Saturday, October 4, 2008


Jon struggled to open his eyes in what seemed like hours later. His head was thick with fog and his mind was drugged lulled into a false sense of security. The illusion of that he really wasn't in some old abandoned warehouse helplessly strewn, still bound on the floor. The bone crushing pressure on his lungs forcing him to heave and work harder, fight for breath.

The light slowly focused, his cheek pressing hard against the cold concrete. "Jess?" he managed. All he wanted was her, to feel her arms around him, her warmth, her scent…that delicious vanilla she always smelt of. The way her hands always stroked his chest after they'd made love, so gentle and loving. His lips curled into a small contented smile just to be overshadowed by the sharp jabbing sensation creeping up his chest into his neck.

His head was shifted by hard leather, focusing again when a boot in front of him came into view. His heart sinking at the reality of where he was.

"Jesse is not here Jersey" Jon felt his whole body move upwards as Jason settled the chair back onto all four legs. He leaned down and faced him at eye level, he tried but the focus was fading drifting in and out of consciousness.

"You're a popular boy Jersey, you know that? Your damn phone's been ringing while you've been out." His brown eyes had shifted to a more sadistic, haunting grey.

"Jason what do you want?" he croaked, his head drooped… so tired…

"You know what I want, but right now I need to you call Jesse and tell her you've been held up and you'll be late back. I don't want her calling the police or anything" Jason said holding out the phone.

"Am I fucking dialling with my teeth?" Jon spat. A warm rich honeyed taste was spilling into his mouth, which he had to only assume was his own blood.

"I'll let you go, but I swear to fuck Jersey if you make any move, it'll be over. You know I'll do it" his eyes narrowed and went dark.

Jon nodded, fuck anything to get out of these binds for a start, his wrists were raw and burning. Jason reached over him and untied the knots, Jon’s hands falling loosely to his sides.

“Here” Jason held out the phone in Jon’s reach “Call her and if you so much as tell her anything different I’ll cut your throat and you won’t ever see her or your children again, do I make myself clear?” he asked.

Jon took the phone and nodded. Flipping it open he hit speed dial and closed his eyes praying that somehow she would know something was wrong. She always did for everything else, knowing when he needed a hug, or to be left alone. She always did.

“Jon, thank god!” her voice exclaimed “I’ve been worried sick” Jon’s heart twisted at the sound of her voice breaking.

He managed a fake little chuckle, “I know baby, I’m so sorry I didn’t call earlier I just got held up” he said simply. Jon never just gave her a one liner, he’d always be honest and tell her where and why he’d been held up.

“What happened? David called from the studio, you never showed there... is everything ok?” she asked lowering her voice.

“I’m fine Jesse, I just ran into someone and left my cell phone in the car” another lie. Anyone who knew Jon knew that he never made that mistake. His phone was his livelihood.

“Are you coming home now, the boys want pizza...” she laughed lightly.

Jon smiled hearing the giggles in the background of his sons chanting pizza, and suddenly craved that he was right there with them. “I’m not sure probably a few more hours, I’m really sorry but you know how it is” he said. Please god let her get it. I’d never blow her off like that.

“Just a minute boys” he heard Jesse call and then what sounded like the thud of a door closing “Jon, what the hell’s going on?” she whispered “This is not you at all...I’m worried”

There it was. Jon closed his eyes, forcing the tears that were pricking beneath his lids away “I’m fine Jesse...its business you know I’ll be back soon... right? I’ve had to meet with Sting...” it was his only shot if she’d get what he meant.

“Sting? Why? I mean I know you know each other” there was silence until she spoke again “you mean Sting from the Police?” he heard her breath suck in and the line fell dead silent. She’d got it. Thank god.

“Jon, where has he got you? Are you ok....oh my god...” this time her voice did break “I’ll call the police but how will we know where you are? Jon... God I’m so sorry” a sob broke the line. Jon’s eyes closed. Damn Jason to hell and back for this, what it was doing to him but mostly to her.

“Jess, so keep strong for those kids you know how much work they are...and I won’t be too far away I promise” he had to keep his voice even or Jason would figure it out and he couldn’t risk it.

“I will, I’ll do anything...just stay safe Jon... And don’t do anything stupid with him please...” she begged. The creases at the side of Jason’s face were tightening. He had to let her go before he caught on.

“See you soon baby, Love you” and he hung up. It was the hardest thing he had to do to leave her like that but she’d understand. If only he could dial 911 on his phone they’d be able to track where they were. Jon brought his hand up to his nose, staining his skin with the bold red he was now oozing.

“Was she suspicious?” he asked Jon. shoving him back roughly into the chair.

“No, she knows how my life is” Jon lied keeping all emotion from his voice.

“You better not be lying Jersey because if you are I’ll finish you off and then find her and your children. We always wanted kids of our hey here are four of them, instant family huh?” he grinned.

Jon’s fingers curled tight into a fist, how fucking dare he? The anger boiled inside him threatened to blow. With one swift motion Jon launched himself out of the chair at Jason, it was too late now he had to do this to save himself and his family. Jason toppled over backwards, surprised by the move which gave Jon the upper hand. When fist connected to jaw Jason’s hoarse voice bellowed, but Jon didn’t stop. Pound after pound he let him have it.

The adrenaline raced through his body blinded by the pain he was throbbing with. His head still heavy and unfocused. “Fucking take that asshole...” he grabbed his phone crawling for what he could only assume was the door and punched in 911. Before he had a chance to speak to the operator strong hands gripped at his ankles dragging him backwards.

“You fucking just made the biggest mistake of your life Jersey” Jason growled drawing him back towards him.

The skittle of his cell phone echoed across the concrete floor, if it could just hold on long enough so they could trace where they were.

“Help me!” Jon yelled “I’m being held by Jason Adams” There was no dignity, no grace left here. Jon needed to fight to save his life, and his family.

“Fuck you” Jason’s heel stamped down on his lower back, with a snap and a scream Jon kept desperately trying to claw his way across the ground, his nails scraping across the steel cold floor.

Jason momentarily let Jon go and scooped up the cell phone now on the other side of the room and ended the call. The line between torture and death and been crossed. Jason wanted nothing more now than to make this bastard pay. I don’t fucking care anymore, he’s going to die. He’s crossed the line, and once he’s gone I’ll have my Jesse. I’ve done my duty, ridding the American People of scum like him.

At the doorway Jon scrambled up to his feet, wincing as his whole body was aching and screaming internally. Fighting the haze and the fog that once again threatened to engulf him, his legs were turning to jelly. He wouldn’t give into to it, he just couldn’t. He had to get out. For them.

Jon tried to shift his body weight against the door to open it. The sound of plastic crushing followed by his thick boots heavy on the ground was heading towards him. The last thing Jon remembered was the firm grip of hands closing around his neck, constricting his breathing before he let the darkness creep in slowly once more.


Jesse stood shaking as the call disconnected. Jason had him, she just knew it. There was nothing normal about that phone call, the way he spoke to her all warmth from his voice was absent and just giving her one liners. When Jon was late he’d profusely apologise to her and tell her ways he’d make it up to her later that night. But not this time. And the Sting comment, the police thank god she’d guessed right. She punched in 911 and waited explaining to the operator the situation, and in moments a police car had been dispatched to the apartment. They were also going to see if they could trace Jon’s cell phone signal by his number encase he’d tried to call them.

What the hell was she going to do? The kids were next door, the police on their way. She didn’t want to alarm them but they were going to know something was up. Taking a deep breath she went back in. “Steph can I see you for a minute?” she asked directing her towards the kitchen.

She followed Jesse into the kitchen her brow was already creased, god just like when her father did it. “Steph, I need you to take the boys into the other living room where Jesse is, I’ve got the police coming over. “ She ran her hands through her hair, how did she say this without scaring the living daylights out of his daughter? “My ex husband is causing your father and me a bit of grief so I need to talk to them about it, and I don’t want to worry Jakey and Romeo” she said. Honestly that was the truth no need to scare her any further until they knew more.

She silently nodded “Is he ok? Are you ok?” she asked. Jesse forced a smile and put her hand on her shoulder.

“I’m fine, he’ll be ok...we just need to make sure Jason has charges pressed against him... something I should of... nevermind. If you could do that and when they leave I’ll come and get you. You father is hopefully going to be home in a few, we can have dinner then ok?” she asked cheerfully.

“Ok, I’ll take them there but I want to know if anything happens” she said her blue eyes widening.

“I promise Steph, promise” she waited till Steph left the kitchen before slumping over the counter biting back the tears that threatened. She’d never forgive herself if something happened to Jon. Never.


Anonymous said...

Okay, you are leaving me hanging way too long here!! Jason is on the verge of killing Jon. How much more can he take? How much more can I take? Ha ha! LoL!

Great chapter!!


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AH!!!!!! I don't think that I can wait another 3 days for the next chapter!! Put me out of my misery... quickly?? Please??

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you cruel evil girl!

c'mon T, we need MORE!

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OMG all I can picture is Jons beautiful face and body being mangled by this maniac. Please get him the hell out of there NOW!!!!

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Tres!! How could you leave it like that? Need to know if Jon is okay and if that maniac is gonna get what he deserves!

Hurry with the next bit, please!!!

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TRES!!!!!!!! OMG! I've just caught up and my heart is racing!! Please, don't keep us waiting much longer...