Monday, August 25, 2008

Chapter Seventy-Eight

Jon and Jesse arrived a little later to dinner than intended, their pre dinner activities to blame for the tardiness. As Jon stepped out of the car he’d ordered for the evening he offered Jesse his hand taking a minute to admire her when she stepped out onto the sidewalk. A low cut back sleeveless dress fell just above her knees showing off to perfection her silky tanned legs. Of course this was complimented with black killer heels. The dress was gathered at the waist by a deep red chiffon belt which accentuated her hour glass figure and she carried a matching red purse. The epitome of a fashion goddess she was with her dark wavy hair swept into a loose French twist with a few stray ringlets shaping her face and diamond tear drop earrings fell from her lobes. God she was just gorgeous.

“Ready?” she asked him with a grin as he straightened himself before taking her hand. “As always, we better get in there before Sambora has a coronary that I’m late” he teased leading her through the entrance of the quaint little Italian Bistro that he had chosen. The waiter recognized Jon and immediately showed him over to the corner table where Kia and Richie were already seated and halfway through a bottle of wine.

“Well look who decided to finally show their faces?” Richie asked watching the waiter seat Jesse and then Jon. He was about to continue when his eyes fell on the buttons of Jon’s shirt that were buttoned wrong, he had an extra piece sticking out the bottom of his leather jacket.

“Sorry we’re late traffic was awful, you’d think I would have learnt by now living in the city for so long” Jon laughed opening the wine menu and signalling to the bottle he wanted to the waiter before he disappeared again.

Richie whispered something into Kia’s ear before she started to giggle. Jon raised his eyebrow at him “Problem Dean?” he asked shaking his head at Jesse.

Kia picked up her wine and took a sip leaning forward her blue eyes sparkling “So this traffic” she began the smirk slipping across her lips “was it hard and fast? Or was it slow and sensual?” she asked.

Jesse had just taken a sip of the wine the waiter had poured for her and Jon when she found herself choking on it at Kia’s words. A blush crept into her cheeks when her eyes met two pairs of mischievous ones across the table.

“I think you two had too much wine before dinner” Jon said sipping his Sauvignon Blanc.

Richie snorted “I think you two had too much sex before dinner” he retorted with a knowing look at them both.

“Richie!” Jess whispered realizing how quiet it was in the restaurant and how much his voice carried.

Jon’s eyes widened “What are you talking about asshole?” he asked how the hell Richie could know that, he was just jesting as usual. It was then Jon looked down when he went to pat down his shirt and saw what obviously everyone else had seen, well except Jess.

“Oh Christ, I can’t even re-dress myself baby” Jon said readjusting the buttons on his shirt. Jesse burst into laugher when she saw what had foiled their little sex-capade so well. She put her hand over her mouth trying to hold it in. How embarrassing. Jesse knew by now those two loved to razz on each other big time.

“God and I always usually do you the once over before we go out, it’s just a habit from the fashion shows, I guess I forgot this time” she said biting her lip.

Jon picked up his dinner roll and threw it at Richie “Anyway since when has it been illegal to have a quickie with your fiancĂ©? We had something to celebrate man” he said laughing.

“Oh god what now? You’re not having a baby?” Richie asked worried. Kia looked over at Jesse and was relieved to see her shake her head with a don’t worry, no I’m notgesture.

“We’re getting a new place – together” Jon said proudly.

‘Well fuck, you’re going to sell the pad? THE bachelor pad we built from scratch?” Richie teased.

“I’m hardly a bachelor anymore Rich and it’s the right thing to do by both of us” Jon said proudly taking Jess’s hand.

“Well fuck, cheers to you both we expect an invite to the house warming” he said winking at Kia before leaning in to give her a lingering kiss.

“I’d have to nail the door shut to keep you away” Jon threw back at him.

Jesse laughed and rolled her eyes “Lord Can you two never have a conversation without it turning into a battle?” she teased them both. It was one of the things she loved the most about Jon and Richie, that they reminded her of herself and Kia a lot of the time. Tough on the outside but knowing when push came to shove, they would be there for each other no matter what just like her and Kia.

“Not with this one, no” Jon laughed when the waiter came back and took their order. Jon ordered an assortment of Italian dishes for them all to share along with some garlic foccacia bread and more wine of course.

Kia smiled “Well I think its great and if I didn’t tell you before its great to see Jess so happy again Jon and I know that’s a testament to you so thank you” she said raising her glass.

Jon smiled “What? No promise to remove my balls if I screw this up with her? You going soft on me baby?” he teased finishing the glass of wine he had remembering the first few times he’d met Kia.

“Oh that still stands, that’s what girlfriends are for” she winked at Jesse. Any reservations she had about Jon right at the beginning and the way he’d been there for Jesse through Jason coming back had all vanished. But again it was always fun to tease. Keeps him on his toes.

The night continued with good company, great wine and exceptional food. The four of them thoroughly enjoying the meal and Jesse swore she’d need to run for two hours on the treadmill the next morning to work this one off. They left the restaurant with Jon having them driven home again. She watched him clear his messages on his cell-phone before a smile broke on his lips.

“Can I bring Steph in tomorrow? She’s bugging me again” he said holding his phone to her with a text message that simply read:

Have you asked her yet Dad? :-)

Jesse laughed “Bring her in around ten tomorrow that way I can clear the back log in the morning and then we can have some fun, girls only though” she warned him.

Jon’s eyes widened “Oh fine I see, it’s like that huh. I’m not good enough to hear the fashion talk?” he said drawing her in close across the soft leather seats. His lips feathered across the arch of her neck back up to her lips where he placed a long warm kiss.

She could have got lost in him so easily if they weren’t in the back of a chauffeured driven car, he always had that effect on her, like an aphrodisiac the minute his lips hit any part of her body.

“Oh you can stay if you want to, but I have better uses for you later” she said tugging on his bottom lip between her teeth.

His hand crept around her waist almost pulling her onto his lap “You play a dangerous game Ms Adams” he whispered his other hand hiking up her skirt traveling up the silky length of her leg.

She was about to answer but the car came to a stop outside her apartment and the driver getting out of his side and opening the door on Jon’s side.

He his hands retreated off her and instead he helped her out of the car and thanked the driver leading her to her front door. Jesse let a long yawn out when they walked slowly to the apartment, it had been a long day and all she wanted to do was crawl into bed. On the doorstep of her apartment to their surprise was a large bunch of flowers sitting against the door.

“Well somebody is popular” Jon said “Should I be worried?” Who was sending her flowers? Not to be the jealous type he was still very interested.

Jesse sighed picking them up and smelling the fragrant scent of lilies and jasmine. They were from Jason, she didn’t even need to look at the card, they were her favorite flowers and only he knew that.

She unlocked the door with the flowers in one arm and walked inside opening the small card inside the charcoal envelope and read it.

Dear Jess.

Sorry things got so weird between us, I don’t want to hurt you and I respect your decision but I would love if we could at least remain civil even so much as friends. I don’t want to lose you for good Jess. Let’s get together for dinner and talk about the divorce.


She handed the card to Jon, she felt indifferent about the card and flowers. Jason usually didn’t make gestures like this, it was a little out of character for him but maybe he really did just want to remain civil. They were married for five years and a tiny part of her still felt so guilty for him how this had all worked out not in his favor after everything he had been through.

Jon read the card, it seemed innocent enough he didn’t know Jason well enough to know if he was being sincere or not. But something about him wanting to take her out to dinner bugged him, he didn’t know why but it did.

“Well, it’s a nice gesture, but don’t you think you should be discussing the divorce with your lawyers?” he asked her.

She put her purse and keys down on the counter with the flowers. “I will for the official proceedings of course” she said reaching into the cupboard for a vase she could sense Jon uneasiness with the situation.

“You don’t want me to go to dinner with him?” she asked turning the tap on filling the vase mid way.

“Its up to you baby, do you want to have dinner with your ex husband?” he asked.

“Well you see your ex wife nearly every day right?” she asked arranging the flowers in the vase.

Jon bit back a retort, she was right but he couldn’t help feel something deep inside him that this was different. He didn’t want her alone anywhere with her for maybe the simple reason he didn’t trust Jason not to try and make a play for her. He knew in Jason’s position he wouldn’t have given up so easily. Fuck.

“I guess so Jess, just be careful. I don’t know why but I just have a bad feeling about it” he said honestly. He had to trust her to deal with this if she wanted to this way.

She turned grabbing each side of his shirt collar and pulled him closer to her letting her lips glide over his.

“I chose you and nothing will change that, ok Jon? Now all I want to do is go to bed and I want you to ravish me stupid before I fall asleep” she whispered her eyes locking with his. This could wait till tomorrow to figure out what she should do.

With a lopsided grin he scooped her up in his arms pushing back any niggling doubts in his mind and began the walk to the bedroom captivated with the woman in his arms.

“Don’t have to tell me twice baby”


Anonymous said...

Now all I want to do is go to bed and I want you to ravish me stupid before I fall asleep” she whispered her eyes locking with his.

Yes, Jon, that's what we ALL want!

Nice chapter Tresca :)

Jovi's Willow said...

“So this traffic” she began the smirk slipping across her lips “was it hard and fast? Or was it slow and sensual?”

oh lord, i just love it!! I'd be happy stuck in any kind of traffic with you, Jonny!!

Great chapter Tres!