain that thought as it hit the pit of his stomach.

“Kidd, bro, I am going to give you some advice I recall some asshole giving me when I was drinking myself blind about five years ago” Richie said poetically. Jon wryly grinned. How did he know he’d use his own advice back on him?

“Don’t go to bed on an augment – you have to see her tonight and apologise and sort it out, and I for one, am not taking your sorry ass to Nashville like this” Richie said with a grin. Jon couldn’t help but laugh. Why was it he knew exactly what to say?

Jon stood up. “You’re right Rich, you are damn well right” he said standing up.

“Thanks man” Jon said as they embraced once again.

“Anytime, brothers right?” Richie asked.

Jon hit his fist with his own “Till the end” he said as he left the house.

He needed to see the kids before bedtime, but then it was back to Jesse’s. Back to possibly make the biggest grovel of his life and back to find out the truth, whether it was what he wanted to hear or not.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Chapter Twenty Two

They lay in each other’s arms just enjoying the simple pleasure and after glow of their little frolic. After feeding each other more food and wine, they decided to pack up and head back home since it was late afternoon and Jon needed to be seeing the kids tonight, as his time was becoming limited since he was heading to Nashville soon.

When they got back to Jesse’s apartment the small dull ache settling in her stomach, of his impending departure again. The day had been wonderful in every way, and she was finally able to relax completely with him. Her anxiety slightly showing, Jon smiled to himself, secretly pleased that she was starting to rely on him being there just as much he was starting to rely on her company.

“How about a coffee? If you have time?” she asked as she dumped her bag down and once again refilled the perk and switched it on. She didn’t want to sound too obvious but Jon didn’t hesitate.

Jon smiled “Sure honey, I would love that” he said as he sat down on the couch and watched her go about making their drinks.

“Can you do me a favour?” she asked him as she handed a steaming cup to him before settling into the couch beside him.

“Anything babe, what is it?” he asked sipping the drink, god did she know how to make good coffee. Dot always had made it too strong or too weak, but she seemed to have this nailed.

“When you are with Steph tonight, is it possible to grab a jacket of hers you know that fits her well?” Jesse asked him.

“Oh sure babe, no problem at all” Jon replied placing the cup down. He turned to her and lightly brushed the hair falling in front her eyes.

“I really enjoyed today, well hell the last few days” he said quietly, his sincerity of voice touched her heart.

“I have too Jon, I really have, it’s been a relief to finally, I don’t know, live” she admitted.

“Well I am very pleased to hear it and I am the same, I haven’t really felt-“he stopped this time to think through what he was going to say.

“Since Dot, earlier on, I have forgotten what just being with someone is like, to just“he chuckled “live” he finished matching her grin.

Jesse felt her Dutch courage taking over again, her senses started to reel at the close smell of him, the muskiness off the man mixed with a hint of spice tickled her nostrils. The smell very much reminded her of how Jason used to smell. She leaned in closer and her lips tickled his neck. A bemused smile played on his lips.

“Is there something you want?” he asked with a smirk, starting to enjoy this side of Jesse as she became braver with him.

“Uh huh” she murmured as she kissed down his neck and slipped her hand up his shirt to feel his warm flesh. Jon chuckled.

“You want to make me late don’t you” he groaned as his head fell back, her lips found his ear beneath the sandy brown hair.

“No, I want to make you scream” she whispered and she found on of his nipples buried beneath his tangle of fur.

“Jesus woman” he cursed lightly under his breath as he felt the now all too familiar stretch of his denim as he started tightening. Her other hand rubbed down across his girth, making him jump.

His lips hungrily found hers, as a throaty moan escaped his throat as his cock began to harden at her touch, so hard it was starting to ache for release. Jesse pulled back holding his eyes and pulled herself off the couch, not leaving his gaze, she pulled her t-shirt off her body and dropped it shamelessly on the ground and soon her jeans were in a pile at her feet as she delicately stepped out of them, still their gazes held, blue eyes burning with lust and brown eyes burning with desire clashed as she was left standing in her satin navy lingerie set. Jon took in every inch of her, she was beautiful, her long toned legs stretched up to her curvy hips and the flow of creamy skin up her flat stomach up to her breasts was staring to call to his primal urges.

She turned around and walked away still looking over her shoulder as she started ascending the stairs, her gaze still locked with his till she turned away and walked up the rest of them.. He finally managed to move himself out of the sexual hypnotic trance he was in as he followed her up the stairs. When he got to the top of the stairs he saw that she was already lying on the bed one, knee up.

Jon threw his top off and then started with his jeans; he stumbled as he tried to get them off his feet and almost landed on the bed.

Jesse snorted.

“You won’t be laughing in a minute” he warned with that famous Bongiovi smirk.

He finally shucked his jeans away and lay on her gently and pressed his lips against hers, finding her tongue as they began to dance with one another intertwined in their mouths, his hands glided over her body sending shock waves to her core. His hands soon found her panties and slid them down her legs.

“Wont be needing these, uh uh” he growled as his mouth burned down on her thighs planting butterfly kisses along the line from her hip to her aching wetness.

Jesse inhaled sharply as she felt his warm breath on her thighs, and the anticipation of what was to come next slowly drugging her aroused mind. She felt his hands slid up to her breasts and caress them with the most loving touch.

“Jon” she cried aching for his touch.

“I know, my love, I know” he said as he buried himself deep within her and his tongue soon found her swollen clit, as he began long hard strokes.

“Oh god!!!!” she screamed. Jesse felt a slight giggle whisper against her thighs.

“See I beg to disagree Darlin, on who will be making who scream” he remarked coyly.

Jesse fisted the sheets as still he continued, her mind had slipped away from reality, and back into the land of what once was regular pleasure and love making, god it felt so good. Nothing was better than a man’s touch, especially this way; to her there was nothing more intimate so as she came she cried out.

“Jassssssooon” it escaped from her lips all too soon.

Jon froze as she came, and as if someone had shot an arrow right into his heart. He stopped completely dumbfounded. The wave of nausea swept over him, and the shock of her face registered quickly.

“Jon I-“she stumbled as he got up off the bed in a hurry and threw his jeans on and pulled his t-shirt on top of him.

She called out his name? After everything in the last few days?

“Jon! Please I didn’t-“tears started welling up in her eyes as she pulled herself off the bed and pulled her robe on racing towards him.

“Please, I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to-“but Jon cut her off.

“Save it Jess, please. I wondered if you were truly ready for this, I really did” he said with a tone of discontentment before continuing. He looked at her his stance softened.

“I’m sorry, this is not your fault, its mine for thinking that you ready to move on and that you were actually starting to fall for me, not look at me as a substitute for your husband” venom shot out of his mouth and straight in her heart.

Jon felt a sharp sting as her hand connected with his cheek.

“How dare you say that, you have no idea what it’s been like” she said as tears starting to fall down her cheeks. Jon turned and walked down the stairs, he just had to get out and clear his mind.

“Jon!” Jesse yelled as she followed him down the stairs “Jon please don’t go! Not like this” she pleaded as he grabbed his keys and phone and walked towards the door.

He turned to her briefly before he opened the door.

“I am sorry Jesse, I am sorry that you didn’t find what you were looking for” he said as he walked out and slammed it hard. The sound resounded through to her heart. Tears escaped her eyes and slid down her cheeks as her body slid down the door to a crumpled heap as she cried her heart out.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Chapter Twenty One

Richie watched his friend walk out of ear shot.

“So Jess, Jon looking after you? Cause if he doesn’t you just let me know” Richie said jokingly but with a hint of seriousness.

“He’s been great Richie, perfect” she said as she watched him pop his trunk and pull out his guitar.

“Pleased to hear it, because I haven’t seen him so damn happy since about since least a year ago” Richie said honestly. Jesse smiled a thank you for the compliment.

Jon came back and sat down with the black acoustic guitar.

“So what you boys going to play me?” she asked teasingly as she sat back savouring what now lay before her.

“Any requests?” Richie asked raising his eyebrow at her, his brown eyes sparkling.

“You guys pick, you’re the experts here” she said as she picked up her wine and took a long sip of it.

Jon nodded and Richie returned it as they both started their slow strums and Jon’s voice started crooning the lyrics out.

It’s all the same, only the names will change
Everyday it seems were wasting away
another place where the faces are so cold
I’d drive all night just to get back home

Richie joined and harmonized with him

I’m a cowboy; on a steel horse I ride
I’m wanted dead or alive
Wanted dead or alive

Jon strummed and looked up at Jesse, catching her warm glow of admiration.
Richie watched on as the two of them looked at each other. He smiled and bowed his head shaking it softly.

“Hey Kidd, I just remembered I need to check out a couple of things before Nashville so I best be doing that now” Richie said. Jon looked quizzical at his friend.

“Rich, you don’t have to go” Jon said.

“Oh yes I do” he chuckled throwing a wink at Jesse. She smiled a little confused at why he suddenly was leaving.

“I was enjoying that” she protested.

“Darlin, you will see plenty more of that in Nashville I promise, come and hang out with us in the studio for a bit, but it does get boring” Richie chuckled.

“I would love that, really” she replied.

Richie rose taking his guitar with him, Jon rose with him, and they met in an embrace.

“You’ll thank me later” Richie snorted in his ear.

“Later gorgeous” he smiled to Jesse as he walked back to his hummer.

Jon say back down still a little worried, but his questions were soon answered as Jesse leaned forward to lightly push him down on the blanket which took him by surprise, she rose above him and laid herself down on him pressing her body against his.

“I want you” she whispered, not really sure where this confidence was coming from, seeing him performing, at just a glance, sent her nerve endings reeling as his sultry vocals had pierced her soul.

Richie’s hummer soon burst into life and with a toot of the horn it was gone.

“Baby, what’s brought all this on?” he chuckled as his hands swept into hair as pressed his lips against hers.

“Seeing you, just seeing you sing like that” she whispered as she continued kissing down his neck running her tongue lazily across his Adam’s apple. He elicited a small groan as she continued; she lifted up his t-shirt and began entwining her fingers through his silky soft fur.

Jon glanced around to make sure they were alone and thank god it was private land, he usually didn't risk this but something was telling him to do so. His heart was pounding loudly in his chest as he realized the huge risk he was about to take, which just made the whole situation that much more arousing.

Her lips found his sweet nub and she sucked on it lightly bringing him to life under her.

“Jessss” he hissed as he arched up instinctively. Her other hand ran down his chest across the dip in his stomach and down to the beginning of his jeans where she flicked the button and found his warmness now waiting for her touch.

“Baby, please... God Jess you don’t-“

“Hush you” she whispered as she kissed him hard, her hand now freeing his shaft from the confines of his denim and stroking it softly in her hands.

“Oh fuck me” he groaned as his eyes snapped shut and head arched back, her mouth soon found his nipple as she flicked and stroked him at the same time.

His body was on fire, he felt trapped, vulnerable and unable to move due to the sensations that were firing across his body, and her warm touch was incredible on his flesh. Her lips left his nipple and she kissed further down his chest into the dip of his stomach her hands slid around to his jeans and pulled them all the way, his gaze met hers as she looked up at him and grinned before descending her wet desire down on his shaft taking him fully into her mouth. Jon reached out and fisted a bunch of grass in his hand.

“Sweet lord” he muttered as she began to lick hard down his shaft.

His other hand found the mop of her brown hair and he tangled himself in her hair urging her on.

Licking, sucking and biting gentle she started a quick pace on his shaft that she felt him buckle underneath her.

“Jesse, please not yet –“he whimpered not wanting to let go her, he wanted to make her feel just as she was making him feel right now. His mind being hazy and pleasure started to wash over him.

Jesse stopped briefly and looked up at him, his tortured face matched the unrest omitting from his body.

“Let it go, let me win” she whispered as she took him back in her mouth.

“God, Jesse, please mother fuck-“he bolted his hips as he felt himself give his sweet release.

She felt him cum at her mercy, his hot seed spilling into her mouth, she pulled away.
Resuming lying on top of him, he grabbed her neck and pulled her to crash on his lips, tasting himself on his lips; he pulled away and rolled her so he was on top of her.
He spared no time pulling her tee up to reveal her soft flat stomach as he laid his sugar down across it moving up to her breasts; biting through the satin fabric he teased them.

She groaned and arched her back.

“Jon” was all that escaped her lips.

She had never felt so good having a man’s lips on her body like his. His fingers quickly found the buttons of her jeans and made easy work of them to let his hand slip inside. One finger, and then the other.

“Ohh god Jon” she cried as she gripped his hair. His hand freed her bra clasp so he had full access to her breasts. Swirling his tongue around his nipples his fingers continued to assault her slick wetness.

“So wet baby” he mumbled into her breast. She pulled his shoulder up so he rose above her; she hooked her arm around his neck and kissed him hard pushing through his lips as she moaned his name over and over.

Jon had her on the edge as she bucked and cried out hoarsely. Her pupils dilated as she came back down to life. Jon watched her return to life under him. He chuckled.

“Earth to Ms Adam’s, you there?” he whispered. She found her focus as the final waves of ecstasy washed over her body and looked up at him, his blue eyes shining into her own, matching every bit of intensity she had felt.

“Jon I – “she stopped, she didn’t know how to say it without him getting the wrong idea too soon.

He smiled “Its ok, I know, and me too” he replied stroking her hair back from her face.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Chapter Twenty

Jon drove Jesse away from the hustle and bustle of the city. He’d made a call prior to them leaving so when he pulled into a deli that was just on the outskirts of the city. Jesse was surprised when he came back to the car with a huge picnic hamper that looked like it was packed tight.

“I thought we would need some supplies” he said as he put them on the backseat of his car.

“Wow – what is in there?” Jesse asked amazed at the size of it.

“Just wait and see” he chuckled before pulling out on the highway again, around ten minutes later he pulled off the road onto a dusty driveway that went onto some land that looked like no one occupied.

“Where are we?” Jesse asked looking around.

“Don’t worry I didn’t bring you here to kill you” he teased. Jesse slapped his knee playfully.

“That’s not what I was thinking” she laughed.

“Trust me” he said as he drove on for another few minutes. They finally came to a small river that ran all the way as the eye could see. He stopped the car.

“Here? Is it safe?” she asked unbuckling her seat belt.

“Relax, I know the owner, its private land and I have an understanding with him if I ever need to get away from it all, I come here. I used to write out here occasionally, bring the kids out here when Dot was driving me up the wall” he added not mind sharing that with her.

“I can see why it’s gorgeous and it’s so far away from everything” she said climbing out of the car and stretching her legs. Jon popped the trunk and grabbed a woollen blanket and picked up the basket.

“Follow me milady” he said as he walked into the distance and came to rest under a large oak tree that draped over the river. Laying the blanket down he motioned for to sit.
She scuffed off her sandals and sat down cross legged while Jon lay down the basket; he did the same and kicked off his shoes. Opening the large cane basket he pulled out a bottle of wine and two plastic wine glasses.

“I’ll pour, you get the food” she chuckled as she took it off him.

“Hungry are we?” he asked with a grin.

“Well I have been busy” she said with a smirk.

“Indeed you have” Jon agreed as he paid out two plastic plates and soon an assortment of breads, smoked chicken, pasta salad and brie cheese filled the plates.

“Holy hell Jon, how much did you ask for?” she said pinching a piece of bread and chewing on it.

“Enough, you aren’t in a rush are you? We’ve got all day, I see the kids later tonight, but till then I am all yours” he said, he trailed off almost asking her if she wanted to meet them, but he wondered if that would be too much too soon for her, so he didn’t.

“Is it hard not living with them, you know and being able to see them everyday?” Jesse asked layering some cheese and chicken on her bread.

“More than you know, its hell. I am lucky as I said Dot lets me pretty much come and go as I please to see them and they do stay with me when she does her work things. But I guess one day if she dates again that may change, as in the free entry to the house” he chuckled.

“This is true, how would she feel about you dating? And the kids?” she asked biting down on her sandwich, the rich flavours the chicken and brie filling her mouth.

“I am dating now am I?” Jon asked raising an eyebrow at her smirking.

“Maybe” she said as she continued to eat with a small grin on her face. Jon just suppressed his laugh through a smile. She was amazing, she really was.

Jon picked up his plastic wine glass and half lifted it to her.
“To new beginnings and very pleasurable company” he said very poetically.

Jesse smiled and returned her glass to click with his.
“I will drink to that” she agreed. Hey both took a sip and continued their chat about life and things in general becoming more and more relaxed in each other’s company.
Jon was about to suggest a walk down the river, when a loud grumbling engine that was familiar to Jon’s ears ripped through the peaceful silence.

“What in the hell-“Jon stared as the black hummer came into view and parked next to his car.

A tall sauntering figure sprung out of the driver’s side.

“Well hey hey, look who is here!” he shouted across the way at Jon.

“Oh God” Jon groaned as Richie started sauntering over to them with a guitar in one hand, in loose jeans and a black hooded sweater., his hair fell loosely around his face.

“Hey bro, what are you doing here?” Jon asked as he stood up and gave Richie a brief hug.

“I thought I would get away for the day and pen some ideas for when we are in Nashville and I haven’t been out here in forever, but I see you bet me to it” he said flashing a huge Richie typical grin in Jesse’s direction.

“Jesse, finally good to meet you” he said, Jesse stood up.

“You too Richie” she said putting out her hand. Richie scoffed and grabbed her off guard and gave her a huge hug.
“Kidd’s lady doesn’t get handshake from me” he said as they pulled apart.

“So you two kids came out here for some privacy huh?” Richie said wiggling his eyebrows.

“Sort of, but you might as well stay for lunch now that you are here, I have heaps of food” Jon said gesturing to the picnic blanket with food.

“As long at you don’t mind, I wouldn’t want to be getting in the way” Richie snorted.

Jon jabbed him in the ribs, Jesse couldn’t immediate help but notice their camaraderie and ease with each other.

“No you won’t be, we were just-“but Jesse cut Jon off.

“Richie we would love you to stay” she said, Richie just raised an eyebrow, a woman that knew how to over ride Jon already. This would be interesting.

“Alright you got me darlin, I am starving” Richie said sitting down and helping himself to a plate and piling it high with food. Jon sat back down next to Jesse and resumed his meal.

“So Kidd all set for Friday?” Richie asked Jon.

“Yeah I think so, I need to pack but that won’t take too long, and of course my visitor will have to work out when she can come down for a bit” he said nudging Jesse softly.

“Ah yes, Jon told me you were coming, I hope you do know the rules Jess, when we are away recording all wives, or girlfriends have separate rooms, and we have an unspoken rule, no sex, just deters the mind from all the creative flow” Richie said serious as he could.

“Well I have no issues with that, I am coming to see-“but she was cut off.

“Don’t Jess, Jesus Sambora you are full of shit sometimes!” Jon said throwing his crust of bread at him. Richie snorted. And Jesse blushed realizing she’d fallen for the dark haired guitarist’s ploy.

“That will keep you know” Jesse said winking at Richie.

“Oh you are a little feisty one aren’t you? Well I look forward to it” he said winking.

“So, you are going to play something for me?” Jess asked Richie pointing at his guitar. Richie smiled.

“Now how can I resist that?” he said picking his guitar up, he sat it across his legs and strummed a few chords before striking a soft sensual melody, Jesse leaned back into Jon who embraced her from behind as they both sat back and listened to Richie’s little melody. He played for a good ten minutes losing himself in the moment, with just the sound of sweet acoustic filling the silent air.

Richie stopped when he noticed Jon was stroking Jesse’s arm and placing small kisses on her neck.

“Now, I feel like one of those old men at an Italian restaurant that comes out and plays the violin for a romantic couple” Richie said making puking motions with his fingers up to his mouth.

Jon and Jesse both laughed.
“Sorry bro, but was that new piece, that was really poignant” he said complementing his partner in crime.

“Why thank you, it was a little something I have been working on, but we need some lyrics” Richie said thinking out loud.

“We’ll think of something” Jon assured him. Jesse was fascinated the way they both seem to blend and toss around ideas so quickly, the mark of two people that had been in the business a very long time.

“You got your guitar here?” Rich asked Jon.

“Yeah it’s in the truck but I don’t think we need that as well” Jon said not wanting to turn this into a work session with Jesse here.

“Oh, no go get it, I would love to see you play” Jesse said urging him on.

“Really? Well ok, be back in a minute, and Rich behave yourself” Jon said as he walked back towards the car. Leaving Jesse and Richie to talk among themselves.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Chapter Nineteen

Jesse froze at the words, she backed away and grabbed a near by towel that was hanging on a near by hook and rushing out of the bathroom wrapping herself it in.

“Shit!” Jon muttered to himself, he hadn’t meant for it to slip out like that. He didn’t bother with a towel, more concerned where she would go and ran through the bedroom, she wasn’t there.

“Jesse!” he called as he ran down the stairs padding into the kitchen where she was standing in the corner, dripping wet shaking.
He came up and leaned her gently into the wall.

“Jesse, I am so sorry, it just slipped out, and I have a habit of doing that” he added wanting to touch her but he was cautious trying to read her.

She trembled, she was so shocked he had uttered those words to her, she loved the time she had spent with Jon so far and she knew a bond was quickly forming with them both, emotionally and physically but the thought of love hadn’t even entered her mind, and how could she even consider loving someone since, well since then.
A lone tear slipped down her cheek.

“I’m being pathetic” she said softly with a small smile.

“God, no you aren’t” he said wiping her tear away with his thumb still keeping a safe distance.

“Jesse, I am so sorry I scared you like this and please it’s the last thing I want, but you have to face that I am beginning to care about you very much” he softly said running his hand down her arm.

“I do too” she simply said back to him.

“I just-” she stumbled a little.

Jon backed away to give her space “You can tell me baby, anything” he said as he leaned back against the counter.

“I’m scared Jon, I am scared of letting go” she said quietly, as another tear fell down her cheeks. It pained Jon’s heart to see her like this. She wiped them away with her palm.

“I mean, I know he’s gone and he’s not coming back, and I accept that. And what I am starting to feel for you, it’s just, different and a big step” she admitted.

He smiled and took her hand pulling her closer to him this time and wrapped her in his arms. He kissed the top of her head.

“Jess, baby. I totally understand, and you know what, whatever pace you want to do this at, I am fine with as long as you just promise me one thing” he said into her hair. She remained silent as she buried herself into his chest. So Jon finished.

“Please just tell me, at anytime how you are feeling and or its going too fast or anything, if you aren’t comfortable with anything please just tell me and I will back off, not completely though” he chuckled.

“I promise Jon, and thank you for being so patient with me, you must think I am a nut” she sighed into his chest.
He pulled her chin up and stared right into those eyes which were freshly lined with tears.

“You’re no nut, trust me. You’re a beautiful, confident, sassy lady and I want nothing more to help you through this and maybe just one day…” he trailed off, he didn’t want to say it but Jesse knew what he wanted to say.

“One day” she confirmed as he met her lips in a soft kiss.

“Ok now I am going to get dressed, we have places to go and I just know where” he said with a gleam in his eye. As he left the kitchen not before kissing her forehead.
She watched his naked body walk back up the stairs.
How did she get so lucky to have someone so patient?

She put on another pot of coffee just as she flicked the switch on there was a knock at the door. She wasn’t expecting anyone as people would know she would be at work. She swung open the door to find Kia there armed with two tall takeaway cups from Starbucks.

“Kia!” Jesse said surprised.

“Hey you, I was so worried when I rang you at work, you are never sick!” she said as she bolted inside dropping her things on the table and handing her a latte.

“I am fine, really I just –“Jesse stopped as she saw Kia’s eyes widening looking right past her. Jesse turned around and Jon had come back sauntering down the stairs…still naked.

“Uh, hi Kia” Jon said slightly embarrassed before he grabbed a near by throw off the couch and slung it around him.

“Hi Jon” she looked back at Jesse and raised her eyebrow.
“Sick eh?” she asked with a smirk.

Jesse blushed “You got me, I was playing hooky” she laughed; Jon soon came to Jesse’s side and draped his arm around her waist and kissed her shoulder lightly.

“It was my entire fault Kia, I am being a very bad influence” Jon said with a grin that nearly floored her.

“Oh I bet” she laughed “Can ya’ll go and put some clothes on” she said, “You’re making me very jealous standing here all looking like this” she chuckled.

“Sure hun, I will go and throw some clothes on” Jesse laughed as she left Jon’s side and walked back up the stairs. Kia just smiled at Jon.

“I don’t know how you did it” Kia said to him.

“How do you mean?” Jon asked confused.

“She has never looked as happy in the last six months as she does right this minute” Kia said as it was true, the long seemingly forgotten sparkle had again returned to her friends eyes.

“Well I try, she’s still very fragile and I am aware of that, so I will be very patient with her” Jon added. Kia looked him hard in the eyes.

“If you hurt her, God, Jon, You have no idea what I have been through with her, so I want nothing more than he to be happy, but if she’s just a little Rockstar nibble on the side –“she trailed off.

“Hell no, Kia, listen to me. Jesse is not that, I am over all that shit, hell I just got divorced, but there is just something about her, I know she’s very special” Jon said sincerely.

“Well I am pleased about that, because if I find out you were lying, I would hunt you down” she warned with a grin across her face.

“I wont, I promise” he said as he walked away to go upstairs to change, or well put clothes on. Kia watched on as the tanned well maintained body walked away, Jesse came back down the stairs in jeans and a tight black baby v neck. She slapped Jon’s butt playfully as he walked past her on the stairs. Jon gave her a quick kiss before disappearing up the stairs.

“God I think I am going to puke” Kia said rolling her eyes dramatically, Jesse picked up her latte.

“So you going to give me the lecture?” she asked Kia jokingly.

“Nope, none at all – he seems great” she honestly said to her friend.

“He is Kia, I am very lucky, he’s so patient and wonderful” she said. Kia could see that Jesse still was hesitant about something.

“You still thinking about Jason aren’t you?’ she asked

“Yeah a little, oh and Jon asked me to go to Nashville next week or so to spend a few days down there, they are recording down there for a few weeks” Jesse explained as she slipped on her sandals that were on the floor.

“That’s great Jess, you deserve to get away, and I am really pleased for you” she said looking at her watch. “Oh I need to get to work, some of us have to work you know” she teased. They hugged goodbye and Kia left.

Jon returned into the living area now clothed again. The fresh smell of soap and his scent filled her as he wrapped his arms around her waist from the back.

“You ready to go?” he whispered as he buried his face into her neck.

“Yeah I am” she replied reaching up and ruffling his hair gently.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chapter Eighteen

Jon had walked down the stairs into the dark kitchen below which was dim until
he flicked on a light and notably thanking that they had pulled closed the blinds before bed last night since he was wearing nothing right now. He found the coffee canister and added it into the perk before refilling it and switching it on.

Leaving the gurgling pot he strode back into the living room while he waited for it to brew.
Walking along the large bookcase he noticed a photo album, knowing he shouldn’t look without her permission, he quietly opened the pages which were filled with her memories, from adorable child candid snaps to her life with Jason. He smiled at how happy she looked in his arms and noted the undeniable sparkle known as love that gleamed in his eyes as well. He closed the album and placed it back in its place, and now smelling the string aroma of warm coffee sauntered back into the kitchen and poured two mugs of coffee and continued to walk lowly back up the stairs.

Jesse had been laying back, she’d called work and now was a free woman for the day, and she felt guilty for all of five minutes remembering what she had to look forward to for the day and who she was spending it with. A small part of her told her she was still so unsure of what was happening, but the rest of her controlled by the very content loved body she was now resting told her she should just enjoy this as long as it was destined to last. Closing her eyes for a second with a small smile on her lips she wasn’t aware of Jon coming back into the room.

“Hey no sleeping on the job missy” Jon teased as he placed a mug down on her side of the bed.

“I’m tired” she grumbled sleepily chuckling.

“Sit up” Jon ordered, Jesse did and watched how Jon pulled her blinds open so that the sun was coming streaming into the top level of her apartment through the bay window onto the bed.
He climbed behind her and wrapped himself around her so she was lying back against his chest, and he was leaning up against the headboard his legs were wrapped around her waist. Handing her coffee back to her, he grabbed his as she leant back into him.

“I could stay like this forever” she commented while she stared out the window.

Jon took a sip of his coffee “I couldn’t agree more with you baby” he said, Jon was also looking at a gorgeous view, but it wasn’t outside the window. How did it become that he felt so relaxed with this woman in only a matter of days, when he fought for years to come only close to feeling like this with Dot.

“What did you want to do today?” he asked her.

“Well I can’t go out someone will see me from work” she laughed.

“Not the places I know” he said knowingly. Always looking for places to escape the mainstream of reality he knew a few good spots that were shielded from people.

“Ok, I trust you” she said as she ran her hand down his leg that was draped across her belly. It omitted a small growl from Jon. So she rubbed it just a little further up his thigh.

“You’re very naughty Ms Adams” Jon growled into her ear putting his coffee down.

“Did you want me to stop?” she asked innocently as she felt his warm breath on her neck.

“Nah, don’t stop” he said flexing his arms around her middle pulling her closely.

“God Jon-“she started to talk but then stopped

“What is it? You can tell me” he said encouraging her tightening his grip around her.

“I just, I mean…I guess what I am trying to say, is that I have missed this so much” she admitted hopefully not sounding like a hopeless sap.

“I do know what you mean though. I really do. I was just thinking that myself. The last few years of my marriage I can’t actually remember when I did this with my wife.
I mean we were still close, physically but it was more a chore, or to convince ourselves we were still in love, when we weren’t” he admitted to her openly.

“Believe me I kind of know what it’s like. I mean Jason and I were happy, but when he first was enlisted god, did we hit a rough patch and he was never home and away, and it just got harder, till I decided enough was enough and put my foot down. And he changed after that” she explained.

“Well he was sensible, Dot kind of did the same to me, but I went the other way and decided to leave” he replied.

“Well I guess we may have the chance to try this again, …maybe” she said smiling.

“I am glad you feel that way as I certainly do” he said kissing the side of her temple.

The sat there just happy to be in each others company and enjoy the silence that on this occasion was warming. Occasionally touching each other sensually, kissing and snuggling. Jesse piped up.

“I do feel like going out” she said as she tried to move from his grip to get up.

“One condition” he said as he purred in her ear.

“What’s that?” she asked feeling herself grow warm just at his low huskiness.

“I have to have shower” he said “And I am not sure if I can manage that on my own” he said suggestively in her neck as he licked her collarbone. Jesse shivered.

“Well we can’t have you not managing, I am sure I could assist you” she said coyly as she finally pulled herself away from him and walked towards the bathroom. Jon took no time following her flipping the bed covers to the ground as he went.

She flipped the shower dial until the shower started to fill with steam. She was about to turn around but Jon took her off guard and pressed her hard against the shower wall, the warm water falling on them both. His lips found hers urgently as he slipped his tongue past her lips and teased her tongue with his. She moaned and rested her hands on his thighs.

“I want you so bad” he murmured into her mouth.

“I thought you needed cleaning” she giggled as she wrapped her arms around his waist.

“Oh I do baby” he replied as he picked up the soap that was on the shower rack and rubbed it down his chest; he picked her hand up and placed it on top of the soap. He then moved her hand down his chest slowly so that the soap slid down through his mat of fur. Slowly he started circular motions; the sheer intensity of the touch was killing her. He moved the soap off him and onto her chest and placed his hand over it and began producing a thick lather over her chest, he moved to her breasts and lightly scrubbed them making sure to skim her nipples a few time.

“Oh god” she moaned as she threw her head back against the tiles, Jon moved his soapy hand down her abdomen to her flat stomach, rubbed her belly gently before continuing leaving a long line of suds down to her nest of curls.
Jesse quivered as the intensity of sensuality became an intensity of want.

Jon dropped the soap letting it fall to the ground and slipped a finger into her slippery and now soapy wetness. She grabbed onto his shoulders jerking them towards her to hold onto him. Slipping another finger into her she moaned his name.

Lifting her leg up around his waist she hooked it over his hip giving him better access to her. He slithered his index and middle finger into her slowly contracting her.

“Jon” she whimpered as she was about to crumble in the man’s arms.

"That’s it baby; just let it go for me” he whispered. Her other hand slid down to his warm wet member and she embraced her hand around his sturdy length beginning to stroke him in rhythm to him pulsating her.
He let out a deep rich moan from the bottom of his throat.

“Shit, Jesse” he swore as he had to brace himself against her as she continued her assault. Finding her mouth his lips engaged hers and he kissed her with a force that was not to be reckoned with leaving her breathless. She could feel herself starting to climb.

“Yes, yes, Jon, that’s it, GOD!” she screamed as she buried her head into his shoulder.

The vibrations became more urgent as she stroked him harder feeling his release near with how hard she was being crushed to the wall by him.

“Jesse, harder Jess, harder, please!” he cried as she felt his release and his warm seed spilled into her hand quickly washed away by the still warm water elapsing over their bodies, Jesse felt her release as she held on tight to Jon’s neck gripping her now free one against his hip.
He reached down and took her nipple in his mouth the faint taste of soap didn’t deter him.

“Oh god, fuck Jon, fuck!” she cried as the now familiar wave of ecstasy washed over her. She clung to his body for dear life as they rode over her.

Breathlessly she looked up at him. His face was flushed and his eyes were burning with desire.

“I love you” he said quickly, Jesse felt her whole body turn cold.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Chapter Seventeen

Jesse awoke the next morning, again wrapped in someone’s strong arms wrapped securely around her and her face nestled in a bed of soft fur, with a slightly spicy musky smell that she now recognized with Jon. She slowly pulled awake to try and now wake him. They spent most of the night watching TV and then decided to have an early night both of them just content to sleep closely nestled against each other.
The dawn had barely even whispered through the blinds, as she began to move away but soon realized a pair of soft steel eyes were staring right back down at her.

“I didn’t know you were awake” she whispered in her morning breath.

“Just making sure you didn’t do a runner on me” he chuckled.

She blushed and laid her palm flat against his cheek.

“Wouldn’t dream of it” she replied reaching up and softly brushing her lips against his.

He responded by moving so she was cradled in his arms as he began to kiss her back with such an intensity that Jesse was thankful she was already lying down. He turned her gently over so she was lying flat on her back and ran a finger down her cheek and all the way down her body down the centre till he reached her thigh, he felt her start to quiver under his warm touch. He could tell she was aroused as the warmness he could feel radiating onto his hands was prevalent.

He leaned down and began kissing up her tummy to her breasts slowly she tasted so good, and he took in her now familiar scent which was mixed in with sex.
Jesse instinctively stretched out her arms above her head as she let him take her. Kissing, nipping all around her breasts, he started to tease her nipple which became instantly erect.

“Mmm” she moaned softly and squirmed in appreciation.

Jon continued kissing up her body till he reached her mouth. His tongue danced in mouth. She could barely catch her breath.
She reached for his head and pushed gently down, urging him to move lower.

“Tell me what you want” Jon whispered hoarsely, as he could feel himself becoming hard against her leg.

“I want you” she breathed back.

Jon moved lower, kissing and licking his way down her chest and belly. His tongue licked all around her thighs just on the edge, sending shivers through her body.
He lifted her hips slightly and with his long tongue began licking her, in long strokes but only ever just teasing the surface and not pushing into her warm slick folds like he wanted to.

She kept moving her hips, hoping he would get the hint of where she wanted his tongue to be but he carefully moved with her, so to keep her on the edge. He wanted to just push her boundaries a little more.

“Jon, oh god, please.....”

Jon looked up at her, a sly look on his face; mischief had crept into those blues eyes of his “Soon my darling, soon.” He drawled.

He went back to the sweet torture he was inflicting on her but his desire had gotten to the point where he was afraid he might cum right here in the bed. He needed to be inside her.
He was ready and he was hard as, climbing back up to meet her she pulled him into a desperate kiss and pressed him to her body. Her hands slipping down the vast contours of his back; and coming to rest on his firm ass. She squeezed it gently.

“You know this ass was voted the best in rock and roll” he murmured into her neck.
Jesse giggled.

“And is that in accordance to the book of Jon?” she asked giggling.

“Hey!” he pretended to look offended and pulled a pout out of nowhere.

“It was a magazine actually” he stated “A poll” he said trying to keep a serious face but failed miserably.

“Well it’s the best ass I have touched” she whispered in his ear, her husky voice ticking his ear drums sending shock waves down his body.

Her hands slid from his ass to around his front where she ran her hand down his hard length slowly dragging a nail with it.

“God woman, you have no idea what you do to me” he shakily responded. Continuing to stroke his hard length, Jon had to brace himself to not lose complete control.

“You want me baby?” he asked knowing he couldn’t take much more of this.

She nodded slowly, he spread he legs wider once again reaching over to the nightstand for a foil packet, slipped it on and wrapped legs back around his waist kicking off any remaining bed covers that shielded them.

He slid into her slowly feeling her accommodate him as she let out a whimper as he filled her nicely. Starting on a slow thrust and then building up to a good rhythm he began to drive her home for everything she was worth.
She moaned under him, he had the perfect view watching her get off by him, harder he drove into her. He was now grunting as he felt he was close to orgasm, and he could feel she was as well.

“God Jess” he panted as beads of sweat started to slide down his forehead and temple.

He moved slightly his hand so that his thumb could gain access to her and began rubbing her clit.
She let out a muffled cry edging on a scream.
She wrapped her legs tightly around his body trying to get him do go deeper. He felt so good inside her, especially after all this time.

“Oh god Jon....harder, I want you to fuck me harder,” she panted. Her face now
thick with sweat, as she gripped onto him.

Jon increased his rhythm and the friction against her clit. He knew she was near her orgasm because she suddenly stopped moving. He slammed into her as hard as he could and she screamed out his name and dug her nails into his shoulder. Jon groaned at the pleasurable pain.

Her orgasm came in waves. She thought she might have blacked out for a second, as everything in her world seemed to come to a halt except for the amazing feeling spreading all over her body. She didn’t want it to stop.

“Keep going, please” she breathed as she knew was going to cum soon
Jon kept thrusting into ever inch of her, knowing that his climax was near now.

“Oh baby...” he moaned tilting his head back exposing his neck to her and moaning gripping harder onto her hips as he exploded inside her. She reached up and took a long hard lick across his Adam’s apple.

“That’s it baby” she cooed him watching him empty himself in her.

“Fuck, yes, yes!” he screamed finally stopping. He looked down at her and leaned forward to kiss her, they met in steamy yet delicately sweet kiss as he slid out of her.

“Oh wow” she breathed as Jon rolled on his back to catch his breath. Jon couldn’t even answer her. She was right. What he had just experienced would stay with him a very long time.
The rude beeping of an alarm clock sounded.

“Nice timing” she chuckled as she shut it off. He rolled over to face her wiping her brow that was equally lined with sweat as his.

He didn’t say anything except kissed her lightly on the lips, smiling into her brown glazy eyes.

“Can you call in sick?” he asked cheekily. He had a good taste of this woman and he wanted more, like an addict looking for his next hit. She was intoxicating to him.

“Jon, I can’t do that” she chuckled as much as she wanted to.

“Please for me, I just really want to spend the day with you, with no interruptions at all” he pleaded picking up her hand and pressing it against his lips.
All strong will that Jesse possessed flew right out the window. She didn’t want this to end; she hadn’t experienced the craving and urgency for a man’s touch as she did right now, Jon’s touch.

She rolled her eyes.

“Do you always get your way?” she asked as she ruffled his hair reaching over to the nightstand for her cell phone.

“Pretty much” he smirked.

“Thought so, now make yourself useful and get some coffee” she playfully said as she dialed her work’s office.

“Yes ma’m” Jon said swiftly getting up and walking away from the bed not bothering to put any clothes on as he walked away with a mischievous smile playing on his lips.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Chapter Sixteen

Jesse walked downstairs to the kitchen and pulled out some frozen lasagne and garlic bread from the freezer popping it in the oven before she realized she wasn’t alone, a pair of arms snaked around behind her and a set of warm lips tickled her neck.

“Hey you” he whispered as his arms rested around her waist.

Jess giggled as she pulled away to pull out the wine she had chilling in the freezer originally for Kia. Jon leant on the counter and watched her pour two glasses, she handed one out to him.

“Thank you ma’am” he replied taking the glass and bringing it to his lips. Jesse move past him, her scent drifting past his nostrils. She walked back into the living area and sat down on the plush couch.
He soon joined her.

“So am I allowed to stay the night?” he asked with a grin as he pulled his knees up onto the couch tucking his feet under him and leaning into her.

Jesse met his blue eyes that were sparking with a rich warmness that warmed her soul.
“I don’t know” she said coyly pretending to think about it. Jon put his wine down on the mahogany coffee table and pouted. Jesse chuckled.

“Awe how can I say no to that face?” she said as she patted his chin playfully. He took her hand and pressed it against lips.

“Dinner will be about 30 mins away, how about we watch some mindless trash until then” she said picking up the remote.

“Sounds good to me darlin, gives me time to recuperate, for later” he said with his eyebrows wiggling.

“You Jon Bon Jovi are a bad influence” she said as she flicked the TV on. She flicked through the various stations until a movie came on she liked the look of. Bruce Willis all gun clad and trigger happy.

Jon looked surprised “You like this?” he asked as he leant in and rested his head on her side.

“Hell yeah, Bruce Willis baby” she said seriously putting the remote back down. Jon chuckled.

“It’s just not a chick flick...” he trailed off hoping he hadn’t offended her.

“Well I am only part chic” she replied with a chuckle.

It was an unusual thing for Jesse but she felt comfort in knowing that he was so comfortable with her in not a traditionally masculine position so she pulled her arm around his shoulders feeling the need that he too was seeking comfort as well. Her mind started to drift to his marriage and she couldn’t help but wonder what he was like in his marriage and why it didn’t work out with his wife as to her in the short space of time he seemed perfect.

Jon lay against her and revelled in the soft touch of her hands in his hair. He hadn’t felt more content in a long time. The simplicity of the intimacy he was experiencing right now was exactly what he had missed since he had been separated from Dot, hell well even a good year before that. They always managed to put a good show on for the kids holding hands and kissing, but when they were in bed they usually were too busy in their own worlds, Jon spending time in his office or studio, if he was actually even home. He closed his eyes and started to think about how realized was until he felt a hand slapping him lightly on the cheek. He’d fallen asleep.

“Huh?” he asked opening his eyes blurrily.

“Wake up sleepyhead I need to get the dinner served up” she chuckled.
Jon sat up and smiled.

“I must of fallen asleep, guess I am not as young as I used to be” he replied sitting up and stretching.

“Oh please, look at you” Jesse said and then stopped herself realizing she had said too much. Jon grinned wickedly.

“And what about me?” he asked purring in her ear as he came closer.

“Well, you’re body certainly doesn’t show your age” she said mildly embarrassed.

Jon didn’t say anything and blew down her neck with his warm breath. But Jesse pulled away.

“No no, its dinner time” she said defiantly trying not to laugh, or give in.

Jon sighed “Ok ok, look let me get it you stay right here” he said as he kissed her on the lips and strode off to the kitchen while Jesse watched one fine ass walk away from her snug in his jeans. He hadn’t bothered to put a top back on, so here was the man standing in her kitchen starting to serve up their dinner. She couldn’t help but admire the way his 46 year old Rockstar body was still neatly tuned as it probably was twenty years ago. From the broad shoulders to the washboard abs, ands flat stomach. His back muscles rippled as he pulled the lasagne out of the oven.
She could get used to this, she thought.

He soon brought back two plates and a fork each as they sat back down on the couch to resume Bruce Willis’s attempt to save the world one more time.

They ate in silence both famished from their earlier antics in the bedroom. Jon headed back to the kitchen for seconds. In a way he reminded her so much of Jason, but there was also something that was different about him that didn’t make her miss him as much right this minute as she had in the last few months.

“So when do you head to Nashville?” Jesse asked knowing he’d talked about it before.

“In a few days, end of the week” he added popping his fork into his mouth.

“God this is good, did you make this?” he asked savouring the cheesy tomato beef bite.

“Yeah I did, I made it a week ago but didn’t feel like eating it so just froze it” she admitted.

“Well you must of known there would be a very hungry man to be in need of this as I am very satisfied right now” he grinned, a slight evil twinge to it.

“Well I am glad you approve. When do you get back from Nashville?” she asked not wanting to sound too clingy.

“We’ll probably be out there a few weeks. We go in bursts, depending on how it goes sometimes” Jon replied licking the last remanence of sauce off his fork. Jon put his plate down and picked up her hand.

“Jess, I know we’ve only just met and hell what you’ve been through, I know this is a big call for you. But I would like if you came to Nashville for a few days when I am there” Jon said sincerely. Jesse’s heart leaped, she had never wanted to questioned what the next move was, as scared as she was, she knew she wanted to see him again.

“Ah, come there? Wouldn’t I just get in the way?” she asked thinking how the rest of the band would feel about this.

“Nah, you wouldn’t, if you came a week after we’d been there it would be refreshing to see a woman, believe me, we can get pretty sick of each easily” he laughed. He could see she was unsure.

“Please, you could have your own room and everything, and in the day go and see Nashville, I bet you haven’t been away for a while” he said guessing she hadn’t.

Jesse bit on her bottom lip, with eyes like that how could she say no.

“Ok, I will come” she said meekly.

Jon broke out into one of his famous megawatt grins.
“You wont regret it, I promise” as he kissed her lightly on the forehead.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Chapter Fifteen

After second round that left each of them panting for air. Jesse lay silently against Jon’s chest slowing tracing her finger lightly around his furry confines.
Jon’s arm was wrapped firmly around her back holding her in close.
He noticed she was away in thought.

“What are ya thinking about?” he asked kissing the top of her head.

“Just you” she mused wrapping her index finger around his chest hair and twisting it softly.

“Oh yeah? And what about me?” he asked teasingly stroking her back lightly with his fingers. She looked up to lock her eyes with his.

“I’m glad you came back, I, I am really sorry for how I left this morning” she said, Jon could see her deep brown eyes warming.

“Baby, you’re fine, really. I assumed that you got a fright when you woke up?” he questioned and then continued
“And then was worried you regretted staying with me” he admitted not wanting to come off needy but he couldn’t help it.

Jesse felt a brief pang of sadness that she had made him think that. She reached her hand to touch his cheek.
“No Jon, it wasn’t that, it was just” she paused not knowing if she should tell him the truth.
“Tell me baby, I can take it” he said as he grabbed her hand off his cheek and brought it to his lips.

“I woke up and thought I was in Jason’s arms” she admitted pulling her head downwards out of a small shame.
“Hey, it’s ok, I can understand that” he said honestly
“I know this cant be easy for you, but I am really proud you trusted me to take this step” he said as he tucked a strand of her loose hair behind her ear and kissing her softly on the lips.

“I am too” she replied returning his kiss fuller this time.

Her arms snaked around his back and pulled herself in close as his tongue began exploring the caverns of her mouth.
The hum of her throat vibrated through her mouth. He ran his hands down to her waist and gently rolled her so she was lying on top of him, content to just enjoy the sensual touch of each other he swept his fingers down her back softly as he they continued to kiss, first soft sweet kisses, that became more urgent as he reached down and cupped her ass in his hands. She rested her chin on his chest and looked up at him, her breasts were pressed into his chest and she could feel his arousal growing under her.
She left his mouth and kissed down the length of his neck licking his Adams apple as she went.

He let out a soft groan as she flicked her tongue across the softness of his fur until she found one pink taut nipple waiting for her, her tongue flicked over it and it grew harder instantly. A low growl escaped his lips as she started to shift her weight further down his body. She moved to the other nipple and sucked on it lightly.

“Jesssss” he hissed hoarsely as she continued down his centre but he pulled her back up to him and in one motion rolled her onto her back and pinned her down. Shifting one leg in-between hers he leant down and kissed her parting her lips with his tongue delving deeper into her.

“Jon!” she panted her face still flushed with their last sex afterglow, he brushed back her chocolate locks from her face and left her mouth kissing down her neck, her body arched instinctively towards him as he continued his assault down her middle, cupping her right breast lightly he took her nipple into his mouth.

“Oh fuck!” she exclaimed, Jon chuckling briefly hearing her cuss for the first time. His other hand slipped down and he found her wetness, wanting as he slipped two fingers into her slick folds.

“God, Jon...Please!” she moaned thrashing her head from side to side grabbing out to the sheets as a brace of the onslaught she was now experiencing.

His fingers continued to heighten her and he’d easily found her g-spot that had been untouched for many months now. He felt her building, her legs were clenched tight against the now sticky sheets, her breathing was raspy and urgent but still he kept going.

“Come on baby, just let go for me” he said moving his attention to her other breast kissing the tender flesh that surrounded her nipple, until he took her all is his mouth his tongue teasing her, stroking and flicking the hard nub.

“Jon, god, Jon…. Oh my god!…” she cried as her body shook violently, Jon held her as she contracted around his fingers, she cried out again and again as the waves swept over her, crashing her into the oblivion of her womanhood.

Once she stopped Jon joined her again at he the head of her bed, her body was thick with slick sweat and her thighs soaked in her own juices that had broken free.
He looked down at her as she closed her eyes catching her breath back; there really was nothing more beautiful than a woman that was in her afterglow. Her brown eyes soon met hers, he smiled longingly at her.

“You are so beautiful Jesse Adams” he whispered as he kissed her lightly on her forehead tasting the salty remanets of her sweat.

Jesse felt her cheeks flush slightly, she knew she was an attractive woman, but there was something the way that he said it, looking at her dishevelled and sweaty, and his eyes told her he’d meant every word of it.
She reached up to meet his lips and slipped her tongue in initiating the kiss this time; she could feel his impending hardness on her thigh.
She shifted so she could wrap her legs around his waist drawing him closer to her.

“Jesse, I need to feel you” he said as he reached out to the night stand and grabbed a foil packet, as ungraceful as the movement was he quickly shielded himself and hovered over her.

“Jon, I don’t know if I can, I mean……” she giggled feeling embarrassed. She’d not had this much sex all in one hit in a long time.

“Oh you can trust me on this one, baby, I will take it slow” he grinned as he entered her in one swift movement and then as promised he took it slowly, slicing in and out of her at a slow pace.

Feeling her walls take every inch of him in, Jesse felt and heard the slow rumble of the groan from his throat.
“God this feels so good” he moaned, his head back and eyes closed and his long neck was exposed her to lean up and kiss slowly down to his collar bone, she nibbled lightly on that, excreting a louder moan to escape from his lips.

“Jon, faster!” she panted feeling her urge growing near.

“Are you sure?” he asked wanting nothing more than to drive her home right now.

“Mmm hmm” she bit down on her bottom lip. The vision was enough and Jon drove it home pumping her for everything she was worth.

“Jess, god, oh fuck!” he cried as his seed spilled into the safe confine of the condom.

“Yes! Jon, oh god!” he nails dug hard into his shoulders; he pulled her right leg up over his shoulder to have more access into her.

“God, yes, yes! FUCK!” she exclaimed as she finally let go, an animal cry was let go and Jon held her tight as she came tumbling down from the orgasmic high she had felt.

A few moments past as they both caught their breath back. Jesse laid her head back and let out a low laugh.

Jon chuckled and not really used to expecting that after sex lay beside her, as he slipped out of her.

“I am scared to ask, but what’s so funny?” he asked with a grin running her his fingers down her shoulder.

Jesse turned over so they were facing each other still, each sweat clad body against the other.

“Jon do you seriously know what you do to a woman?” she asked seriously with a gleam of cheek in her eye.

He chuckled “Well I do try” he admitted breaking out in a grin.

“That was incredible” she breathed stroking his cheek feeling the slight stubble tickle the tips of fingers.

“I am glad” he said meeting her in a kiss. The slow rumble of his stomach came between them.

Jesse chuckled “I am going to have to feed you aren’t I?” she asked patting his flat stomach.

“I’ve got all I need right here” he said nipping at her earlobe sending her nerve ends reeling.

“Well I need to eat, so you coming?” she asked as she pulled herself from his grip and pulled her navy satin robe on and walked out leaving him watching her shapely body exit the room.

He smiled to himself, as he picked up his jeans and pulled them on and followed her out.