Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Chapter Seventy Six

By the time Jesse arrived home it was after five and Jon was due there in a matter of minutes from the text she’d received an hour ago that indicating that. They arranged to have a drink and chat before meeting Kia and Richie for dinner.

Jesse smiled as she carried her bags into the house and dumped them on the couch before heading to the shower. It had been great to catch up with Kia, she’d missed her so much and with both of them becoming pretty involved in new relationships they vowed not to let it become that long again which theoretically shouldn’t be that hard considering they were dating two guys that were best friends.

She stripped her clothes off and slung them over the rack in her room before finding the steam of the shower to engulf her and the warm beads of water drummed down on her face to sooth her. After spending five minutes in there she wrapped her terry cloth robe around her body and padded back downstairs just in time to hear the doorbell go. She bundled her wet hair into a claw clip before heading to the door.

The feeling did never get old, knowing there was a man on the other side of the door that loved her. And like an excited teenager she flung open the door.

“What ever you are selling I don’t want any” she teased biting her index finger as demurely as possible.

“Oh I think you might change your mind Miss when you see what I have on offer” he said holding out the bottle of Pinot Gris.

She grinned taking him all in, freshly showered his hair styled with a just been meshed kind of look. The black silk wide collared shirt he was wearing was buttoned low just showing a scattering of that amazingly soft fur on his chest. The black dress pants he wore rode low on his hips and Jesse bet with herself if he was shirtless she’d be able to see that V that drove her crazy.

“Well I’m willing to test the product out, I suppose” she said coyly standing aside as he walked in. The smell of his shower wafting with that spicy man smell floating right past her.

He sat the wine down on the table and when she walked past him to grab two wine glasses he pulled her in close the softness of her robe pressing against him. Drawing her in he met her lips in a soft kiss, his tongue breaching her lips to teasingly run over her teeth. It was Jon’s turn to breathe in the citrus smell of her skin along with the herbal infusions in her damp hair.

“You smell just too good not to do that woman” he growled into her lips. From the minute he’d left her this morning he’d craved this moment all day, to be with her and have her in his arms. He’d wondered at times would this ever go away, the newness and excitement he always had when he thought of her.

She’d been on his mind most of the day, and after his conversation with Richie earlier in the day and when he’d spent time with his kids. Stephanie still pestered him about spending time with Jesse at her work but she did understand that Jesse was flat out at the moment, while Romeo and Jake were more interested in playing lets tackle the Daddy. Jon knew that it was the less time he spent with them caused them to be more all over him when he did visit.

Dot had spoken to him about wanting a holiday without the kids in a month or so which meant Jon would have the kids for two whole weeks. He’d said it would be no problem the album stuff he was still doing with Richie he could do from home if need be. What Jon had hoped was this meant Jesse would get to spend time with them as well since she had niggles around that aspect of their relationship.

He felt the sigh of her into his chest before she pulled away to collect the wine glasses. He sat leaned on the counter top resting his elbows on there and smiled at her.

“Yes I am planning of getting changed very soon, I just needed a sloth moment to relax before dinner, and work was bloody awful” she said knowing the conversation on Milan would have to be mentioned soon enough.

Jon laughed “Hey I never said anything, although I have no complaints especially if you are naked under there” The smirk that played on his lips Jesse was all too familiar with.

“Maybe I am. Maybe I’m not” she said nonchalantly placing two glasses down and waiting for him to do the honours handing him the wine knife taking every effort to actually keep this one out of the bedroom for a change.

Jon picked the wine up and expertly corked the wine before pouring her a drop in her glass waiting for her taste it.

She picked up the glass and brought to it her lips tasting the wine knowing well that Jon always chose the best. The full bodied flavour of the white wine settled in her mouth. She held the glass out and put on her best imitation of being deep in thought before continuing.

“Soft yet subtle, this wine has a refined character blended with at a guess peach, pineapple and passion fruit which provides it with a great balance and long finish” she said raising her eyebrow at him.

He chuckled impressed “Well very very good” he said inspecting the bottle to see she was exactly right before pouring her a fuller glass and for him too.

They both sipped the wine before both of them said “Jess” and “Jon” at the same time. They both laughed and shook their heads before Jesse walked around the counter and into the living room and sat down on the couch before she was joined by Jon. He leaned forward and tucked a wet strand of hair back behind her ear before he spoke.

“Jesse I wanted to talk and get this sorted, I felt like this morning I was rail-roading you into something that you didn’t want all of a sudden” he said honestly.

She scooted back and lifted her legs resting them in his lap and took a draw of wine. “Jon, you know I love you right, and I want all this, and now I know more than ever I want you but today just threw me like a bell went off in my head that the little fairytale we’d been living has a little bit of reality to get used to” she said.

Jon frowned at her a little confused, was she referring to his kids as being reality. “My baggage you mean?” he asked crudely.

“God Jon, no that’s not what I meant, what I mean is that this, you and me is about just more than us, it is about the kids too, you can’t deny that” she said stunned he’d even think she thought of them that way. “It’s not just about me accepting and be ok with them which I am, you know I love your kids, they’re adorable but what about them Jon? Are they going to be ok, knowing when they are staying with us we’re sharing a bed?” she asked.

Jon left his breath blow out and nodded, she had valid points but she was over analysing this and normally he was the one to do that ironically enough.

“Let me be honest Jess, I have no idea what they will think about that, but its happening, either way they will get used to it ok, we all will adjust to the new arrangement, I wont allow it not to work” he said running his fingers lightly across her the arch of her foot.

Jesse bit her lip “I’m just scared Jon I guess” there she admitted it. What if she sucked at being a stepmother or whatever she would become to his children?

“Jess, you will be fine. Look at you babe, you can do anything and I have every confidence in you, and besides once they spend time with you they will love you just as much as I do. Well maybe not that much” he winked.

“I suppose, its all just a big change Jon and I freaked out this morning but you were right about one thing” she said.

“What was that?” he asked.

“The house, I think I’m ready to move out” she declared, There she said it. One small step for mankind, one great leap for Jesse Adams.

The wide smile grew across his face “Great because I have the best idea”


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great chapter...i hope they go house shopping.... ;)

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Glad they are talking, and ohh Jon's idea must be a house maybe?