Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chapter Eighty-Nine

Jesse looked down at the shiny dial of her watch, Jon had been gone for nearly four hours. She knew in his business things could always be so unpredictable but he usually always sent her a text message or called to say he was being held up. It was past dinner time and she’d held off for as long as could with four kids in the house, two of which were teenagers.

“Hungry!” Romeo chanted banging the plastic animal he had securely in his hand against the coffee table.

Jesse bent down and ruffled his hair, which was that baby soft beneath her hand “I know sweetie, I’m going to get us all a snack right now, I thought your Daddy might be home by now” she said hiding the worry in her voice.

“Daddy’s getting pizza?” Jakey asked her with large blue hopeful eyes.

“PIZZAAA!” Romeo chimed in.

She chuckled “I have no idea, how about I call him and we find out what he’s doing?” she said picking up the phone from its cradle. She dialled his cell phone number which went rang with no answer till his voicemail clicked in.

“Hey baby, just calling to see how things are and what you wanted to do for dinner, I think the boys are set on Pizza for dinner but your call. Call me” she said disconnecting the call. “Ok boys how about I make us some PBJ sandwiches until Daddy calls us back?” she asked.

They nodded eagerly so Jesse found the kitchen and started the snack “You want one Steph?” she called back into the living area.

Stephanie joined her in the kitchen leaning against the doorframe. “I’m alright thanks, you do know he used to do this all the time and would always come home eventually” she said.

Jesse looked up and smiled “Thanks Steph I know he’s probably just held up and if it's anything to do with music we know it can drag on right?” she asked.

“All the time” Stephanie rolled her eyes dramatically.

Jesse slathered a thick layer of peanut butter across the bread. The sharp shrill of the phone sent the knife clattering to the floor. “Damn” she picked up the phone “Jon?” she asked not caring whether it was going to be or not.

“Uh, no m’am I was kind of hoping that he’d be there. It’s David Rivers from Mercury Studios. Mr Bongiovi was dropping in some demos for polishing today and he hasn’t shown up”.

Jesse’s heart skipped a beat as she turned around and faced the other way hiding her face from Steph. “Oh right, he left here a few hours ago on his way to you, and he hasn’t come in at all?” Jesse asked twisting the phone cord in her fingers.

“No ma’m” David replied professionally. “We tried his cell phone but that went to voicemail”.

“Ok, well look when I track him down, and Jon’s a busy man but I’ll tell him to call you when I see him” she said.

“Thanks, I appreciate that... you must be Jesse? I don’t think we’ve had a chance to meet but I’m sure we will” he said politely.

“I look forward to it David” She said before hanging up. Now what? She couldn’t go look for him with the kids here.

“What’s wrong?” Stephanie asked.

Jesse popped her knuckle and faced her “That was the studio, your dad didn’t show up. Any ideas what else he might of been doing?” she asked causally. If she could call a few of his business associates maybe someone would know something. Jon was always running into people he knew and would always stop and chat if he could.

Stephanie rattled off some other people she knew of that her father did keep in touch with on a regular basis in the city so finding his address book, she set to work.

Twenty minutes later she concluded that no one had seen Jon all day. She fingered the hem of her top. God, I hope nothing’s happened to you. The tight knot in her stomach twisted tighter. She had a very bad feeling about this.

She quickly scooped up the sandwiches and juice she’d prepared and propped them down near the two young boys before taking something into Jesse who was watching a movie in the other living area.

“Thanks” he said when she placed the plate and glass down on the coffee table. He looked up “Are you ok?” he asked. Jesse had been the one that she’d had most trouble trying to connect with. He was polite with her but he’d just been reserved with her, more cautious than anything. Jon had already told her he was just like that and not to take it personally.

She forced a smile “I’m fine, your Dad seems to be running later than expected and no one has heard from him, but you know how he gets” she said cheerfully desperately trying to keep the mood buoyed.

Reaching out for a sandwich he took a big bite before replying. “Welcome to Mom’s world. He’ll be back he always is”

She laughed, they didn’t know about Jason so why would they assume anything different? “That’s what Steph told me too” she smoothed her hands down her sides. “Well if you need anything we’re just out there” she said before turning to leave.

“Jess?” he asked quietly.

She turned and saw the concern in his eyes “He’ll be ok, you’ll see” he smiled.

“I know, thanks Jesse.” She left and walked back to see Romeo and Jake demolishing their sandwiches.

“These good!” Romeo exclaimed chewing on his sandwich, his little blue eyes gleaming.
She patted him on his sunny blond head “I’m glad you think so little guy” she sat down with them and soon Stephanie joined them. Her heart was racing in her chest, along with her mind. Where the hell was he? She clutched her hands together trying to stop her arms from shaking. When did she call the police? Twenty four hours? God, what if it went for twenty four hours? She’d go insane.

She turned up the TV and the three of them sat there for half an hour or so watching and eating, her cell phone still clutched in her hand. When it vibrated against her palm she jumped and quickly flipped it open. “Hello?”

“Hey girl, sitting on that phone are we?” the bubbly voice teased.

She slammed her eyes shut in disappointment. “Kia, hi honey...sorry I just thought it was going to be Jon” she said rubbing her temple with her first two fingers.

“Ohh, I’m not good enough now” she scoffed.

Jesse wasn’t in the mood for light and fun, which was Kia’s speciality. “Sorry hun, all I meant is Jon has been missing for a few hours and he never turned up to where he was meant to be going. I can’t find him anywhere” she said standing and leaving the kids out of earshot.

“Oh Jess, you know how he is though. Richie would be the first to tell you that...” her voice fell soft and sympathetic.

Jesse cringed, she’d again had no time to tell Kia what had been happening with Jason. “Well, normally I wouldn’t worry. We’ve got the kids here and that’s going great but we’ve had some problems with Jason” she explained. She snuck into the kitchen and spilled the story out to her best friend.

“He did WHAT!” Jesse held the phone out from her ear as Kia’s voice shrieked through it.

“I know I that’s why I just might be a little concerned, Jason wouldn’t go after Jon would he?” she asked.

“Jesse Adams, I can’t believe you didn’t tell me all this and you never pressed charges? I’m sorry babe, I ‘m with Jon on this one. That is one of the most stupid things you’ve ever done” She closed her eyes. God Kia was right. What the hell had she’d been thinking?

“I’m sorry, things just got busy and we had it under control...well I thought I did” she said sadly. If Jon came home tonight, she’d press the charges. God she would. She’d been so blind and she owed it to herself, Jon and the four kids saftey in his place right now.

“Jesse, I don’t know if Jason would go after Jon...But it sounds like its a possibility. Look, I’ll get Rich to see if he can locate him ok? I’ll give him a call, he’s out with one of his muso buddies right now, maybe Jon is with them” she brightened her voice with small hope.

“That would be great Kia, thanks. And I’m sorry... I should have told you. Then you would have knocked some sense into me. Right then and there” she sighed leaning back against the cupboards gasping when the steel handle jabbed into her back.

“Yes, you’re damn right I would of woman. Ok. I’ll ring Rich. See you soon” the call disconnected.

She took a deep breath and walked back into the living room where the kids were. “Ok kids, Your Uncle Richie are going to see if he can find Daddy, so we can get some dinner. Meanwhile why don’t we watch a movie” she suggested flopping down in the couch with the remote. She laughed when Jake and Romeo crawled and pushed in each other’s way to climb on the couch next to her. She sat up easing Romeo into her lap. “Easy there, little guy”, while Jake leaned in beside them.

Stephanie smiled and curled herself into her father’s leather armchair and they all began to watch the movie. Jesse wasn’t really paying attention, she was praying and hoping that Jon would either walk through that door or call any minute.


Anonymous said...

This is a great chapter and I was so glad to see it but.....YOU ARE KILLING ME!!!!! I need Jon to be rescued from that maniac. Soon??? Please :( And when Jesse does find out what has happened she is going to have a major case of the guilts for not pressing charges to begin with. HURRY NOW & write Jon's rescue, please :)

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I agree with Chris, you are killing me! Please don't leave us hanging long!

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AHHH!!!! You can add me to the "you're killing me" club!! Anxiously waiting for the next chapter.... soon?!?!?!?

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is there space in the "you killing me-club"?

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Crashing into the Killng me club! Hope the next chapter comes up soon!!!!!!