Sunday, September 21, 2008

Chapter Eighty–Seven

Jason sat with his knees to his chest on the couch, his whole body ached and his head pounded like a jackhammer. He tried to move but winced closing his eyes, the last hour replayed over his mind like a bad movie.

He’d been putting out the trash when someone had taken him from behind and lashed out at him, with blows to the stomach and kicks to his knees he’d doubled over on the concrete with pain reminiscent of when he was in the Prisoner of War camp. He came to a little while later sprawled on the concrete in front of his back door and hobbled inside to recover. What sick son of a bitch wanted to do this to him? Maybe someone from the Prisoner of War camp had connections here in New York and had heard he’d been released.

He lay back on the couch letting his body settle, the pain still thrumming through his body. God he needed Jesse, he missed her like crazy. She’d be here, fussing over him like she always did. He’d never admit he was feeling sick when they were married but she always had an uncanny way of knowing and looked after him. But no, rock star had made her serve him a restraining order, him her own ex fucking husband. This wasn’t his Jesse’s decision it was his, he just knew it. Jason bolted upright off the couch, his eyes wide with anger when the revelation came strong and fast.

“Nooo” His fists clenched at his sides. It made perfect sense. This was that bastard’s doing. He wanted to play hardball did he? The guy couldn’t even come and face him himself, he paid someone to do it. Fuckin coward. He had no idea who he was dealing with and wondered it Jesse knew of his little indiscretion. Jason stood shaking a little regaining composure, suck it up. So he was threatened by him? A dark smile crept on his face the more he thought about it. He saw him as a threat to Jesse. Well he’d show him who not to mess with. Oh yes he would. Time to wipe that million dollar smile right off his fucking face.


“Romeo, Jake stop it” Jon called back into the living room at his two sons over their constant bickering over the TV channel.

“He started it” Jake pouted and Romeo’s bottom lip started to tremble. Oh hell here we go, Jon raced back into the living room leaving the coffee brewing in the kitchen. It had been two days of this and already his kids had run amuck in the apartment. He scooped up Romeo in his arms and jiggled him.

“Come on Romeo, you want to be brave now and not let your big brother see you cry don’t ya?” he asked with a grin. God knows he knew enough about that growing up with two brothers. Romeo just nodded, his blue eyes threatening with tears.

“See... now that’s my boy, Jake pick up this mess please and I’ll make you guys some snacks” he said putting Romeo back down on the floor and heading to the kitchen. He checked his watch, Jesse should be home in a few minutes with Steph from shopping. He dug for his cell phone in his pocket, flipped it open and dialled her number. Ever since yesterday when Big Tony had confirmed that the job had been done by email he’d been just a little weary that Jason just might show up so he’d taken precautions.

“Hey baby” her breezy voice greeted him down the phone.

“How my two favourite girls doing?” he asked pouring himself a cup of coffee.

“Good, we’re just on our way home and I don’t want to alarm you but I think someone’s been following us” Jesse said quietly.

Jon’s head jerked up “A guy? About 6”1” he asked. He’d hired personal security and hoped that Jess wouldn’t notice since she was already dead against it.

“Well now that you say… Jon… who is he? And if you dare say he’s a bodyguard…” her tone changed from cheery to stern.

He sighed “He’s a bodyguard, I had to send him out with you both Jess, please don’t be mad” he pleaded.

“We’ll be home soon” and then there was a click and silence. She was pissed. He couldn’t blame her but he wasn’t sorry. If she knew the real reason she’d understand. Who are you kidding? She’d toast your balls if she knew the real reason.

He walked up to the second living room where Jesse was busy hammering the shit out of a game centre controller. “Everything ok in here sport? Want something to eat?” he asked popping his head in the doorway.

“Yeah thanks” he said still focused on the screen in front of him. Jon chuckled and shook his head.

“You wanna a challenge later, you’ve got a driving game in that lot?” he asked.

“Sure Dad, so I can kick your butt again?” Jesse asked with a laugh.

“We’ll see about that, I’ll be back J” he walked quickly back to the other room where Romeo was now interested in the toy cars littered all across the floor and Jake was watching the wiggles.

“Ok boys snacks coming” he headed back to the kitchen and prepared some PBJ sandwiches until the sound of the front door opened and Stephanie joined him in the kitchen arms loaded with bags.

“Have fun did we?” he asked waving the knife at all her bags “Making your father bankrupt” he teased, he’d given Jesse one of his charge cards to use for Steph.

“Jesse told me too, and FYI… you are so in trouble Dad” she grinned.

Jon’s brow lifted “Oh I am?” he asked innocently “She’ll be ok, you know me Steph one smile and they all melt” he laughed.

“Is that right?” came the voice from the doorway, Jon looked into the eyes of his fiancé with one Romeo attached to her hand. He smiled, his son seemed to be growing a little attachment to Jesse, proclaiming her last night as the best story reader ever when she read Jake and Romeo a bedtime story.

“Hey baby we didn’t need anymore little boys from the mall you know” he teased trying to keep the mood light in front of the kids.

Jesse just laughed “He’s hungry, Daddy’s not doing a good job feeding his sons” she grabbed a half of sandwich off the counter and gave it to Romeo “Here you go lil guy”

“Not little” Romeo pouted chewing on the corner of the sandwich.

“Steph, can you take your brother into the living room, I need a word with your father” she asked. She raised her own eyebrow daring Jon to say anything differently but he just nodded at Steph.

“Sure Jess” she said taking Romeo’s hand “Told you Dad”

Jon reached out his arms for her but she stood and folded her arms “A bodyguard? I told you Jon that was ridiculous…he’s not coming back; he’s got a restraining order remember? He wouldn’t be so stupid and besides... it kind of helps for me to know these things when I am out with your daughter, what if I thought it was someone after us for her?” she asked feeling her lips go tight.

Jon moved forward and rubbed his hands down her arms “I’m sorry I should have told you, that was dumb. I had to do it, I feel better knowing you’re both out there without me, protected” he said gently.

Jesse rolled her eyes “Jon, I understand that but you’ve got to tell me these things ok…?” she asked giving up the stance and easing her arms around his waist.

He nuzzled his nose into her hair breathing in her scent, vanilla and woman one he would never get sick of “I promise” he said. Apart from one thing. It was over and taken care of so as long as Jason stayed out of view so she didn’t need to know that.

She turned her head and met his lips in a soft kiss “I’m really enjoying having the kids here” she said. She’d surprised herself over the last couple of days how easily she’d fitted into the role of joint caregiver beside Jon. They were great kids and she’d spent a lot of time with Steph mainly talking about fashion. Jesse kept to himself happy to play his games or use the internet on Jon’s laptop and the little boys were adorable.

“I told you that you didn’t have anything to worry about baby… they like you... and in time will love you, its too hard not to” he whispered, his hot breath just hovering over her lips.

“Greaser” she whispered meeting the kiss finding her fingers teasing the hair at the base of his neck.

“Uh huh…” his lips shifted down the arch of her neck, god in one moment his sexual intensity could break her.

“I’d love to stay all day and do this but I need to run out and deliver those demos across to the studio, I promised I’d have them up there before Monday for production” the album was almost done and they were in the polishing stages. His mouth moved across her shoulder “I don’t want to go...” his tongue swirled out into the dip of her collarbone “but I need to go…” he looked back into her eyes and smiled “You be ok with the kids for an hour or two?” he asked grazing his thumb across her cheek.

She nodded “Sure we will, Romeo wants to show me his cars” she said excitedly.

Jon chuckled “Good, I won’t be long baby, coffee’s ready” he playfully slapped her on the ass before leaving her in the kitchen.

She heard him holler a “Bye Kids” and then he was gone.

Jon drove to the studio and parked up before walking up to the double doors, he was a little late than expected and had left Jones back outside the apartment to guard the place of anyone that managed to get past the doorman. Feeling confident that the situation was under control he strolled to the door, but instead of the shiny metal door coming up to meet him, a swift blow behind him meant it was the grey asphalt of the pavement before the world went black.


Anonymous said...

T, I KNOW you didn't leave it hanging like that. Please tell me the doorman is gonna come to his rescue. J is gonna feel so guilty now too -- that bastage!

Great job with the drama and explaining all the stuff going through Jason's head. I'm guessing there is probably more angst in their future...

Faithfully Yours,
The Fiction Mistress

calijovigirl said...

Holy cow!!! i hope Jon is Ok, i'm afraid for him!!!! its nice to see Jesse interact with the kids. great chapter, but i'm on the edge here!!!

Anonymous said...

OH NO!!! Jon really does think he's Superman, otherwise he'd realize that he was in as much danger as Jesse from the psycho. Hurry back and don't leave us hanging here please!

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to check on Jon, hurry!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dying here from the waiting - please free us from the torment and let us know how Jon is doing, surely someone has helped him by now :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm a new fan who got all caught up in a few days! Don't leave us hanging here, is Jon going to be alright?


SoulGirl said...

Well welcome aboard ;) I'm so glad you're enjoying the story!

And thanks all for being so patient, a new chapter is in the works and will be up today or tmrw so look for it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am a new reader to your link and have spent 2 days reading your story. I love it and can't wait to see what happens next!

SoulGirl said...

Aww thank you! I feel blessed you are reading this, I really do :)

I hope you enjoy the rest to come! And finally I posted a new chapter, LOL

Jovi's Willow said...

Holy Shit! I go away for a couple of days and THIS is what I come back to???