Saturday, October 18, 2008


After Kia left Jess, Stephanie and Jesse watched a movie for a little while. She couldn't even tell you what the movie was if you asked. Her mind kept drifting in and out of best and worst case scenarios and all the things she wanted to tell Jon. That she should of told Jon. Why was it we always waited for these moments in our lives to really tell people how much they meant to us? How much seeing them everyday was worth going to bed that night just so we could get up and see them all over again. He had become that and more to her in just months. It took her years to really fall deeply in love with Jason, and Jesse knew she was already there with Jon. Deeper if that was at all possible.

"Can you ring Uncle Richie?" a voice snapped her back to reality. Stephanie was looking up at her from where the three of them had nestled into the couch. The credits were rolling on the TV.

"Sure sweetie, I'll ring and then we all better get some rest ok?" she asked leaning forward to collect her cell phone where only until recently had it been cradled against her chest. She stood and stretched her legs, her head was heavy and she knew she needed sleep but god knows how that was even going to happen tonight.

The line rang a couple of times until a sleepy voice spoke "Hey Jess" Richie croaked.

"Hi Rich, Just thought I'd ring before we all go to bed for the night. How's he doing?" she asked twisting her fingers at the hem of her sweater.

"He's ok, we had a little moment before, his breathing became a little complicated but they've drained his lung and he's doing fine now" the words stung her like a bee-sting. I should have been there.

"Thank goodness for that and no other changes? Has he come around at all?" she asked. Even though Richie said he'd call she still had to ask.

"No, no change there but he is sedated Jess, so it's not really expected till the morning, how are the kids doing?" he asked.

"Good as can be expected, Carol and Dot will be here tomorrow" she said.

"Great, well as much as that seems daunting it will be good for you to have more of us around and for the kids" Richie said. Jesse knew it was true she'd only met Carol and Dot just the once but at least this time they had all the same vested interest here. Jon's wellbeing and support to the kids.

"I know, ok Rich I better get these two off to bed and myself but ring me if anything changes, anything" she reiterated.

"Promise try and get some sleep Darlin, Jon needs you too ok?" he asked.

"I will" the hung up and again she turned around and smiled at the kids "Right, he's fine they had to clear some of his lung out so he could breathe easier but he's doing ok" she said still gripping her phone tightly. Just get them to bed and them yourself alone in the bedroom. She could feel it coming, the pressure starting to crack and the tears threatening to burst. "Now how about we all try and get some sleep ok?" she asked gently.

Thirty minutes she had the kids all in bed and the apartment was heavy in silence. She had a long hot shower trying to make herself relax, but every time she closed her eyes all she saw was Jon's battered body covered in bruises and plastic. Wrapping herself in a towel she dried herself off and reached for one of his Patriots t-shirts slipping it over her head. Still alive with the scent of him, she curled herself on the bed, too scared to even venture over to the side where he should be right now. It seemed bigger, emptier the space where he'd lay.

White cotton blurred as the tears finally fell and the sobs wracked her body. Her fingers gripped the pillow covering her face so that the noise would be muffled. Bringing her knees into her chest she tried to keep it under control but looked up when she felt the bed move. To her surprise Jake and Romeo were climbing up there bed.

She quickly wiped her tears away and sat up "What's wrong boys?" she asked watching Jake pull his brother up onto the bed with a little effort.

"We heard you cry…..why are you sad?" Romeo asked crawling closer to her.

"Just tired boys, it's been a long day and sometimes when grownups are tired they cry" she said straightening herself, trying to force the tears back. Romeo curled into her.

"When I cry Daddy gives me a hug" his ting hands wrapped barely around her waist but she held his head against her chest while Jake rolled into them both.

"Don't worry Jesse, Daddy's strong. He's superman" he said quietly.

"I know he is. I just miss him that's all" she said quietly taking in the scent of sweet children's shampoo. She wrapped her arms around further to envelope Jakey into the hug that she extended out to him. The comfort of the kids was enough to make her relax, these are the ones she had to be strong for.

"Everything ok?" Steph was standing in the doorway in her striped night shirt.
Jesse smiled "We're ok now, the boys just heard me crying and came to see me, we're good now" she smiled.

"Did you want a drink or anything?" she asked bunching her hand into the material around her hip.

"I'm fine Steph, it's just been a long day. We do need to get some sleep or we'll be no good to your father right?" she managed a small laugh.

"Right, ok night Jess. Behave Jake and Romeo" she wagged her finger at them with a grin.

She eventually fell asleep with the two boys, focused on the happy memories of what the future had to bring for them both. It just had to.

The bright light hit him hard, his eyes creeping open then promptly slamming shut at the rude intrusion of daylight. God, the pain. His whole body fell like it'd been dropped from a great height. Then it all came rushing back to him. Popping his eyes open he soon adjusted to the bland white of the room.

"Jess?" he croaked, the one person he needed to know if they were ok. He couldn't smell that vanilla blend that always went with her. Instead the room just smelled like that fresh sterile clean smell everyone associated with hospitals.

“Jon, it’s me Rich you’re in hospital” the head of his best friend finally came into view.

Jon winced before opening his eyes again “Really? I had no idea” Richie laughed and patted his arm.

“Shit so good to hear you again. We were worried for a minute you were brain damaged or something” he grinned.

“Well I feel like I’ve been hit by a fucking train and ...” he reached to his chest “a little hard to breath” each time he exhaled it felt so tight.

Richie leaned over and hit the nurse call button “I’ll get the nurse to come and check you over”

Jan sank back into the pillows closing his eyes “Where’s Jess, please to god tell me she’s safe from that maniac” he managed. The images floated through his mind, the deranged madman still in his face.

“She’s fine, worried sick but she’s got the kids tonight in the apartment. Your Mom and Dot are coming up tomorrow” he explained.

Oh god, just what he needed. “Oh god, they didn’t need to. Dot will be pissed about cutting her vacation short” he muttered.

“Don’t be stupid Jon, you are injured and she needs to be here for the kids. Jesse can’t take care of them and you all at the same time.” He frowned.

“I don’t need taken care of, I’ll be fine” he panted, reaching up and tried to shift his body upright but cried out in pain. “Jesus Christ” he swore, his whole body was burning but with a different sort of fire.

The door clicked open and a heavy set nurse can scuffling in “Now there Mr Bongiovi, we don’t need you doing that, you’ve got some cracked ribs there that will be a little tender still” she explained fussing over him to lye back down. “Take some deep breaths”

“Dammit” he swore as she moved the mask back over his mouth, he did as he was told and his breathing evened out again.

“Good, now if you promise not to move again like that I’ll change you over to the lighter tube” she said uncoiling the clear plastic green tubing and adjusting it across his face just under his nose so the little points directed into his nostrils.
“Do we have a deal?” she asked him.

He nodded god, this was going to be a nightmare he was the type of person that never kept still and this? Fuck it was going to kill him. “Deal” he managed.

Richie looked at his watch, “I need to call Jesse and tell her you’re awake, its three am do you think I should still call?” he asked Jon.

“Just text her, then it’s there if she’s asleep she can stay that way. I can imagine how worried she is” he said. She’d have to be beside herself knowing that her ex-husband was with him, surely now she would see what exactly he was capable of. And finally Jon would be able to press the damn charges against him himself.


Anonymous said...

soo good to hear that jon s ok:)
cant wait for the next chapter

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so glad he is awake and joking as much as the pain will allow!

Can't wait until the see each other in the morning


Anonymous said...

I was just thinking to myself how sweet it would be if the kids came in to comfort her and BOOM there they were!

Great job Tresca, but I sincerely hope Richie called and didn't just text her.

Faithfully yours,
The Fiction Mistress

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I found your story recently and have been enjoying it, but I hit a snag. Your links for July, August and September are not working. I went from finding out Jason was alive to learning he'd kidnapped Jon and beaten the crap out of him.

I couldn't resist the urge to read ahead but I really want to know what I missed. Has anyone else mentioned having this problem?

SoulGirl said...

Hey! Welcome

You know people have mentioned that before, but when I look at it and I went through all my chapters it worked which puzzled me. Did you try just on the end of each Chapter to go to newer post?

I'm thinking of changing my layout a bit so it might help.

Let me know if that works or not.

Anonymous said...

Tresca PLEASE post the next chapter - we're dyin here from the waiting (((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...

Hi Soul Girl,

I was clicking on the name of the month because it has worked previously so that's what I did for July, August & September.

But then yesterday I clicked the arrow next to the month's name and each chapter appeared in a list so I was able to read the 'missing' chapters. All caught up now.

Thanks. :)

Jovi's Willow said...

Oh Tresca! I am so glad to see you back and posting!! Fantastic chapter!

So glad Jon is ok, but his recovery is going to be long and trying for both of them. I loved that the kids were so in tune to her and her needs.

SoulGirl said...

Ahhhh glad it finally worked for you :) I know blogs can be a little temperamental, gah.

And thanks for the comments ladies, LOL.. its COMING... today hopefully even ;)