Sunday, August 17, 2008

Chapter Seventy Five

A knock on the door made Jesse looked up at the clock, realizing it was past lunch. She put her head down on the desk for a moment; she was just too tired to deal with whoever was at the door.

“Come in” she finally called knowing they wouldn’t go away any time soon. They never did.

A familiar blond came bouncing in armed with two trays of sushi and starbucks. Jesse was so relieved to see her. She stood and grinned while standing up and waited while Kia placed the trays on the desk before wrapping her best friend in a hug.

“God it’s so good to see you woman” she said as Kia hugged her back just as tight, she had missed her so much.

“Likewise Darlin” Kia laughed to herself, she’d spent merely over a week with Richie and already was picking up his lingo? God. She had to admit for someone that had gone through what Jesse had been through she still looked like she’d stepped fresh out of the pages of a magazine.

“I brought reinforcements, told George we were not to be disturbed for an hour so its time to play catch up” Kia said ripping the sushi packets open “But I’ve got to ask Jess, Jason? Holy fuck? What the hell happened?” she asked handing the tray out to her and sitting in the oak chair opposite her.

Jesse stood behind her desk and scooped some eel sushi into her mouth before swallowing to continue. “It ripped me from half way to Sunday Kia” Jesse explained again the whole story about Jason and what had gone on with Jon and her decision in the end to stay with Jon.

Kia sat and listened to Jesse talk about everything and by the end of it she’d cursed herself internally for not being there for her, instead she’d been off with his best friend. But the one thing that made Kia smile was listening and watching the way Jesse talked about Jon, the way she smiled. The type of smile that met her eyes and the relaxed posture of her body told Kia more than anything that Jesse had it in gold in Jon.

Jesse leaned back in her leather back chair and sipped her latte “So Ms Kia, tell me how is the dark one?” she asked lifting her eyebrow. She’s not stopped freaking glowing since she’d arrived.

“Richie?” she asked twirling a long blond strand in her hair innocently “Yeah he’s a lot of fun Jess, a lot of fun” she winked. Kia leant back and sighed.

“Hussy” Jesse teased.

“Hey when was it illegal to be happy, not my fault he’s good at what he does” she exclaimed in a giggle.

Jesse ran her finger along the rim of the plastic lid “Oh please” she laughed watching her friends cheeks flush a little pink, it was good to see Kia so happy.

“He’s so funny, he just makes me laugh so much, a big exterior but an equally big heart, and he’s a sweetie” she said.

“Jon was going to ask you and sweetie for dinner tonight with us I believe” Jesse said. Her desk phone soon rang throwing her thoughts into a spin. “Hold that thought” She reached over and picked the desk phone up.


The familiar croon came over the phone “Hello baby”

She smiled and felt her heart flutter just a little bit. Why could he make her feel like that with just a simple word?

“Hey you what do I owe this pleasure?” she teased twisting the cord around her finger.

Kia rolled her eyes and made puking movements guessing it was Jon. Ok so she was just the same every time Richie text or called her but Jesse didn’t need to know that.

“Can’t a man just ring his fiancĂ© just because?” Jon asked.

“Sorry babe it’s been one of those days, Kia was the goddess of the day and brought Starbucks and Sushi in though, so I’ve dialled down the cranky” she laughed picking up her latte and taking a sip.

Jon noted she sounded a bit more relaxed than this morning but there was still unfinished business around what they had discussed. It’s been on his mind all day but he finally did have a small idea on how to resolve the issue.

“Jess, I booked in the restaurant for us tonight, but I’d really like if we could talk before we go” Jon said gently with his serious voice now on.

She sighed and closed her eyes “I know, I freaked out a little this morning, I’m really sorry. …” she paused knowing this wasn’t the place to have this conversation so she stopped.

“Its ok baby, we just need to talk this one out, I guess I didn’t think about a few things properly, but I want to work through and discuss them with you so we both feel comfortable. That you feel comfortable” he added.

“I know Jon, we’ll talk tonight, I’ll be home around five so why don’t you come around then” she suggested.

“Sounds good baby, I will see you then, don’t work too hard” he teased before hanging up.

“Lover boy I presume?” she asked finishing the next Ahi tuna piece of Sushi in her mouth.

“Yeah it was, we kind of had a strained talk this morning, and he wants me to move in with him” she said.

Kia nodded “And this is an issue because?” she asked noticing the worry lines on her friends brow.

“God I’m really stupid aren’t I?” Jesse asked her friend. Here she had the best guy in the world wanting to do everything right by her and yet somewhere, something inside her was still so tentative.

“You really want me to answer that Jess?” Kia quipped “But seriously if you’ve agreed to marry him what’s the issue here?” she asked. She could hazard a guess that Jesse didn’t want to give up her independence so soon after Jason but waited for her to continue.

Jesse ran her finger across the desk back and forward before continuing “I dunno Kia, part of me feels like moving into his place he’s already established with his kids is weird, and what I just slip right in as the step mom figure?” she asked her.

“Ah yes well four kids to inherit so to speak is not an easy task, but Jess, it will just take and they haven’t had the time to get to know you. Things are just going to be different and changing a little, but that’s who Jon is right? You know part of him is a dad” she pointed out. She knew Jesse would be freaking out about the kids as well. It was a huge change in her lifestyle for one thing.

“I know Kia, it’s not a big shock or anything but I guess when I accepted his proposal I didn’t think about all those things” Jesse said biting her lip at how it all sounded.

Kia’s brow raised again “Cold feet now that the reality is settling in?” she asked.

Jesse brought her hands to her cheeks and rubbed them gently “I don’t know, I’m so confused Kia” But why am I? This shouldn’t matter I love the man, and this should all just follow on from here.

Kia leaned forward and grabbed her hand “Because Jesse this has all happened so fast, if you look at yourself a year ago, you were married to someone else, and look what you’ve been through since then, a hell of a lot right? So you’re only human if you are freaking out about this. You need to talk to him though and really tell him what’s going on inside that head of yours” she said. “He’ll understand, if I know Jon the way I think I do. He’ll understand what you are feeling” she said.

Jesse nodded knowing she was right, she picked up the Milan schedule that had been faxed through to her today, originally she had planned to take Jon with her and he accepted. But now she was thinking that it would be better to go by herself to clear her head. God what was she doing? Was she crazy and just being paranoid?

“What is that?” Kia asked

“Its schedule for Milan, did I tell you from the launch they want me there a week to go through my designs and talk about selling them over there?” she asked.

Kia’s eyes widened “You’re shitting me, Jesse that’s fantastic, I know you’ve always dreamed about this! Holy shit” she said flying at her giving her a hug. “I’m so jealous MILAN” she said pulling the paper from her hand reading it.

Jesse laughed “Thanks babe, hey why don’t you come with me? I’ll be busy most of the time but I know I get downtime to go out and explore and we could shop till we drop, like we used to” She watched Kia almost fly out of the seat.

“Oh my GOD, that would be incredible!” Kia squealed in excitement “I’m so there!”

“All that wine, gelato and coffee, and of course all those Italian men at our disposal” she winked.

Jesse bit back a laugh “Are you forgetting something?”

“Ohhh yes, handbags!” she exclaimed. Jesse rolled her eyes but she was so glad that Kia had agreed to come. It maybe just what she needed? Now she just had to tell Jon when they talked tonight and hoped he’d understand.


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Fantastic! I am so glad to see you back!

Great chapter. I am glad Kia and Jesse have had the chance to catch up!!

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Thanks so much for the new chapter....been missing Jesse, Kia, Jon and Richie!!! a girlfriend weekend....what fun!!! hopefully it puts Jesse's mind at ease once she talks to Kia.

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