Saturday, August 30, 2008

Chapter-Eighty One

Jesse glanced down at her watch, five thirty-eight. She was on her way home from the office. Jon had been and picked up Stephanie who Jesse couldn’t remember the last time she'd had so much fun at work that afternoon. Things had been busy but Stephanie had fitted right in and even ended up answering Jesse’s calls for a bit. She smiled to herself pulling into the parking lot of her complex. Finally she felt like she knew one of the kids just that little better.

She turned off the ignition grabbed her bag and coat and lifted herself out of the car. There was an eerie silence around the place as dusk was settling in. Her phone beeped loudly echoing through the concreted area. Fishing through her red leather purse she found her phone and flipped it open.

Steph cannot STOP talking about today. See you at 7 gorgeous. You have the wine. I’ll bring dinner.
J x

She grinned into her screen and was about to reply when she almost walked straight into someone.

“Shit, I’m so sorry” she said stuttering looking straight into angry brown eyes. Jason. His appearance was overwhelmingly ominous and he was pissed. She could see it not only in his eyes but the way his hands were clenched into fists at his side. What the hell was he doing here?

“Jason!” she said cringing at how surprised she sounded.

“Yes it's me Jess, forget that we had a meeting after work or were you two busy playing text buddies with Rock-star boy?” he asked. She took two steps backwards till feeling the cool steel of the car hit her backside through the wool blend skirt she had on. Something about him was really starting to scare her.

“Jason” she said calmly “time just got away on me, I’m sorry” she apologised. He inched closer, so close that the aroma of beer mixed in with his cologne wrapped around her senses.

He laughed and crossed his arms “You’re not sorry. Not one bit. What’s happened to you Jesse? Am I not good enough for you anymore? You never were the social climbing type even in all your height in your fashion world you remained so genuine and impartial to the hypocrisy that exists in your industry.” The darkness in his eyes slowly crept back in.

“I want you to leave” she stammered. Her heart was beating loudly against her chest threatening to explode right out and into his hands.

He leaned forward his lips inches away from hers “Leave? I don’t think you do. Come on Jess come back over from the dark side you know you want to” his lips teased her own. Her eyes closing, and her body shaking. Who was this man? This wasn’t the man she married at all.

His warm heat brushed over her cheek, his arms sliding up her sides lifting her top to reveal skin. “Jason, please…” she stammered. God please stop.

His lips hit her ear “When I was tied up in that camp and they threatened to kill us everyday…even left us rope in the room if we wanted to hang ourselves…you know what the only thing that kept me sane was?” his calloused fingers slid up her sternum to scrape along the bottom of the lace of her bra.

She bit her lip there was she couldn’t take him he was a Marine for god’s sake. “Jason, I’m asking you please let me go. This isn’t right” she pleaded.

Jason ignored her words, his thumbs brushing by the tips of her breasts instantly hardening at his touch. God how much he wanted her, wanted to take her right now and screw her to the hood of the car.

She moaned inwardly. This couldn’t feel good. It just couldn't.

“It was you Jesse” he continued “the thought of getting out of this god forsaken hellhole so I could come home into your arms. Make love to you, fuck you blind like we used to, till we couldn’t breathe…” his voice had grown raspy and dangerously low.

Her skin goosed and tears pricked at the corner of her eyes. She just wanted to scream her way into her apartment and lock the door but right now she was pinned like a rack of meat to the butcher’s cutting board. He was so much bigger than her he’d be able to do whatever he wanted with her, she had no doubt.

With his arousal pressed hard against her stomach warning bells sounded in her mind but no-one could hear them. “Jason, we can’t do this. Its over” she said trying to sound diplomatic as possible. His eyes lifted and drilled into hers, pressing his forehead hard against hers.

“I can’t let you go Jesse. I just can’t. I love you too much and I know you still love me... say it” he demanded and like a fiery dragon his hot breath consumed her.

His grip tightened on her body. The urge to scream rose through her like a freight train. “I love Jon, Jason, its over” she whispered keeping her eyes closed waiting for the reaction. Too scared to meet his eyes.

God. She was lying, he just knew she was. She loved him. She swore at the alter she always would in life and death. That fucking Jon needed to go.

“If he wasn’t here would you have me?” he asked quietly.

Her breath caught in her throat seeing the madness in his eyes. He meant it as well.

“Don’t say things like that Jason, please…you don’t mean it” she had to get inside to call Jon and call the police. He was fucking crazy. One part of her heart ached for how this had ruined him but the other feared for the life of the one that she now loved more than life itself.

The brightness of headlights intruded their space causing her eyes to slam shut and she felt Jason release the grip he had on her arms. Thank you GOD she silently prayed.

She smiled at the middle aged business man that got out from the Black BMW. She didn’t know his name but knew he lived in the complex.

“Everything alright here?” he asked obviously seeing the uneasiness in her eyes.

“Sure he was just leaving” Jesse said before Jason could even think about saying anything. She pulled her coat on, swung her bag over her shoulder and walked away from him. He couldn’t follow her now, no way.

The astute business man waited for Jesse to catch up to him before walking her into the complex. Once safely at her door he asked "Everything ok? It didn’t look it from where I was standing”

She fumbled with her keys and jimmied the lock till the door opened. “It is now, I’m calling my fiancĂ© and the police as soon as I’m inside. Just someone I am having little trouble with” she admitted.

“Ok, well call me if you need to I’m in apartment eight up there” he said pointing. “And it’s Shaw by the way” he said sticking his hand out.

She smiled into crystal blue eyes framed with cropped almost platinum blond hair.

“Pleased to meet you, It's Jesse, and thanks for rescuing me” she said shaking his hand and walking inside.

“You’re welcome Jesse, take care” he said as she closed the door behind him and bolted it. She leaned with her back pressed against the door. Her hands still unsteady with fear fumbled for her cell phone in her bag and dialled Jon’s number. It went straight to voicemail. Shit where are you?

She left a brief message trying not to sound off centre but she was sure it would come across that way. Making sure again that the locks were on the door along with the chain and bolt she walked to the kitchen and poured herself two fingers of Jack Daniels and waited.


Rike said...

Jesse should call the police. I guess Jason is still outside.

Anonymous said...

Jesse - Call the Police NOW!!!

Jovi's Willow said...

Thank goodness Shaw came by when he did!! I hope Jason will get some help and that Jon will be safe.

Great chapter Tres!

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Nice Chapter! I like the new layout:)

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ooooh ... I'm liking the new layout. Great job!

SoulGirl said...

Thanks guys :) Glad you are enjoying it, yes Jason isn't too shall we say even-keeled right now.. ;)

I really do appreciate the comments, they make my day :)

And glad like you like the new layout, lol thought it was time for a spruce up!