Monday, September 1, 2008

Chapter Eighty-Two

Snapping his cell-phone shut, Jon finally hung up from the conference call he had been on. The little envelope on the screen flashed indicating he had a new voicemail. He quickly listened to it pulling on his charcoal woollen coat walking out the door to the car. Jesse’s brief and no nonsense message worried him. He pressed call-back and climbed into his Chevelle firing the ignition before pulling out into the New York traffic.

It rang a couple of times before she finally picked up “Hello?” she asked. The timid tone in her voice was uncharacteristic of her and made him worry.

“Jesse it’s me baby, I was going to ring to see if you felt like Chinese or Mexican takeout and then I got your message, what’s wrong?” he asked.

She took a deep breath and attempted to say it “It was Jason, he-he was here before in the parking lot” she managed to piece out trying her very best not to lose it over the phone to him. He’d only fret more.

Jon slammed on the breaks almost causing the Alfa Romeo behind him to rear end him. “He what! What did he do? Are you ok?” questions flew from his mouth faster than the thoughts that were spiralling.

“I’m ok, I’m in the house now can you just get here please?” she asked her voice cracking like thin ice. Not to sound desperate but she needed him there right now.

Jon closed his eyes “I’ll be there in five, don’t move, don’t open the door anything until you hear my voice at the door ok?” he instructed pumping the accelerator which started him moving again. Slamming the phone shut he threw it on the passenger seat and concentrated on the road. This didn’t sound good, her words stayed firmly etched in his mind along with visions of Jason all over her. His hands gripped tighter on the wheel trying to concentrate on just getting there as quickly as possible without causing an accident. I'll kill him if he's hurt her.

He finally pulled into the parking lot, grabbing his keys and cell-phone he got out of the car locking it behind him. He jammed his hands in his coat quickly shifting towards her apartment oblivious to someone watching him from a distance.

So she called the Calvary? Typical White Knight behaviour. And that stupid interfering business man wanting to play the hero. He’d almost had her, she would have changed her mind. He just needed to get her alone, or eliminate the ONE thing that was keeping them apart.

Jesse sat waiting on the couch with her cell-phone clutched firmly in her hand. She wanted to ring the police and she had no doubt that Jon would make her.

But on her ex-husband? She reached under the large oak coffee table and pulled out a leather bound photo album which contained all their wedding pictures. She slowly flipped through the many photos that described so fluently the love she used to have for this man.

“God what’s happened to you Jason?” she asked, her finger running lightly over one of the photos of him with her cutting their wedding cake. He was smiling and looking like he didn’t have a care in the world, which held a very different look in his eyes that she had seen just minutes ago.

She just about leapt out of her seat when a knock came to the door. She closed the album and made her way towards the door.

“Who’s there?” she asked cautiously praying that it was Jon.

“Jess, babe it’s me” Jon’s voice came through the wood with an edge of comfort.

She quickly unbolted the door and unlocked it opening it just a crack to see two blue eyes shining with concern back at her. She opened the door wider letting him in. He scooped her into his arms immediately, her cheek pressed against the soft wool of his coat wrapping her arms tightly around his waist.

“God, are you ok?” he asked quickly looking her over for any visible signs of damage.

“I’m fine now that you’re here” she said not wanting to let go of his arms tightly around her giving her the comfort she’d craved. She hated feeling so defenceless. Damsel in distress was never her style at all.

Finally they parted Jon holding her at arm’s length “Tell me what happened Jess” he said sweeping the door shut with his foot.

“I was just coming in and he was there, starting rambling, I was supposed to meet him after work and I never showed he came closer and pressed me against the car” she began.

Jon’s eyes widened “He did what?” he shouted almost unintentionally but the anger started to simmer from deep within his belly. She was supposed to meet him?

She nodded “He wanted to, tried to pull my top up and ...” she trailed off almost shivering the feel of him against her skin.

“He tried to rape you?” Jon said pulling out his cell phone till he felt her hand on his. He felt his gut clench at that thought, his hands all over her body touching what was no longer his.

She nodded “I think that’s where he was headed”. She jumped when he slammed his hand down on the table.

“That bastard! I will fucking kill him, you hear me?” the rage in his eyes swept through her like wildfire. She’d never seen him so angry before.

“I don’t want you to call the police Jon” she said timidly.

Jon just about doubled over from shock, was she serious? She was defending the asshole? “You can’t be serious Jess, he tried to assault you? You’re just going to let him get away with this? No fuckin’ way” he spat.

“Jon please” she said “hear me out”

He ignored her plea “How did you get inside anyway without him?” he asked looking around for any signs of a struggle.

She still had her grip on his arm, fingering the soft wool there she continued.

“Shaw, my neighbour came home and interrupted him so I was able to leave without Jason following me, he knew Jason was causing me grief I guess” she explained.

Thank fuck for Shaw. Jon pulled out of her grasp and continued to dial the police.

“And what if he hadn’t come, then what? He could of…Jesus Jess, you could have been” no he couldn’t say it. Already his mind was plotting how to get her out and the private detective and bodyguards he would be hiring from all this.

“He’s my ex-husband Jon I just feel weird calling the cops on him” she tried to explain. She pulled away finally from him and walked into the living room. Jon sighed and followed her. He was trying to be understanding but seriously how the hell could she have any sympathy for this man? If Dot had turned into a psycho he would be doing everything he could without a question unless he still….unless she still, god she still cared about him?

“You still love him?” he asked. The question came and so did the heavy silence that followed it.

Jesse spun around and saw he was dead serious. “No- god, no not like that Jon, is that what you think?” she asked. How could he think that? Again. Christ.

Jon shrugged “Well you tell me why you nearly got raped and we’re not calling the police” he challenged.

She knew he was right he should be calling the police and having a restraining order put on him but god what was stopping her. Guilt? Sympathy for his situation? Something was making her from not doing it.

“I don’t know Jon, I knew he was off when he came in to work today he was all edgy, it was my fault he came here tonight” she said closing her eyes.

Jon nearly just about fell over “He came to work today?” Jon exploded “when Stephanie was there?” he asked the anger filtering into his eyes. What the fuck was he doing at her work? His daughter was subjected to this asshole?

“And you didn’t think to tell me this when I picked her up? Fuck Jesse!” he exclaimed.

Jesse cringed at the rising volume in his voice. “Calm down, she was fine, I spoke to him at the door and didn’t let him in. That’s when I agreed to meet him after work but I didn’t turn up so I guess that’s why he came here, he was visibly pissed that I stood him up” she explained to him.

“Did he see her? Know who she was?” Jon asked, now it had gone beyond just Jesse. This changed everything.

She nodded waiting for the backlash.

He paced around the room “What if he’d gone after her? What if it had been her and not you?” he accused her grinding his teeth silently. "I would never of forgiven myself"

"Oh and you think I would?, I didn't know he was going to show up Jon I thought I had it under control, I didn’t realize what he was doing till he came back tonight, Jon please, I’m sorry”

He had to get her out of her, to his place, he wouldn’t take no for an answer now. He tried to understand her reluctance to call the police but now his daughter was involved? No fucking way.

“Get a bag, you’re coming back to my place no augments” he demanded. It was time to take control of this.

Jesse nodded, it was best not to argue with him, he was so angry with her. She walked up the stairs and pulled out her large sports bag and started to pack her clothes and personal items that she would need over the next couple of days. Tears again threatened at the corners of her eyes as she packed. How did it come to this? He was driving her out of her home, the same one that they used to share together as a blissfully married couple. Jon was so mad at her for involving Stephanie.

Jon stood tapping his foot on the ground. He was so angry, more so at the situation not Jesse. She did need to understand that his kids weren’t just ordinary kids. He had a responsibility to Dot and his children to protect them from his lifestyle. Jesse needed to know that. Once the sound of drawers opening and closing fell to a steady silence Jon treaded carefully up the stairs to find her. He knew he'd yelled at her unintentionally and probably had ended up scaring her a little.

“Jess?” he asked walking into her room where she lay on her side curled on the double bed with small sobs shaking her body. He rushed over to her and kneeled down beside the bed.

“Baby, its ok…” he hushed stroking her hair. “I’m sorry I yelled but I’m worried about my girls being in the same place as a madman” tilting her head making her eyes meet his.

She nodded “I know I didn’t tell him who Steph was but he guessed” she said quietly.

Jon’s grip tightened around the sheets “So he knows it’s my daughter?” he asked the coolness in his voice drove her crazy.

“He wants me Jon, not her, this is my entire fault” she said sadly.

“How is it your fault Jess?” he asked softly stroking her hair. God don't blame yourself Jess.

“He’s just in shock that things have changed so much from when he’s been back, it has to hurt Jon, right? How would you feel in his shoes?” she asked him.

She was really asking him to be sympathetic towards the bastard? His jaw clenched. “Jesse this is not your fault and I don’t want you feeling guilty because he’s turned into a raving nut bar” he said. “And I’m sorry I don’t feel sorry for him, but I don’t not one bit” Jon said standing up and holding out his hand for her “come on I need to get you home”.

She took his hand and he pulled her up off the bed to a standing position. He picked up her bag and led her downstairs waiting for her to lock the place up before finally leading her to his car.

Jon popped his trunk and placed her bags in there before opening the passenger door for her. The moving shadow out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. The figure darted behind another car before he realized who exactly it would be. That’s it.

“Keep this door locked no matter what ok?” he said slamming it shut. Jesse was about to ask what was going on as Jon paced across the parking lot.

“Show you face you coward less bastard, SHOW IT NOW”


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