Monday, October 6, 2008


Jesse folded herself into Jon's oversized arm chair bringing her knees up to her chest. Closing her eyes she wished somehow she could open them again and this had all been a bad dream. When the light slowly crept back into view, her heart sank in disappointment. This wasn't a dream this was her reality. It was the not knowing that was killing her. Where was he? What was Jason doing with Jon? Just a friendly talk? She wasn't even sure she knew what Jason was capable of anymore. He was a far cry from the man she once was married to.

Leaning forward clasping her hands together over her knees she'd never forgive herself if he was hurt, or worse if…no surely Jason wouldn't be that bad. No, she had to stay strong for him. This was Jon, her Jon so brave, strong willed and her man. No one had ever made her feel like Jon did. After Jason had died Jesse had no idea that she would even feel more for someone than the way she did for Jon now.

The buzz of the intercom came, with security guard announcing that the police were here. She quickly moved from the chair and scooped up the scatter of toys on the ground before answering the door.

Two policemen, dressed in full uniform stood there. The tight look and blank expressions of their faces reminded Jesse of when they came to tell her Jason was dead. Clutching her stomach trying to sooth the flip flops, the memory was all to real once more.

"Ms Adams?" the taller one asked.

She nodded "Please come in" she motioned for them to come in, but he remained standing there.

"We've received word of where Mr Bongiovi was, after you reported his call he dialled 911, and we tracked the signal to a warehouse by the docks." He began.

Jesse's feet didn't want to move, her whole body froze at the words, praying to god that the next one's out of his mouth weren't the one's she dreaded.

"We're sorry to tell you but Mr Bongiovi was found passed out, with what paramedics assessed on site as extensive head injuries. He's on his way to hospital now" he explained.

Her breath sucked in and her hands went to her mouth, along with the imaginary kick to her gut. "He's ok though?" she dared to ask. Oh god, anything but this.

"I wish we had more news for you, we've detained Mr Adams and he's down at the station and will be until we've collected your statements and verified Mr Bongiovi's condition to what charges we'll press him with. But for now we have kidnapping to hold him with" he confirmed. "You'll be wanting to get to the hospital I'm sure, but we'll need your statement as soon as possible".

The policeman talked a little more but Jesse didn't hear a word she was off in her own world imagining all the awful things that had happened to him. Blinking away the tears she lost herself in the numbness that was slowly taking over her.

"M'am?" the officer asked again.

She snapped her head up and nodded "I'm sorry..."

"It's ok, here is my card, once you see Mr Bongiovi and advise his family are you able to call me tonight, I'd like to get this down as soon as possible. I understand this is difficult for you..." he trailed off.

She took the card and slipped it into her pocket "I'll call"

"And be advised that also we are using our utmost discretion on this case with Mr Bongiovi's high profile status and all"

She again just managed a nod in thanks. What now? Who did she call? What about the kids? Jesus Christ. The officers soon left her in the apartment standing alone. The sudden emptiness she felt was absurd. She knew she needed to call Jon's family so picking up the phone and hitting the speed dial where it read "Mom" she closed her eyes and held her breath. Her dealings with Carol had been limited and somewhat icy.

"Hi Jon" she answered. She must have caller id, great.

"Uh hi Mrs Bongiovi it's Jesse Adam's here" she stammered. What was it about your boyfriends mother that always induced this sort of nervousness?

"Jesse? Who...oh Jesse" she said again. Jesse could just picture the way her face changed too. "What can I do for you?" she asked coolly.

"It's Jon he's been rushed to hospital..." Jesse bit her lip letting the tears splash like raindrops on the polished surface of the coffee table.

"What? What's wrong?" Carol's voice changed to a softer tone. "Jesse what happened?"

Keep it together, you've got to. She swallowed the huge lump in her throat that was beginning to form.

"He was taken by my ex husband ...and he's, I don't know how bad he is... but I have the kids... and I don't know what to do" she stammered, she rubbed her chin. Did she tell them? How did she even begin to tell them their Daddy was in hospital because of her ex-husband, and worst of all it was because of her.

"Honey, Jesse listen to me. I'll be on the next flight there, but I might not get in till tomorrow morning. I'll ring Dot and let her know she'll come if he's bad....ring Richie and he can come and watch the kids, and Jesse....I don't know how much you know but Jon's always had a honesty policy with his kids, so tell them but play it down until we know exactly what's wrong with him ok?" she asked furiously.

"Ok, I can do that" she said confidently, she had to for them.
"Yes you can, Jesse if you know one thing about my son he's a fighter. And ring me as soon as you get to the hospital, can you do that for me hun?" she asked.

Relief swept over her body just a little buoyed Carol was being so helpful "I promise, I'll give you my cell phone number too" she said reading it off to Carol and collecting hers.

Once she disconnected the call she dialled Richie and took a deep breath "Richie it's Jess" she explained and in less than ten seconds both Kia and Richie were on their way to her. She dropped the phone back in its cradle before smoothing her hands down her thighs drying the sweat off her palms.

You can do this. You've got to be strong for those kids. You owe this to them, to Jon.

Once she was inside the living room where the pile of Bongiovi children were all on the couch watching the movie. She smiled and picked up the remote and muted the TV before sitting on the edge of the coffee table opposite them. Cupping her knees she leaned forward.

"Kids, there's been an accident and Daddy's had to go to hospital to get fixed up" she tried to explain, twisting with the ends of her sleeves. Stephanie's eyes grew wide along with Jesse's.

"Is he ok?" Stephanie asked holding on to Romeo tighter.
Jesse nodded "As far as I know, Uncle Richie is coming to look after you while I go and see him" she explained. The two younger boys just remained silent.

"Can we come?" Jesse asked her. She closed her eyes and bit her lip "I need to see what's happened first but then maybe Uncle Richie can bring you down..." she suggested.

"Daddy needs a band aid?" Jakey asked.

"Something like that darling, but the doctors are going to take good care of him right?" she asked cheerfully. When the door went again the two younger boys scrambled for the door knowing it was their Uncle Richie. Jesse and Stephanie stood before her.

"It's bad isn't it?" Stephanie asked her, her eyes filled with worry.

"I don't know sweetheart honestly" Jesse again found herself biting back a sob "I'm sorry" her voice barely a whisper. She was surprised when Stephanie reached her hand out and squeezed it.

"Dad's a fighter" Stephanie said. Just like Carol had said. God I hope he is. I can't lose him, I just can't.

"I know honey I really do, I think he is too" she said trying to convince herself of that statement.

"He'll be ok, you'll see" Jon's son stood before her just every bit as confident as he was.

She stood and before she knew she was being engulfed in a running hug from Kia "God Jesse, we got here as soon as possible, Rich is going out of his mind. He won't admit it but he is" she said, Jesse held on tight to her somehow drawing strength of her being here. The crisp floral scent Kia wore wrapped around her "Thank you" Jesse whispered in her ear.

"Jess, I'm here, and we're not going anywhere, why don't you get to that hospital and go and see that Jon's just got a few bruises right?" she asked holding Jesse at arms length "Right?" she asked.

A strong pair of arms wrapped around her from behind along with the deep dark scent of spice and citrus. Rich.

“Have you heard anything more?” Richie asked pressing a kiss to the top of her head.

With the room blinded by tears again she shook her head “I need to go there, I need to see him” she whispered. Part of her ached to be there now, but the other dreaded it not wanting to face the reality that he was really hurt.

“Why don’t you both go? I can watch the kids” Kia suggested quietly “You need someone there, Rich you need to go baby” she said rubbing his arm.

The blur crept in again she couldn’t even face the kids. Seeing four faces that reminded her of the man she loved, worried and scared for their Daddy.

“I want to come too” Stephanie spoke up tugging at Richie’s sleeve.

Richie smiled and tucked her under her arm “I know you do sweets, but let Jesse and I go first so we can see him and then we’ll come and get you, I promise” he explained.

Thank god he understood that, the both needed to make sure that Jon was ok before letting the kids seeing him. Jesse bent down to her knees and pulled Romeo and Jake into her “Don’t you worry boys I’ll be back as soon as possible, you can be strong for Daddy right?” she asked ruffling their hair.

Romeo’s little blue eyes went wide and he puffed out his chest “Me strong!” not to be outdone by his older brother Jake did the same and pounded his chest.

Smiling through the tears she laughed, how proud Jon would be right now. “Now that’s what I’m talking about. You’ll be good for Auntie Kia? She’s lots of fun” Jesse straightened Romeo’s Bob the builder t-shirt.

She stood up and Steph rushed into her arms “Tell him we love him ok?” she asked. Jesse closed her eyes and held onto Jon’s daughter.

“I promise, I’ll call as soon as I get there and find out what’s going on ok?” she whispered kissing the top of her head.

“Right, let’s head off shall we?” Richie asked.

Time to go and face reality.


calijovigirl said...

I'm so glad Jon was found but what now?!?! how bad off is he??? i hope that he makes it thru without any serious brain damage or worse. glad the cops nabbed jason too finally.....oh, this chapter had me in tears... :(

Jovi's Willow said...

OMG! All I can think of is Jon's gorgeous face being all messed up by that idiot! I know he's gonna be ok, but what is going to happen next???

Great chapter!!

Anonymous said...

92???? Soon???? Please :)