Friday, August 22, 2008

Chapter Seventy-Seven

“And what idea was that?” Jesse asked watching his blue eyes twinkle intrigued.

“Well” he said swirling the last of the wine left in his glass before drinking it and placing the glass back on the table.

“This is about new beginnings right? You and me, and us building the future?” he asked resting his hand on her knee. He should have seen this earlier it was the perfect solution.

She nodded “Of course it is” she said not really knowing where this was headed.

“Then I think, I will be putting my apartment on the market and we better start looking for a place for us to live in” he announced.

Jesse just about spat out her wine “But you love your place?” she asked “I know how much you put into that apartment, and it’s your baby” she said. She was taken aback, the last thing she’d expected was this.

He chuckled and looked around the room they were in “And this is your baby, so its time to make our own babies, together.” He took her hand and brought it to his lips.

“Babies?” she questioned raising a fine brow his way knowing she was teasing him.

“Well house babies, then maybe we can talk other babies” he grinned “Later”. He wanted more children? She had kind of thought about this possibility but never actually imagined it he would actually consider it till now.

“I love you Jesse and I want you to start my life all over again with you, so this is the right thing to do by both of us” he searched her eyes for the answer he needed.

She put her wine down and took his other hand in his drawing him in closer for a kiss. “I love you too, and yes I would love that Jon. I really would” Their lips met in a sweet touching kiss before the fire and passion exploded within their mouths.

It was then Jon lost it, pushing her down on the couch his fingers making light work of the tie of her robe. He needed to be with her now and feel her heat. Parting the terry cloth material he exposed her body to him. His fingers tips ran lightly over her curves eliciting small moans from her.

Feasting on her breasts he heard her choked scream as her heart pounded loudly against his mouth. Her own hands were desperately trying to find his shirt buttons also making easy work of them. Finally she made head way pushing it off his shoulders still tangled in a steamy kiss with him.

He gasped when he felt her nails scrape over his nipples only spurring his desperation to be inside her. The temptation to eat her alive was playing heavily on his mind with each tongue stroke and nibble against the pebbled flesh.

“Off. Off… “She mumbled between the hungry kisses fumbling with his heavy belt buckle and fly soon finding his heat in her hands. Her eyes becoming dark and heavy drugged with lust.

“Jess, fuck” he tilted his head upwards exposing his neck to her savouring her touch on him. She pumped him a few times in her hands him sure he was about to explode over her hands right there. Teeth scraped down his neck across his clavicle, her mouth showing him no mercy.

Pants and groans rang through the room and in a desperate tumble pulling at his pants he was finally buried deep inside her. Her legs clamped around his waist matching each thrust each movement he threw at her. This man would be the death of her. She was ready now. She’d always be ready for him.

As he relentlessly drove into her he was going crazy on watching the emotion wash across her, each gasp, and each flicker of pleasure that shot through her face under him nearly made him cum right there and then. Her body arched high off the couch with each hitched breath she took the heave of her breasts glistened with the light coating of sweat. He took her harder, faster and higher till she finally fell off the edge screaming her way into the sweet orgasm they shared.

He let her body ride it all out before finally letting himself go, spilling deep inside her. She held on tight to his shoulders seeing the veins clench in his neck and then relax. He slumped hard against her the light slap of skin meeting skin. He buried his face in her hair, savouring the smell of sweat mixed in with the herbal shampoo.

“God damn woman, you are going to kill me one of these days” he dipped his head lower and kissed her on her lips.

She chuckled against his kiss “I beg to differ on the who is killing who here” she said running her hands down his back. “I love you Jon, I really do” she said. Brown eyes met blue when she again kissed him never getting enough, knowing that some way this would all work out in the end for them.


Jason sat staring at the papers he’d been looking at blankly for the last half an hour. Divorce papers. He’d had his lawyer draw up a fair divorce settlement for him and Jesse and now all he had to do was get her to sign them, then she’d be free. Free to go and marry that fucking Jon Bon Jovi. His fist tightened at the thought of him all over Jesse, kissing her, making love to her. He’d let her go yes, but the pain and reality of the decision had finally settled in.

After months and months in the Prisoner of War camp the only thing keeping him alive and motivated was the thought he’d see his wife again. And this is how she’d repay him. In the time spent in the camp the locals had attempted to chastise these soldiers against the ways of the western world.

But all that had kept Jason’s hope unfounded was his Jesse. Waiting for him to get home so they could finally start the family he always had dreamed off. He had plans to quit the Marines once he’d escaped and been home to live a normal life with the woman he loved, and get a respectable career that would always keep him close to home. He’d decided that he couldn’t do this anymore serve his country at the expense of being away from his family. His Jesse.

Well that had all gone pear shaped, thanks to big ego rock stars preying on marine widows. Some freaking country he thought wryly. America the brave, America the beautiful. If you were a ramped up rock star it certainly was. Jason had researched Jon’s past and seen how patriotic he supposedly was. Sure, patriotic to take what he thought was his.

As he drove home that day Jason’s internal battle between what was good and what was evil distorted. Months tried to being convinced that suicide bombings and killing innocent people was the right thing to do by Allah to show defiance to the western world was beginning to make sense in a warped way.

What really did he have to live for? The war in Iraq had seemed pointless, his life back home and the reasons to stay had all gone. Or could he change that? Maybe he’d see Jesse again and try to make her see that they should be together. He needed her. God he needed her. Nights of endless dreaming of making love to your wife only to find when you got home, it was all ripped apart. He just wanted to hold her, touch her, and feel her one last time.



Jovi's Willow said...

Oh lord, Jason's gonna cause some serious trouble, I can just see it coming. I hope Jon and Jesse can survive it.

Anonymous said...

Oh lord is right! I was wondering where Jason had wandered off to. Not too far, it seems!!!

Calijovigirl said...

i have to say that jason's thought seem very scary!!1 not sure what he has in mind, but i thnk its not good in the least!!! Yikes!!!

Lori said...

Oh boy, why didn't I see that one coming? This suddenly got very dark and I am wondering what kind of trouble Jason will cause them. Great job of keeping me on the edge of my seat.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm Do I smell a restraining order? I think so.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone else -- I think Jason's about to get really scary, and it will be interesting to see how Jon and Jess deal with that, particularly given that on some emotional level they must feel sorry for him and the experience he has been through.

I still think my favorite chapter is when they first got together and just "slept together." So sweet, particularly with her in the Giants shirt. :)

Tresca you definitely have a way of combining both the sweet love scenes and ;)

Can't wait to see where you take this.

Tina C said...

Love the twist in the story. Can't wait to find out what happens with Jason